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Disclaimer: This is a pure work of fiction solely based on a recent fantasy.
If you are under 18 and/or offended by the material, do not read this.

Knockouts: Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Katarina "Winter" Waters

Winter's Erotic Wonderland
by Number One (

Sexy Canadian beauty Angelina Love has been back in TNA for less than a year,
yet she's been through a lot. Since her return in January, she has enjoyed
two more reigns as Knockouts Champion, totalling five overall, and she has
dueled constantly with Madison Rayne and Tara. She has also reunited with
Velvet Sky, and that was something that she had treasured the most. Angelina
had not only shared a professional kinship with Velvet, but a personal and
romantic one as well.

Angelina was backstage at the Knockouts dressing room, primping herself in
front of a mirror as usual. A slight flicker of light turned her away for a
split second, but as she turned back, she found herself surprised by a figure
that has become quite familiar to her.

"Hello, Angelina."

The spooky and seductive Winter appeared as she often does--in a mirror.
Winter had been obsessively haunting Angelina for a month and it has nearly
driven the Canadian blonde to the point of insanity, mainly because she is
the only one who has seen her. "Please, not now," said Angelina.

"What's wrong, Angelina?" Winter asked innocently. "Why are you so afraid of

"You're really going to ask me that?!" Angelina screamed loudly. "You, who
appears out of nowhere like some sort of spirit and stalks me constantly, are
wondering why the fuck I should be afraid of you?!"

"Please, Angelina," Winter said somberly. "You have no reason to be afraid."

"Oh, really?" retorted Angelina. "And why not?"

"Because I'm here for you," replied Winter. "And as long as I'm here, you
will never be lonely again." Angelina had heard that eerie-sounding statement
too many times from Winter in the past and that moment, it had finally
angered her. "Get this through your thick head," she said intensely. "
not...lonely!" Shortly after her furious retort, she heard Velvet Sky calling


"Velvet!" the panicked Knockout shouted. "I'm back here!" Winter's demeanor
suddenly changed from seemingly genial to clearly ominous with Velvet
approaching. "She will never satisfy you like I can," she said to Angelina.
But she ignored Winter's comment and impatiently waited for Velvet.

"Come quick!" shouted Angelina. Velvet finally reached her friend and lover,
who was still in a state of intense shock. "Angie?" she said. "Angie, what's
wrong?" Angelina could not get the proper words out, so she simply pointed at
the mirror. But as was the case the last number of times, neither Knockout
saw a thing. "Are you still seeing things?" asked Velvet.

"I'm telling you, she was here!" said Angelina. "I saw her--with that eerie
smile and that creepy little British accent! She was right here!" Velvet
quickly embraced and hugged Angelina, who was on the brink of a possible
breakdown. "It's OK, it's OK," Velvet said in a soft and genial tone. "I am
here for you." The pair of Knockouts walked together outside the room and on
their way out of the arena, where at that time Angelina had regained her

"Thanks, Vel," said Angelina. Both ladies walked toward the parking lot and
to Velvet's car. But Velvet quickly stopped her. "Listen," she said, "why
don't I head home and you meet me there?"

"I thought we were going together," said Angelina.

"No offense," said Velvet, "but I can't take any chances being in a moving
vehicle if or when you finally snap."

"Oh, thanks a lot," Angelina sarcastically commented as she walked toward her
own car. Velvet had already driven off and Angelina--after another moment to
completely calm herself down--did the same. She finally arrived at Velvet's
house after a 20 minute drive, but after she parked her car, she suddenly had
trouble getting out. The door, despite being unlocked, was unable to open,
and she couldn't unbuckle her seatbelt. As she continued to struggle, she
glanced at her rear-view mirror and saw...


"Hello, Angelina," Winter said ominously while staring a proverbial hole into
the Canadian blonde.

"Let me out of here!" Angelina shouted angrily. Winter chuckled smugly as she
watched Angelina struggle out of her predicament. "This is so much fun," she
commented, "and it's only the beginning."

"What the hell are you talking about?!" bellowed Angelina. Winter, however,
was nowhere in sight, but Angelina did not care. She was suddenly able to
unbuckle her seatbelt and get out of her car--and just in time. Shortly after
she got out, she heard Velvet screaming from inside her house.

"Oh my God!" Angelina exclaimed as she rushed towards the front door. In a
frantic rush, she raced upstairs to find Velvet in down the floor of her
bathroom, nearly out of breath. "Velvet!" Angelina shouted. "Are you OK?"

