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Worship The Glamazon Part 1
by MTL (

Melina was in her own private locker room cleansing herself in the shower.
In every arena she graced with her presence Melina demanded to have her own
private locker room. It was only natural since she was far too good to shower
with the rest of those second rate divas.

Turning her thoughts away from those sluts Melina finished her shower.

In peace and after turning off the water she reached round the wall for the
towel she had left there. To her annoyance she couldn't seem to find it so
she stepped out of the shower and turned to see The Glamazon Beth Phoenix
standing there holding her towel.

Melina let out a scream and covered her nude body with her hands.

Quickly recovering from shock she yelled, "What the fuck are you doing here
bitch this is my locker room?"

"My my, temper temper Melina," said Beth, twirling the towel in her hands,
"I thought we were friends."

“Friends! We're not friends you psycho! You're here to help me get my title
back!" said Melina, holding out her hand, "Now give me my towel back bitch!"

"I don't think so." said Beth.

"You don't think so!" Melina yelled, "Listen you ungrateful bitch, I'm the
one responsible for getting you out of that hell hole OVW and if you don't
give me my towel right now I'll make sure you go back there for good!"

"Oh Melina," said Beth advancing towards the naked diva, "I haven't been
back here on RAW for more than a day and you're already starting to annoy

"Now listen bitch..."

"No you listen bitch! I've sat back long enough watching you and Mickie and
all of these other sluts walk around here like you own the fucking place
long enough! It's time for a change!" Beth was now face to face with Melina,
"From now on I'm in charge and you are going to do what I say or else!"

"Or else what bitch?"

Beth stared-down the diminutive Melina. She quickly grasped onto one of
Melina's wrists and yanked it behind her, forcing her into a textbook
hammerlock maneuver. Melina was caught off-guard by her quickness and yelped
in pain as she felt her shoulder being pulled out of place. The feisty
Latina tried retaliating with her free hand as she attempted to strike Beth.
However, she was at a disadvantage, as she felt her other arm being caught
in Beth's vice-like grip.

She tried to kick back at her, but the water from the shower, caused her
bare feet to slip, giving Beth an even greater advantage. She forced Melina
across her lap, while sitting down comfortably on an available chair. She
looked down upon the little Latina with the best entrance in the business,
deciding she looked quite tasty and that she would take great pleasure in
breaking her will, as she would all the other divas one by one.

“Now, I'm going to teach you a lesson, just like your parents should have a
long time ago, you spoiled brat! You obviously lack discipline. No worries,
though, you'll all be honoured to serve me soon enough. Now then, I'm going
to spank you; you will count-off, and thank me for doing so, and then ask me
politely for another, any sass from you and we start over.”

Beth then proceeded to slap her tight, tan buttocks, and watched her red
hand print fade onto the surface. Melina wasn't prepared for the force that
Beth could unleash upon her defenceless backside. She whimpered slightly,
unable to announce the first number. Beth was none-too-pleased.

“I didn't hear you, I guess you need to get used to the routine, then?”

Beth's powerful arm wound up and planted another hard smack. Melina yelped
out, “One!” Beth smiled wickedly at her inflicted pain. She thought to
herself about how the rest of the female roster would have to get used to a
lot worse in the future.

“May I please have another?”

"You didn't say thank you bitch?" said Beth, bringing her hand down hard
once again upon Melina's flesh.

"Owww... two... thank you Beth... may I please have another?"

"Start from one slut!" the heartless blonde said, smacking Melina's ass

"Owww... one... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... two...
thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... three... thank you
Beth... may I please have another... ow... four... thank you Beth... may I
please have another... ow... five... thank you Beth... may I please have

The Glamazon brought her hand down upon Melina's bare flesh again and again,
watching in satisfaction as the skin slowly turned bright red under her
assault, not paying any attention to the feisty Latina's whimperings.

"Owww... forty eight... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow...
forty nine... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... fifty...
thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... fifty one... thank you
Beth... may I please have another... ow... fifty two... thank you Beth...
may I please have another..."

