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Featuring: Leah Meow (WCW, Kimona Wanalaya in ECW).

Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes - Tape 3: Leia Meow
A Women of Wrestling erotic story
by DaxG2001 (

They were unmarked. Unnamed, unidentifiable, not even any brand name or maker
on them and from first glance, they just looked like any fresh out of the
factory and ready to be used to film on or with video tapes and DVDs.
Stranger the fact that there were not even any finger prints or marks on
them. Yet they came out of the blue, from nowhere, and suddenly became the
most important footage I'd ever seen in my whole life. Forget any Hollywood
blockbusters and the like, we're talking solid gold, worth I'd say billions
if they were to be sold to the right website or distributor. I'm talking
about Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes.

I should explain. They came to me in a mass. Great boxes of the tapes and
DVDs, all in the same black packaging, with no marks or anything. I thought
it was some kind of joke, some prank until I decided to pop one in and watch
to see what as on it. My mind was blown within seconds, and I was rock hard
and stroking within minutes. I loaded in a second, then another, and then
another. All were more or less the same - each tape or DVD featured a woman
from the world of professional wrestling - sometimes a wrestler legit, a
valet, a manager, a ring announcer, just an onscreen personality sometimes -
but they were all from that world of wrestling and were a female. And they
were fucking on camera. Sucking dick, riding cock, taking it up the ass,
swallowing spunk or taking a money shot, the whole works. Some seemed to be
more willing than others to start with but in the end, they all went through
with it and made a sex tape.

I'm talking about WWF Divas, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, women who have long
left the business or even just were a part of it for a short time, women from
independent promotions like SHIMMER, WSU, women from Japan, Canada, Great
Britain, and a whole bunch of other places. I bet if you named a female
wrestler or otherwise to me right now that I'd have a tape of her fucking a
masked stranger in this mass of footage I'm working through right now. Yeah,
that's right. The only star in these tapes, and I can only assume that it's
the same guy, is a muscular, black man who always wore a mask to completely
cover his face and let's just say was more than just "well equipped" for the
job, not to stereotype or anything. From what I can figure out, each female
on these tapes was paid and seemingly paid well to perform sexual acts on
this man and be filmed doing it, for as long as it took for him to cum which,
in every case, took quite a while to do so, in my opinion, these women worked
hard for their money.

Like I said, there were no markings or anything on any tapes and DVDs, I
don't even know who sent them all to me in the first place. All I know is
that they exist, and I'm watching through all of them to try and figure out
what this is all about, apart from the obvious - hot female wrestlers fucking
like basically prostitutes and loving it. So I've been watching them, noting
who's on what and putting them in some sort of order based on year. That's
the only clue is that they were all filmed in the "height" of the staring
female's prime of attractiveness and fame. I look at some of the women now
and they are, to be honest, not quite at their top standard, chubby around
the waist, bags under the eyes etc but in these tapes? Hot as hell and ready
to go. Makes good viewing that's for sure.

Another tape that stands out for me that seems to exemplify what these tapes
are all about wasn't with a woman known for being a wrestler, but an
interviewer. They all start the same way, tape or DVD, with a burst of static
like you get when you try and tune a TV for the first time, before it cuts
sharply to a blue screen that has basic white text to explain what's in store

From watching so many tapes I've figured out that this "series" of tapes is
entitled "Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes". No, not the most inventive
title of all time, but damn it if it isn't accurate. Then the staring female
on the tape, which this time is Leah Meow. Then the company or promotion she
was working for at the time of the filming, obviously World Championship
Wrestling aka WCW. Then the year of the filming. No month, no day, just the
year. 2000. Certainly Meow was at her most known then as well as her
stunning, sexy prime there and it shows in perfect, high quality glory in the
sex tape itself.

Then the tape starts right away, showing a really lavish but still basic and
certainly giving away no clues to its location room. Clear lighting above, an
expensive rug flooring on the floor, clean white paint on the walls, and a
sturdy, black leather couch in the middle. What's more important is the woman
seated on it. The woman formerly known as Kimona Wanalaya in ECW, and the
then current dominatrix valet of the Jade Dragons stable - Leia Meow. The
gorgeous Korean-born beauty is clad in a tight, black leather like-top that
shows off a sexy amount of cleavage from her large tits, matching black
shorts that cling to her nicely rounded ass, and fishnet tights on underneath
with a pair high heels on her feet.

