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Featuring: Debra (WWF, aka Debra McMichael, Debra Marshall, Debra Williams,
Queen Debra in WCW)

Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes - Tape 1 - Debra
A Women of Wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

They were unmarked. Unnamed, unidentifiable, not even any brand name or maker
on them and from first glance, they just looked like any fresh out of the
factory and ready to be used to film on or with video tapes and DVDs.
Stranger the fact that there were not even any finger prints or marks on
them. Yet they came out of the blue, from nowhere, and suddenly became the
most important footage I'd ever seen in my whole life. Forget any Hollywood
blockbusters and the like, we're talking solid gold, worth I'd say billions
if they were to be sold to the right website or distributor. I'm talking
about Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes.

I should explain. They came to me in a mass. Great boxes of the tapes and
DVDs, all in the same black packaging, with no marks or anything. I thought
it was some kind of joke, some prank until I decided to pop one in and watch
to see what as on it. My mind was blown within seconds, and I was rock hard
and stroking within minutes. I loaded in a second, then another, and then
another. All were more or less the same - each tape or DVD featured a woman
from the world of professional wrestling - sometimes a wrestler legit, a
valet, a manager, a ring announcer, just an onscreen personality sometimes -
but they were all from that world of wrestling and were a female. And they
were fucking on camera. Sucking dick, riding cock, taking it up the ass,
swallowing spunk or taking a money shot, the whole works. Some seemed to be
more willing than others to start with but in the end, they all went through
with it and made a sex tape.

I'm talking about WWF Divas, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, women who have long
left the business or even just were a part of it for a short time, women from
independent promotions like SHIMMER, WSU, women from Japan, Canada, Great
Britain, and a whole bunch of other places. I bet if you named a female
wrestler or otherwise to me right now that I'd have a tape of her fucking a
masked stranger in this mass of footage I'm working through right now. Yeah,
that's right. The only star in these tapes, and I can only assume that it's
the same guy, is a muscular, black man who always wore a mask to completely
cover his face and let's just say was more than just "well equipped" for the
job, not to stereotype or anything. From what I can figure out, each female
on these tapes was paid and seemingly paid well to perform sexual acts on
this man and be filmed doing it, for as long as it took for him to cum which,
in every case, took quite a while to do so, in my opinion, these women worked
hard for their money.

Like I said, there were no markings or anything on any tapes and DVDs, I
don't even know who sent them all to me in the first place. All I know is
that they exist, and I'm watching through all of them to try and figure out
what this is all about, apart from the obvious - hot female wrestlers fucking
like basically prostitutes and loving it. So I've been watching them, noting
who's on what and putting them in some sort of order based on year. That's
the only clue is that they were all filmed in the "height" of the staring
female's prime of attractiveness and fame. I look at some of the women now
and they are, to be honest, not quite at their top standard, chubby around
the waist, bags under the eyes etc but in these tapes? Hot as hell and ready
to go. Makes good viewing that's for sure.

One of the first tapes I watched always sticks in my mind. They all start the
same way, tape or DVD, with a burst of static like you get when you try and
tune a TV for the first time, before it cuts sharply to a blue screen that
has basic white text to explain what's in store for the DVD. This one stated:

From watching so many tapes I've figured out that this "series" of tapes is
entitled "Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes". No, not the most inventive
title of all time, but damn it if it isn't accurate. Then the staring female
on the tape, which this time is Debra, aka Debra Marshall, Debra McMichael,
Debra McMichael-Austin etc etc. Then the company or promotion she was working
for at the time of the filming, obviously the then known as World Wrestling
Federation but now is the WWE. Then the year of the filming. No month, no
day, just the year. 1999. Certainly Debra was in her stunning, sexy prime
there and it shows in perfect, high quality glory in the sex tape itself.

Then the tape starts right away, showing a really lavish but still basic and
certainly giving away no clues to its location room. Clear lighting above, an
expensive rug flooring on the floor, clean white paint on the walls, and a
sturdy, black leather couch in the middle. What's more important is the woman
seated on it. Clad in a classic, trademark white suit jacket and tight
fitting, short skirt is indeed the WWF Diva known as Debra. The gorgeous,
perfectly curved babe with long blond hair is sitting with one smooth and
tanned leg crossed over the over, her skirt hugging to her juicy hips and
thick ass, and of course that jacket deliberately tight fitting and only
slightly buttoned up to show off that infamous, deep cleavage made by her
"puppies" that strain inside a white bra to make her breasts look massive
like they truly are. All topped off with a pearl necklace and a pair of
white, high heels.

