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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Word Fuckin' Life!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the WrestleMania 20 After-party in New York City on March 14, 2004, the new
United States Champion John Cena is having a drink as he celebrates his huge victory
over the Big Show. Throughout the club, one of the themes for the epic Pay-Per-View
'Step Up' by Drowning Pool plays as everyone involved with the WWE has themselves a
great time. John is dressed in jeans, a black 'WordLife' t-shirt with a black visor.
However, not everyone is in high spirits, Miss Jackie, who was on the losing end of the
Playboy Evening Gown Tag Team match is cursing under her breath for getting pinned in
the battle of RAW and SmackDown Divas. Jackie looks around the club for someone to
hook up with and spots Cena over by the bar minding his own business. Jackie then starts
to walk through the crowded party over toward the new United States Champion

"Man what a fucking night..." Cena says as he continues sipping on his drink as Miss
Jackie reaches him and taps his shoulder. Cena turns around and smiles. "Hey Jackie...
great party ain't it?" Cena asks.

Jackie smiles slightly and shrugs her shoulders "Yeah...I guess..." Miss Jackie replies
with a soft sigh before she look sweetly at the new United States Champion "...Although
it would have been better if Stacy and I beat Sable and Torrie..." Jackie says while the
sexy, free-spirited WWE Diva is dressed in a pair of tight, hip-hugger jeans and a sexy
white top.

John Cena takes a sip of his drink, "Oh come on... I can tell you that no one was
complaining when the match was going on.... you and them had everyone's complete
attention...." Cena says.

Jackie laughs a bit and nods her head " do have a point..." Jackie says as she
locks her soft, sweet eyes with John Cena for a brief moment "But I sure would have
liked to win"

Cena smiles, "Well... you know.... there's a lot more to being in the WWE than
winning..." Cena says before taking another sip of his drink. "You get seen by millions of
people... and get into big time parties like this one..." Cena adds before getting cut off.

Jackie places her left hand on John's strong, muscular arm while she interrupts him "And
being around some of the hottest people..."

John looks at Jackie's left hand on his arm, "Damn girl... you move pretty quick don't
you..." John Cena says as Jackie then moves her left hand a bit on his arm.

Jackie bites down on her bottom lips seductively as she gently moves her soothing hand
against his strong, muscular arm "Well...maybe you just have all the right things..."
Jackie says with a playful, sexy wink as she locks her sweet, lusty eyes with the Doctor
of Thuganomics, John Cena.

John finishes his drink in one gulp before putting his glass down on the bar, "Hey I got all
the right things.... and I got the right tool for the right job... if you get what I'm saying..."
John replies as he looks into the eyes of the free-spirited RAW Diva, Miss Jackie.

Jackie laughs and nods her head with a smirk on her face "Ohh...I know what you're
saying...and I think you know cheer up since I did lose tonight" Jackie says as
she seductively tosses her dark blond hair back.

John Cena smirks a bit, "Well... I am the United States Champion... and that means I'm
all about helping people get in the pursuit of happiness and stuff like that...." John replies
as he and Jackie step away from the bar at almost the same time.

Jackie raises an eyebrow as she glances at John "Oh really?" Jackie nods her head "That's
a good thing..." Jackie says as she starts to step away from the bar and begins to slowly
walk away from the new WWE United States Champion, while she seductive sways her
smoothly rounded hips from side to side as she walks.

"Damn straight it is..." John Cena replies as he starts to follow Miss Jackie through the
party as she heads to the area normally set aside for VIP guests. John locks his eyes on
Jackie's tight, hip-hugger jeans covered backside as it moves from side to side as she

Jackie glances back over her shoulder to slyly look at John before she pauses for a
moment and seductively licks her lips "You wanna make things more private?"

"That's all right by me..." John replies with a smirk, "Cause I think we're going to be
making some noise that will bother everyone else...." John adds before licking his lips

Jackie laughs and raises an eyebrow "Oh you really think so?" Jackie says in a playful,
seductive voice as she continues to walk throughout the crowded after party for
WrestleMania 20. The sexy, free-spirited RAW Diva leads the studdly Doctor of
Thuganomics, John Cena, over to one of the private party rooms that at the moment is
vacant. Jackie opens the door and leans her back against the door to hold it open for John
"It's free for us..." Jackie says with a smirk.