"Where is she?!" asked Angelina, looking around.

"She?" said Velvet.

"Winter," said Angelina. "She's here. I know it!"

"Angelina, honey," Velvet said, "Winter does not exist. It's all in your
head." Angelina gave a deep sigh as she picked her lover up from the bathroom
floor. "Maybe you're right," the Canadian Knockout said. "Maybe it is all
just a hallucination." The Beautiful People members walked out of the
bathroom and into Velvet's bedroom to do what they had planned to do--make
love to each other. Once they were inside, though, Velvet wasted no time
engaging Angelina in romantic fashion. She was all over the blonde beauty--
showering her with passionate kisses and continuously fondling her finely
toned body.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!" said Angelina. "A little impatient, much?"

"I'm just in the mood, Angelina," replied Velvet. "Is that so wrong?"

"Well, no," answered Angelina, "but usually I have to get you in the mood."
The blonde vixen started to disrobe, while Velvet simply stood and watched
amorously. However, Angelina continued to wonder what really happened to
Velvet. "How did you know her name?" she asked her.

"Angelina...," Velvet began.

"I never told you her name, Velvet," Angelina said as she walked closer to
Velvet. "How did you know?" She later grabbed Velvet's shoulders and stared
intensely at her. "Velvet...," Angelina said sternly. "Answer me!" At that
moment, Velvet dropped her head down--as if she didn't want to face her
lover. "Oh, Angelina," she said softly. "You really need to stop playing
these games. It's driving you crazy." Velvet suddenly released Angelina's
hold and shoved her on her bed. Angelina looked up to see Velvet standing
over her--her eyes glowing an ominous shade of white and smiling devilishly.

As Angelina looked up at her lover, it was clear what was going on. In an
attempt of fulfill her desires, Winter had taken control of Velvet's body.
"What's wrong, Angelina?" the possessed Knockout asked coyly. "You look like
you've seen a ghost."

"You bitch!" screamed Angelina. "What have you done with Velvet?"

"Don't worry about Velvet, sweetheart," Winter said in a demonic tone. "She's
right here--with me. We're having so much fun. We would like you to join us."
With full control of Velvet's curvaceous body, Winter walked slowly towards
the apprehensive Angelina. "Get away from me," she said angrily.

"Don't you talk to me like that," snarled Winter. "You're the one who drove
me to this. If you hadn't insisted on ignoring me, I wouldn't have taken
matters into my own hands, Besides, I thought you would like my little
surprise--seeing how you love Velvet Sky so much."

"You're crazy," said Angelina.

"Crazy, am I?!" Winter hissed. "How's this for crazy? Unless you give me what
I want, I will remain inside your precious little Velvet's body forever!" The
demonic beauty crawled over towards the horrified Angelina, smirking evilly
as she stared into her eyes. "Can you live with that?" she said. "Looking
into your lover's eyes and knowing that her soul will never be free?"
Angelina continued not to respond to Winter's demand, but she took the time
to consider what Velvet's currently going through.

"I can promise you that Velvet's needs will be satisfied," said Winter. "Just
watch." Winter closed Velvet's eyes while Angelina wondered what she was up
to. Suddenly, she saw Velvet's body start to twitch ever so slightly, and
eventually get to a point where she was lying on her back--screaming


"Velvet?!" Angelina uttered frantically.

"Angelina...," said Velvet between breaths. "I...I...OHHHH GOD!!!" Angelina
continued to watch with immense concern and worry as Velvet continued letting
out orgasmic screams...


...and her body was moving in all sorts of directions. It appeared to
Angelina that Winter was somehow pleasuring Velvet--using her body as her own
personal love nest. As soon as she was done, Winter leapt up and landed on
top of Angelina. "I told you," she said, laughing wickedly at the shaken
Knockout, "I can satisfy her needs, as well as yours, like no one else can."
Wasting no time, Winter started showering the gorgeously nude Angelina with
soft kisses. The Canadian beauty would eventually contribute, turing a simple
seduction into a make-out session. Winter removed Velvet's clothes from her
shared vessel and continued making love Angelina. She started by caressing
and licking the blonde bombshell's luscious breasts.

"Mmm...oh yeah," Angelina softly moaned as Winter performed her act of sheer
pleasure. The wicked beauty decided to literally get down to business and
slowly moved towards Angelina's sexy snatch. "Now, Angelina," said Winter.
"Prepare for the most erotic experience of your life." Winter started by
softly kissing her lover's shaved pussy, but wasted no time inserting
Velvet's tongue inside and orally pleasuring her.