"I'm not quite sure you know what kind of a woman I am, whoever you are
that's paying all this money for me to do this..." Debra says as she looks to
the camera with her thick accented voice, a not completely impressed look on
her beautiful face. "I may show off my body on TV, use my... "Puppies" to
distract an opponent or two so my men can pick up a win, but that doesn't
mean I'll just drop down to my knees and blow any guy that walks by. Even if
they are loaded with money as you clearly seem to be." She leans forward
slightly, giving an ever better view of those huge breasts under her clothes.
"But I will say that I admire your guts to call me up and make the offer, but
you'd better believe if this is a disappointment and you send some minute-man
to me I'll take all that cash and leave you broke! If you think I'm just
going to fuck on camera for your pleasure and not get something back, then
it's no wonder you aren't here yourself to see this!"

She's distracted though by the sound of a door opening off camera and someone
walking in, and what the sports entertainment wrestler and valet sees makes
her eyes widen and a smile appear on her face - her "co-star" has arrived. A
well built, muscular, black man that could easily pass for a body-builder or
indeed a professional wrestler steps in, wearing nothing but a slightly baggy
and basic blue wrestling mask that covers his whole head so there isn't even
anyway to try and indentify his facial features, and there are no tattoos or
even birthmarks, warts, or scars on his body. What he does have though is
hanging between his legs - an already long and thick to match looking cock
that's beginning to harden as he no doubt looks over her hot body, especially
down at her cleavage and big tits on display.

"Oh my..." Debra says as he approaches the seated Diva, saying nothing and
standing with his hands on his strong hips, waiting as she makes the first
move and reaches out a hand to take a hold of his length, squeezing it
slightly in her pal. "This is... This is the biggest fucking cock I've ever
seen in my life!" She exclaims, now bringing her other hand up as she starts
to run her hands up and down along the hardening length. "Bigger than
Steve's... Way bigger than Mongo's..."

Still smiling, she looks over to the camera. "OK, whoever you are, you picked
a good one at least from appearance. Guess this is my cue to start then, is
it? Well, enjoy the show and let's hope both you and me get our money's worth
out of this." She sits up straight, a brief look up at the masked hunk she's
slowly jerking off as he hardens in her soft palms. "My name is Debra, and
this is my sex tape!"

Gripping the cock with both hands, the stunning blond turns back to this
unknown man as she strokes the thick length all the way up and down, her left
hand running over the bottom portion from the base to up until the half-way
mark, while the other handles the upper part with the same firm grip and
steady pace, timing the motion just right so both hands slide upward and then
down at the same time. She smirks seductively at the masked stud, making sure
to lean forward to give him a good view of her infamously deep cleavage in
her straining bra, that sight combined with her hand work more than enough to
get him rock hard soon enough, leaving her handling a over foot long piece of
fat dick that alone makes her moan as she runs her eyes over it.

Keeping one hand on the base and using the other to brush her long, blond
hair back - knowing she has to make sure the camera films everything she's
going to do here - she lowers her head towards the lengthy shaft, no
hesitation as she wraps her large, pouty lips tightly around his size, making
him moan as she takes in the first few inches. She groans at the feeling, the
mouth of the busty white beauty having to stretch slightly to accommodate
such a massive, black cock but soon she's going to work on him, raising her
head upward until just his bell end is inside and then sinking downward,
showing her skill as she quickly gets into a rhythm to suck his dick while
using her hand to stroke off the bottom portion as well as keep it straight
for her to smoothly handle.

The beautiful former WWF Women's Champion moans around this long shaft as she
jerks and sucks on his length, occasionally glancing to the side to the
camera recording her performing oral sex on this muscular, masked stranger
and from the way she's eagerly bobbing her head up and down along the upper
seven or so inches of him, it doesn't seem she has a problem with either the
fact that she has no idea what he looks like or the fact that this is
interracial sex. She's just focused on making him moan and warming both him
and herself up, her free hand running over her massive, bra-encased breasts
and giving them a slight squeeze to further make herself groan while using
her pouty lips to pleasure his stiff rod as she sucks him off with
quickening, smooth motions that make her hair sway and her tits slightly
bounce from the effort she's putting into this.

