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Working Out With The Boss
by Mr. JMK

It was a Wednesday morning in Orlando, Florida and Sasha Banks arrived at the WWE Performance Center. Upon entering the performance center Sasha ran into her friend and former Team B.A.D. partner Naomi.

"How you doing girl?" Naomi asked the boss.

"I'm great just trying to get a workout, how are you?" Sasha replied.

"Doing good, i just talked with some rookie hopefuls about what they gotta do if they wanna make it" Naomi answered.

"Cool, good stuff girl, well you wanna join me for a workout?" Sasha asked.

"Hell Yeah let's get it" Naomi replied giving a high five to Sasha.

Naomi and Sasha got changed into their workout attire and began doing reps, working out their arms and legs. The two friends continued their workout as well as catching up since they are on different shows.

"I really miss hanging with you before and after shows" Naomi said.

"Aww me too" said Sasha.

After about a hour and a half workout Sasha and Naomi decided to go to Naomi's place to shower and catch up some more. Sasha followed Naomi to her house, upon arriving the lovely ladies entered Naomi's house, Naomi gave Sasha a bottle of water before getting ready to jump in the shower. Banks sat down taking a drink of her water and checking her messages as she heard Naomi turn on the shower. After about five minutes Sasha stood up and walked down the hall where the shower was. The boss peeked through the half way closed bathroom door seeing Naomi's juicy booty soaking wet in the shower. Sasha couldn't help herself as she placed her right hand down into her pants and began slowly rubbing her wet pussy as she continued to peek on Naomi.

A few seconds later Sasha began to strip her clothes off, lastly removing her pink bra and panties before walking into the bathroom. The boss walked over to the shower slowly and quietly opened the glass shower door not interrupting Naomi. Sasha placed her hand onto Naomi's hips and gently started kissing her neck. Naomi wasn't phased and moaned at the touch of Sasha's soft lips against her neck. Naomi then turned kissing Sasha's lips while running her hand down her body and rubbing the boss's pussy.

"Oh yeah baby" Sasha moaned into Naomi's ear as Naomi pushed two fingers into Sasha's dripping wet pussy. Naomi continued to finger Sasha as she started sucking the boss's tits.

"Oh fuck yes" Sasha moaned.

Naomi took her fingers out of Banks's pussy taking her hand and leading her to the bedroom. Naomi bent Sasha over the bed and got on her knees beginning to lick the shaved pussy of the boss.

"Oh yes eat my pussy" Sasha said before letting out a loud moan. Naomi gripped onto Sasha's ass cheeks as she drove her tongue deeper into her wet cunt.

"Oh oh fuck me" Sasha moaned.

About two minutes later Naomi took her mouth from Sasha's wet pussy and stood up kissing Sasha on the lips, Sasha threw Naomi onto the bed then jumped on top of her sucking on her neck and groping Naomi's big boobs. The boss then moved down sucking Naomi's tits swirling her tongue around Naomi's nipples. Naomi then flipped Sasha onto her back then sat down onto the boss's, Sasha wasted no time flicking her tongue against Naomi's clit. Sasha began driving her tongue deeper into Naomi's pussy as Naomi moved her arm back rubbing Sasha's clit.

"Damn you even eat pussy like a boss" Naomi said. Sasha stopped and moaned before Naomi grabbed her hair putting her face back into her pussy.

"Keep licking me Boss" Naomi said as she wiggled her hips. After about a minute later Naomi spun around into a 69 position licking Sasha's pussy as Sasha gripped Naomi's big ass and continued eating her out.

"Oh yeah eat that pussy" Naomi shouted before going back to licking the pussy of miss Banks. The two former team B.A.D. Members licked each other's pussies for another two minutes before repositioning and scissoring each other.

Naomi and Sasha began scissoring each other rubbing their pussies together and staring into each other's eyes.

"Oh fuck" Sasha moaned.

"Yes keep it up" Naomi said as she thrusted against Sasha's cunt. After nearly three minutes of scissoring Naomi got off the bed and getting a 9 inch black strap on from under her bed, Naomi put on the strap on as Sasha laid there fingering herself as she watched Naomi adjust her strap on.

"Come show me how a boss sucks dick" Naomi said almost challenging Banks. Sasha rolled onto her belly placing her beautiful lips around the 9 inch black strap on, Sasha then took her mouth of it and gently licked the tip while staring up at Naomi.

Naomi grabbed the back of Sasha's head forcing the dildo deeper into her mouth. Sasha kept bobbing her head back and fourth taking the dick deeper and deeper before almost gagging. Naomi grabbed the pink hair of the boss lifting her up and kissing her lips.

"Turn around I wanna fuck that pussy" Naomi said. Sasha turned around into doggystyle with Naomi getting behind her, Naomi pushed the tip of the dildo into Sasha's tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck" Sasha moaned. Naomi grabbed Sasha by the waist and began thrusting deeper into the wet cunt of the boss. The former funkadactyl slapped Sasha's ass as she continued driving the dildo deeper.

"Oh oh fuck yes fuck my pussy" Sasha screamed. Naomi gripped Sasha's ass as she watched the dildo go in and out of the wet pussy of the boss.

"Oh my.......fuck me harder" Sasha said letting out loud moans. Naomi took that as a challenge and began thrusting harder and harder making the bed shake like it was gonna break.

"Ohhhhhh fuuuuuckkkk" Sasha screamed as her tight pussy was getting stretched with every thrust.

"I'm fucking cumming" Sasha cried out in pleasure. Naomi took the dildo out of the boss's tight wet pussy taking it off and throwing it to the boss.

"Ok your turn to fuck me" Naomi said. Sasha quickly put on the strap on and slapping the big round ass of Naomi.

"On your knees, I wanna fuck this ass" Sasha said. Naomi got on all fours putting her head low and sticking her beautiful ass in the air for the boss. Sasha took the 9 inch dildo still covered in Sasha's cum and gently pushed it into Naomi's ass.

"OH FUCK" Naomi moaned.

"Yeah fuck this ass boss" Naomi said. Sasha grabbed Naomi's chocolate cheeks and began thrusting hard into Naomi's ass.

"Yes yes fuck me oh shit" Naomi said in between moans. The Boss gave Naomi's ass another slap as she continued stretching the ass of the lovely Naomi.

"Oh I love they way your fucking my ass" Naomi said. Sasha continued to thrust as Naomi began rubbing her own clit.

"Yes yes fuck I'm gonna cum" Naomi said.

"Yes cum for me baby" Sasha said giving Naomi's ass another slap.

"Ohhh fuck I'm cumming" Naomi shouted out.

The boss took off the strap on and joined Naomi on the bed, the two former team B.A.D. Members laid there naked and sweaty.

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