The tirade of spanks went on for quite some time. For Melina, this felt like
a couple hours'-worth of spankings. Here she was, a world-famous diva, a
former Women's Champion, being spanked by this very large woman, who was
spanking her like a little school girl. This caused her to sob

"Owww... ninety six... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow...
ninety seven... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... ninety
eight... thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... ninety nine...
thank you Beth... may I please have another... ow... one hundred... thank
you Beth... may I please have another..."

Finally done Beth laid her across the chair while she went to gather some
more of her “tools” for her first in a long line of conquests.

Melina was drying her eyes and regaining her composure. She was unable to
see just what Beth was reaching for from her travelling bag she had secretly
toted along with her.

Melina wiped away the last of the tears that were clouding her vision to be
shocked in horror to see The Glamazon towering above her draped form, with
the main instrument of torture, which would be used to conquer these
pathetic little girls. She smiled, thinking of the big plans she had for
each one of them, but Beth had to focus on the matter at hand right now. She
rubbed her hands together, and walked over towards the perfectly prone
Melina for her introduction.

"Your... you're not coming anywhere near me with that... that thing!" Melina
whimpered, desperately trying to crawl away from the advancing blonde diva.

The Glamazon simply smiled down at Melina before grabbing her by the hair
and pulling her up so she was face-to-face with her favourite toy, her bitch
taming 14 inch long strap on dildo which was going to bring first Melina and
then all of these other pathetic divas to their knees.

Feeling anger flow through her veins the feisty Latina protested, "Didn't
you hear me bitch? There's no fucking way you're touching me with

As Melina was talking Beth forced the head of her strap on past her open
lips and into her mouth.

"Oh Melina, I think we can put that mouth of yours to better use!" Beth
said, as she forced her dildo to the back of Melina's throat.

Melina did everything she could to stop the advance of the Glamazon's
massive intruder. She bit down on the phoney phallus and tightened up her
throat muscles. When that didn't work she reached her hands up to try and
push Beth away. When that failed she resorted to banging on the Glamazon's
thighs and washboard stomach desperately trying to knock her tormentor off
her. But it was no use. The Glamazon would not be denied.

With a firm grip of the back of Melina's head Beth slowly slid her strap on
down the brunette's throat until the fake balls of the strap on came to rest
against her victim's chin announcing that the Glamazon had succeeded in
forcing her entire 14 inch monster down Melina's gullet.

Beth grinned wickedly as she heard Melina gasp desperately for breath. The
giant cock inside her throat was choking her and she was beginning to gag.
Her eyes watered and liquid drooled from the corners of her mouth and even
from her nose. Just when she thought she would pass out Beth pulled out of
Melina's throat, allowing the brunette diva to cough, splutter and
desperately gasp for air.

Before she had time to recover Beth pushed her strap on back into Melina's
mouth and forced it slowly again back down her throat until her phoney balls
reached the Latina's chin again.

Beth repeated this process for a while, forcing Melina to take the entire
monster cock deep within her gullet and keeping it there until Melina was
about to suffocate and then pulling it out to allow her to take a few quick
breaths before doing it again until, becoming bored, the Glamazon began to
saw her strap on in and out of Melina's mouth, using her throat as a fuck

Feeling helpless under the power of the Glamazon Melina allowed Beth to use
her mouth like a cunt, just waiting for the evil blonde to make a mistake so
that the feisty Latina could capitalise on it and make this bitch pay for
what she was doing to her.

Beth spent a long time fucking Melina's beautiful face, as if she was trying
to spear her conquest's voice box on her massive poll, but ultimately she
became bored of the throat fucking and decided to move on. After all Melina
had plenty of holes and the Glamazon was going to make good use of them all
before the night was over.

Pulling out of Melina's throat Beth bent the gasping diva over the chair and
knelt behind her, pushing her monster strap on against the entrance to
Melina's soon-to-be violated womanhood.

Melina tried to say something but her throat was to sore from the unwanted
fucking it had just received. She couldn't talk or scream, as all that came
out were just raspy, gargled noises.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the initial penetration of The Glamazon's
mighty intruder. Beth began to slowly work the head into Melina. The blonde
was surprised at how tight she was. She imagined her a bit looser, as she
was always dressed like a little whore. She grinned wickedly to herself,
knowing that would change with some time.