Clear moans can be heard from the black stud receiving this blowjob from one
of the WWF's hottest Divas as she continues to rock her head sharply up and
down on his thick cock, impressing with how much she's able to handle of him
with her clearly experienced mouth, her lips remaining tightly wrapped around
his meat and even the occasional flick of the tongue up at his underside as
she takes him in and quickly out into her oral hole. She groans as she pushes
herself down further onto him, using her hand to now just grip the base as
she tests exactly how much of this stiff rod she can handle, and finding
herself gagging slightly when the tip of him touches the back of her mouth
yet she doesn't stop, keeping on moving her face towards and then away from
his crotch while staring up at him.

She moans and gags as she bobs her head along the thickness, her chin
starting to touch his balls when she pushes down to deep throat all of his
over twelve inches of man meat that's now covered with her saliva that's also
trickling past her luscious lips, dripping off her and his shaft to land onto
her big white breasts and into her cleavage. She's not bothered by this at
all, too caught up in the lust of servicing such a vast black dick as she
smoothly keeps her blond-haired head moving up and down along this dick, her
groans muffled but the camera able to record every deep bobbing motion she
uses on him as her cheeks flex as does her throat, especially when she takes
him deep and makes herself gag to show that while she might be used to
sucking cock, she isn't quite used to handling one of this size.

A couple more deep sucks on his shaft, and she lifts her head up with a moan,
wiping the trail of spit handing from her mouth to his cock away before she
takes in a deep breath, running her eyes across his manhood before looking
down at her own saliva that's over her chest. "Oh my goodness!" Debra says
with a seductive laugh. "I've made quite the mess of myself here, haven't I?"
She glances to the camera with a smile. "I wouldn't want this to get stained
now, would I?"

Reaching back, she unclips the bra and lets her infamous "puppies" loose -
her large, perfectly rounded and completely tanned breasts now in full view.
She smiles up at the masked stud as she sets the bra aside, now reaching down
and starting to slide her short, white skirt down her smooth legs. "Oh, I
know you want to get a piece of my "puppies" just like everyone else does..."
Debra states with a smirk up at him as her white panties are revealed.

"But before you get that, you've got to give me what I want. And I want that
big old cock of yours right inside me, fucking me real good!" With that she
stands up, turning around to the camera to put on a further show as she eases
the underwear all the way down, showing her nicely shaved and already wet
looking pussy, leaving her wearing only a pair of high heels and a pearl

Laying down on her side on the leather couch, the masked black stud moves
into position, spreading her legs and holding one up to drape it over his
shoulder, allowing him full access to her snatch so he can push his long,
thick and coated with her saliva cock into her with a single firm thrust that
makes her moan with wide eyes and an open mouth. The camera gets a good look
at how her tight snatch is being made to widen to accept his size as he
starts to thrust into the busty blond, giving her little time to adjust to
him but she doesn't call for him to stop, the groans of pleasure she's
letting out showing that she's already enjoying this as her hands grip the
seating she's getting banged on.

As clearly sexual as she is from her cock-teasing stripping she's done on
television, it seems that having a long piece of man meat ploughing into her
with an already firm and steady pace isn't what she's used to, her wet snatch
already filled up more than enough to make her moan but he's only half-way
inside her with his shaft. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama born beauty's perfectly
curved and tanned body is jolting back and forth as she lays on her side, her
gaze switching between up to gaze over the muscular frame of the masked male
fucking her and down between her legs to watch his massive cock pumping into
her pussy, her large tits bouncing in time with her body's movement to make
the sight even hotter for the camera and give him extra incentive to keep on
giving it to her.

