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Worship The Glamazon Part 2
by MTL (

Growing up Jillian Hall had always wanted to be either a wrestler or a
singer. As an adult she decided why not do both.

She was currently alone in a recording studio trying to record some songs for
her future album. Jillian was very proud of herself. Most recording artists
needed certain technicians to tweak and modify their voices to make them
sound better than they actually were. However the owner of this establishment
had told her there was no way he could improve on her voice so he had left
her alone in this special soundproof studio which she was told was only
reserved for the truly great artists of our time. Jillian was a little unsure
why the greatest artists would choose to sing in such a small little room so
far away from the main studios, but she had been told artists came here so no
one would try and steal their songs so she decided that this was probably the
best place for her. After all she wasn't about to let some talentless pop
star steal her material.

Jillian was so wrapped up in her singing that she didn't hear the door
quietly open and a figure walk inside. She was quite startled when she heard
a slamming noise behind her.

Shrieking she turned around.

There before her stood The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

"Beth, what are you doing here? This is my private recording time?" Jillian

"I followed you here." The Glamazon said simply.

"Ok... why?" Jillian asked, "Oh, did you come to hear me sing?"

"No," Beth said, chuckling as she advanced towards the tone deaf songstress,
"Because I have decided to give you the honour of becoming my latest in a
long line of slaves."

Jillian stood there like a deer caught in the headlights as The Glamazon

"... Ha ha... that's so funny..." Jillian said nervously, "... I mean...
you're joking... right?"

Beth didn't stop until she had her face inches away from Jillian's, which
made the terrible singer even more nervous.

"You... you... you must be joking. You're incredibly funny Beth, has anyone
ever told you that? Now how about that song. How about this?" Jillian opened
her mouth to let out something which sounded like cats being strangled but
before she could even complete the first word she was punched roughly in the
throat by The Glamazon.

Clutching her throat Jillian made raspy choking noises, but Beth didn't care.
The Glamazon grabbed her fellow diva by the head, dragged her over to the
wall and slammed the poor hopeless songstress's head violently against it.
Jillian limply drop to the floor, still making muffle choking sounds, proving
she had not been knocked unconscious. Of course if Beth had been trying to
knock Jillian unconscious then she would now be unconscious. No, The Glamazon
had a far worse fate in store for her fellow diva.

Grabbing a nearby chair Beth placed it in the centre of the room before
dragging the limp Jillian over to the chair, sitting down on it and placing
her latest victim across her knee. The Glamazon roughly removed Jillian's
skirt and panties before beginning to savagely beat the busty blonde's
exposed butt cheeks, violently smacking them again and again with the full
force of her strength.

Jillian cried for help best she could however her throat was still sore from
the punch so it took a while for her cries to gain in volume however when
they did no one came and all that seemed to happen was that Beth's blows
somehow seemed to increase in both speed and viciousness.

After what felt like an eternity Beth finally said, "Count each blow, thank
me for each one and ask me nicely for the next. Once you have counted out 100
blows I will stop."

Even when she was talking The Glamazon never missed a beat, continuing to
ravage Jillian's now red swollen ass.

Jillian continued to cry desperately but she soon realised her only hope of
getting out of this was to do as Beth said.

So, her cheeks burning with shame, Jillian began to count, "Owww... one...
thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... two... thank you
Beth... may I please have another... owww... three... thank you Beth... may
I please have another... owww... four... thank you Beth... may I please have
another... owww... five... thank you Beth... may I please have another..."

The Glamazon took great sadistic pleasure in reducing another of the WWE
divas into a whimpering, sobbing wreck. She had watched with glee as the skin
of Jillian's butt cheeks had turned from normal to a light pink, to a dark
pink, to a light red, to a dark red, and now finally to a swollen, angry red.
Jillian's butt looked as if it was about to bleed and nothing would please
Beth more than to beat this wannabe diva and songstress to a bloody mess.

"Owww... forty eight... thank you Beth... may I please have another...
owww... forty nine... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww...
fifty... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... fifty one...
thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... fifty two... thank you
Beth... may I please have another..."

Jillian whimpered and cried at her humiliation. Here she was, a groan woman,
a grown woman who wrestled other women for a living no less, and she was bent
over another woman's knee getting spanked like a disobedient child. To make
matters even worse much to her shame she found her self becoming aroused.
Sexually aroused. From being spanked. By another woman. Oh God, what was
happening to her?