Beth gripped onto Melina's hips and began to thrust, pushing inch by inch
into her canal. Beth was so strong that Melina felt as if she were being
done by a man. Because of her violent throat-fucking, Melina couldn't
scream, just make odd noises with her raped mouth. Soon enough, after
rhythmically working Melina's snatch inch by inch, The Glamazon was balls-
deep into her unwelcoming cunt, the feisty Latina struggling vainly to get
away beneath her but to no avail.

Melina was completely impaled on the impressive shaft and she was going

Grabbing her fellow diva by the hips Beth began to slam her strap on in and
out of Melina's cunt, not allowing her even a second to get used to the huge
penetration. The Glamazon quickly achieved the fastest rhythm possible,
using her powerful thighs to slam her huge woman tamer through Melina's
pussy like a piston. The large prosthetics slapped against Melina's thighs
as Beth continued to ruthlessly fuck her.

The Glamazon showed absolutely no mercy, pulling all the way out and jack-
hammering her with the full length of her monstrous shaft.

At first Melina had tried to fight back. She had tried to reach behind her
and slap Beth but The Glamazon had grabbed her hands and twisted them
painfully and locked them into place behind her back so that she could
better control her. She tried to lift herself up and knock Beth off, but The
Glamazon was just too strong.

Eventually Melina just laid there defeated and wishing The Glamazon would
just get her rocks off and be done with it. Of course then she realised to
her horror that, unlike a man, Beth's cock wasn't real and The Glamazon
could fuck her as long as she wanted with out her dick ever going soft.

This caused a fresh batch of tears to run down her face, as she wallowed in
defeat at the hands of The Glamazon. And then as she lay there weeping
something truly horrible happened... she began to enjoy it... she began to
enjoy Beth, a member of her own sex, forcing herself upon her with such an
obscenely large object. Her body had betrayed her and to Melina's shame her
pussy was wetter than it had ever been before. Try as she might she could
not think of anyone who had fucked her better than The Glamazon.

The Glamazon knew that Melina was ready to cum. She timed it just perfectly,
so that the second the feisty Latina began to cum she squeezed on her fake
balls, releasing a liquid which was pumped from her fake balls through a
fine-made tube inside her fake phallus until it squirted into Melina's
abused hole, filling her to bursting with it. The liquid was Beth's cum and
in her mind The Glamazon was marking Melina's cunt as her property, using
her very essence to enslave her fellow diva. She smiled in delight as her
little slave shuddered.

It was perhaps the best climax that Melina had ever experienced in her life.
But the only problem was that it was caused by another female! This
horrified her. She was hot and sexy-every guy on the planet wanted to sleep
with her. She wasn't a lesbian, although by the size of her captor, she
figured she might like girls.

When Beth finally pulled out Melina found herself disappointed that the huge
shaft that had brought her so much pleasure had left her body. She couldn't
believe she was sad to see that monster go and this revelation only caused
her more emotional pain. As she was trying to sort out her emotions, the
shadow of the mighty Glamazon herself towered over the still bent over

“Your mouth makes an excellent cunt. I'll make a mental note to use it more
in the future. You better not resist me, either. Understand?”

There was no response. Melina could only make sputtering noises with her
throat. This brought forth a vicious slap from Beth, leaving a red hand
print on her cheek. Melina quickly nodded yes, fearing what else might

“What the hell is wrong with you? I thought you were straight? You were
just raped by another woman and you came? I never knew you were such a

Melina blushed like a little schoolgirl at her remarks. It was all true; she
must indeed be a slut, and now she was to be The first slave to the
Glamazon. She didn't know it then, but there would be many more to follow.
She also didn't see Beth from behind, ready to make a real conquest out of
Melina, aiming for the one thing she knew no man had ever taken from her
before. Melina had relaxed and had just came to her senses when Beth went in
for the strike.

Melina's eyes bulged almost out of their sockets and she finally found her
voice long enough to let out an ear piercing scream as her virgin ass hole
was torn open by the giant head of The Glamazon's strap on.

Beth had anally raped many, many women before and had developed a keen eye
for anal virgins. She knew Melina was the type to whore out her pussy to get
what she wanted but would never let anyone near her ass hole. Which meant
that The Glamazon could rob Melina of her dignity and take her in a hole she
would never even consider allowing a man inside.