Running her hands down from the strong arm that's holding her leg up, she
reaches down and takes a hold of her huge, much lusted-over mounds to squeeze
them deeply with a groan, licking her lips as she watches the rock hard black
rod thrusting into her damp but still tight pussy to make her one-of-a-kind
white body rock backward so even her pearl necklace bounces slightly around
her neck along with those massive breasts. The moans of the sports
entertainment valet and wrestler get louder as his hips pick up the pace,
sending his shaft into her quicker and harder than before, in the process
working in more of his length into her love tunnel, the camera getting the
clear view of how it's ramming back in forth into her, leaving his member
coated with her forming juices but still remaining snug around it as it
slides smoothly back and forth into her.

Rubbing and toying with her "puppies", it's obvious the former WWF Women's
Champion is letting her lust take over as she shameless moans from the
fucking she's taking from this masked stranger who's pounding into her tight,
wet pussy and filling her up with his manhood, making them both moan as he
feels her tightness all around his tool and the perfectly curved, white
stunner gets off on being stuffed full of black cock. Her eyes narrow
sensuously as she looks down between her legs, watching as his crotch starts
to smack against her body and his nutsack collides into her, the sign that
he's going balls deep and that she's taking every bit of his over foot long
member inside her snatch, her gaze going up to his covered face to give the
sign for him to keep bringing it as she makes herself groan by pinching her
rock hard nipples, putting on a show both for him and the camera while giving
herself pleasure at the same time.

Though his face is completely covered by the mask, it's clear from the moans
that he's giving out that he's enjoying banging this sexy, full bodied beauty
much as she is taking it from him, keeping her leg held over his shoulder so
he can keep her body close to his, allowing swift movements so he and pump in
and out of her snatch with force, sending all of his inches deep into her to
make her groan and her body rock back as she lays on the couch they're on.
Even with his length and thickness, her snatch is remaining wonderfully tight
around his dick, making sure he gets a more than pleasurable covering of her
pussy juices all over his cock and seeing the look of want in her eyes along
with her moans just keeps him hammering into her over and over again.

"Mmmm... Oh fuck..." Debra moans as she runs her eyes over his body.
"Darling... Take that big stick of yours out of me and take a seat..." She
pauses to groan from the pleasure she's getting from his pumps. "I want to
take a ride on that cock and show what I can do with a piece of meat like
yours!" She adds with a big, lustful smile.

Only giving a response in the form of a nod, the muscular and masked man
gives her a final few thrusts before he pulls out of her snatch, allowing the
camera to get a shot of both his coated with her juices shaft, and her wet
pussy that looks tight and ready for more. Following her request, he sits
down and spreads his legs wide apart with his still rock hard cock pointing
straight up as the WWF Diva stands up, taking a moment to bend over slightly
as she feels between her legs, running her fingers first across her snatch
and then pushing into herself with a moan.

"Mmmmm... I haven't been this wet in a long time..." Debra moans as she licks
her pouty lips again, moving now to straddle the masked hunk's lap, his dick
resting between her thick ass cheeks for a moment as she looks over her
shoulder to the camera. "I've been with Superstar studs, tag teams who double
teamed me all night long, and even a couple times I've gang banged by a good
few guys. But this right here is a cock that I'd be rude not to treat right,
and I think I'm going to enjoy riding it even more than you will watching me
do it... Whoever you are..."

Lifting herself back up, she reaches down to line up his cock right where she
wants it, before easing herself right back down to take his shaft back into
her wet snatch, both of them moaning at the feeling as she's filled up and
doesn't stop until her butt cheeks are touching his legs and his balls touch
her tanned skin to show she's taking him balls deep. For a moment she just
grinds herself down against him, using a hand to brush her long blond hair
out from her face so she can look back down to see how she's handling him,
already her mouth open again with moans pouring out in an almost slutty
manner before she places her hands onto the broad shoulders of the unknown to
her male she has the cock of deep inside her tight pussy and starts to move
herself on him to do as she promised.

It doesn't take long before she's smoothly and with a clear purpose riding
his fat cock with her wet snatch, the sound of skin slapping against skin
ringing out when she drops down onto his length before quickly rising up to
the half way mark and then dropping down onto him, all too eagerly fucking
this man she has no idea the identity of while being filmed, the sight of her
pussy raising and lowering on this rod being clearly captured along with the
moans coming from both people engaged in this sexual act. Her juicy,
perfectly rounded white ass cheeks jiggle slightly as she bounces on his
massive black cock, smacking against his thighs each time she lowers herself
down onto him but neither feel any sting of pain from the collisions, the
pleasure easily overriding that feeling as she bites down on her bottom lip
slightly, starting to quicken the motion she's using on him as she
shamelessly rides his shaft and loves every moment of it.

