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by Wonder Mike (

Welcome one and all, first of all let me introduce myself, I am Wonder
Mike, and with me on our first road trip is my best friend in the whole world
Matt. We am coming to you from the headquarters of Women of Wrestling.

The trip started out on a great note, as I packed my bag, I of course
threw out my map of Los Angeles, what would I need that for? I then wrote
down the directions to the Patriot Hall for the XPW show since my printer

Of course I left out the last line of the directions, which actually had
the address of the hall, I drove around LA for ten minutes before I decided
to ask for directions.

After asking five people I finally found a lady to point the way, she told
me to head north, I immediately headed south and found the Patriot Hall about
twenty blocks away.

I had a great time at the show, even though Vic Grimes bled all over my
jacket and I spent the entire main event running for my life, but that's what
happens when you get second row seats.

On a personal note, I know you are watching Lizzie Borden, I saw you
giving me the eye before the main event, you could have come over and gotten
an autograph, maybe next time, of course I don't sleep with married women
with the express written consent of their husband and major league baseball.
Matt, you should have been there.

The first ever WOW pay per view was also a great experience, I had third
row seats and got a lot of face time, I should have gotten a pay check from
them, I think I sent more time on camera then any of the girls. And no I
didn't have my finger up my nose during the Slam Dunk interview, how was I
supposed to know the camera was on me?

That leads me to another huge announcement, WOW has given me the idea to
have my own pay per view, on that show, we will be able to do the things the
sensors on Mtv wouldn't approve of, in fact it will have things I don't
approve of, but anything for ratings, the PPV won't be a family show, so be

On to the show, today we are being joined by some of the gorgeous women
of Women of Wrestling, please give them a big hand.

First of all give it up for Beckie, the farmers daughter, give me a hug,
that's nice, and next, is the total athlete, Roxy Powers, come give it to me,
hey, watch your hands.

Next out, we have the Asian sensation, Jade, man that is hot stuff, next
out is on half of the tag team champions, Loca, give me a hug, come on now,
that's my ass, move your hands.

Last but not least is the most over woman in WOW, Riot, come on out, I
have to ask you too, move your hands, up a little, now back down, now make
circles, cup the cheeks, that's enough.

Thank you all for coming today, lets start with you Beckie, great match
at the PPV, I was really sorry to see you lose, and to see Jungle Grrrl come
off on that ladder.

Beckie: It's part of the job, but man it hurt.

Mike: All the girls have martial art, dance or gymnast training, but not you,
what is your background.

Beckie: I really am a farmers daughter.

Mike: I wish they would have entered you in the swimsuit competition, I would
have voted for you.

Beckie: Thank you, you are so nice.

Mike: I have one suggestion for you Beckie, that is, rest holds, there is
nothing wrong with them, I got worn out just watching you, you are a real
bundle of energy, I hope it's all natural.

Beckie: What do you mean by that?

Mike: What about you Roxy? What's your story?

Roxy: I have a background in the martial arts.

Mike: I thought so, I voted for you in the swimsuit competition even though
they haven't put up any swimsuit pictures up of you on

Roxy: Thank you the pictures should be up this week.

Mike: A suggestion for you, you should straighten your hair, or put it into
a ponytail.

Roxy: I'll think about it.

Mike: Jade, you have a martial arts background too?

Jade: Yes, and I was a gymnast.

Mike: I voted for you in the swimsuit competition.

Jade: Thank you so much, I wish they would have done it in the summer though.

Mike: I watched the clips of older matches they have been showing, I noticed
that each show you skirt seems to get shorter and shorter.

Jade: I am glad you noticed.

Mike: Loca, I love the hair, what is your background?

Loca: I got in a lot of fights when I was younger.

Mike: I kind of suspected that. I think I would have voted for you if you
where in the swimsuit competition.

Loca: Damn straight you would have.

Mike: And you Riot, you have a martial arts back ground?

Riot: Of course, I don't use it in the ring though, plus I was a dancer, and
I got in a lot of fights when I was younger.