"Owww... ninety six... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww...
ninety seven... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... ninety
eight... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... ninety
nine... thank you Beth... may I please have another... owww... one hundred...
thank you Beth... may I please have another..."

Once she was finally done with her The Glamazon through the wannabe
songstress to the floor, stood up and walked over to her travelling bag,
stripping off her clothes as she went.

Reaching her bag Beth retrieved her favourite toy and strapped it around her
waist before approaching Jillian with an evil grin on her face.

Jillian was whimpering as she lay on the floor clutching her sore beaten
ass. She looked up to see The Glamazon approaching her, a huge 14 inch dildo
around her waist and Jillian froze with fear as she realised the true horror
of her situation.

Before the wannabe pop star could move Beth was on her, grabbing the back
of her head with a vise like grip in one hand and as the other pushed the
massive dildo to Jillian's lips.

For the first time in her life Jillian desperately tried to keep her mouth
shut, which only angered The Glamazon. Pressing the strap on forward Beth was
able to force Jillian's lips open but her latest victim clenched her teeth
shut so that even with all her strength The Glamazon could go no further.
Growling in frustration Beth let go of her strap on and viciously slapped
Jillian across the face not once, not twice, but ten times in a row.

"Open that mouth you tone deaf whore!" screamed The Glamazon, as she
viciously beats her prey.

Jillian whimpered and hesitantly opened her mouth. No sooner than she had
Beth's massive cock was inside her mouth, pushing its way down her throat.
She began to choke and desperately tried to prevent Beth from going any
further but it was no use, no matter what she did she couldn't prevent The
Glamazon from forcing that huge dildo down her gullet until the fake balls
came to rest against her chin.

Once her dildo was all the way inside Jillian's throat Beth took a moment to
savour the conquest of her fellow diva's oral orifice, before she began
thrusting her big woman cock in and out of Jillian's mouth, turning it into
a cunt. Beth just love to take pathetic little girls like Jillian and turn
them into what they were always meant to be, walking orifices for a dominant
Alpha female like The Glamazon.

Jillian did her best but the lack of oxygen made it very hard to fight and
ultimately she became as limp as a rag doll as Beth turned her face into a

The Glamazon used a firm grip on the back of Jillian's head to pull the poor
diva up and down her shaft as she used her powerful hips to fuck the cunt
formally known as Jillian's mouth until The Glamazon became bored and pushed
her fellow RAW diva down onto her hands and knees before getting behind her
and placing her strap on at the entrance to Jillian's pussy.

The poor excuse for a songstress whimpered but did nothing to try and
stop The Glamazon as she forced her way inside her. Jillian had never had
something that big inside her before but The Glamazon effortlessly tour
through her pussy until she was balls deep and then grabbed a firm hold of
Jillian's hips with both of her powerful hands before she started to fuck

The unfortunate diva had never had anything nearly as big inside her before
and she was given no chance to get used to it.

Jillian tried to scream as her poor stretched pussy was brutalised, but her
raped mouth had been abused so much that all that came out was low garbled
sounds and whimpers. The wannabe pop singer then remembered that she was in
a soundproof studio so even if she could scream no one would hear her. So,
even though The Glamazon scared her, Jillian made a valiant effort to prevent
her rape which would ultimately be in vain.

She made a desperate attempt to reach back and hit Beth but this only angered
The Glamazon and she grabbed her fellow diva by the head and slammed her face
first down onto the floor, almost knocking the 'singer' out. Jillian grabbed
hold of her head and whimpered in pain, but her ordeal wasn't over.

Angered at Jillian's defiance The Glamazon viciously slapped her fellow diva
around, mostly concentrated on hitting her victims head as she continued to
rape her, never missing a stroke. The Glamazon couldn't stand it when a
stupid whore like Jillian didn't know their proper place. Luckily for the
stupid whore her new owner The Glamazon Beth Phoenix was going to put her in
her proper place.

When Jillian was just lying there whimpering in defeat The Glamazon finally
stop beating her and started to savagely fuck Jillian's pussy even harder
than before.