There's no doubt a big grin on the muscular stud that the former WWF Women's
Champion is impaled on the dick off, getting the best view as he can watch
her huge breasts bounce away in front of his mask-covered face just an inch
away, his head clearly nodding in time with the motion of her vast chest like
he's hypnotized by her "puppies". Unable to resist, his hands go up to grab
them, making her cry out as her titties are groped and squeezed but rather
than throw her off, the touch just makes her ride his long cock even harder
and faster so they are both groaning out with every up and down jolt she
makes on him, her ass cheeks shaking each time she slams down hard onto his
crotch as the horny beauty almost recklessly handle his thick and very long

As she continues to look back and watch her own booty jiggle and catch
glimpses of the big dick she's bouncing swiftly on, sweat is dripping off of
her beautiful face along with the rest of her tanned and seductively curved
body, a stream of moans and gasps coming out of her mouth as the white blond
takes this big black dick balls deep each time into her still impressively
snug but soaking wet pussy when she drops down onto him to make herself moan
out loudly. The former Queen Debra of WCW closes her eyes as she groans out
in pleasure, having never been filled up by any man's cock before, let alone
one belong to a man she doesn't even know, but here she is riding a muscular,
masked hunk and taking every bit of his over foot long dick in and out of her
snatch like she's a total whore, rapidly moving on the pole of the equally
moaning but not sweating quite as hard as she is male she's on top off.

His hands continue to play and grope her large tits as they bounce even in
his firm grasp, moans only slightly muffled by the mask he's wearing but the
sounds of heavy breathing heard from him also show that her hard and fast
pace is taking a lot out of him as it is her, but he's more than happy to
take it and let her control the pace as it means keeping his manhood deep
inside her wet, tight, and hot pussy. Giving her tits one last squeeze, his
hands slide down to her thick butt cheeks, squeezing them now and spreading
them to give the camera an unrestricted very of her puckered asshole and her
stuffed fill pussy as she moves it sharply down to the base and balls before
easing up only a few inches so she can drive back down with a smack of skin
and the erotic, sloppy sounds of juices that are seeping out of her snatch
and down his shaft, trickling onto his nutsack, thighs, and even onto the

"Oh... Oh fuck!!" Debra moans with half-closed eyes as she gazes down at her
own ass, leaning forward slightly and giving him another hot view of her big
breasts. "Oh you fucking stud!! My goodness, you're... You're making me
fucking cum!!" She groans out with her mouth open in an "O" shape. "Ohhhhh
yeah! I'm... I'm fucking cumming on that fucking black cock ooooooooh

Indeed, with a deep moan and still bouncing up and down on his shaft, WWF
Diva Debra is riding out an intense, shameless orgasm on the cock of a
muscular, black stranger, her cries loud and long as her snatch tightens
around his tool to make him grunt and groan. The camera gets a close look to
watch her juices flood out past his rod as she continues to rock back and
forth on him, her ass cheeks help apart by him to make the sight even hotter
as for a good few minutes she's able to keep this pace up before she starts
to come down from that sexual high, her motion slowing down along with the
force as she breathes in deeply and groans with lust.

"Mmmm... So good... I don't usually cum so soon even with a couple of men..."
Debra admits, but the smile on her sweat-covered face shows she's not ashamed
of that fact. "Usually their dicks aren't as long and thick as this one
though... Mmmm..." She lifts herself up and off of him, and then gasps when
she sees that he's still rock hard even after surviving her snatch tightening
all around him. "But it looks like my job... Sorry while I catch my breath
here... My job isn't finished yet... And it'd be very unprofessional of me to
just leave him like this..."

Moving now into position on her hands and knees on the couch, the tired but
still lusty WWF Diva doesn't get any time to prepare herself as the masked
stud who's just brought her to orgasm moves up behind her and spreads her ass
cheeks apart, letting the camera see him line up his cock that's coated with
her juices and then forcefully push it into her very tight looking asshole.
Immediately she groans as she looks back at him, her mouth hanging open but
this time with slightly discomfort as her body sharply jolts forward as he
works his shaft into her juicy, fully rounded ass with a steady hip motion,
slipping his dick into her back passage with the first five inches of his
shaft but clearly looking to fit more into her.

