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World Wanking Entertainment Part 3: Lita & Trish Vs Stephanie
by Venus Diablo (

Trish eagerly stood and turned around, bending over to show off her long,
muscled legs and tight ass, her blonde pussy just visible beneath her rounded

Lita took Stephanie's huge erect cock in her hand, gently stroking it as she
eased the stretched panties off the bloated head and slid them down the
length of the shaft to rest against Steph's swollen balls. Stephanie groaned,
and her thick, hot cock throbbed in Lita's hand. Trish groaned too, as she
reached back and took a buttock in ech hand, spreading them to expose her
puckered anus.

"Fuck me in the ass," she begged. "Please Steph, fuck my ass! I love it!

Lita giggled as she guided the tip of Steph's cock towards Trish, pressing it
against the tight brown hole beween her cheeks.

"Which do you prefer, Steph?" Lita asked, teasingly rubbing Stephanie's cock
between Trish's ass and pussy. "Do you want to pound Trish's ass or her

Stephanie trebled, tears of embarrassment springing to her eyes. "I've
never - I've never had sex before!" She wailed.

"Please," Trish whimpered, oblivious. "Please fuck me!"

"Shut up, bitch!" Lita snapped, giving Trish's pert ass a quick, sharp slap
that made the blonde yelp. She released Steph's cock, letting it spring
upright, and stepped in front of her. Lita bent over next to Trish, and
reached back just like the blonde did, spreading her own tanned ass.

"Take your pick, Steph," Lita said. "Choose who you want to fuck first."

"And where, Steph," Trish groaned. "Ass or cunt."

* * *

Stephanie looked down. In front of her were Tish Stratus and Lita, both bent
over and spreading themselves wide open for her, both begging her to fuck
them, and both offering her the choice of either ass or pussy. Stephanie had
jerked off hundreds of times, fantasizing about Trish or Lia, but had never
imagined both at once... until now.

She gulped, taking her thick cock and slowly stroking it in anticipation,
wrapping both hands around it.

"I'm going," she started, "to fuck - oh! Oh, shit!" Her huge cock throbbed
in her hands, and with a huge jerk, sprayed a huge jet of gooey white spunk
across Trish's spread ass and hands. Stephanie groaned in ecstacy and
disappointment, and Trish grunted with surprise, and tugged at her monster
cock, sending another thick jet of sperm over Lita's tanned brown ass, the
thick goop slowly dribbling down her thighs.

Steph beat at her throbbing cock, sending jet after creamy jet of jizz over
Lita and Trish's firm asses as they moaned in frustration. After her biggest
orgasm ever, Stephs hands dropped form her cock, and she stood panting and
groaning, struggling for breath.

"Fuck," Trish groaned. "I finally find my perfect girl- or do I mean guy?"

"Hermaphrodite," Lita suggested, rubbing Stpeh's thick spunk into her firm

"Dickgirl," Steph muttered. "I prefer dickgirl..."

"I like dickgirl too," Trish said. "My perfect dickgirl - and it turns out
she's a dress-messer.."

Steph whimpered. "I'm sorry," she pleaded. "It's my first time, and you
looked so..." She tailed off with a shrug.

"I like dress-messers," Lita said, turning and dropping to her knees. "I take
it as a compliment. Anyway, you're going to get hard again."

Steph nodded. "Yeah, but it'll take a while..."

Lita smiled up at her, stroking her wilting cock. "We'll see."

* * *

Steph watched as Lita slowly stuck her tongue out and began licking at
Trish's pale ass, lapping up a trail of Steph's jizz. Trish moaned and
dropped her hands to her wet pussy, letting her firm buttocks spring back
together and making the thick goo on them begin trickling down her thighs.
A thick glob of spunk dribbled from between her buttocks, a gooey white
strand hanging betwen her legs as it dribbled slowly towards the ground.

Lita spread her lips wide and swung her head down, waiting for the dribbling
blob to reach her. As it passed between her lips, she slowly raised her head,
twisting gently on her way up until her mouth was pressed against Trish's
ass, her sharp tongue probing between the blonde's buttocks for more sperm.

"Yeah," Trish groaned with pleasure as she started to finger herself, "Tongue
my ass, baby..."

As Steph stared, Lita slowly licked every drop of cum from Trish's ass before
painstakingly working her way down the blonde's legs, slurping up spunk all
the way down. Eventually, the only cum left on Trish was the stuff that had
reached her boots, pooling at the top until it finally trickled over the top
and dribbled down the black leather. Lita eagerly slurped up the pools of
jizz, and as Steph watched wide-eyed, licked the white goo from Trish's black
leather boots. By the time Lita was finished, Stephanie's cock was rock hard

Lita stood and wrapped her arms around Steph, kissing her full on the mouth.
Steph squirmed a little as Lita's salty, spunky tongue probed her mouth, the
movement grinding her fat dick between their baodies and making it twitch.
Behind them, Trish was oblivious, her fingers stuffed into the pussy as she
pumped at the wet hole.

