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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Wooo Meets Woo Woo Woo
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

The caption reads 'WWE Main Event, November 24, 2015', as the scene fades in from black showing Divas Champion Charlotte returning to the backstage area after losing a non-title match to Brie Bella. She clutches the butterfly shaped championship tightly, knowing full well that if the title was on the line, she could have easily lost it after having matches with Paige the previous two tights at the Survivor Series and on Monday Night RAW. The Second Generation wrestler wipes sweat from her forehead as she makes her way to the dressing room area and enters one the locker room, which is fairly empty except for Zack Ryder, sitting in a bench still in his wrestling trucks. "Where is everyone else?" Charlotte asks.

"Catering bro, for New Day's pot luck dinner... saw some of what some of the other bros were taking, I ain't messing with it..." Zack Ryder says.

"I see..." Charlotte says as she proceeds to head to her desginated area of the locker and places The Divas Championship belt down on the bench. She opens her locker and looks back over her shoulder at Zack, "Good thing you are here... cause we got to talk..."

Zack raises an eyebrow as he looks over at the Divas Champion, "About what?"

"About you stopping the 'Woo Woo Woo' thing you do... my dad is going to be coming on the road with me full time, and we can't have you doing your thing when he and I go, 'Woooo'..." Charlotte says.

Zack stands up and places his hands on his waist, followed second later by him folding his arms, "Are you serious bro?"

"Totally, you know my dad and Triple H are really tight, and I know he's going to bring it up, I'd just figure I'd talk to you about, since I'm the Divas Champion," Charlotte says as she steps away from her locker to walk over to Zack, "And I could make it easier for you to accept it..."

"Bro, there ain't anyway I'm going to accept it, it's my thing bro," Zack says

"I'm sure you could accept it... if I wanted you to make make me go 'Wooo' all night long..." Charlotte says as she licks her teeth and locks eyes with the former United States Champion.

Zack raises an eyebrow and unfolds, "Say what bro?"

"Call it a trade, you stop going 'Woo Woo Woo' and you can make me go 'Wooo' all night long..." The reigning Divas Champion replies, "And not just one night... any night... as long as you stop it..."

"Nah bro, how about I make you go Wooo right now I still keep doing my thing," Zack says as he proceeds to fist pump the air while going 'Woo Woo Woo'

Charlotte shrugs her shoulders, "Alright by me, just don't get mad when my dad talks to Triple H and you have to stop..." She answers before she places her hands on Zack's chest before leaning her head forward to kiss him. She rubs her firm lips against his while he places a hand on her waist before they part part lips and slide their tongues against one another. Charlotte moves her right hand up to Zack's right shoulder as she and him tongue wrestle while he grabs the back of her left thigh with his left hand to pull her left leg up, which she partially hooks around his waist. They press their lips directly against one another, and it's clear that they are invading each others mouths with their tongues, with how their cheeks occasionally push out as the scene blurs to begin a scene transition.

When the scene clears it shows Charlotte on her knees between Zack's legs while he's seated on the locker room bench as she pumps her right hand up and down on his thick Long Island cock, moving her hand from the base of his tool all the way up to the tip of the crown. After a few moments, the Nature Girl lowers her head and begins to twirl her tongue around the head of his dick, drawing a moan from him nearly instantly. "Mmmmm..." Charlotte moans as she tastes Zack's shaft before opening her mouth wide to take his dick into her mouth. Pressing her lips down on his dick, Charlotte starts to bob her blond haired head up and down on his shaft while putting her hands on his thighs. The Divas Champion turns her blond haired head from side to side as she sucks and slurps on his Zack man-meat, with her saliva dripping down the length of his tool. Zack tilts his head back and groans with pleasure while the Divas Champion sucks him off, feeling her take his dick further into her mouth with her tongue every so often flicking up against the underside of his dick. "Mmmm.. mmmm... mmmm..." Charlotte moans, the rhythmic pacing of her lustful sounds are similar to that of Zack's favorite phrase. She eventually deep throats his cock, burying her gorgeous face in his crotch as she holds his dick fully within her talented mouth.