The sexy but often vicious starlet of WCW narrows her eyes as she glares to
the camera. "You have some nerve asking me, me of all people! Leia Meow to
take part in something like this, even for that amount of money I'm being
promised for doing this!" She snaps with a shake of her head, making her long
hair sway a little. "I am not like the rest of the skanks and sluts in WCW! I
have class and honor, and if you were man enough to show yourself here I'd be
beating and whipping the hell out of you for such a disgusting suggestion.
What makes you think that I would dare to have sex on camera and be paid for
it?? Are you calling me some kind of slut here?? Are you seriously..."

She's distracted by the sound of a door opening off camera and someone
walking in, and what the sports entertainment interviewer sees makes her eyes
widen and a gasp escape her pouty lips - her "co-star" has arrived. A well
built, muscular, black man that could easily pass for a body-builder or
indeed a professional wrestler steps in, wearing nothing but a slightly baggy
and basic blue wrestling mask that covers his whole head so there isn't even
anyway to try and identify his facial features, and there are no tattoos or
even birthmarks, warts, or scars on his body. What he does have though is
hanging between his legs - an already long and thick to match looking cock
that's beginning to harden as he no doubt looks over her hot body, especially
down at her cleavage and big tits on display.

She clearly gulps as she eyes up his member that's presented to her as he
stands silent and right before her, no reaction as she lifts a hand up to
feel up the hardening length, gently running her palm up and down the thick,
black length. "Well... This is... You certainly aren't from the Jade
Dragons... You're larger... Thicker... And longer than any of them... All of
them put together!" Meow states in clear awe as she gazes over the hardening
member, and despite her claimed confidence moments before and her commanding,
dominatrix appearance on TV, she seems to be all too eager to slip down to
her knees in front os this complete stranger as she handles his cock.

Knowing there's no turning back now since the camera has been recording her
handling a mysterious male's dick even if nothing else happens from this
point on, she sits up straight, pushing her big tits out in the process,
before she turns her dark haired head towards the camera with a glare. "Very
well... You should feel honored that I will show you how a real woman handles
a man, not that you'll ever get to experience anything as close to my
greatness in your life!" Leia flips her long locks back over her shoulders,
smirking arrogantly with her hands still gripping the manhood she's slowly
pumping. "My name is Leia Meow, and this is my sex tape!"

There's no hesitation now as the stunning Asian strokes the fat length in her
grasp and leans her head in, pressing her lips together and rubbing them
across the underside of the head of his black cock, groaning as she feels how
hard he is while she gazes up as the masked, muscular stud as she slides her
pouty lips from side to side against his bell end. Moving up slightly she
plants a kiss on the tip, soon followed by her tongue pushing out and running
over the piss slit to get the first light moan out of him, making her slyly
smirk as she begins to swirl her tongue all around the head in a smooth
swirling motion, her hand still working up and down the vast black shaft
she's holding as she dabs a little saliva onto the crown of his pole.

Another firm stroke as she tosses back her long, dark hair, and parting her
full lips she now takes his rod inside, finding herself groaning while he
moans as her mouth is forced to stretch already because of his thickness,
causing her to use the free hand to grip his toned thigh as she focuses on
pressing her lips around the shaft as she sinks down on him so the first few
inches enter her oral hole. Still groaning, she keeps her eyes locked up at
the unknown hunk she's starting to suck off and proceeds to lift her head
upwards so the head is just inside her warm and wet mouth before she pushes
down slowly to where she got to before, taking her time as she still adjusts
to his great size but her motion is controlled and not missing a beat as she
gets into the sexual act.

It's more than having the desired effect, especially with the hand still
jerking off the inches not yet in her mouth, as moans can be heard from
underneath the mask of the man getting blown by the gorgeous WCW valet who's
now getting quicker in her actions, her face rising and lowering at a steady
pace and gradually moving down further onto him as muffled moans can be heard
from her along with the lustful groans. Her other hand slides up and down his
side as she handles around half of his more than impressive length inside her
mouth, saliva starting to cover his manhood as her thick, made for blowjobs
lips grind back and forth against his tool thanks to how she's pressing them
down onto him and it's a feeling alone that would make a normal man bust his
load there and then as she smoothly works over the top part of his cock.

