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World Wanking Entertainment Part 2: Lita Vs Trish Vs Stephanie
by Venus Diablo (

Lita licked her lips, breathing heavily, as Trish stood, sucking her fingers.

"Do you know what I want?" Trish asked.

"If it's to do that again," Lita groaned, "I think I'll explode..."

Trish smiled, leaning forward to kiss Lita, her tongue probing the latina's
mouth. Lita hungrily returned the kiss, savouring the taste of her pussy
juices in Trish's mouth as she grabbed Trish's firm ass. Finally, the women
seperated, and Trish shook her head.

"What I want," Trish said, "Is a huge, fat cock. I always do after we eat
each other out..."

Lita smiled, remembering Trish's depraved dirty talk while Lita had been
tonguing her cunt.

"You'll have to wait until we get back to the hotel," Lita grinned. "I didn't
bring the strap-on with me."

Trish shook her head. "Not that. I mean a real dick. Something nice and fat."

Lita shuddered. "I could never share you with a man," she muttered.

Trish laughed. "Neither could I..."

* * *

Cursing herself for being such an airhead, Steph hurried back through the
silent arena towards the locker room. After the show, she had changed and
left quickly, as usual, but back at her hotel had found she had left her
makeup bag at the arena. She didn't want the trouble of replacing it, and
didn't trust the arena staff, so she had driven back to collect it, cursing
her stupidity all the way.

She pushed open the locker room door, and as she stepped inside, heard a
scream from the showers. Her eyes widened, and she closed the door silently.
Curious, she ducked behind a row of lockers and quietly sneaked to the end
before peering over at the showers.

Across the locker room, she saw Lita in the shower, leaning against the
wall with her eyes closed, rolling her head back and forth as she moaned.
Intrigued, Steph snuck closer, staying low in case Lita opened her eyes.

Eventually, Steph reached into the row of lockers just beyond the wall that
seperated the showers from the rest of the locker room. She almost tripped
over Lita's baggy hipsters as she ducked between the rows of lockers, and
kicked them away. Looking down, she saw Lita's tight vest, sneakers, bra and
thong in a pile - and to her surprise, Trish Stratus' outfit, too. A tiny
miniskirt, another vest and a second bra lay on the floor with Lita's
clothes, and Trish's pink cowboy hat sat on the bench between the lockers -
but there was no sign of the blonde or her boots, Steph realized.

I wonder where she is, Steph thought. She can't have forgotten all of this...

Suddenly, she heard Trish's voice from the showers.

"Do you you know what I want?" Trish asked.

Steph froze. Trish was in the showers? Why hadn't she seen her?

"If it's to do that again," she heard Lita groan, "I think I'll explode..."

Steph's jaw dropped. Trish and Lita? She remembered the scream she had heard
when she opened the door. No wonder she hadn't seen Trish!

"What I want," Trish said, "Is a huge, fat cock. I always do after we eat
each other out..."

How long has this been going on? Steph thought.

"You'll have to wait until we get back to the hotel," she heard Lita
announce. "I didn't bring the strap-on with me."

Steph gulped. She felt a tingling sensation begin in her panties. No! She
thought, Not now!

"Not that." She heard Trish again. "I mean a real dick. Something nice and

Shut up! Steph thought, Please, shut up! She could feel the tingling senation
growing, and her panties getting damp under her tight leather skirt.

"I could never share you with a man," she heard Lita say.

"Neither could I..." She heard Trish laugh.

I have to get out, she thought. I have to get out, now! Steph peered around
the end of the row of lockers to see the two women kissing.

Now! She thought, and started around the end of the lockers.

"Steph!?" She heard Lita shout from behind her, obviously shocked.

Oh, shit! Steph thought, caught in the open.

* * *

Trish spun around, her wet hair flying out to whip across Lita's firm
breasts as she did so. She heard Lita moan a little, her stiff nipples still
sensitive in the afterglow of her orgasm. She saw Stephanie MacMahon frozen
in place at the end of the row of lockers where she and Lita had undressed
each other.

"What are you doing here, Steph?" Trish asked.

Stephanie didn't turn around. "I- I just forgot something," she said,
wretchedly. "I just got here..."

Lita frowned. "She's lying," she hissed in Trish's ear. "I bet she's been
watching us!"

Trish smiled. "Have you been watching us, Steph?" She asked, stepping away
from Lita.

"No!" Steph shouted, her voice echoing around the huge, empty room.

"You were, you bitch!" Lita screamed. "You hid and watched, and now you're
going to run and tell Daddy!"

"No!" Steph protested, still facing away from Lita and Trish. "I swear! I
didn't see anything!"

Trish stepped out of the showers and started to walk up behind Stephanie.
"You didn't watch?" She asked. "You didn't see anything?"

"No!" Steph cried. "I just got here! Honestly!"

Behind her, Trish smiled. "Would you like to?" She asked.

Lita and Steph gasped at the same time.

"I know your secret, Steph," Trish announced. Stephanie's jaw dropped, and
she trembled. A sudden, sharp throb came from her panties, and she found she
was unable to speak.