As soon as Melina's mind fully comprehended what was happening to her she
got her second wind, trying to reach back behind her to slap Beth,
desperately trying to get the stronger woman to stop.

But it was no use.

The second she reached behind her Beth grabbed both her hands and twisted
them together behind Melina's back, never losing her firm hold of the feisty
Latina's hips as she began to drive her dildo forward into Melina's bowels
at a steady pace, not stopping for a second, no matter how loudly they
wannabe diva screamed until she was balls deep inside her conquest's rectum.

Beth didn't even wait for a second. She didn't even start out with slow
thrusts to allow Melina's pooper to adjust to it's penetration. She just
began to slam fuck the feisty Latina's shit hole, her hips loudly smacking
against the brunette's already sore butt cheeks as her enormous strap on
tore through Melina's once virgin ass hole.

Melina screamed and cried but there was nothing she could do. She couldn't
move and no matter what she said or did Beth just kept raping her ass. She
was helpless at the hands of The Glamazon and she could do nothing but lay
there as she was brutally buggered for her fellow diva's pleasure.
Eventually Melina felt her body submitting to The Glamazon against her will.
She just couldn't help herself. If she continued to remain tense and to
fight the sodomy would only hurt more.

Melina had been clamping down on the dildo in an attempt to stop its
invasion, or at the very least slow it down, but it was no use, The Glamazon
was just too strong and she ripped through Melina's ass hole with ease.
Crying in frustration the defeated diva submitted to her anal rape and just
lay there helpless as Beth butt fucked her.

Beth was revelling in the power and control she had over this pretend diva,
her most private of holes being forced to accept its true place as an
orifice for The Glamazon's mighty weapon. Beth had tamed countless slaves
with the dildo strapped round her waist and it never failed to amuse her
watching her latest conquest fall victim to her slave maker. In The
Glamazon's experience butt fucking her victims helped them realise that they
were inferior to her. The blonde had found that there was just something
about fucking another woman up the ass which made that woman feel

Take Melina here for example, and Beth certainly was, she was so full of
herself until she became full of The Glamazon. However when Beth was fucking
her pussy, and even when Beth was fucking her mouth for that matter, Melina
had been able to resist. Even though Beth had made her cum there was still a
part of Melina that didn't realise she was now property of The Glamazon.

But now Beth had her strap on inside Melina's butt it was only a matter of
time before she became just another willing slave to worship her.

She could see the transformation before her very eyes.

First, there had been shock. When Beth had taken Melina's anal cherry the
feisty Latina had screamed in disbelief as her ass was taken for the first,
but certainly not the last, time by a superior woman.

Then there had been anger. As Beth began the anal rape the feisty Latina had
screamed and sward empty promises of revenge upon The Glamazon.

Then there had been bargaining. As the sodomy continued Melina began to beg
Beth to stop, that she'd do anything if she'd just stop. Of course Beth had
ignored her and continue to enjoy pounding Melina's hot ass with her giant

Then there had been grief. As the relentless buggery became too much for
Melina she began to cry hysterically, unable to accept the fact that she had
become an orifice for another woman's pleasure.

And now finally there was acceptance. She could feel Melina going limp and
accepting her role as The Glamazon's personal fuck hole. In time Melina
would see this as a privilege but Beth was far more interested in the final
act of submission that the feisty Latina's body would perform to let The
Glamazon know that Melina was truly a conquered woman.

During the brutal butt fucking Melina had noticed an ever-growing cramp
inside her bowels. She had fought desperately to control it, but it had
grown stronger and stronger and when she relaxed the inside of her rectum in
acceptance of the anal penetration a loud, nasty, belch like fart erupted
from the deepest part of her ass hole. She blushed furiously but there was
no way she could control it. The only way she could was if she continued to
clench down on her anal muscles and they hurt far too much from their vain
attempt to prevent her sodomy. So she had no control when she let out
another fart, or another, or another, or another. Soon fresh tears of
humiliation ran down Melina's cheeks as she began lewdly farting on every
bowel wrecking thrust of The Glamazon's ass destroyer.