Lita broke the kiss and glanced down at Trish. She smiled mischeviously,
holding a finger to her lips, and then turned around and bent over,
displaying her cum-covered ass and wet pussy to steph.

Steph licked her lips for a moment, indecisive. Making up her mind, she took
her cock in one hand, and grabbed a handful of Lita's long red hair with the
other. She guided her cock forwards, and plunged it deep into Lita's hot,
tight ass. Lita squealed as Steph's swollen cock was driven deep into her
ass, stretching her out painfully as she was penetrated. Steph groaned with
pleasure as Lita's ass squeezed her cock tightly. She had dreamed about this,
but had ever dared to imagine it could feel so good.

Trish opened her eyes when she heard Lita squeal, and turned to see Lita's
face beaded with sweat, her teeth clenched as she rocked backwards and
forwards on Steph's cock.

"Bitch," she muttered, straightening and turning to see Steph, eyes closed,
slowly pushing her cock in and out of Lita's ass, tugging at the redheads
hair as she fucked her.

Trish sat on the bench betwen the lockers, watching as Steph's donkey dick
stretched Lita's shit-locker. Trish fumble for her bag, and pulled out a
large jelly dildo. As Steph slowly banged Lita's ass, obviously loving every
moment, Trish slowly slid the dildo ino her sopping cunt. She groaned, one
hand playing with her clit as she fucked herself. Lita whimpered occasionally
as Stpeh started pumping faster, really starting to fuck the redheads ass,
and Trish realised the biggest dildo she'd used on Lita's ass had been a
little six inch one - Steph's cock was almost twice as big.

Trish groaned when Steph pulled her cock almost completely free of Lita's ass
before plunging it back in with groan of pleasure, ignoring Lita's wailing
protest. Trish felt an orgasm approaching as she shoved the dildo in and out
of her cunt, pinching at her clit with her free hand.

"Fuck her harder, Steph!" Trish gasped. "Really fuck her ass!"

"No..." Lita groaned, but made no move to stop her. In fact, her hands slid
to her own pussy, and began a frenzied rubbing.

Steph began fucking Lita as hard as she could, banging away at the redhead's
tight ass. She drove her huge cock in and out, gasping and groaning with
pleasure as she felt Lita's ass stretch and tighten again and again.

Trish fucked herself just as hard, and she came withing minutes, groaning
and squirming. As she came, she fell back onto the bench, one hand still at
her throbbing clit, the other flying to her rock hard nipples to pinch and
tweak at them. Her eyes closed and she felt the dildo slip out of her
well-lubricated cunt, listening to her own moans and Lita and Steph's grunts,
delighting in the rhythmic slap of Steph's heavy balls against Lita's pussy.

Trish sighed, her hand dropping form her breasts back to her pusy, and she
slid two fingers deep into her sopping hole. As she began pumping at herself
again, she dimly realised that something was missing.

* * *

Lita glanced to the side as Steph punished her painful, throbbing ass, and
grinned as she saw Trish lying on her back, her hands between her legs and
her eyes closed.

"Steph," she grunted.

Steph ignored her, driving her cock balls-deep in Lita's ass with a grunt
of satisfaction. Lita's mouth dropped open as her eyes rolled back into her
head. She was going to cum soon, she knew.

"Steph," she tried again as she felt the thick cock sliding out of her abused
ass. "Stop."

Steph gave another shove and then stopped, her cock buried completely in
Lita's ass, stretching it wide open.

"What's wrong?" She asked. "Does it hurt?"

"Oh, yeah," Lita groaned. "In a good way. Listen..."

* * *

Trish writhed in pleasure as she made herself come again, her practiced
fingers automatically hitting the right spots. As she groaned in pleasure,
she felt a hand in her hair, and she was suddenly, painfully, yanked into a
sitting position. Her eyes flickered open, wide with surprise, and sudenly
Steph slapped her in the face with her swollen cock, fresh from Lita's ass.

Trish cried out in shock as the slap echoed through the locker room, and was
suddenly silenced as Steph jammed her huge dick into her mouth. As Trish
gagged, she felt Lita's hands grabbing either side of her head, holding her
in place, and she felt Lita's small, firm breasts press against her back.

"You just keep fingering your soggy cunt, bitch," Lita hissed in her ear.

Trish's lips curved into a smile around Steph's dick, so thick it made her
jaw ache. Lita wasn't rough with her often, but when she was Trish exploded
like a rocket.

"Suck my dick, slut!" Steph cried, delighted. She had never imagined being
able to say that, especially in these circumstances.

Trish obeyed eagerly, sucking and slurping at Steph's cock, savouring the
mixed tastes of Steph's cum and Lita's shit. Her fingers were working
overtime, slipping and slurping in and out of her pussy as she choked on
Steph's throbbing cock.