The brutal fucking had hurt at first, but eventually Jillian's pussy relaxed
around the huge invader and, much to her distress, the wannabe pop star began
to enjoy herself. Beth was fucking her better than any man and the busty
blonde couldn't deny that she was now loving that huge strap on cock pounding
away at her, but Beth was a girl, and she didn't like girls... did she? From
the way her pussy was reacting Jillian thought she might be bisexual or
something but decided to dismiss the idea, telling herself desperately that
she was only enjoying this because it was a cock fucking her, and she was
just a slut for cock. It was cock she wanted, not pussy.

While Jillian was in mental torment Beth was in mental heaven. The Glamazon
loved fucking weak little girls like Jillian and turning them into her sluts,
and that's exactly what Jillian was to her now, her slut, an orifice to be
used for her pleasure, just like all of these other weak little girls would
soon be.

Jillian desperately tried to stop herself from cumming, not wanting to give
Beth the satisfaction of fucking her to orgasm, but The Glamazon gave her no
choice. Her fellow diva was just fucking her so wonderfully hard and before
she knew it her pussy clamped down on the huge fake phallus and she came, her
body shaking violently.

At the exact same time The Glamazon squeeze the fake balls on her dildo to
shoot her cum deep inside her new bitch's cunt marking her fellow diva's
pussy as her property.

As Jillian whimpered as she tried to recover from her orgasm, her pussy
filling with some unknown liquid, Beth grabbed her hair and pulled her
upright. As she did so Beth pulled out of her and brought Jillian's face
so she was level with the dildo.

"I thought you said you didn't like girls!" Beth said cruelly as she made
Jillian look at the dildo she had just creamed all over.

Beth waited for an answer but all Jillian did was cry and whimper

"Just as I thought," said Beth, slapping the juice covered strap on in
Jillian's face, "Your just another fucking closet case lesbo slut weighting
for a real woman to put you in your place!"

Jillian couldn't possibly argue. She had just had the most powerful orgasm of
her life at the hands of The Glamazon, and right now she just wanted to crawl
up into a ball and die of shame.

But Beth wasn't finished with her.

Throwing the pathetic girl to the floor The Glamazon kneeled behind her
latest conquest and pulled her into the doggy style position again. Beth then
placed the head of her strap on against Jillian's virgin back door, pressed
forward and made a real conquest out of the wannabe songstress.

Jillian's eyes went wide and she tried to fight it but it was too late.

The Glamazon tore through her virgin ass hole and forced her huge dildo into
her bowels.

Jillian screamed hysterically, or screamed as best she could given her recent
throat fucking, and desperately tried to knock Beth off her but The Glamazon
just swatted her offence away as if she were a fly.

The tone deaf singer tried to clamp down with her ass muscles on the huge
invading dildo, but it was no use, Beth was just too strong. The wannabe
popstar's ass muscles couldn't even slow The Glamazon down as she forced her
slave maker through Jillian's poop shoot with vicious ease, not stopping for
a moment until she was balls deep inside Jillian's formally unviolated pooper
as the terrible singer screamed in agony.

The screams were not as loud as they could be due to the fact that Jillian's
throat was still damaged from the fucking it had received at the hands of The
Glamazon, although much to Beth's amusement Jillian even screamed off key.
Not that it mattered, because to Beth her latest conquest's screams were the
sweetest music the pop star wannabe had ever made.

After she was balls deep inside Jillian's rectum Beth grabbed the fallen
diva's hips tightly and began to viciously sodomise the unfortunate blonde,
slamming her shitter with all of her might.

Jillian continued to weep hysterically and still occasionally tried to reach
back and knock Beth off but her strength was draining from her. Beth was
literally butt fucking the fight from her, but she just couldn't give up, she
had to try and do something to stop this domineering woman from raping her

Using every ounce of her last available energy Jillian clamped down on the
huge dildo that was tearing through her shit hole, desperately trying to stop
the brutal sodomy, but it was all to no avail.

With one mighty thrust The Glamazon tore through Jillian's pathetic attempt
to prevent her anal rape, causing the weaker woman tremendous pain as her
rectum was ripped open for The Glamazon's pleasure.

The pain in her ass was unbearable and ultimately Jillian had to do the only
thing she possibly could do in that situation, give up and try and make it
easier on herself. Still sobbing uncontrollably Jillian relaxed the muscles
inside her anus and allowed her body to go limp as The Glamazon used her shit
hole for her own personal amusement.

Jillian just lay there, squirming in pain as Beth brutally buggered her,
completely surrendering herself to The Glamazon.