To further her shame shortly after this Melina began to cum harder even than
when she had been pussy raped by The Glamazon. It felt like there was a
cluster bomb exploding inside her colon racking her body with intense
pleasure the likes of which she had never known. Her powerful climaxes only
made her farts grew louder and more violent but she didn't care at this
point. She didn't care about anything except that magnificent dildo bringing
her this wonderful pleasure, and the Goddess of a woman it was attached too.
In that moment Melina was completely broken, her once strong will a distant
memory leaving her an empty shell, putty which was being moulded into a
submissive slave at the hands of her new mistress, The Glamazon Beth

As Melina was writhing in orgasm Beth squeezed her dildo's balls, which she
had refilled beforehand, and shot her cum deep inside the once feisty
Latina's bowels, marking Melina's ass as her property, property of The
Glamazon. Beth smiled herself sadistically as she claimed her first piece of
WWE diva ass. There would be many, many more who would all find themselves
bent over with Beth's 14 inch strap on buried balls deep inside their back
doors, forced to accept her creamy load into their ruined rectums. Soon
every WWE diva was going to become a eager slave for her, and Beth was going
to love every minute of taming them.

Pulling her now dark brown stained strap on out of Melina's gaping back
passage The Glamazon stood back and admired her handiwork. Melina's ass was
like a work of art. The cheeks were bright red from the earlier spanking and
the impact of her hips, the red swollen hole gaping wide exposing the depths
of the once feisty Latina's insides, The Glamazon's cum oozing, sometimes
even spitting out of her misused pooper as her ruined hole lets out some of
the most obscene farts Beth has ever heard which is saying something
considering how many ass holes she has destroyed with her massive slave
making dildo.

Walking around the Glamazon reaches down and grabs Melina by the head and
pulls her up until she's eyelevel with her stained strap on and simply
uttered one word.


Beth gripped onto a fistful of her dark hair, forcing her hesitant slave to
clean her ultimate weapon. She helped her along, once again using her mouth
as a cunt for her slut destroyer. Melina was gagging once again as her mouth
was assaulted and coated with the slime. She was taking notice of the
Goddess's power as she single-handedly reamed Melina up and down on the
large pole. Although, she was doing minimal work, Melina was breaking out
into a sweat from this second mouth ravaging she was receiving., while the
athletically-superior Beth felt no pain or exhaustion whatsoever as the time
ticked by.

Suddenly, she felt Melina begin to gag, she knew from her vast experience of
dominating females across the indy circuit what was bound to happen next.
She dangled Melina over a large, plastic bucket, with a firm grip as she
vomited her mess up. She dropped her on the cold floor as if she were
weightless. She looked up at the towering figure above her. She wasn't
expecting the knee which connected into her gut, sending a great shock of
pain throughout her body. She curled up into a ball, not wanting to be
attacked anymore, and began crying to herself.

Beth looked down at her, her steel blue eyes cold and unwavering, Melina
crawled slowly over to her with the last of her available strength towards
Beth. She clung to her leg finally acknowledging her submission as the first
official WWE slave to The Glamazon.

“I told you that you would fall, they all have before. Now, I'm not quite
done with you yet, I don't suppose you've ever gone down on a girl,

Melina timidly looked up at her dominator, shaking her head uneasily. Just
the thought of that putrid act made her almost vomit again. Beth grabbed her
by the hair once again.

“Well, I suppose it's time that you learn, you'll be performing this quite
often, whether it be on myself or another one of my whores for my personal

Beth removed her strap on and leather trousers, showing Melina her well-
built and muscular lower-body, with her free hand, she removed her panties
and then thrust Melina's face into her crotch.

Beth didn't shave her pussy because she enjoyed watching her slaves have to
fight their way through her blonde bush to pleasure her.

Melina let out a pitiful cry as she was smothered in Beth's wetness, The
Glamazon grinding her pussy into her slave's beautiful face, using it as a
fuck pad.

"Come on you pathetic slut!" Beth said coldly, twisting Melina's hair,
"Slide your whore tongue into me you worthless bitch!"

With a fresh load of tears running down her face Melina opened her mouth,
stuck out her tongue and licked a woman's pussy for the first time.

It didn't taste nearly as bad as Melina imagined... in fact it tasted kind
of... sweet... like honey...