"Stand back, Steph," Lita said, her hand slipping from Trish's hair to
roughly pinch a nipple. "And pas me that dildo."

Steph passed the dildo to Lita, but took a handful of hair on each side of
Trish's head and started shoving her swollen cock in and out of Trish's
mouth, making the blonde choke and gag. A trail of drool trickled form
Trish's mouth, dangling towards the floor and swinging widly from side to
side as Steph drove her cock in and out. Behind Trish, Lita sucked at the
dildo like a lollipop, tasting Trish's sweet pussy juices for a momnt bfore
teasingly sliding it down Trish's back until it rested between her

"Oh," Steph groaned. "Oh, Lita! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum again!"

"Where are you going to cum, Steph?" Lita asked.

Trish mumbled something unintelligible around her mouthful of cock, her jaw

"Do you know what I've always wanted to see, Steph?" Lita asked.

"Ooooh... Oh, Litaaaa..." Steph groaned, her cock twitching in Trish's wet

"This," Lita said, pulling Trish'd pink cowboy hat from behind her and
jamming it onto the blonde's head. "I want to see this slut-" she emphasized
the word by ramming the jelly dildo deep into Trish's ass "-getting a load
of jizz sprayed in her face while wearing her stupid hat.

Trish groaned again, her clit throbbing with pleasure as she rubbed and
squeezed at it. Steph gave another shove, and Trish gagged just as her
orgasm hit. She squirmed, trapped between Steph's cock and the dildo Lita
had slipped into her ass, and came again and again, gagging and struggling.

Steph wailed and pulled back, her cock popping out of Trish's mouth just as
she came, and a jet of creamy spunk shot straight into Trish's face, hitting
her directly between the eyes. Trish recoiled as the thick spunk gummed her
eyes shut, driving the dildo deeper into her ass. Steph grunted again, and
another jet splattered over her face, and then another and another. Trish
felt her own orgasms ripping through her as jet after jet of gooey semen
spurted into her face, into her open mouth and up her nose.

"Shoot in her mouth!" Lita urged. "Shoot in her fucking mouth!"

Steph ignored her, furiously beating her cock as she squirted load after load
of jizz over Trish's beautiful face.

Lita reached around to squeeze at Trish's breasts as she came.

"I've always wondered what you'd look like after getting a faceful of cum,
Trish," Lita smiled. Trish groaned, spunk trickling down her cheeks like
tears of sperm. "But I never imagined it would be Stephanie's.."

Trish, all fucked out, just whimpered.

* * *

When Stephanie's cock finally stopped throbbing, she opened her eyes to see
Trish's spunk covered face.

"Oh God," she whispered. "Lita..."

Lita stood and came to stand behind her, wrapping her arms around her to play
with her titties and wilting cock.

"Fuck," Lita smiled. "That looks even better then I imagined..."

Trish slumped, her mouth open, panting and gasping for breath. A trail of
drool hung from one corner of her mouth, hanging over her chin and neck until
it finally ended in a sticky pool on one of her heaving, sweaty breasts.
Trails of spunk trickled form her closed eyes, thick white sperm glueing them
closed and trickling down her cheeks. A glob of Stephanie's cum hung from the
end of her nose, ready to drip onto her chest at any moment. Trish's forehead
was a mass of spunk, thick globs of spunk forming layer after layer of goo.
Above them, Trish's cowboy hat had been on the recieving end of Steph's cum
too. Thick trails hung from the brim, gooey stalagtites that occasionally
connected to the ess on her face.

Lita and Stephanie smiled down at Trish.

"She looks just perfect," Lita grinned.

"I bet she'd be much more popular on TV like this," Steph smiled.

Trish whimpered, her fingers sliding from her throbbing, dripping pussy.

* * *

Sitting astride the bench, a dildo jammed in her ass and dripping with sperm,
Trish almost wet herself when she heard the locker-room door swing open with
a crash.

Steph and Lita spun, open mouthed, to see a kid with a cleaning trolley into
he doorway.

"Sorry ladies," the kid gasped. "I was told everyone had left..."

Trish was petrified. Lita was stunned into silence. Only Steph managed to

"We- We'll be out in five minutes," she gasped.

"Sure," the kid called. "No rush."

As the door closed, Lita and Steph burst out laughing.

"Let's get out of here," Trish moaned. "Back to the hotel..."

Lita smiled. "You want to come back with us?" She asked Steph. "This slut
looks awesome in handcuffs..."

Steph grinned. "Oh, yeah... I've been waiting a long time for somethign
like this..."

Lita grinned, and leant forward to give Trish a slimy, spermy kiss. "So have
we," she said as she broke it off, trailing jizz.

"Pass me a towel," Trish groaned. "Then let's get back to the hotel. I want
a length of that cock..."

Stephanie giggled, her cock twitching. "Sure," she said. "But wait while I
phone my father. I thought I needed to see a doctor, but it turns out I'm
_ _ _

Venus Diablo

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