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Winning Is Everything
by Dr. Blasphemy (

-Tonight's the night that Monday Nitro will finally beat WWF Raw. There's
just no way that we can lose with the Miss Nitro 2000 Pageant,- thought Vince
Russo smuggly stroking his own ego as he looked at his watch on his way to
check up on the sexy contestants. It was 8:45PM and he timed the event to
happen during the openning hour of the second half of Nitro, which was when
the competiton began to air.

Finally arriving at his destination, Russo knocked on the women's locker
room door before entering to give them a chance to be decent, not that he
didn't hope by chance to see some tit or better yet a little bush. Unluckily
for him all the women were ready to go already in their robes and doing the
final touches to their make up in the mirror. Still each girl looked
smoldering, white hot from the exotic Chae to the slutty, big, titted blonde
Major Gunns. Just as he was about to praise all of them and wish them good
luck, he noticed from out of the corner of his eye that Pamela Paulshock was
just sitting there in her new full length fur coat off to the side glancing
through a magazine.

Curious, he walked over to her and commented, "Wow, Pamela, you look
great! I can't believe that you're already ready for the contest."

"That's because I'm not," she replied not looking up from what she was

"What the hell do you mean 'because I'm not,'" Vince exploded as he felt
his world start to self-destruct and causing all the rest of the girls to
get their full attention. He then leaned in close to her ear and continued
whispered, "But you promised you would after you argeed to do it for the fur
coat. Besides you're one of WCW's hottest women the fans expect it."

"Well, I guess it's tough shit for them," Pamela countered.

Vince in a fury grabbed Pamela by the upper arm yanking her from her seat
and roughy escorted her out of the locker room. They then went into another
room across the hallway that happened to not be in use and slammed her hard
against the concrete wall.

"What the hell do you think you're trying to do? I gave in to your
demands. The higher-ups nearly had a shit-fit when I told them they'd have
to splurg to have you be a part of it. WCW is already up shit creek in debt.
What do you want now?"

"I want to win," she stated matter-of-factly.

"You're crazy. I can't do that! This contest is going to be legit. There's
nothing you can do to get me to change my mind. No ands, ifs or buts about

"Oh, is that so," Pamela said slyly as her hand rubbed against Russo's
crotch, "and what if I give you the blowjob of a lifetime?"

She instantly felt Vince's cock begin to come alive and before he had a
chance to comment dropped to her knees and pulled down his sweat pants
releasing his thick fully erect eight inch cock. The blonde then openned her
mouth wide and literally inhaled it in one go down her throat and continued
to bob her head at a rapid pace going down it's whole lenght with each motion.

Vince couldn't believe what he was seeing. No girl before her was able
to easily handle what he was packing and here she was working his cock like
a pro all the way down to the sloppy sound effects. For a girl who was a
lifetime vegetarian she sure knew what to do when she got some meat in
between her lips. No doubt about it, he was in heaven.

By this time Pamela mouth was over-flowing with her own saliva and coated
Vinnie Rue's prick to the point that is dripped off in long slow strands. She
then lifted the cock up out of the way and attacked his balls tonguing them
and sucking them into her mouth. Then just when he thought Pamela could go
no further she craned her head between his slightly spread legs and tougued
his asshole. Her long tongue swirled across his brown eye tasting his stink.

-Oh, God! Have mercy!- Russo thought as he moaned aloud in pleasure.

Pamela hated to admit it to herself, but by now was horny as hell. Of
course, cock smoking always made her hot, but this was business. She wasn't
expecting Russo to be as well equiped as he was and her pussy was screaming
for attention.

"Vinnie, you wanna fuck me don't, you?"

"Yess!!!" he raspily cried.

She then got up, took off the coat, and turned around facing the wall
slightly bent over. Vince moved in lifting up the tan wrap tied around her
waist and moved her thong off to the side exposing her precious, dark, meaty
pussy and firm, bronze ass. Grabbing his cock in one hand he rubbed the knob
hunting for her wanting hole hiding inside her folds and when he found what
his was looking for plunged his tool deep into her pinkness.

Pamela let out a powerful moans as he began to saw his cock into her. Her
tight pussy clamped around his member causing her leaking wetness to gel into
a white goo as it lubricated. Russo pumped like a madman as he squeezed her
huge tits in his hands to the point of pinning her to the wall causing her to
moan even louder.

"That's it! Fuck me, Vinne Rue! Make me cum!" she demanded. Russo
continued to plunder her riches until she could take no more. Within a flash
she came with a powerful orgasm to the point that her jizz shot out in little
spurts pouring down her legs and she started speaking tongues.

As Pamela returned to reality, Vince warned, "I'm about to shoot wad!"
in between grunts.

"Cum in my mouth. I love the taste!"

Vince released her letting her get back down on her knee with her mouth
openned wide and tongue hanging out waiting for her prize. Then just like
that his cock exploded with the first huge load of white sauce leaving a
streak from forehead all the way down to her jugs giving her a mean eye
patch. The second blast erupted, this time with more control, hitting her
on the tip of her nose with most of it entering her mouth. Pamela was just
about to lick her lips to capture what she could when Russo hit her with
one final burst connecting with the roof of her mouth filling it with his
seed. She quickly closed her mouth glupping it down smiling ear to ear in

"Pamela, you sure know how to negociate," Vince commended as he pulled
up he pants, "I'll go tell the girls about the change in plans."

As he exited, Pamela cleaned up her face scooping up the excess from off
her face with her fingers eating it or rubbing in what she couldn't into her
skin giving her breasts a glossy sheen and as they always say... the rest is

The End

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