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I have a disclaimer for you- you can chew the bark off my log. There's
a disclaimer for you. If you're not supposed to be reading this, don't
fucking read it. If you do anyway, it's not my fucking fault. If
you're not a wrestling fan, oh well, go read something else. If you are
a wrestling fan and think I'm a sick bastard for writing this, fuck you.

Women Of The WWF Snuffed, Part 1: Ivory
by Rage


Pretty simple question. Maybe deserves an answer, and hey, if I'm in the
mood to talk, the cunt might just get one. Of course, when you're doubled
over in a chair with my cock in your face, it's not the most oppurtune time
to hold a fucking conversation. Like I give a fuck whether you understand,
whether you live or die.

"Because I can, you cocksucking piece of scarf-waving rape-meat!"

I think I heard that in a movie once. You know, just mere minutes ago
she was telling me to get the fuck out of her limosine and now... how things
have changed. Still wearing that nice little purple hotpants with
barely-there bra ensemble (I love personal appearences, it's so hard to snag
the right people in their dressing rooms), except now it's been roughly torn
to reveal a nice set of tits, even if I do say so myself (and who gives a
fuck what she says? Or thinks?)

Anyway, she's pretty slick on the mic but she can't wrestle for a shit,
and neither can her carpet-munching clit-licking comrades. Time to show
her what she's been missing on the road.

"You bastard!" she yells, spitting at me and missing for about the third
time. You know, when her eyes flash, she almost looks intimidating, even
tied to a fucking chair. Doesn't stop me from winding up and drilling her
with a fist to the stomach.

Time for a trademark sneer and a little bit of action movie dialogue.
"Fuck you, cunt. Make yourself useful and suck my cock!"

...not bad.

Anyway, she opens her mouth to say something else, but it doesn't matter,
because the gap is filled in a hurry by my rampaging prick-helmet. I'll say
something for Ivory, she has a nice throat. Hot, tight, wet.

Like you need to hear a bunch of shit anyway. Here's the deal. I grab
her fucking head and shove it up and down on my cock as fast as I can. She
won't bite, because if she does, she knows what's coming- I'll inject her
fucking eyeballs with bleach until they explode. It's amazing what a few
syringes can do to motivate otherwise unwilling participants.

The look in her eyes is classic: her expression is practically screaming
"you can't do this to me!". Terrified. Just makes me want to fuck her skull
even fucking harder, and I do. Her mouth is leaking drool from around my
prick as she struggles to breath. In to the hilt, and all the way out, and
back in again. Over and over, and fucking over. Let her fucking choke on
it, and die with my cock raping the wind out of her soul-shattered husk of a
body. After a few hard strokes, I withdraw my saliva and mucous coated tool
from her pie-hole and jam my sweaty balls into her mouth, holding a syringe
filled with diseased urine to her right nipple to ensure the proper

Yeah, that's right, Diseased urine. Fuck you if you're looking for a
love story. Fuck you anyway, in fact. I don't give a fuck what anyone
thinks, I was raised on Waita-Uziga, PRED, and YU-Aoki WOrks (or however
the fuck it's spelled). That's what I'm all about. Go over the top or
go home, bitch.

So anyway, afraid that she'll be breast-feeding her firstborn with a
bacterial culture, she starts getting to work on my wet scrotum. While she's
tongue-ing the accumulated sweat off of my sack, I grab the scarf that she
always carrying around and fucking tie the fucking thing around her neck.
She looks a little pissed off.

"Fuck you, cunt!" I yell (not exactly inspired words, but they do the job)
and punch her in her fucking face so the chair tips over and she's flat on
her back on the chilly concrete of my fucking shithole of an office.

"Pl...please..." she blubbers. Crying. Sobbing, actually. Pathetic.

The problem with working alone? Not enough fucking cum. Seriously. Even
old El Ravager here can only drop so much sludge into a hole before the day's
work is done. That's why I always back a few extra supplies. I think you
know what's coming here, but hey, maybe you'll be surprised.

So anyway, while she's dazed, I break out the Thermos jug and prepare to
do some violating. There is nothing more intricately de-humanizing than
almost drowning in the sperm of some fucking barnyard animal. See the idea?
I unty her legs, but keep her hands behind her back. She's sorta getting her
wits about her...So I flip the cunt over, grab her fucking neon purple hot
pants, and yank them down to her ankles to reveal a sweet, tanned ass,
complete with all the requisite equipment. Not too big, not too small. Nice
brown bush with a pea sized clit, like it fucking matters. That's for her
pleasure, not mine.

"Fuck!" she yelps, kicking wildly. Ooh...she's been hitting the gym hard,
nice thighs, almost kicked me away there.

"Nice try, cum dumpster!" is the only reply she gets, while I break out
the duct tape. Soon we have the legs together again and she's weeping.

I stand up and grab the Thermos. "Fucking pathetic whore! You're not
even fit to suck my cock!