Beth smiled to herself evilly as she turned another pathetic girl into her
bitch, a slave whose purpose would be to kneel before her and worship her as
she should be worshipped. Soon Jillian Hall would kneel before her and beg
her for the privilege of worshipping her, just like all the other WWE sluts.
But for now The Glamazon was quite content to enjoy her latest conquest's ass

Beth just loved tearing open another woman's ass hole and using it for her
pleasure. She loved the way they squirmed and cried underneath her as she
brutally raped them in a hole which they would normally never allow a man
inside. She loved feeling them slowly submit to her as the pain became too
much and they accepted the inevitable. And she loved the moment they started
to enjoy it and gave up their dignity just for the chance to be a cock
depository for the Glamazon. And what better way to put a bitch in her place
than to turn her shit pipe into a cock depository. A cock depository for The
Glamazon's mighty weapon of diva destruction.

Jillian felt an incredible cramping sensation inside her bowels which only
increased as the merciless sodomy continued, however the blonde bombshell
dared not try to prevent it, because the only way she could possibly do that
was to clamp down on the dildo again and her body was too sore inside and out
to try anything so drastic as to offer The Glamazon any kind of resistance at
this stage.

So Jillian just lay there crying as the horrible cramping feeling increased
until finally a loud, nasty, belch sounding fart blasted from inside her ass
hole. Not long afterwards another even louder, nastier, and even more belch
like sounding fart erupted from Jillian's rectum, which was followed shortly
by another, and another, and another. The sound of relentless farting filled
the room, almost drowning out the moans and groans of horrible pain and
shameful pleasure coming from Jillian as she suffered through a fate which
all of her fellow divas would soon suffer, a hard, brutal butt fucking at the
hands of The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

Fresh tears of shame ran down Jillian's cheeks in realisation what was
happening to her. Beth was literally destroying her ass. Her tormentor was
ruining her, ruining her ass. After this agonising anal violation her ass
would never be the same again. She would be lucky if she ever stopped
farting. Hell, she would be lucky if she could ever even sit down again
after this anal abuse.

Thoughts of sitting down and her ruined ass became a distant memory as the
final relaxation of her ass to this level allowed the pleasure that had been
constantly rising from Jillian's colon to suddenly start sliding through her
body, attacking her with wave after wave of the weirdest pleasure Jillian had
ever experienced before the anally raped blonde's eyes rolled in the back of
her head and she experienced the holy Grail of orgasms.

This orgasm was even more powerful than when Beth had fucked her pussy,
and it was followed by an equally powerful orgasm right after it, and then
another, and another, and another. Her anal orgasms made Jillian melt, her
body becoming completely limp as a overwhelming feeling of blissful
submission filled her. She was cumming almost as much as she was farting,
not that she cared. She was happy to give up control of her bodily functions,
and any other control The Glamazon wanted her to give up if it meant she
could continue to be Beth's little anal slave.

In fact in that moment the only thing Jillian wanted in life was to be Beth's
little anal slave, bending over for her mistress and spreading her ass cheeks
for her ass ruining dildo whenever the superior woman wanted. Jillian was a
broken woman, lost in the pleasure of anal sex which had been forced upon her
by her new owner, the woman who had conquered her, the woman who had easily
enslaved her, the woman she would happily worship from now on, The Glamazon
Beth Phoenix.

As for The Glamazon herself she was finally allowing the orgasm she had been
holding back for some time to wash over her, but never allowing it to make
her miss a stroke inside her new slave's ruined shit hole. Her orgasm was
hard, and it came as much from butt fucking yet another wannabe women's
wrestler into submission as much as it came from the clit stimulator inside
the dildo.

As her orgasm peaked Beth reached down to squeeze the balls of her dildo,
squirting her girl cum through the strap on and into the depths of Jillian's
bowels, giving the blonde diva the ultimate mark of ownership. Beth now owned
Jillian's ass hole, and she owned her pussy and her other pussy otherwise
known as her mouth. The Glamazon owned Jillian just like she would soon own
every other single diva in the WWE when she turned them into her slaves.

Once every drop of her cum had been squirted into Jillian's shit shoot Beth
roughly pulled her dildo out and surveys the fucked up mass that was formerly
known as Jillian's ass. Beth loved looking at a woman's ass after she had
violated it, to look at the swollen red flesh which would perhaps never
return to its original colour after the beating it had taken from her hand
during the spanking and thighs during the fucking and the sight of her
victim's ass hole gaping widely, her cum blasting out as the poor diva's
ruined rectum continued to let out disgusting belch fart after disgusting
belch fart as a sign to The Glamazon that she could add this woman to her
collection of conquered females.

