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by Wonder Mike (

Lee Marshall and Dave McClain looked around at the LA Forum, it was half
full, and half of those where freebie's, it was obvious it was time to change
the format of the show, after all, Lee had been a major announcer before, he
was too good for this.

Dave called a meeting of all the wrestlers, he told them it would anything
goes for now on.

All the girls where ecstatic, they huddled among themselves, they all ran
over to Lee and demanded to go on.

Lee Marshall told them his tongue felt funny, he said he needed someone to
taste it to see if it was all right, the Patty Pep quickly volunteered.

She ran over to Lee, he stuck out his tongue, Patty swallowed it whole,
she grabbed him by the ass and took his tongue deep, Lee grabbed her by her
Long blonde hair and slipped his hand under her short cheerleader skirt, he
managed to slip his hand down her tights and rub her clit.

Lee told Patty to get to the ring, she was winning the first match, he
looked around and told Ice Cold she would be Patty's victim tonight. Lee then
told the girls to remove their tights.

Patty Pep backflipped her way down to ringside, the crowd immediately saw
her hairy bush, they could see she was a natural blonde, a silence fell over
them, they didn't know what to make of it, they just wanted to sit back and
enjoy it.

Patty climbed into the ring, slowly bending over giving the front row a
great view, she wished she had shaved though. Ice cold made her way to

Ice climbed into the ring, her short skirt left nothing to the imagination
she was completely shaved and had a thick clit. Patty grabbed her megaphone
and told the crowd that tonight, Ice was going down.

Ice Cold charged at Patty. Patty sideswiped her into a drop toe hold, Ice
fell face first. Patty jumped up and ripped off Ice's silver skirt. Ice was
embarrassed, but she looked at the barely half full arena and knew why they
had to do this.

Patty quickly went for the cover, she rolled Ice's knees up to her chest
and went for the cover. Ice managed to roll through, she was on top now. She
would teach the cheerleader a lesson.

Ice slipped her hand under Patty's skirt. She jammed three fingers into
the blonde snatch. Patty moaned. Ice then ripped off her skirt. Patty laid
back as Ice began to pump her fingers deep inside of her.

Ice Cold worked a fourth finger into Patty's cunt. Patty began to roll
from side to side, she was going to cum, but she knew she couldn't yet. She
was promised the win tonight. She reached up and slipped two fingers into
Ice's ass.

Ice yelped as her ass was penetrated, she instinctively jumped up. Patty
hopped up and speared her. She pinned Ice's knees to her chest again, but
this time she rammed four fingers into her cunt.

Ice couldn't move. Patty rammed her fingers deep into her pussy. Ice
started to scream. This time it was her going into the deep freeze. She
managed to roll over.

Ice was on her hands and knees as Patty hopped on her back and began to
twist and turn her fingers inside of her. Ice was cumming all over her
fingers. She slowly managed to stand up though.

Patty dropped to her knees and rammed her entire hand into Ice's cunt. Ice
let out a scream that echoed throughout the arena.

Patty picked Ice up half her arm slid deep inside her cunt. Patty held her
for a couple of seconds, then she slammed her to the ground, she began to
pump her arm harder into her pussy.

Ice was kicking her feet, she couldn't stop cumming. Patty's arm was
covered with her juices, but it wasn't good enough for her. Patty reached
over and grabbed her megaphone.

Patty clubbed Ice over the head with the megaphone. Ice fell limp. Patty
stood over her and kicked her legs apart, she then leaned over and began to
slide the megaphone into Ice's cunt.

Ice began to twitch as she was penetrated by the megaphone. Patty began to
pump it in deeper and deeper. Ice as howling like a wolf. Patty jammed half
the megaphone into her cunt.

Patty held the megaphone by the edges and worked it deeper and deeper with
each stroke. Ice's cum started to trickle out of the megaphone, Patty leaned
over and licked them up.

Patty then laid on top of Ice, the ref made the three count, the crowd
exploded, it was the loudest pop ever at the Great Western Forum. Patty took
a bow giving the people one last look. The ref carried Ice cold from the
ring sliding a finger into her cunt.

The crowd was pumped, Dave knew when the word got out about this, the
arena would be sold out for the next show, he promised to triple everyones'
salary, and he would triple that for whoever got the biggest ratings.

Tanja, the warrior women ran to the ring, she was going to be in the next
match, she had been saddled with a bad gimmick and was being buried. This was
her chance to make a name for herself.

Tanja pulled off her trunks in the middle of the ring, she lifted her
skirt climbed to the middle rope and bent over, she gave the crowd a great

Riot grabbed her baseball bat and hit the ring next, she was going to be
the next huge women star, she was just using WOW to move up to the WWF. She
was going to make an example of this warrior woman.

Riot ran up behind Tanja and jerked her off the ropes. Tanja hit her head
hard on the mat. Riot pulled down her tights and sat on Tanja's face. She
wrapped her hand in Tanja's hair and yanked her head up.

Riot began to grind her cunt on Tanja's mouth. Tanja closed her mouth.
Riot began to twist her hair. Tanja screamed. Riot pinned Tanja's shoulders
with her knees.

The warrior women screamed again as Riot yanked harder. Riot ordered Tanja
to eat her. Tanja shook her head no. Riot then wrapped her hair all the way
around her hand.

Tanja had no choice but to eat out Riot. She stuck her tongue out. Riot
began to grind from side to side. Riot ordered her to stick out her tongue

Tanja stuffed her tongue as far as it would go into Riot She thought if
she had a young blonde side kick, this wouldn't be happening. Riot ordered
her to make her cum.