Making it look like this isn't the first time she's sexually pleased a black
dick, the Korean-born stunner boldly pushes her head down further onto him,
well past the half-way mark and she gags loudly as her lips reach to a couple
of inches above the base and the tip of his rod touches the back of her
mouth, forcing her to raise all the way up and off as she gasps for breath.
Gritting her teeth as she glares up at him, she spits down onto his bell end
before taking him back inside, both hands onto his waist as she quickly and
forcefully bobs her head up and down on his member like she's trying to prove
a point, her groans now broken up with gags as she tries to blow as much of
him as she can despite the fact this is clearly the longest cock she's ever
had to handle and perhaps too big a mouthful even for her.

Despite this, the former ECW vixen continues to briskly move her head up back
and forth along him as she slobbers all over his shaft, her saliva dripping
down past her pouty lips and all over his length down to his balls, all of
which is making him moan as he feels her loud and nasty gags vibrating all
around his fat rod that's deep inside her damp oral hole. It seems she's
getting turned on by sucking off this complete stranger from the intense look
in her eyes and the way she's showing little regard to herself as she almost
chokes herself on his cock from the repeated attempts to deep throat all of
his size, causing her eyes to slightly water as spit trickles from her lips
down her chin and landing on her straining top from the rapid blowing motion
that makes her look far from a professional wrestling performer.

A couple more sucks and she lifts her head off with a groan, wiping saliva
from her chin as she catches her breath and gazes over the cock she's been
blowing. "You... You gonna fuck me now, huh?" Leia asks as she stands up, her
hands pulling up her tight top and releasing her large and perfectly rounded
tits as she takes it off completely with a flip of her hair. Just responding
with a nod, the unknown stud moves to sit down on the couch, his rock hard
cock pointing up while she turns her back to the filming camera, bending over
as she sways her juicy ass from side to side and slides her black leather
bottoms down her legs, revealing her neatly shaven pussy underneath the
fishnet tights. No sooner has she stepped out of the bottoms then she's
surprised when he reaches forward and rips her tights over the crotch, making
a hole to allow access to her snatch. "Mmmm... Let's put on a show for this
fucker watching me..." Meow states with a groan as she's pulled forward
towards him, turned around so her back is to his muscular chest as he lines
up his dick with her entrance.

Able to place her fishnet tights-covered legs on either side of him so she's
almost in a squatting position but with her arms reaching right back behind
her to rest on the couch, the former cheerleader for The Varsity Club stable
lets out a long moan as the long shaft coated with her own saliva is pushed
up into her snatch, the first few inches already forcing her to stretch and
accept the invasion. She licks her pouty lips as she gazes down and watches
the rod working its way up into her, making her grind down against it as
underneath the unknown stud lets out a moan of pleasure as well from the
tight feeling of her pussy around his dick, his hands moving up to hold her
toned waist for support and keep her firmly in place, impaled on his rod.

Upon the first thrust up into her, the beautiful eyes of the Korean-born
starlet widen with a clear and rather shameless already moan as the long and
thick black cock is pumped in and out of her snatch, her body starting to
rock back against the action as she's getting filled up even more as he
doesn't pull out completely, keeping a couple of inches inside her love
tunnel when he pulls down before going right back up with steady force. Her
large chest is pushing out as she arches her back slightly, responding to the
smooth and quick pumps she's taking in her snug pussy and making it clear she
has no objections to interracial sex even when it's with someone she has no
idea the identity of, all that's mattering to her now is the massive dick
moving back and forth into her dampening snatch with a look of desire on her
pretty face that shows she's wanting even more of his vast size inside her.

Thinking the same thing, the obviously very experienced man below her uses
his grip on her waist to move her up and down on his shaft like a pogo stick
in this squatting position, causing them both to moan out louder as more of
his inches work up into her wet and tight hole, causing her to tilt her head
back with closed eyes as well over half of his pole is stuffed inside her
snatch. The former Kimona Wanalaya of ECW is dealing with a whole different
kind of "extreme" here as her big tits bounce erotically as the sound of his
thick dick driving into her snatch is heard as he bangs her with stiff thrust
after quick thrust courtesy of this man she has no idea the identity of but
is already more than just driving her wild with lust from how well he's
fucking her already.

Sliding his hands up her perfectly curved body, his hands go onto her large
boobs in order to squeeze them deeply, his fingers easily able to dig into
the more than ample flesh and the touch makes her groan out in pleasure as
she rocks back against him, the deep thrusts into her snatch making her frame
jolt upwards but not nearly far enough so that more than a couple of his fat
inches leave her damp snatch. This big, black cock seems to be a perfect fit
for her tight Asian pussy as the camera clearly captures the sight of the
masked, moaning hunk going balls deep into her as his crotch smacks up
against her ass cheeks, just added force to keep her bouncing away on his
shaft as he pumps it quickly and with force up into her love tunnel that's
leaving his member coated now with her forming juices.