John Cena enters the vacant private party room, "Hmmm I wonder if there's some other
'private parties' going on now that I think about it..." John laughs as Jackie enters the
room behind him. The hot, muscular Doctor of Thuganomics takes off his black visor and
flips it over onto a one of the room's circular tables.

Jackie bites down on her bottom lip as she looks at the muscular, studdly John Cena.
Jackie nods her head and smiles "Nice..." Jackie says as her lusty, sweet eyes travel up
and down John's muscular, clothed body. Jackie takes a step towards John and quietly
unbuttons her tight jeans before she starts to lower them from her tanned, rounded hips
and down her gorgeous legs before she steps out of them to reveal her hot black panties.

John tilts his head a bit to look at Jackie's hot black panties before simply saying,
"Damn..." The new WWE United States Champion lifts up his black 'WordLife' t-shirt to
reveal his muscular chest and rock hard abs for Jackie to drool over as John begins to
unbutton his jeans.

Jackie licks her lips as she locks her sweet eyes with John's muscular chest and rock hard
abs. Jackie places her hands against her white top and casually lifts the top off to expose
her incredibly large, rounded and perfectly tanned tits. "This is going to be a fucking
blast!" Jackie says with a laugh as she watches John while he unbuttons his jeans and
unzips them.

"I completely agree with that..." John laughs a bit as he looks at Miss Jackie's firm,
round, huge, perfectly shaped tits. The Doctor of Thuganomics starts to lower his jeans,
revealing to Jackie that it's true he doesn't wear boxers outside of the ring when she sees
his big, meaty, hardening fourteen cock between his powerful legs. John steps out of his
jeans and smirks at Jackie when he catches her staring at his dick,

Jackie laughs a bit " are packing a lot down there..." Jackie says as she presses
her lips together and takes a small step forwards to John before she lowers herself down
onto her knees in front of the hot, muscular John Cena and gently places her hands
around his hardening, thick cock. Jackie looks up and locks her sweet eyes with him as
she starts to smoothly move her soft hands along his shaft.

"Hey I told you I had the right tool for the right job...' John replies with a smirk as he
looks down at Jackie while she use uses both of her hands to stroke his huge cock.

Jackie nods her head and smirks "Oh yes you did...yes you did..." Jackie says as she
smoothly strokes John's shaft with her soft hands while keeping her lusty eyes locked
with John Cena "Should I lick it?" Jackie teasingly asks while tapping her tongue against
her upper lip while rubbing her left hand against the thick head of John's cock

John licks his lips, "Yeah.... or you could get down and dirty and just suck it..." John
replies with a bit of a moan as Jackie rubs the palm of her left hand against the very
sensitive tip of his stiff fourteen inch dick.

Jackie laughs "Yeah I could..." Jackie says before the free-spirited, sexy Diva lowers her
head and slowly slides her soft, wet tongue across the head of John's cock before she
begins to gently brush her tongue around the thick head of his fourteen inch cock in a
circular motion "Mmmm...." Jackie seductively moans.

"Ohhhh yea...." John Cena moans as he licks his lips as he puts his right hand on Jackie's
head to push her blond hair back while she circles her tongue around the head of his big
cock. : Jackie gently taps her soft, wet tongue against the head of John's cock before she
opens her hot, wet mouth and lowers her head as she takes his cock into her mouth.
Jackie presses her soft lips around his thick shaft and the free-spirited, sexy Diva begins
to smoothly and eagerly bob her head on John's cock at a smooth and slightly brisk pace
as she begins to suck the Doctor of Thuganomics.

"Ahhhh mmmm yea..." John moans as he closes his eyes while Jackie bobs her head
eagerly on his big, hard dick. "Fuck yea... this is a WrestleMania moment..." John laughs
a bit as he tilts his head back slightly.

Jackie cutely laughs around John's shaft while she bobs her head easily. Jackie's soft lips
lightly rub against his cock as she lifts and lowers her head. "Mmmmm....ohhhhh" Jackie
moans as she lifts her sweet eyes up to look up at John's muscular chest and his eyes.
Jackie places her hands on his muscular waist as she lowers her head further down on his
shaft, taking John's cock deeper into her hot, lusty mouth.