Looking down in disgust at her dark brown stain strap on Beth knew it was
time for her favourite toy to be cleaned, and she knew just how to clean it.

Grabbing Jillian by the hair Beth brought her face level with her soiled
strap on and said something the wannabe singer rarely ever heard, "Open your
mouth you tone deaf bitch."

Despite being blonde Jillian wasn't stupid and knew exactly what fate was
about to befall her but all the fight had been drained from her body and all
that was left of her was a poor shell of a woman who obeyed Beth's command if
nothing else but for fear of another beating. Fresh tears slid down Jillian's
cheeks as Beth did exactly what she expected her to do and shove the gigantic
strap on fresh from her ass into her mouth.

A sadistic smile covered Beth's face as her stained strap on hit the back of
Jillian's throat before it began to slide down the conquered diva's throat
until Beth's fake balls came to rest against her chin announcing once again
every single inch of the Glamazon's 14 inch strap on had been forced into
Jillian's throat. The incoherence sounds coming from Jillian's throat was
music to Beth's ears as the Glamazon took a strong grasp of Jillian's head
in both hands to make sure her new bitch wasn't going anywhere before she
began to use her powerful hips to slam her strap on in and out of Jillian's
throat, once again turning her fellow diva into a face pussy.

The Glamazon continued to rape Jillian's mouth for quite a long time,
forcing her new slave to clean her own ass juice off the dildo until finally
she heard Jillian begin to violently gag. Beth still continued the throat
fucking, her vast experience conquering other women telling her exactly when
the right time was to pull out and shove Jillian face first into a nearby
plastic trash bin.

Literally the second she went face first into the trash Jillian began to
puke, throwing up more than she ever had before in her entire life, as Beth
merely unstrapped her dildo before replacing it back in her bag, not even
pretending to care about her new bitch's suffering.

When she was finally done being sick Jillian removed her head from the trash
only to see her tormentor standing over her, looking at her like she was the
trash she had just crawled out from.

"Ever eaten pussy before slut?" Beth asked her prey.

Jillian slowly shook her head meekly, her eyes drawn to the lower half of the
Glamazon's body which was now exposed, her cunt barely visible under a thick
patch of fur.

"Well it's about time you learnt, seeing as how you will be doing this a lot
from now on!" Beth said as she grabbed Jillian by the back of her head and
shoved her face first into her hairy cunt.

Jillian spluttered in a brief moment of protest but the fingernails that dug
into the back of her head quickly reminded her of her place and she opened
her mouth and closed it around Beth's pussy before sliding her tongue over it
for her first lick of pussy.

Jillian had never really imagined what it would be like to go down on
another woman, and hadn't given much thought to how a pussy would taste, but
as Beth's flavour hit her taste buds the tone deaf diva was surprised to find
she quite liked the taste. In fact she loved the taste. This stuff was
delicious and Jillian found she just couldn't get enough.

Within moments of having her face forced into Beth's cunt Jillian began
worshipping the Glamazon's hot box like her life depended on it, slamming her
tongue in and out of her new mistress as she sucked hungrily at the hairy
pussy in front of her.

Not satisfied with Jillian's amateurish cunt lapping skills Beth grabbed the
back of Jillian's head with both hands so she could begin fucking her fellow
blonde's face again, this time with her cunt instead of a fake cock, the
whole time giving Jillian tender words of encouragement.

"Come on you tone deaf bitch, eat my cunt!" The Glamazon snarled as she
continued to fuck Jillian's face, "Proved to me that mouth is good for
something other than being a cunt for my cock! You better get any idea
about being a pop star out of your head this instant because what you are
now is my personal pussy licker, my personal cunt eater, my personal muff
diver, my personal rug muncher, my personal whore, my personal bitch, my
personal slave!"

Her 'pop career' was the furthest thing from Jillian's mind right now because
she had just discovered heaven on earth between Beth's thighs. The Glamazon's
cunt juice was the most delicious thing Jillian had ever tasted and she just
couldn't get enough. Every time Beth thrust her hips forwards Jillian would
happily try and push herself forwards to meet the thrusting pussy, as best
she could with her head in the tight grasp of the athletically-superior
woman, in an attempt to get her tongue deeper into that heavenly hole
containing all those yummy juices.