Letting out another deep groan as she opens her eyes, she's able to push
herself upward away from the couch so she can sit up on his lap, her snatch
right down onto his rod so every inch is inside her still snug snatch,
allowing her to grind down onto his manhood with a swivel of her hips while
he gropes away at her large breasts like they are his own personal property
and from the way she's rather whorishly moaning she might as well be at this
point. He's not letting her control this for too long, another couple of
sudden thrusts up into her snatch making her moan and jolt up like she's been
hit with an electric shock rather than the fat and lengthy piece of man meat
that's banging her pussy and making her work herself down against his crotch,
further covering his cock with her pussy liquids, much to his groaning

"Mmmm... Oh fuck baby... Fuck that pussy so good..." Meow moans with lust as
she takes the strong pumps before she's lifted up and off of his rod with a
groan, barely getting a second to catch her breath as she's laid down on the
couch. "Mmmm... You want some more of this stud?"

Not verbally responding, the hung hunk who's face is completely covered by a
mask moves back onto the seating, pushing her covered with fishnet tights
legs up and over to make her almost take a ball shape as she takes the hint,
gripping her legs around the knees so they press against her big tits with
her thick ass and her wet snatch up and exposed to him.

"I'm not used to being the one not in control..." Leia states as she gazes
over the approaching dark skinned body of the man she's letting herself be
fucked by. "If only my Jung Dragons were half as good as you!" She adds with
her eyes locking back onto his shaft as he comes in close.

Once again the unknown but obviously highly sexually skilled male says
nothing, letting the actions speak as he now squats over the WCW starlet and
pushes his stiff and long rod back into her snug snatch with a clear groan
while the woman taking it moans deeply as the length slides in deeply to fill
her up once again, the long and smooth motion continuing until his nuts touch
her skin. Leaning over her and resting a hand on the back of the couch for
support with his legs spread so the camera can clearly film his dick being
stuffed into her pussy, he starts to work his hips back and forth to move his
manhood in and out of her wet but still nice and tight hole.

While she might be a controlling and vicious dominatrix on weekly worldwide
television, she's now clearly doing a lot more receiving and obeying as her
curvacious body rocks back against the seating in response to his already
quick and powerful thrusts, and she's loving every second of it as her
breasts bounce in time with her body. Her eyes roam over the well built frame
of the hunk banging her like they've been having sex for years, going all the
way down his muscular chest and focusing down on his thick shaft as its
plunged in and out of her love tunnel to keep her groaning in pure, shameless
lust as the smacks ring out when his crotch connects sharply with hers but
neither feels even a moment of the sting from the impact.

Releasing a grunt from underneath the mask covering his face and head, the
stud continues the sudden and forceful pace of fucking the stunning Asian
valet with his fat and long black cock, driving it back and forth deep into
her still impressively tight hole and having no difficulty at all now fitting
every inch of himself into her so he can venture in balls deep every single
time with each downward pump into the soaking wet snatch. He only pulls out
to just under half way, allowing him to quickly ram back down into her to
make her moan out and jolt back as she lays in the almost curled up position,
not even trying to work against his motions as she willingly lets herself be
dominated by this complete stranger just because of his big cock that's
making her call out like a slut and stretching her pussy to limits she never
thought possible.

For a woman who infamously performed a strip-tease to distract an ECW crowd
during a break to repair the wrestling ring, it seems she can't quite fully
handle this kind of intense, hot and heavy sex as she's starting to sweat
already as she moans loudly and closes her eyes, her legs resting against her
bouncing breasts to give herself an added but unintentional stimulation as
her snatch is stuffed full of thick man meat. The sexy slapping sound of skin
hitting against smooth skin continues to ring out as his ball sack collides
with her body and his crotch meets hers when he drives down into her, moans
clearly being held despite the covering over his whole head that might hide
his true identity, but can't hide the fact he's loving this hard and fast
fucking into the alluring and very provocative sports entertainment

Gritting her teeth, the leader of the Jung Dragons stable seems to be nodding
her head along with each deep thrust she takes from the hunk towering over
her as he drives his length back and forth into her soaking wet hole, her
long hair a mess as it shakes around and her body keeps on rocking in
response to the strong and stiff pounding she's taking as she keeps her
fishnet tights-covered legs pressed into herself and her hips up and off the
couch to take each and every thrust he's got for her. There's no shame in her
despite not knowing who the man is she's getting fucked by or the fact that
this entire encounter is being recorded on camera, the sinful pleasure she's
feeling from this interracial intercourse being her entire focus as the thick
black cock hammers back and forth into her snug, Korean-born snatch that's
leaving his rod with a stimulating covering of her juices.