"Oh yeah! OH YEAH!!!" Angelina screamed orgasmically as Winter--through
Velvet--continued her act of sheer oral pleasure. She gave a quick glance at
her turned on lover before she resumed her deed. "AHHHH!!! AAAHHH!!!"
Angelina continued to moan. As the act continued, Angelina started feeling
what seemed to be some sort of deep penetration. She has felt Velvet's tongue
inside her pussy before but this was something else entirely.

"OHHH...OH GOD!!!" Angelina yelled while her body was pulsating. What both
ladies were going through seemed like it was taking forever, but it all
happened so fast. Both Knockouts fell out, seemingly ending the act, and the
first to arise was Velvet--who appeared to have finally gained control her
own body.

"Angelina?" Velvet said. When she received no response, she quickly crawled
over to her lover, only to see that she was unconscious. "Angelina?!
Angelina, wake up!"

"Velvet...," Angelina groggily responded.

"Angelina?" Velvet said, hopeful that she would regain consciousness. "Are
you OK?" Angelina slowly turned her head towards Velvet as she tried to
compose herself. "I'm fine," she said. "In fact, I feel terrific." She opened
her eyes, only to reveal that her pupils glowed pure white. Winter had
clearly left Velvet's body and entered Angelina's in the midst of their
sexual act. As Velvet stared in horror, Winter cackled evilly at the young

"What's the matter, Velvet?" Winter asked in a smarmy tone. "I thought we had
so much fun together." Velvet raised her hand to slap Winter, but she quickly
stopped herself--realizing that Angelina was in there somewhere. "That's
right," teased Winter. "Strike me hard. I've been a bad girl."

"I don't think so," said Velvet. "I have better plans for you." The
curvaceous Knockout gently fondled Angelina's small but gorgeous, much to the
pleasure of the wicked Winter. "Ohhh...yes," she said softly. "Do with me
what you will."

"Oh, I plan to," replied Velvet as she kissed Angelina's soft lips. Without
hesitation, she inserted her fingers into her lover snatch and started
finger-fucking her. Winter went into an orgasmic fit, while Velvet looked
down with an expression of hostility. "Is this what you desire?" she asked

"Yes, oh yes!" Winter answered loudly. As the act continued, though,
Angelina's body started pulsating for a second time. The white glow suddenly
disappeared from Angelina's eyes, and Veivet saw for a split second that her
lover had regained control. A sly wink from both ladies stated that this was
part of a plan. Angelina let out a loud, demonic shriek as Velvet proceeded
her role in this supernatural three-way.

"You conniving little whore!" Winter snarled. "Just what the fuck do you
think you're doing?!"

"Getting you out of my lover's body, you bitch!" replied Velvet. "And we're
doing it the best way we know how. See, I know Angelina's body like I know
the back of my hand. I know exactly what proverbial buttons to press that
will get her off. And with what I've learned about you, we are going to send
you back wherever the fuck you came from!" The tables were clearly turned, as
Winter was being pleasured by not only Velvet, but Angelina as well.

"AAAHHH!!! You think you've beaten me?!" Winter bellowed. "This is far from
over! I will be back!" With that last retort, Winter's evil essence was
forcibly ousted from Angelina's body. Velvet watched as a white glow exited
from Angelina and disappeared from sight, and she later turned her attention
to the Canadian vixen.

"Angelina?" said Velvet. "Angelina, are you all right?" The young blonde
opened her eyes and directly looked up at Velvet, laughing softly as she
regained her composure. "Never better," was her reply. Velvet happily hugged
her romantic companion, but as they embraced, she couldn't help but feel
guilty about suggesting that her own lover may be losing her mind.

"I am so sorry," Velvet said somberly. "I should have believed you. We could
have prevented all of this."

"I had a hard time believing it myself," replied Angelina. "And don't be so
innocent, Velvet. You mean to tell me that you didn't enjoy it when Winter
was inside you, pleasuring you, making you scream?"

"Well...," was all Velvet--in deep thought, uttered.

"That's what I thought," Angelina said coyly. "But she's out of our hair now.
And we finally have the room to ourselves." The pair of Knockouts cuddled up
to each other and started making out passionately, not noticing watching in
Velvet's mirror--was the evil Winter, wearing a sinister smirk on her face.

The End

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