Mike: I know I would have voted for you in the swimsuit competition.

Riot: Of course you would have, it wouldn't have been fair to the other
girls, I had a black one piece all picked out.

Mike: I predict within a year, you will be the #1 female in all of wrestling,
even if you stay in WOW.

Riot: OF course I will.

Loca: What time is it?

Mike: Hard Times?

Loca: It's time for me to get some hard times between my legs.

Mike: I guess that's your cue Matt.

Loca: Yeah baby, I need some hard times.

Matt has whipped it out, a full 18 inches of Matt missile, Loca just pushed
him on to his back.

Beckie: I haven't seen anything like that, out side of the barn.

Matt: Thank you so much.

Loca has a mouth full of cock, do it girl, lick up and down that cock, she
is licking the head of his cock, here comes Roxy.

Roxy is licking up and down the shaft of his cock as Loca sucks it, Matt
has grabbed a couple of Loca's braids, he is working her head up and down on
his cock, look at that cock disappear down her throat, man I don't know where
she learned to suck like that.

Loca: On the streets.

Roxy: You ain't seen nothing yet, watch this.

Man, Roxy is sucking his cock now, she has ten inches of cock down her
throat, now eleven, twelve, Matt's running his fingers through her wild hair.

Riot just pushed Jade onto her back, Jade's skirt just fell up over her
head, Riot just ripped off her panties, Jade has wrapped her legs around
Riot's head.

Riot has buried her tongue inside of Jade, she is lapping away at her
cunt, Jade is rolling from side to side, Riot just popped up and licked
Jade's face, she is back at her cunt now.

Loca has jumped on top of Matt's cock, she is bouncing up and down, man,
look at her go, I have never seen anything like it, she is slamming up and
down on Matt's cock taking it all with each stroke.

Roxy just grabbed a handful of Loca's braids, she is bouncing Loca up and
down on his cock.

Matt has two handfuls of Loca's ass, lucky bastard, he is lifting her up
and down, she is riding him faster and faster, I have never seen anybody ride
a cock like that before, she fucks like she's been locked away in jail or

Matt has Loca by two of her ponytails, Roxy has two of them also, Loca is
on her feet slamming her cunt down on Matt's cock, Roxy is now licking his
cock has Loca rides him.

Riot just slipped two fingers into Jade's pussy, she is slowly working
them in and out, Jade is humping her fingers.

Jade is sliding her cunt back and forth on Riots fingers, Riot just
slipped a third finger into her pussy, Jade just grabbed her by the wrist,
Jade is fucking herself with Riot's fingers.

Riot is working a fourth finger inside of Jade, she is now using her other
hand, she just slipped two fingers into Jade's ass, I think Jade is cumming

Jade: OH God, I'm cumming, please stop, I'm cumming.

Riot: I'm not done with you yet.

Riot is twisting her fingers inside of Jade's pussy, Jade is going into
convulsions, Riot is working a third finger into her ass.

Roxy is taking Loca's place now, she is riding Matt, look at that ass
jiggle as she bounces up and down, ride it girl.

Roxy is taking real slow real hard strokes, Matt just pumped his cock up
into her, I love those grunts Roxy makes everytime she slams down on his
cock, I hope the floor holds out.

Matt just grabbed Roxy around the neck, he is pulling her closer to his
body, Matt is thrusting up into her faster. Matt is slamming his cock up into
her now.

Riot just rolled Jade over onto her stomach, Jade is on her hands and
knees now, she is trying to crawl away, Riot just grabbed a handful of Jade's
hair, she is yanking her head back, she is jamming her fingers into her

Beckie is sneaking up behind Riot, she just pulled down Riot's shorts,
Beckie just rammed three fingers into Riot's cunt, Riot is rocking back on
Beckie's fingers.

Matt just rolled Roxy over, he is slamming his cock into her, Loca is
pushing down on his back making Roxy take his cock deeper, Roxy has wrapped
her legs around his waist.

Roxy is squeezing Matt with her legs. Matt is screaming like a girl, it's
embarrassing, Roxy is squeezing harder, Matt is still fucking her though.