Melina began to lap at Beth's cunt like a kitten with a saucer of milk, but
that wasn't enough for The Glamazon.

"More bitch!" Beth growled, continuing to use Melina's face as her own
personal fuck pad, "Get your tongue all the way inside me! Come on you lousy
cunt lapper! You do understand this is a privilege don't you? You're being
allowed the privilege of putting your unworthy whore tongue into my
beautiful cunt and worshipping me, your owner, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix."

Melina barely heard Beth's words she was so lost in eating her pussy. The
heavenly juice flowing from Beth's wet hole had clouded her mind until there
was nothing in her world except this ambrosia. Closing her mouth around the
hairy hole Melina began to try and drink all of the delicious pussy juice
but there was just too much of it and it slid all over her face and into her
hair. She wept fresh tears for the loss of her owner's precious liquid and
began to redouble her efforts, using her tongue to get more yummy juice by
touching every tiny corner of Beth's fuck hole, inside and out.

The Glamazon smiled to herself. Beth had learned a long time ago that her
pussy juice was addictive, especially to other women, and was one of her
many tools of enslaving women into her submissive little slaves. And now
Melina, like all of the other sluts she had enslaved over the years, was
hooked on her pussy juice and would do anything, no matter how degrading it
was just for the tiniest taste of her womanhood.

Beth allowed her new slave the privilege of eating her hairy cunt for some
time, holding off her orgasm with practised ease, until finally she came,
baptising the once feisty Latina as her slave with her cream.

It was a hard orgasm, but it more came from Beth's enjoyment of turning a
former women's champion into her rug munching slut than of Melina's pussy
eating skills which were average at best. The Glamazon should probably
enslave another WWE whore so that Melina could have some practice at eating
pussy before she allowed her the privilege of worshipping her again.

Beth watched in disgust as the once feisty Latina pressed herself deeper
into her hairy pussy, greedily swallowing The Glamazon's juices like the
desperate cum guzzling whore she truly was. The dominating blonde always
found it so pathetic watching a woman at this stage of their enslavement.
They would always expose themselves as the cum guzzling sluts they truly
were, hopelessly fighting to swallow all of her cream. Melina was no
different. The once proud, dominating wrestler was greedily slurping at her
centre, her face and hair drenched in her juice.

When she had finished The Glamazon pushed Melina away from her and put her
clothes back on.

Looking down at the cowering Melina with a cold stare the dominating blonde
said "Dress slut!"

Melina was quick to obey her conqueror, throwing her clothes back on without
taking a second to do anything to fix her self up. Once she was done she
timidly stood in front of The Glamazon, unable to meet the eye of the woman
who had so easily enslaved her.

"Listen very carefully to me slut. This is your one, and only chance to
escape. Walk out of that door right now and we'll pretend like this never
happened. I do not want a slut who does not understand that it is a
privilege to worship me. But if you're ready to accept your true place in
life then fall to your knees and kiss my feet as a sign of your submission
to me. However if you choose to kiss my feet now, there will be no going
back. You will be my slut for the rest of your pathetic existence." Beth
said coldly. She waited impatiently for Melina's answer as the once feisty
Latina stared at her like a deer caught in the headlights, "Well, what is
your decision whore?"

Melina stood there for a few long seconds before she fell to her knees and
began to worship Beth's feet, eager to prove her submission. Part of Melina
still hated herself for this act but after that wonderful fucking and the
heavenly taste of the blonde's juices she just couldn't help herself. She
knew in her heart that she was now Beth's slave and all she truly wanted was
to worship The Glamazon

Beth smiled to herself again. In truth she would probably have grabbed
Melina before she even reached the door and would have beaten her with in an
inch of her life before raping her again, but it seemed she had
overestimated the once feisty Latina. Then again she shouldn't really be
surprised. She had offered the same 'choice' to all the other women she had
enslaved and every single one of them had fallen to their knees before her.

Satisfied with her submission Beth kicked Melina away and said, "Gather up
my things and follow me to my car. When we get to my hotel room I may choose
to stretch you out for a while, if you are lucky."

With that The Glamazon left, leaving Melina to pick up Beth's belongings and
follow her new owner out of the locker room, hoping desperately that she was
going to be lucky.

To be continued...

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