"Fuck! Fuck yes you fucking stud!!" Leia moans as she glares with desire up
at his masked face as she jolts back on the seating. "Fucking bang me you
stud! You love fucking that hot pussy don't you??"

As always, he gives no response as he all too calmly pulls out of her snatch,
pulling her up and placing her into a doggy style position so she's on her
hands and knees on the couch, but her ass placed slightly out towards the
camera so it can capture how nicely rounded her booty is and how very wet her
snatch is. "Mmmm... Just fuck it baby... Give me that fucking huge black cock
and fuck me like I'm your dirty slut!!" She almost begs as she licks her full
lips, gazing back at him as he gets into position behind her.

Not that he needed any invitation from what this entire encounter is all
about, but he moves forward anyway as he lines his shaft up with her now
dripping wet snatch that's exposed from the hole he made in her fishnet
tights earlier on, effortlessly pushing every thick inch into her snatch
until his muscular waist touches her sexily rounded backside, the feeling
making her push her as back out and raise it up slightly as she groans out.
Reaching forward he takes a hold of her arms, bringing them back to pull her
and make her upper body arch towards him so she's only resting on her knees
on the seating, the position and his grip making her hiss slightly but the
feeling of her snatch stuffed full of cock more than ensures she's moaning
with pleasure more than anything else.

Putting his hips to work again, there's plenty of power behind each of his
sudden thrusts that make her rock forwards and on her knees but held right
where he wants her with the grip of the wrists, dominating her snug and damp
Asian pussy with hard pump after pump, causing her ass cheeks to jiggle when
his body collides into them and his black member drives balls deep into her
hole. Almost screaming from this hardest and fastest fucking she's had to
endure so far, her head hangs down low with her sweat-soaked hair as a
constant stream of moans flow from her mouth, her big tits swaying back and
forth as her gorgeous body jolts sharply back and forth in response to his
powerful motion that would easily render a normal woman to orgasm within

Grunting and groaning himself, the hung masked stud has sweat clearly forming
over his frame as he shows the effects of banging this stunning but
cock-teasing beauty in the way she deserves to be, his chest heaving for
breath as he slams his lengthy pole back and forth into her soaking wet
snatch, the erotic squelching as her juices trickle out of her love tunnel
from the rapid thrusting his rod into her pussy. Along with the steamy moans
both are letting out, the sharp ring of skin hitting off of skin rings out
each time he drives into her snatch and her ass is made to shake when his
crotch connects into it, all his inches stuffing inside her like she was made
for fucking, impressively taking every thrust from the unknown to her stud
behind her as sweat drips off her perfectly curved body to make the WCW
dominatrix valet look even hotter than she usually is.

As the relentless pounding continues, the former Kimona Wanalaya of ECW finds
her covered with fishnet tights legs are slipping further apart on the couch,
getting weaker and weaker as she can't handle this continued hard pace and is
only being held up by his hold of her arms to keep the upper body up as her
big tits shake as her frame rocks forward sharply each time he rams his dick
into her dripping wet snatch. She keeps on moaning like a dirty slut, begging
for more of this massive cock that's rendered her drunk with lust, only
caring about the pleasure and not that she might be unable to walk for well
over a week after this and it's exactly what she gets as he keeps on sliding
his rod back and forth into her love tunnel that's left his manhood coated
with her pussy fluids.

It's not too surprising then that it doesn't take much more of this deep and
sudden banging to send the manager of the Jade Dragons over her limit, and
with her mouth hanging open and her eyes rolling into the back of her head
Leia Meow starts to cum hard on the long and thick black cock driving into
her snug Korean-born pussy, even more of her juices flooding out to splash
over the masked hunk's crotch and balls, and down her own thighs and legs.
Shamelessly she keeps on moaning as he delivers a few more pumps for good
measure, leaving her snatch far looser than it was to begin with as sweat
coats her whole body to make her look like a total whore, especially with
such a lusty smile on her face as she's released to collapse on the couch
she'd been fucked near senseless on.