Roxy is rolling them back over, she is on top of Matt again, Loca just
pulled his cock out of Roxy, Loca is sucking his cock again, she is taking it
deeper and deeper.

Matt is beginning to shake, he is blowing a load down Loca's throat, she
is gulping it all down.

Roxy: Share bitch.

Loca: Too late all gone.

Beckie just shoved a fourth finger into Riot, Riot is pumping four fingers
into jade, it is a daisy chain, Jade is rocking back on Riot's fingers, Riot
is rocking back on Beckie's fingers.

Beckie has just grabbed Riot's baseball bat, she is rubbing it between
Riot's legs, Beckie is working the barrel of bat into Riot, Riot is backing
onto it.

Riot just slammed her whole hand into Jade, Jade has reached back between
her legs and grabbed Riot by the wrist, she is fucking herself with Riot's

Beckie has gotten the bat into Riot, Riot is riding the bat, Beckie has
it by both hands pumping it into her, Matt, I think there is room for you
over here.

Matt: I can't.

Mike: I guess I have to take things into my own hands, and not like that.

Let's get those cutoff jeans off Beckie, that's it, nice ass.

Beckie: Thanks.

Now take my cock up your ass, that's it, take it. man, your ass feels

Rock back onto my cock baby, that's it, ride my cock, man, your ass is

Beckie: Pull my hair.

Mike: Yeah baby, tell me you like it when I pull your hair.

Beckie: I love it. Fuck my ass.

Riot's wrist has vanished in to Jade, she is working four fingers into
her ass now, Jade has a hot ass, she is trying to take Riot's arm deeper into
her cunt.

Jade has fallen face first, Riot's arm is covered in her cum, Riot is
turning her arm from side to side inside of her.

Jade is shaking on the floor, her body is flopping around like a fish
out of water, hold on she just stopped, Jade is out cold. Riot just pulled
her arm out of her.

Beckie is slamming her ass back onto my cock, I will try to keep focused,
and it's not even the birthday show.

Riot is up on one leg now, she has snatched the bat away from Beckie,
Riot is fucking herself with the bat now.

Riot has the bat by both hands working it into her cunt, half the bat
has vanished into her pussy.

Riot is standing up now, she has placed the handle of the bat on the
floor, she is bouncing up and down on it.

Hold on Beckie, I want lay back so you can ride my cock, that's it, hold
on, now ride my cock.

That's it baby, ride it good, loosen your halter top so the fans can see
your tits bounce up and down, that's it. You have a nice set of tits.

Beckie: Enough talking now.

That's cool Beckie, ride my cock, take it up your ass, that's it ride
it, I think I'm cumming.

Beckie: Hold on I want to taste it.

Mike: That's it suck my cock, take it all the way down your throat, that's
it Beckie, you took it all, I'm cumming.

Drink it all, don't spill any of it, that's it, I'm still cumming, man
that was good.

Matt: I'm ready to go again.

Mike before we continue, I want to announce out next show will b from
the set of Grosse Point Blank, don't forget to watch the season ender, the
shows livelihood depends on it. Yes, you people can save he show, it is a
quality show, which should be saved.

Matt: Better than the Matt show?

Mike: What did you say?

Matt: I mean, the Wonder Mike show.

Mike: I knew that's what I heard.

Mike: The Oscar nominees have been announced, I think there was a mistake,
The Wonder Mike Show, the movie didn't get nominated for anything, maybe it
came out too late for this year? Maybe next year?

Mike: I am proud to say that I haven't seen any of the films nominated for
anything, I am sure I'm no the only one, I do have Gladiator on tape though,
I might get around to watching it one day. Erin Brockovich is on cable this
weekend, maybe I'll watch it then.

Mike: I have gotten more rsvp's for my birthday bash, S club 7, Sarah
Michelle Gellar, Katherine Heigl, Holly Marie Combs, Charisma Carpenter,
Sarah Polley, Halle Berry, J Lo, Jennifer Beals and Jennifer Esposito,
I am going to have to use some of the girls who don't make the birthday
show on the PPV.