"Oh, yes," Trish said, stepping forwards. "I know. You've never had a
boyfriend. You never change in front of the rest of the women. You never
socialise with us." Trish stopped directly behind Steph. She placed a hand
on the brunette's shoulder, and started to spin her around.

"You're-" She started.

* * *

Lita was petrified. Vince would probably fire her and Trish if he found out
they were lesbians. If Steph told him, they were screwed. When Trish started
talking to Steph, Lita realised they might have a way out. If Steph was gay
too, they might have a chance.

When Trish spun Steph around and abruptly froze, Lita thought they were
doomed. She ran out of the shower towards the two women, ready to beg and
plead for her job, and slid to a halt with one hand on Trish's shoulder and
the other on Steph's.

Steph looked mortified, and Trish looked dumbfounded, staring at the ground
with her mouth open. Lita looked down, too, and felt her own jaw drop.

"Holy shit!" She gasped.

* * *

Steph was horrified. She had hoped she could convince Lita and Trish that
everything was fine and flee before they could do anything, but Trish had
stopped her - and then, to Steph's utter horror, turned her around. When
Lita arrived as Trish stared down in shock, Steph wished she was dead.
Then, she heard Lita's exclamation. The redhead sounded shocked, for sure.
But not angry, or revolted. She sounded almost... eager.

Steph looked down, her eyes roving over Trish's swollen breasts and stiff
nipples, Lita's smaller brown titties and dark nipples, and both women's
neatly trimmed pussies. Trish she noticed, was still wearing her knee high
black leather platform boots.

Both women were staring openly at Steph. Specifically, they were staring at
her leather skirt, the way it bulged out in front of her like a black leather

"Fuck," Trish gasped.

"Is that-" Lita muttered in disbelief.

Steph closed her eyes and felt tears start to run down her cheeks. She wanted
to run away, to hide and never be seen again. Then she felt a hand touch her.
She opened her eyes to see Lita rubbing at the huge bulge in her skirt, her
eyes wide with wonder.

"It is," Lita gasped, still disbelieving.

Trish dropped to her knees and ran her hands up Steph's thighs. She tried to
push the skirt up, but it would barely move.

"Lita," Trish croaked, "Unzip Steph's skirt."

To Steph's surprise, Lita stepped smoothly behind her, still stroking the
bulge in her skirt. She felt Lita's hand stroke her ass, then heard the
zipper at the back of her skirt being slowly pulled down.

Trish watched awestruck as Steph's skirt was loosened, giving her cock more
room. The bulge grew, lifting her skirt and exposing her thighs. Trish didn't
care about Steph's legs, though. Slapping Lita's hand off Steph's bulge, she
grabbed the hem of Steph's skirt.

Lita was standing close behind Steph, with one hand on the brunette's ass and
the other around her waist, when Trish lifted Steph's skirt.

"Wow!" Lita gasped in Steph's ear.

Jutting out in front of Steph, held horizontally by her leather skirt, was a
massive thick cock. The swollen purple head was visible through the soaked
white thong that was still hooked around it, the waistband vanishing back
under her black skirt. Over her shoulder, Lita could see the thick shaft of
Steph's cock, almost white with thick blue veins pulsing along it's length.
Lita guessed that Stephanie MacMahon had almost a foot of cock under her

"Well, I guess ou're not a lesbian," Trish muttered, incredulous.

Steph whimpered as Lita slipped a hand into her panties.

"Did you hear us?" Lita asked.

Steph gulped and nodded as Lita's fingers curled around her cock.

"Did we get you all hard?" Lita sked, slowly sliding her hand up and down
the length of Steph's huge cock.

Steph whimpered again, and nodded.

"Trish," Lita grinned, "Do you still want a big fat dick?"

"Oh, yeah!" On her knees in front of Steph, Trish looked up, her eyes wide.
"More than ever!"

"I won't share you with a guy," Lita smiled down at her, "But I'll share you
with Stephanie..." Lita paused for a moment, stroking Steph's erection. "If
Steph agrees, of course..."

Stephanie licked her lips, glancing sideways at Lita.

"You... Really?" She gasped.

Lita smiled again. "Sure, Steph. I don't mind you fucking my girlfriend - so
long as I get to watch..."

"Only if you fuck Lita, too!" Trish smiled, "And I get to watch!"

"So what do you think, Steph?" Lita asked. "If you fuck one of us, you have
to fuck the other, too..."

Stephanie shuddered, and her cock throbbed in Lita's hand.

"When?" Steph groaned. "When can I fuck you?"

Trish and Lita traded looks.

"Whenever you get hard, Steph," Lita said.

"Whenever and wherever you want," Trish added.

"Whatever you want to do," Lita said, "We'll do it."

"I'll do it!" Stephanie groaned. "Oh, fuck! Please let me! Please!"

"Bend over, Trish," Lita grinned, "You're going to get your big, fat cock..."

To be continued...
_ _ _

Venus Diablo

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