The hands of the busty white blond grip the couch she's getting fucked up the
ass on, her teeth gritting together as she hisses and takes this from behind,
her massive tits hanging down and swaying in time with her sweat covered and
tanned body as she's made to rock forward each time he pushes his fat, black
dick into her thick booty. It's obvious from how he's having to use a steady
yet firm pace at the moment that her back passage is her most tightest of
holes but she's taking an impressive amount of his long size already, only
showing slight flashes of pain as she lets him have his way with her, feeling
his hands grip her butt cheeks as he keeps them wide apart and watching his
muscular waist move close in and then smoothly back away from her backside as
he bangs her.

Thrust after strong thrust, more and slightly more of the man meat of this
masked but clearly sexually experienced male is getting stuffed into her
butt, the snug feeling around his inches making him moan and grunt, sweat now
clearly all over his muscular frame as he picks up the pace to give her booty
the kind of treatment it deserves as well as get him his own pleasure now
that she's been brought to hers. His rhythm quickens, more force being put
behind his thrusts that are making her groan louder in both lust and surprise
as she watches on and can't quite believe her juicy, white ass is taking so
much of his black cock that's still sinking in deeper as he pumps away into
her, the camera filming it all as the thick rod eases in and out past her
asshole and shows how sharply her whole tanned and curvaceous body is jolting
in response to his banging of her ass.

While she may have been a former WWF Women's Champion, it seems that she's a
champ of taking it up the ass from the way she's keeping herself steady and
in place on her hands and knees in front of him, groaning low and long as she
feels his thickness ploughing back and forth into her back passage to stuff
her completely and further than she'd ever thought physically possible. Her
huge breasts continue to swing underneath her when she's made to rock
forward, that motion only increasing now that his waist is smacking into her
ass cheeks to make them giggle, all of his over foot long cock now fitting
inside of her backside as he goes balls deep when he thrusts into her
stunning and perfectly rounded booty.

Squeezing those juicy butt cheeks, the masked stud ravaging the blond in
front of him grunts, groans, and loudly moans behind his mask as he gives her
ass thrust after hard and quick thrust, showing no apparent worry that this
kind of intense pace could render her unable to walk straight for well over a
week, instead carrying more about his own needs as he feels his shaft
starting to twitch inside her still tight pack passage. He's able to savour
her sexily rounded and full butt for a few moments more though, those tanned
cheeks shaking erotically when his crotch collides with them each time he
pumps into her and the sound of skin smacking off of sweat covered ringing
out when he plunges his thick, black cock into the white sports entertainment
stunner he's fucking up the ass in the classic doggy style position on a

Said female gets to breathe a deep sigh of relief when he withdraws his
member from her ass completely, and she's able to sit up on her knees on the
seating, taking a moment to brush her long hair back. "I think I'm going to
be sore for quite a while now..." Debra says with a slight moan as she looks
over the slightly throbbing cock that'd just been deep in her butt. "But I
can tell that this guy isn't going to last much longer... So let's see if my
"puppies" can help you out since we both know you want some of them... And
who doesn't?" She adds with a seductive little laugh.

Standing on the couch now, the masked, sweat-covered hunk moans when the WWF
Diva moves up close and indeed places his thick, over foot long black cock
right in between her massive, perfectly rounded and white breasts, using her
hands to squeeze his shaft in the middle of them like it's the meat in and
sandwich. Smirking slyly up at him, it's soon clear that's she knows how to
handle some man meat, even of his vast size, with her boobs as she starts to
slide them up and down his dick, keeping them applied firmly to the sides of
his member but her tits are so huge that they hide most of his rod from view,
only the head popping out from her deep cleavage when she moves them

Licking her lips slightly, she gazes up at his covered face, knowing he's
staring right down at her big titties as she works them up and down along his
throbbing shaft but she's concentrating on the moans he's letting out,
telling him how good it feels to be between her infamous "puppies" as she
keeps them tightly wrapped around his cock in order to swiftly administer a
tit-wank to the dick that had brought her to a mind-blowing orgasm several
minutes ago. The former WWF Women's Champion can't help but give her own
breasts a little squeeze as she uses them to get him off, smoothly rubbing
them against his fat pulsating rod as she moves them all the way up and a
nice distance above the tip of his shaft before gliding straight back down to
the base so his bell-end is visible to the camera that's filming every moment
of this hot and expertly done sexual act using possibly one of, if not the
largest pair of breasts ever seen in the WWF.

