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World Wanking Entertainment Part 1 - Lita Vs Trish Stratus
by Venus Diablo (

Lita leaned back against the tiled wall of the shower, enjoying the feel of
the hot water as it splashed onto her face and breasts and ran down her lean,
tanned body. She sighed and closed her eyes, and began idly soaping her pert
breasts, rubbing the foaming suds into her soft flesh.

She smiled contentedly, pinching at her nipples until they were erect,
sticking out from her rounded breasts like black grapes, and then slid a hand
down her flat belly towards her aching pussy.

Opening her eyes, she gazed over the wall dividing the showers from the rest
of the locker room. sHe shuddered as she glanced around. Having to use the
arena locker rooms always creeped her out. The WWE only employed a handful of
female performers, making the locker room eerily empty.

Lita groaned, squeezing one of her firm breasts, the flesh bulging out
between her fingers as her other hand slid down between her thighs, prying
her hot pussy lips apart. She sighed as water from the shower tickled her
clitoris as it flowed down her body.

"Quit teasing me, Trish," she snarled. "I want to come!"

Trish Stratus looked up from where she knelt in front of Lita, her wet blonde
hair trailing over her flushed face.

"Don't you like having my tongue in your cunt?" Trish asked.

"Not as much as I like it on my clit," Lita moaned, rolling her hips in front
of Trish's face. She dropped her hand from her breast and grabbed a handful
of Trish's hair. She pulled the blonde forward grinding her face into her

"Now," Lita sighed, "Start licking."

Trish mumbled something into Lita's wet, fragrant pussy, and then began
lapping at her clit, sucking it into her mouth and nipping it gently with
her teeth, making the redhead moan and writhe with pleasure.

"That's what I want," Lita groaned. "Suck it..."

Trish eagerly obeyed, sucking Lita's swollen clit into her hot mouth and
flicking her tongue over it as she nipped the fleshy bud between her teeth.

Lita grunted and groaned, grabbing the blonde's head with her other hand and
holding her in place.

"Oh, Trish," she gasped. "You're the best, baby..."

Trish slurped loudly at Lita's sopping cunt in reply, and Lita could only
whimper. When she felt Trish's fingers eagerly strokeing her pussy lips, Lita

"Yes," she groaned, "Please, Trish..."

She suddenly screamed as Trish jammed two fingers deep into her tight pussy,
a mixed cry of surprise and pleasure.

"You bitch," she groaned, while Trish began eagerly pumping her fingers in
and out of her pussy and slurping at her clit. "You gorgeous blonde bitch..."

In response, Trish curled her fingers slightly, pressing against the front
of the latino's pussy, seeking out her g-spot and making her squirm with
pleasure. Her tongue continued to work at Lita's clit as her practiced
fingers pumped her pussy, skillfully stroking her g-spot.

"Bitch..." Lita gasped, weakly.

Trish smoothly inserted a third finger, feeling Lita's tight pussy stretch
to accomodate her. Lita felt her legs trembling. It was hard to stay standing
when a skilled pussy-eater like Trish Stratus was at work, but she didn't
want to pause long enough to change positions.

As Lita bit her lip and tried to stay upright, Trish sped up, driving her
fingers in and out of her pussy.

"Oh!" Lita groaned. "Oh, there!"

Trish immediately focussed her attention on that area, her fingers steadily
stroking Lita's g-spot as she slid them in and out, her practiced tongue
working it's magic on Lita's clit.

"I'm going to come," Lita wailed. "Oh, I'm going to come sooo hard..."

Trish slurped at her clit again, making the latino girl squirm and writhe,
and began roughly pumping her fingers in and out of her cunt. Lita groaned
with pleasure as Trish slid the fingers of her other hand up Lita's thigh,
her tongue flicking rapidly at the girls clit.

Lita moaned, struggling for breath, panting and groaning as Trish did her
best. Suddenly, Lita froze.

"Oh fuck," she groaned. "Oh, holy fucking shit..."

The instant before Lita's orgasm hit, Trish jammed two fingers deep into the
latino's ass, and Lita screamed with pleasure, her body violently jerking and
twitching, pussy juices squirting into Trish's sweating face.

Trish carried on pumping at Lita's twisting body, driving her fingers in and
out of Lita's tight ass as she furiously rubbed at the redhead's g-spot.

Lita could do nothing but squirm and moan as wave after wave of pleasure shot
through her hard, tight body. As the waves slowed, so did Trish's hands, and
when Lita eventually subsided against the wall, Trish slid her fingers free
with wet slurps.

Trish settled back on her haunches, and sucked at one of her fingers, still
hot from Lita's ass. She slid the digit from her mouth, and looked up at
Lita, smiling sweetly.

"Is it my turn now?" She asked.
_ _ _

Venus Diablo

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