The now well fucked valet can only groan and pant for breath as she's rolled
over onto her back on the couch, unable to respond in any way as the
unidentifiable masked man mounts her, placing his coated with her juices cock
between her large breasts and then using his hands to sandwich his member
between them, making himself moan clearly just from the feeling of being
trapped in those soft mounds. The clear intention is for him to now get off
himself, and he's looking to do that through a titfuck and not waiting to see
if she's even aware of what he's going to do, he starts to slide his shaft
back and forth between her cleavage, her own fluids acting as a lubricant
along with the sweat all over her body to make the motion smooth and sensual
to his moaning delight.

Groaning, she's able to lift her head up and gaze across with half closed
eyes, seeing the head of his length popping up out of her big boobs before
quickly vanishing between them before the motion is repeated, feeling his
hands groping and squeezing her titties as he uses them for his own pleasure
as his rod throbs inside her sexy cleavage. The stunning WCW starlet licks
her pouty lips, unable to take her eyes away from the sight of the fat black
dick that brought her to an intense orgasm and is now pumping in and out of
her large and perfectly rounded Asian breasts, hearing the deep and loud
moans coming from behind the mask of this mysterious but obviously sexually
skilled male to show how much he's enjoying the feel of her chest around his

Sliding his rod back and forth between her more than ample and soft mounds,
the groans of pleasure continue to escape the sweating hunk as he keeps his
dick moving between her big boobs, putting them to perfect use and ensuring
every inch of his pulsating member gets to feel her tits on either side of
it, his crotch smacking lightly up against the bottoms of both breasts when
he pushes up between them. The female laying down and being used in this way
can only watch on with lust, still too worn out to give anything back to him
but that doesn't seem to bother him as he's focused on just getting off now,
and from the way he's grunting as he thrusts his dick in and out of her
breasts that's surely incoming in seconds rather than minutes, and she can't
wait to see where he sprays his load onto her.

That question gets answered a few moments later when he pulls out of her
breasts and grabs her by the hair, forcing her to sit up on the couch as he
grips his dick with one hand and starts to rapidly stroke it, and Leia Meow
just closes her eyes in time as the masked man starts to shoot his thick and
creamy jizz onto her beautiful, sweat-soaked face to make her groan as the
first stream lands across her forehead and into her long hair. He continues
to moan and grunt, jerking out every drop of his spunk out of his thick and
long black coat in order to coat the stunning facial features of the Korean-
born stunner, his jizz landing over her cheeks, nose, lips, and a little
dripping down onto her big tits but the majority is plastering her face,
leaving her a complete cum-covered mess and like a well fucked slut as she
smiles and licks her lips, collecting some jizz to swallow it down when he
releases her and steps back.

"Mmmm... Ah... Fuck! So much fucking cum..." Leia groans as she sits back in
the couch, her large chest heaving as she still hasn't quite recovered from
her sexual high minutes ago. "He fucking nearly drowned me in it!" She adds
with a groan, reaching up to wide spunk away from her eyes so she can open
her eyes to look around, and sees that the unidentifiable man has left the

"Shit... Give me a few minutes and I would be up for round two... Oh well..."
She smirks for a moment, gazing across to the camera recording her. "This was
so worth the money... Whoever the hell you are, you can pick a good fuck
that's for sure... Maybe you should find some more cash and I'll film you a
second tape like this..." She states, leaning back in the couch again as she
closes her eyes, unfazed by the cum covering her face as she rests for a
moment to catch her breath once again, giving the video a very hot and dirty
image to look at.

With that final image, the video starts to fade out and to black for a few
moments, before a blue screen appears with basic white text just like the
CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING. 2000." Then the tape sharply cuts to static that
fills the entirety of the tape until it's end, leaving it just as mysterious
as it's whole existence. No clues to where it was filmed, who if anyone else
was involved with its production, no identity of the masked man staring in
it, and certainly no clue as to was responsible for this and put up all the
money that made Leia Meow willingly fuck on camera with a complete stranger.
Either someone had a lot of cash, was extremely persuasive, or both.

There is only one certainty with this that I've figured out. This was not the
first sex tape featuring a woman of wrestling, and it wasn't the last. It was
merely one of many. That's it. So many questions, so few answers... A hell of
a lot of tapes and DVDs still to watch... Such is the way of the case of
Women of Wrestling: The Sex Tapes.

* * *

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