In the past she's used them to distract opponents of the men she's managed in
matches, but she's putting them to an even better use as her presses her
massive, stunningly rounded and white breasts firmly against the lengthy
black dick of the masked male in front of her, making him groan out with
pleasure from the feeling of her soft mounds all around his shaft. Feeling
his dick throbbing more inside her deep, sexy cleavage, the busty blond
quickens the pace, sliding those tits swiftly up and down on his dick and all
the while gazing up at him, the look in her lusty eyes telling him that she
wants him to explode and even making herself moan as she feels up her own
breasts while wanking off his cock with them.

The feeling of those magnificent tits on his dick combined with the rather
slutty look on her beautiful face becomes too much for this unidentified stud
to handle any more off, and no one could blame him at all for what happens
next as he surprises her by pulling his shaft out from between her boobs and
starts to quickly stroke himself off. Quickly she pushes her breasts up and
together for an unmissable target and soon gets what she wanted as the masked
stud starts to shoot his load over WWF Diva Debra's large breasts, thick
streams of cum firing out of his over twelve inch black cock and landing onto
her white titties.

"Oh yeah, just let it all out stud..." Derba almost begs as she watches him
jerk off and sees his spunk splashing across both of her tits as she holds
them up for him, some even landing down into that deep cleavage but really
there's no intent with the aim, he just needs to release and he's clearly got
plenty to let loose, much to her grinning delight.

"Ooooooh, that feels real good..." She adds as he groans deeply, his manhood
starting to go limp in his grasp as he pushes out the last drops of his load,
flicking them down onto her chest with a final stroke. "Mmmm... I'm a real
mess now, aren't I? Good thing my "puppies" are just the best around, they're
the biggest as well!"

Sitting back now on the couch, the stunning blond looks down at her
cum-covered breasts with a smile. "I can't lie and say that it wasn't some of
the best sex I've ever had, but I feel real dirty having done it on film and
for some cash...." Debra admits with a smile as she looks to the camera.
"Even if it was a hell of a lot of money..."

She pauses as she looks and watches the mask stud now walking away and out of
shot, having never spoken a word or given any indication of his identity so
that she really did suck off and fuck and complete stranger that she'll no
doubt never know who he really is.

"Still, whoever you are that put up the money and made this all happen..."
Debra looks back to the camera with a sly smile. "Just make sure that you
hold up your end of this deal and no one, especially my husband, gets to see
this and we'll be just fine. In fact, if you ever want to see an encore of
this, especially with that dark hunk again? Well... You've got my number
clearly... I don't think I need to say anymore since it's our little secret,

The stunning blond leans back again, sighing deeply as she puts her hands
onto her large tits and starts to rub the spunk that's covering them all over
and into her vast breasts, making herself groan from the feeling as she
smiles down and watches her palms work over herself, giving the camera one
last visual treat to go with her quite shameless little moans from her own
self pleasuring.

With that final image, the video starts to fade out and to black for a few
moments, before a blue screen appears with basic white text just like the
WRESTLING FEDERATION. 1999." Then the tape sharply cuts to static that fills
the entirety of the tape until it's end, leaving it just as mysterious as
it's whole existence. No clues to where it was filmed, who if anyone else was
involved with its production, no identity of the masked man staring in it,
and certainly no clue as to was responsible for this and put up all the money
that made Debra willingly fuck on camera with a complete stranger. Either
someone had a lot of cash, was extremely persuasive, or both.

There is only one certainty with this that I've figured out. This was not the
first sex tape featuring a woman of wrestling, and it wasn't the last. It was
merely one of many. That's it. So many questions, so few answers... A hell of
a lot of tapes and DVDs still to watch... Such is the way of the case of
Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes.

* * *

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