She's struggling now, time to plant my boot right between her fucking
labial folds and show the bitch who's boss. Winding up...and the kick!

She howls in pain, her red lipstick stretched to the max as her mouth
tries to properly express the agony of getting your pussy stomped on by
a guy who just doesn't GIVE a fuck.

"You think that fucking hurts?" I taunt, raising my voice. "I've had
enough of you're cock-teasing shit. You're going to contribute to society
now, you cunt- by swallowing a Thermos full of bull semen."

Interesting look on her face. Time to get out the syringe. Bleach?
Diseased urine? Ah...HIV infected blood! That's the ticket.

Brandishing the needle, I approach. She's trying to wriggle across the
floor. Fuck this.

I just punch her and flip her on her face. With one swift stroke, I jam
the nozzle of the cum-bottle up between her shapely ass-cheeks and into her
little brown starfish, and none to gently, either. Kneading her ass-cheeks
while she yells in pain, I can see that the contents of the bottle are slowly
draining into her lunch chamber.

"Gonna fill you up!" I sneer.

"Fuck you!" she replies. Of all the ungrateful....

I pull the nozzle out of her ass and insert my cock, seeing as how there
should be ample lubrication. If you want to talk dimensions, by the way,
yeah, I have some shit on me. 7 inches. Nothing to write home about- but it
gets the job done. Splattering cum over her back with my free hand, I begin
piledriving my ass-raping cock-rod into her tight rectum.

Man, does she hate this. I can tell by the grunting noise she makes
whenever I hit deep and my balls ram into her pussy. Too fucking bad for the
cunt. Boo-hoo. The thermos is a little unwieldy, so I just set it aside and
start massaging the bull-cum into her back while I fuck her ass. Her little
sphincter is stretched around my cock, brimming with the whitish-yellow bull
semen, her ass-cheeks are spread apart, leaving her most intimate orifices to
be defiled by yours truly. All that and a fucking side order of fries.
Ain't that some shit!

As much as I'd like to bust my nut in her ass, there's already enough
jizz in the there to last the bitch a while, and I've got bigger fish to
fry. Grabbing the fucking scarf (you know the fucking one I'm talking about,
you've never seen the cunt I'm talking about if you haven't seen the fucking
thing), I pull back on it, stretching her body in a number of awkward
directions. Her back is really arched now, and man, I'm really reaming her
ass, too. It's getting nasty- blood, shit, bull-cum...whatever you get when
these filthy bitches don't want themselves before you rape the souls from
their bodies.

Just before busting my nut, I haul out of her ass, and punch, HARD, right
where my dick was. Presto!


Guess who that was talking- you get two and the first one doesn't count.
So I start fisting her ass- spreading her puckered fuckhole more than she'd
ever dreamed possible. She's wailing like a banshee now, but I don't give
a fuck, never have, never will. Fuck her and her kind. They can die with
my cock protruding from their eye sockets.

I yank back on the scarf a little more, and she's bending at a really
unnatural angle now. My hand is up her ass to the elbow.

"I can destroy every part of you, right down to your worthless womb!" I
say, again unsure as to how many lines if plagiarising. With that, I ram
my hand as deep as it can go into her ass. She shrieks loudly, but since
there's no one here within miles it doesn't matter worth shit.

I'm getting tired of this particular diversion, so I pull my hand out
of her ass. It's covered in brownish-white gunk.

"Clean your fucking filth off of my arm, with your fucking tongue, before
I fill your tits with bleach."

Weeping, she gets right on it, licking the mixture of shit and cum from
my arm like it's fucking Haagen-Dasz. Shortly, she vomits, spraying cum
and green-orangish gruel onto the ground beneath her kneeling form.

"Fuck!" I yell. Placing my boot on top of her head, I show her face-first
into her own vomit.

"How do you like that, cunt. Taste how filthy you are. You're nothing
but a receptacle for my bodily fluids. How can you do that job if you can't
even hold your own? STUPID CUNT!

A punch on the face for good measure, and a kick to the ribs. More
vomiting. Stupid cunt. I pull her to a kneeling position. She's got
strings of crud leaking from the sides of her fucking mouth, her lipstick
obscenely smeared, bleeding from the nose. Her eyes are glazed over...
now we're getting somewhere.

Removing the scarf from around her kneck, I stuff it down her throat. Or
try to. Fabrics don't really work that well in this case. As she's trying
to spit that purple piece of shit out, I ram my throbbing rape-meat down her
windpipe as well. Now she's got a problem. As I ram my god-fuck into her
face, I'm hitting the back of her throat, lodging her scarf fabric deeper and
deeper into her esophagus. She's choking. Good. Die!


As she's turning blue, I bury my cock to the hilt into her throat and
blow my load, spewing what thick, white ropes of cream into her facial
fuck-tunnel. Withdrawing quickly, I slam her face-first into her own vomit
to suffocate.


She's gone. Dead.

I loved it. Because I hate them. All of them.

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