Matt: Enough stalling, I am ready to go, stay bent over Beckie.

Man, Matt just rammed his tool into Beckie from behind. He has her by the
ponytail and he is stuffing it into her, Beckie is rocking back.

Matt is rubbing her clit as he fucks her, this is hot stuff, I am glad we
have Beckie here in w o w now before she moves on to Monday nights. Beckie
just stuffed two fingers into her ass.

Riot is laying down in front of Beckie now, Riot has wrapped her legs
around Beckie's neck, Beckie has her tongue stuffed into Riot's cunt, Riot
is rolling her hips from side to side.

Matt has finally managed to get all eighteen inches inside of Beckie's
blonde bush, he has her by the hips pumping his cock into her, Beckie's eyes
have rolled back into her head, she is slamming back into him.

Riot is cumming all over Beckie's tongue, Beckie is lapping it up, Matt
is lifting Beckie into the air, he is strong for a little guy, he is on his
back, Beckie is riding his cock.

Riot is now sitting on Matt's face, she has a handful of his short spiked
hair, she is grinding her cunt on his face, Beckie is bouncing up and down on
his cock, I think Beckie is cumming.

Matt has grabbed Beckie by her nipples, he is lifting her up and down on
his cock, I think Beckie is cumming again, she is slamming her pussy down on

Beckie has planted her feet on Matt's legs, she is slamming down on him,
she is now wiggling her ass on his cock, it is buried deep inside of her, I
think she is cumming again.

I think Beckie is done, yes, she has had it, she is falling off of his
cock, Riot is straddling his cock now.

Riot is yanking on his head and staring into his eyes, she is lowering
herself on his cock now, Riot has taken it all.

Matt has a couple of handfuls of Riot tight ass, she is giggling as she
bounces up and down on his cock, she has just jammed her tongue down his
throat now.

Matt is thrusting up into her, Riot is still giggling, and bouncing up
and down on his cock, Riot is sliding back and forth as she rides him now.

Matt is cupping her small breast now, he is twisting and turning her
nipples now, she is still giggling, Matt is slamming his cock into her, Riot
is drooling and giggling.

I think Matt need help with this one, hold on Matt, I'm coming, hold still
Riot while I stick my cock in your ass. That's it, man your ass is tight.

Riot: God yes, I love being sandwiched, I need you both to fuck me.

I know you do, hold on, take it, that's it, take my cock up your ass,
don't just lay there Matt, fuck her.

Riot: Yes, fuck me hard.

That's it Matt, ram that cock up into her, Riot, you can ride both of
us can't you?

Riot: YES.


Matt: Me too.

Riot: Cum in my mouth, please, cum in my mouth, I need to taste it.

Matt: Yes, open wide and say aah.

Mike: That's it Matt, shoot that load down her throat, do it, catch
it all in your mouth Riot, don't swallow yet.

Now open your mouth, that's it, suck my cock, don't let the cum spill out,
that's it, stroke my cock, that's it suck it hard, stroke it, I'm cumming.

Swallow it all, come on baby, take it all. You know you love the taste
of it.

Riot: Yes I do.

Beckie: Give me that cum.

Riot: Lay down bitch. That's it, now open your mouth while I spit the cum
down your throat.

Beckie: Yes, give it to me.

Mike: That's a good girl Beckie, don't waste any of it, my cum is like gold.

Beckie: It's the best I've ever tasted.

Mike: That's all the show we have for you today, look for our next show
originating from the set of Grosse Point Blank.

I'd like to thank out very special guest, from Women of wrestling, Beckie
the farmers daughter, Loca, Jade, Roxy Powers, and Riot, you can see them and
all the WOW girls every Saturday night in syndication, you can also see the
Unleashed replay on in demand, don't forget to check out the swimsuit photo's

Also, don't forget to catch Big Brotha's on Mtv and look for our pay
per view special coming soon.

Always remember, Angel's fly because they take themselves lightly.


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