The scene soon shifts from view, giving the sight of Charlotte standing with her left foot on the floor while her right knee is on the bench while she is bent forward as Zack stands behind her, holding her ass cheeks apart as he guides his tongue up and down the crack of her ass, "Ohhh... mmmm... ahhhh..." Charlotte moans as she tilts her head back each time Zack's tongue travels over the entrance to her asshole while feeling his hands squeeze her firm backside. The Long Island Broski smoothers his own face against her ass as he pushes puts his full attention into trying to force his tongue into the Divas Champion's tight anal passage, which is made easier with her pushing back against his face. "Ohhhh mmmm yeah... ohhh fuck eat my fucking ass... ohhh ohhh mmm..." Charlotte moans and bites her bottom lip as she feels his tongue slowly darting in and out of her rear end, making her body shiver a bit while at the same time she moves her right hand and reaches between her legs to sink two of her long fingers into her dripping wet pussy. The tall athletic blond starts to slowly finger fucker herself in rhythm with how Zack is moving his tongue within her asshole. She tosses her blond hair back as she as plunges her fingers deeply into her twat as Zack flicks his tongue around inside of her butt.

When the scene transitions, it shows Zack laying on the bench with Charlotte on top of him in a sixty-nine, with his legs hanging off the sides of the bench as she lifts and lowers her head lustfully on his cock, her saliva dripping down the length of his shaft while she moves her hands against his thighs. At the same time, Zack is holding up Charlotte's right leg as he arches his head up to lap his tongue against her smoothly shaven pussy. The native of the Queen's City twists her head from side to side, swinging her blond hair around as she sucks and slurps on his dick as Zack moves his tongue all over her pussy lips, making her grind her pussy down against his face. Charlotte lifts her up off of Zack's cock moaning, "Ohhhh mmmm you're gonna get me to say it... ohhh ohhh yes you are... ohhh..." She then lowers her head back down, stuffing Zack's entire cock into her mouth, deep throating it in one movement before resuming bobbing her head, this time at a more rapid pace while feeling his tongue working its magic against her pussy.

The scene then cuts to show Zack still laying on the bench with Charlotte mounted on top of him with his dick deep within her pussy as she lightly rocks on it. "Ohhhh ohhh..." Charlotte moans as she places her hands on Zack's chest when she starts to move herself up and down on his cock, starting off slowly at first but gradually picking up the pace over time. She tosses her sweat dampened blond hair back as she settles into a brisk tempo of bouncing up and down on his cock while Zack places both of his hands on her waist. Zack groans from beneath the Divas Champion while watching her tits bounce perfectly with every movement she makes as she eagerly rides his dick. "Mmmmm woo.... Ohhhhh woo..." Charlotte moans with delight, "Mmmm damn it... guess you get to keep saying..." Charlotte says with a smirk, easily admitting her own submitting to the terms Zack wanted when it came to his 'Woo Woo Woo' catch phrase in a manner so poorly contrived it could only happen in a bad fan fic. Her toned ass smacks down against his thighs as she keeps totally control of her pace while he moves his hands upward to cup her tits, groping them perfectly as she grinds her pussy on his stiff Long Island fuck stick.

The scene eventually cuts to show Charlotte on all fours on the locker room floor with Zack behind her, his hands placed on her lower back as he firmly pumps his cock in and out of her tight wet pussy. "Ahhhhh woooo!" Charlotte moans lustfully as she looks back at the former United States Champion as he plows his dick deeply into her twat with every thrusts. Zack grits his teeth as he works on his building up some decent momentum while feeling Charlotte's toned ass smacking against his waist when she begins to eagerly push back against him. "Ohhhh ohhhh fuck... ohhh yeah..." Charlotte moans as the Superstar behind her repeatedly pumps the full length of his shaft into her pussy. The palms of her both of her hands skid a bit against the floor, but the Divas Champion does her best to remain in the perfect doggy-style form while feeling Zack's hands move from her lower back to the sides of her hips. Zack grunts noticeably as he delivers a series of stiff, brisk thrusts into her snatch as sweat drips off of their bodies. "Ohhhh wooo.... Mmmmm..." Charlotte bites her bottom lip as she feels Zack's balls smacking between her thighs from behind, another clear indication of him deeply fucking her as her pussy tightens around his pistoning cock. "Ohhh ohhhh WOOO!" Charlotte groans lustfully as she begins to cum on Zack's thrusting shaft. Zack keeps his hands on her hips as he continues to plunge his dick into Charlotte's soaking wet hole.

The final scene changeover occurs, showing Charlotte laying on the locker room bench as Zack Ryder stands to er right, stroking his throbbing cock. As he starts to cum, Zack goes "Woo.... Woo.... Woo...." with the first large bursts of jizz that shoots out from his dick and splatters across Charlotte's face. "You know got it bro..." Zack then says as he continues to cum for a few more moments, drenching the Divas Champion's face with his spunk.

Once Zack is spent, Charlotte sits up slowly, which allows his cum to drip downward on her face, "And you still keep to say it..." She pauses as she licks her teeth, "I think I'll try to talk my dad into not going to Triple H... after all, can't have enough WOOO..." Charlotte says as the scene fades to black.


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