Beth smiled to herself as yet another closet case dyke exposed herself for
the cunt craver she truly was while going down on her. It never ceased to
amaze her just how many disgusting cunt lappers there truly were in the
world, just waiting to be put in their proper place, on their knees
worshipping a real woman like her, The Glamazon Beth Phoenix.

The Glamazon enjoyed the sight of another muff diving slut desperately
sucking at her hairy pussy for a while, holding off her orgasm with practice
ease, until finally allowing herself to cum, showering the weaker blonde with
her pussy juices.

Beth continued to smile to herself as she covered the latest slave to add to
her collection's face in cunt cream, enjoying another hard orgasm brought on
partly by her cunt licker in training and partly by the fact that she had
turned another female wrestler into her subservient bitch.

As she slowly came down from her peak Beth watched in revulsion as Jillian
completely debased herself, pressing herself deeper into her pussy, shameless
sounds of slurping and swallowing echoing around the room as the now
completely cunt hungry diva did her best to devour everything The Glamazon
had to offer. In that moment Jillian exposed herself for the cum guzzling
slut she truly was, and it disgusted the Glamazon to no end.

After her orgasm was over Beth gave Jillian a few extra seconds to clean her
cunt before pushing the fallen diva away before reaching for her clothes.

Looking back at Jillian with a cold stare Beth said, "Get dressed slut!"

Jillian hurriedly obeyed her tormentor, dressing herself as fast as she could
considering her body was aching from its abuse. Beth was dressed first and
watched in amusement as her new slut stumbled to get dressed before turning
to The Glamazon for her next command.

"Listen very carefully to me you tone deaf bitch. I'm going to give you the
same choice I gave your little friend Melina. Walk out that door right now
and you're a free woman. I will not stop you however if you choose to leave
you shall never know the joy of my woman cock inside your worthless holes
again. Only slaves that understand their true place in life deserve the
honour of worshipping me and I have no place for an ungrateful little tone
deaf bitch who doesn't understand what a privilege it is to kneel before me.
However if you're ready to accept your place then fall to your knees and kiss
my feet as a sign of your submission. But know this, if you choose to kiss my
feet I will own you for the rest of your pathetic existence." Beth said,
staring a hole through Jillian, "And just in case you're curious, your little
friend Melina fell to her knees before me and worshipped my feet. She's back
in my hotel room right now, patiently waiting her owner's arrival like the
good little bitch I turned her into."

Jillian couldn't believe her ears. Beth had enslaved Melina. Melina was
always so strong, both physically and mentally. What hope did she have
against Beth if The Glamazon could enslave Melina? But did she want hope?
Did she want to escape?

"Hurry up whore!" Beth growled, "I have at least one slave to discipline
tonight, so make your choice, or I'll make it for you!"

Jillian stood there for another few moments, her brain still trying to
comprehend everything, before she ultimately fell to her knees and began
covering Beth's feet in kisses. The now broken blonde just couldn't help
herself. After that amazing fucking she just couldn't bear the thought of
living the rest of her life with out the taste of The Glamazon's pussy or
her new owner's big bitch making woman cock stretching her holes. She knew
that Beth had broken her and now she was nothing more than this superior
woman's slave. All Jillian wanted to do now was devote her life completely
to her new owner, to worship her the way she should be worshipped, to
worship The Glamazon.

Beth revelled in Jillian's submission, please to know that she had
successfully broken another pathetic wannabe female wrestler and had turned
her into just another one of her willing slaves, ready to obey her every

After allowing Jillian to worship her feet for a few minutes The Glamazon
kicked her new slave away and said, "Pick up my things and follow me to my
car. When we get back to my hotel room I'm going to beat you and that
pathetic little bitch Melina within an inch of your lives and then I'm going
to have you eat each other's pussys until I'm convinced your cunt lapping
tongues are well practised enough for my pussy. Who knows, maybe your tongue
will actually be able to give me pleasure then. God knows we need to find
something useful you can do with that mouth of yours you tone deaf slut!"

The Glamazon then left, leaving Jillian to gather up their bags and carry
them. As she followed her new owner to her car Jillian hoped against hope
that she would be trained to become a good little cunt lapper so that she
could please the woman who had so easily enslaved her with her mouth.

To be continued...

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