Tanja wasn't satisfying Riot though, she jammed her cunt down harder on
Tanja's face, but this bitch wasn't enough for Riot. Riot was going to put on
a show.

Riot reached back and grabbed her baseball bat, whacked Tanja across the
side of the head. She was seeing stars. Riot stood up, she picked up Tanja
and put her head between her legs, she was going to end this with a pile

Riot lifted up Tanja's skirt and gave the audience another great shot, she
then jammed two fingers into her cunt. Tanja yelped loudly.

Riot jammed her fingers in so hard, it lifted Tanja up onto her toes. Riot
then began to work her fingers in and out. Tanja couldn't help but spread her

Riot rammed two more fingers into Tanja's cunt. Tanja moaned, she didn't
want to cum on television. Riot began to twist and turn her fingers inside
of Tanja. Tanja's knees began to buckle.

Riot then lifted Tanja over her head and slammed her to the mat with a
viscous power bomb. Riot stood over her and cackled. Tanja rolled over and
tried to get up. Riot kicked her.

Tanja laid face down on the mat, Riot picked up her baseball bat and
shoved it handle first into the fallen warrior.

Tanja flattened out as Riot worked it deeply into her cunt. Tanja managed
to get to her hands and knees. Riot held the bat with both hands and began to
ram it in and out.

Tanja was screaming. This just made Riot fuck her harder. Tanja managed to
stay on her knees, her legs where shaking though, Riot almost had the entire
bat stuffed inside of her.

Riot yanked the bat out of Tanja. Tanja tried to get up, but her knees
where still too weak. Riot spun the bat around and rammed it barrel first
into her cunt.

Tanja fell face first, Riot stood over her laughing, she rammed the entire
bat deep inside her fallen foe. Riot then began to kick her until she rolled

Riot grabbed Tanja by the ankles and lifted her feet straight up into the
air, she rested Tanja's feet on her shoulders, she then began to jam the bat
up and down into her.

Tanja wasn't moving. The bat was covered in her juices. The referee called
for the bell, it didn't stop riot though, she kept ramming the bat into
Tanja's cunt.

Riot grabbed the microphone, she screamed she was going to fuck this bitch
senseless before she left the company, and there was nothing anyone could do
about it.

The WOW champion, Terri Gold charged down the aisle, she was the one to
teach Riot a lesson in humility. She hit the ring, leapt to the top rope and
connected with a flying drop kick.

Riot went flying, Tanja collapsed to the mat unconscious. Riot fell
against the ropes. Terri charged across the ring and clothes lined her over
the top rope.

Terri leaned over the top rope and grabbed Riot by her short black hair
she began to drag her back into the ring, Terri went down like a shot, she
dropped to her knees and looked up, she saw the bat coming down on her again.

The champ looked up in a daze and saw the Disciplinarian standing over her
holding Riot's bat. The disciplinarian whacked her across the back again.

The Disciplinarian grabbed Terri by the hair and lifted her up to her
knees. She kissed her full on the lips, then yanked her up to her knees. Riot
jumped back into the ring.

Riot ripped off Terri's tights, they bent her over. Riot then kissed her
ass. The Disciplinarian then grabbed her Board of Education, she then pinched
Terri's ass.

The Disciplinarian then whacked Terri on the ass. Terri yelped. Riot
yanked her by her short blonde hair. Terri was whacked on the ass again, she
was totally helpless.

The Disciplinarian began to whack away in earnest. Terri fell to the
ground. Riot spread Terri's legs as wide apart as they would go, she then
grabbed a handful of her cunt.

All the fight was out of the champ. Riot stuffed three fingers into her
cunt, she began to spin them around. Terri began to moan. The Disciplinarian
then leaned over and stuffed three fingers into her ass.

Terri began to moan loudly now. The two wrestlers jammed their fingers in
deeper. Terri began to shake. The disciplinarian whacked her with her board

Riot stuffed a fourth finger into Terri's cunt. The Disciplinarian did the
same to her ass. Terri moaned even louder, she was cumming on the fingers
penetrating her.

Riot yanked her fingers out of Terri's cunt, she grabbed her bat and
rammed it barrel first inside Terri's cunt. The champ screamed now. The
Disciplinarian jammed her whole hand into Terri's ass.

Terri began to kick and scream. Riot just stuffed the bat deeper into her
cunt. The disciplinarian began to twist and turn her hand inside her ass. The
entire bat vanished into Terri's cunt.

The Disciplinarian grabbed her dunce cap, Riot looked at her and smiled.
Riot yanked the bat out of the champ. Riot took the dunce cap and stuffed the
top into Terri's cunt.

Riot began to work the dunce cap into Terri's cunt. Terri was begging for
mercy, she didn't sign up for this. The Disciplinarian pulled down her black
tights and sat on Terri's cunt, she rubbed her blonde short and curlies
against Terri's lips.

Riot had buried half the dunce cap into Terri's pussy, the louder she
creamed the more they liked it. The Disciplinarian grabbed her by the hair
and forced her to eat her.

Riot shoved as hard as she could and stuffed the entire dunce cap inside
of Terri, she finally stopped screaming. The Disciplinarian got off of her

The two wrestlers stood up and looked down at the champ, then grabbed her
belt and threw it down on her. Terri's legs where spread so wide by the dunce
cap that she couldn't stand up.

Riot and the Disciplinarian stood supreme in the ring. There was no one
who could stand up to them. Dave and Lee applauded. This was wrestling. Maybe
they could challenge the WWF.


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