"Awww.... shit... mmm fuck..." John groans with pleasure as Jackie deep throats his
fourteen inch cock with her hot, lusty mouth. John licks his lips as he watches bob her
head quickly on his dick and smirks when she goes down all the way on his cock so that
he can feel her hair brushing against his crotch and waist.

"Mmmmm...ohhh...mmmm" Jackie's soft moans gently vibrate against his thick shaft as
she lightly grinds her soft lips against his cock while deeply sucking on his fourteen inch
rock hard cock. Jackie closes her eyes as she taps her tongue against the bottom side of
his shaft

"Mmmmm.... yea... fuck.... you must be really cheering up already..." John laughs a bit as
he licks his lips just as Jackie slows down her bobbing to slowly lift her blond haired
head off of his big, hard saliva covered fourteen inch dick.

Jackie presses her lips together and seductively smirks at John while scooting back on her
knees from John "Oh...I think I am..." Jackie laughs

John smirks, "Well... let's boost your mood up some more..." John laughs as he bends
down to pull Miss Jackie up from the floor. The Doctor of Thuganomics licks his lips as
he lifts Jackie up and sits her on one circular table where his visor is. John picks up his
visor and puts it on Jackie's head, "Hmmm that looks good on you.." John says as he
starts to lower Miss Jackie's hot black panties.

The sexy, free-spirited RAW Diva places her hands on the black visor and repositions the
visor on her head so that it is tilted slightly to the left. Jackie smiles "Hot now, huh?"
Jackie asks with a laugh as John pulls her hot black panties down to expose her smoothly
shaven, hot pussy.

"Very hot..." John nods his head as he brings Jackie's black panties off of her smooth,
sexy legs. The WWE United States Champion licks his lips as he steps between her legs
and starts to push his big, hard, thick cock into her hot, perfectly shaved pussy.
"Mmmm..." John moans as he feels Jackie's pussy squeezing his cock as he pushes it into
all the way into her.

Jackie grits her teeth together and tilts her head back as she is able to keep the black visor
on her dark blond haired head. Jackie gently wraps her smooth, tanned legs around John's
muscular waist as he begins to thrust his cock in and out of her warm pussy "Ohhhh
John..." Jackie moans as she places her hands down on the table's surface.

"Ahhh yea... mmmm..." John moans as he puts his strong hands on Jackie's hips and lifts
her slightly up off the table so that her ass is brushing against the surface as he pumps his
cock at a gradually increasing pace in and out of her pussy. The hot muscular
SmackDown stud licks his lips as he looks at Jackie's large, hot tits as they bounce
slightly whenever he pushes his cock deeply into her.

Jackie locks her sweet, seductive eyes with John as she lifts her hands from the table's
surface and places them on his muscular, smooth chest as she starts to gently push her
hot, gorgeously tanned body forward against John's cock, grind her pussy gently against
his thrusting shaft "Ohhhhh...ohhhh John!" Jackie moans.

"Ahhh... uhhh yea... mmm fuck...." John grunts as he feels Jackie moving her hands over
his smooth, muscular chest while he drives his cock into her hot pussy. The studdly
WWE United States Champion rams his fourteen inch cock all the way into Jackie's
pussy causing her to bounce on the table as she pulls herself towards him.

Jackie presses her soft lips together as she closes her eyes while she pushes herself
against John's thrusting cock at a quicker pace while he deeply pushes his cock into her
tight pussy. "Ohhhh John...fuck that feels so good.." Jackie moans as the black visor
starts to slip off of her head with her rocking back and forth on top of the table.

John smirks, "Mmmmm yeah I know..." John Cena moans as he sees the black visor falls
completely from Jackie's blond haired head. The Doctor of Thuganomics settles Jackie on
the table before he pulls his meaty fourteen inch cock out of Jackie's tight, hot pussy.
"Let's really make some noise..." John says as he pulls Jackie towards him so that he can
turn her over. Once she's on her stomach, the lovely, free spirited Miss Jackie can place
her feet down on the floor.

Jackie leans forward to bend over the table and glances over her shoulder and smiles back
at John as she steps close behind her "Yeah...are you going to tap that ass?" Jackie asks
with a laugh.

"Damn straight I am..." John Cena smirks as he smacks Jackie's gorgeous ass with his
right hand. "I'm gonna lay some serious smack down on it..." John adds before he guides
his huge cock towards Miss Jackie's tight asshole and pushes it into ass gently so that she
can get use to his shaft inside of her asshole.

"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Jackie moans as John's thick cock enters her tight asshole. Jackie
closes her eyes and hangs her head down as John begins to slowly thrust his cock in and
out of Jackie's ass until he's able to push himself deeper into her hot, sexy ass.

"Uhhh... awww... yea..." John Cena grunts as he puts his hands on Jackie's waist as he
smoothly increases the pace and force of his thrusts. "Fuck... mmm damn your ass is
tight..." The Doctor of Thuganomics grunts as he pumps his dick quickly in and out of
her asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhh John...yeah tap it..." Jackie moans as she gently pushes herself back
against his cock as she lightly taps her hot ass against his muscular waist as John starts to
thrust his cock into her tight asshole at a quicker pace.

"Ahhh... mmmm fuck... mmm..." John moans as he drives his cock repeatedly balls deep
into Jackie's tight asshole. John's large ball sack hits right against Jackie's round, toned
ass cheeks as he bangs her over the table. He also moves his hands further around Jackie's
waist until they are underneath her, and the hot, lusty RAW Diva can feel John's fingers
brushing against her hot, wet pussy whenever she pushes herself back against his fourteen
inch dick.

"Ohhhhh like that ass?" Jackie asks as she moans and starts to push her hot,
tanned body back against John's cock at a quicker pace as she firmly thrusts his cock into
her tight asshole while he rubs her wet pussy with his fingers "Ohhhhh John...shit"

"Uhhh yea... fuck yeah you got a hot ass!" The Doctor of Thuganomics grunts as he
slams his cock all the way into Miss Jackie's tight ass. Sweat drips down John's muscular
body as he continues to pound Jackie's gorgeous ass. "Ohhh fuck... mmmm damn.... "
John moans as Jackie squeezes his huge cock with her ass.

Jackie glances over her shoulder as she licks her lips while grinding her hot ass against
his muscular waist as he deeply fucks her tight asshole "Ohhhhh shit John! Fuck that
ass!" Jackie moans louder as she pushes herself back against his cock at a quick pace
while he slams his cock into her hot ass.

John moves his hands and place them on Jackie's shoulders as he rams his cock as hard as
he can into her tight asshole, "Ahhh yea...mmmm fuck.... yea right now... I'm gonna make
you loud!" John grunts as he slams his cock so hard into Jackie's ass that she ends up
pushing the table she's bending over.

"Ohhhhhhh awwww fuck!" Jackie shouts as she roughly bangs forward against the table
as sweat drips off of her gorgeously tanned body as John Cena deeply and quickly rams
his fourteen inch cock into her ass, with his balls smacking against her skin.

"Awww fuck yea!" John grunts as he continues to show his ruthless aggression when it
comes to fucking. The new WWE United States Champion grits his teeth as his balls start
to become sore with the constant hitting against Jackie's ass cheeks and his huge cock
starts throbbing within her tight asshole as well.

Jackie licks her lips as she pushes back against his cock, easily "Mmm...yeah you like
that ass, don't you?" Jackie moans as seductively locks her eyes with John while he
continues to thrust his throbbing shaft into her tight ass.

"Ohhh shit..." John grunts, "Yeah I do... fuck I'm gonna show you how much in a sec...."
John Cena pulls his throbbing fourteen inch dick out of Miss Jackie's tight sexy ass, then
he starts to stroke his dick with his right hand. "Ahhh fuck..." John moans as he begins to
spray his warm cum all over Jackie's gorgeous sweat covered ass.

Jackie licks her lips as she feels John's warm cum spray on her tanned ass, before it
begins to drip "Mmm...ohhh John"

John continues to stroke his cock until he finishes cumming on Miss Jackie's ass,
"Mmmmm shit... fuck... now that's a WrestleMania moment ain't it?" John asks as he taps
his cum spent dick against her ass cheeks.

Jackie nods her head and smiles "Oh...yeah word fuckin' life to that!"


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