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Worship The Glamazon Part 3
by MTL (

Candice Michelle opened her eyes slowly.

The last thing she could remember was getting her ass kicked by Beth Phoenix
and having to be helped to the back after being completely dominated by The
Glamazon. Little did she know her night of being dominated by The Glamazon
was not over.

The first thing Candice realised when she finally came to her senses was that
she couldn't move a muscle. Her arms were tied securely over her head to some
kind of metal pipe that ran along the ceiling and her legs were separated by
a spreader bar which in turn was nailed to the floor.

The second thing she noticed was that she was in some large dark, dank room
which she guessed to be the arena's basement.

The third thing she noticed was that she wasn't alone.

Standing there before her was the new WWE women's champion The Glamazon Beth
Phoenix who was standing before her helpless body with a cold stare in her
eyes and two menacing objects in her hands.

Candice tried to scream but there was some kind of gag in her mouth
preventing anything more than a muffled cry to come out of her mouth.

It wouldn't have mattered even if Candice had been screaming with all her
might, they were too far away from the main roster to be heard. In fact the
only reason Beth had ball gagged Candice was because she thought the gag
looked pretty on her. Well that and Candice was so annoying Beth honestly
didn't know how much she could stand to hear of the worthless woman.

In truth Candice was barely worth Beth's time. The over pushed playboy girl
was an embarrassment to the women's division, to the WWE, and even to
wrestling in general and there could be no doubt that Candice was inferior to
Beth in every conceivable way, but the worthless piece of eye candy had
pissed off The Glamazon.

In reality it was not all Candice's fault. It was WWE management who had made
the mind bogglingly stupid error of pushing Candice as a wrestler, going so
far as to even put the title belt on such a talentless waste of space and
thereby destroying all the credibility to not just the women's title but the
women's division itself. However as far as Beth was concerned Candice should
have accepted the fact that she would never be more than eye candy and tell
WWE management the truth, that she was not worthy of being pushed in such a

However Candice had not done that, no, the playboy cover girl had ruined the
women's division and had done so with a smile on her face. She had happily
received her undeserved push while The Glamazon had been forced to watch from
OVW as an inferior woman destroyed the credibility of something she herself
long to hold. And now finally Beth was going to bring this poor excuse for a
diva to her knees were she belonged. She was going to give Candice the
punishment she had coming to her.

Beth watched with indifference as Candice screamed herself hoarse, waiting
for the bimbo to finally stopped screaming and when she did so she walked
over to the defenceless diva and leaned in so her mouth was directly in front
of Candice's ear.

"Listen very carefully to me you pathetic piece of trash, because it's your
lucky day," Beth said coldly, "I am willing to look past the fact that you're
completely useless and allow you the privilege of becoming my latest slave.
You should be honoured. A worthless slut like you doesn't deserve it, but
throwing you around with ease in the ring has got me all hot and this way I
can finally give you the punishment you've had coming to you for months.
Let's face it Candice, you're a fucking disgrace and have brought shame to
the entire wrestling industry. But don't worry though, because after I'm done
with you, you'll never be in a position to embarrass the WWE again."

And with that Beth stood back, and began walking around Candice's bound body,
sliding her instruments of diva destruction over her helpless victim, unable
to stop an evil smirk crossing her face as her soon to be latest conquest
whimpered pathetically.

In Beth's left hand The Glamazon held a long taser which had many different
power settings. None of the settings were fatal, but if used correctly Beth
could do a lot of damage with the little weapon. However The Glamazon was
more interested in randomly shocking her new bitch, constantly turning the
power settings up and down so she was never giving Candice the same amount of
voltage in the same place.

As she randomly shocked the weeping brunette Beth used the other instrument
in her right hand to further torment the bound diva. The instrument in
question was a long cat o'nine tails, which Beth brought down again, and
again, and again on Candice's flesh, concentrating mostly on her boobs, butt
and pussy, but also making sure to get plenty of blows on Candice's back,
stomach, legs, arms, and occasionally even her face.

Normally when conquering a bitch Beth would spank her latest conquest 100
times or so but after Candice's murdering of the women's division The
Glamazon was more than prepared to beat Candice's flesh until the playboy
girl's flesh tour from her bones and she was an unrecognisable wreck.

Candice continued to scream hysterically into her gag as she was shocked and
whipped at random, the strikes and electrocutions covering her body. The pain
was excruciating, worse than any she had ever felt before and she didn't know
if she could stand it. She tried to beg Beth to stop but either The Glamazon
did not understand her muffled cries or was deliberately ignoring them.
Either way it left Candice screaming in the hopes that someone would hear her
muffled cries, but now matter how hard she wailed nobody came to save her.

Eventually the cover girl screamed herself hoarse and was left just
whimpering pathetically as her flesh was bruised and battered beyond

Beth considered permanently disfiguring Candice to the point were the WWE
would never be willing to push her again, however that could cause some
people to ask questions and The Glamazon knew it was much more effective to
emotionally damage a bitch like Candice than to do so physically.

So, after Candice's flesh had been beaten red and she had electrocuted her a
dozen times Beth finally relented and return to her bag, fetching her
favourite weapon of diva destruction.

Once it was securely in place around her waist Beth returned to the bound
body of the pathetic woman she was going to break, her massive 14 inch strap
on dildo bobbing slightly as she walked.

When she was almost there Beth stopped and frowned.

Focusing on Candice's pussy The Glamazon saw something she hadn't been
expecting to see, moisture, and lots of it.

Striding over to her soon-to-be bitch Beth unceremoniously shoved two dry
fingers into Candice's cunt, The Glamazon disappointed by what she found

"You revolting whore!" Beth said with disgust in her voice, "Your pussy is
soaking wet from being beaten, and I haven't even broken you yet, so your
enjoyment is not from pleasing me, as it should be, but instead you like
being beaten like the worthless piece of shit you are! You disgust me. And
your pussy is so loose... can you even feel my fingers inside you? Or are you
just such a whore your pussy is numb to being fucked?"

With the ball gag still firmly in her mouth all Candice could do was whimper
and moan as Beth roughly twisted her fingers inside her in between lazy
thrusts into her cunt.

"What if I added another finger? Would you feel it then whore? No, how about
another? My thumb? How about I shove my fist up your cunt bitch!" Beth

As she was describing it Beth shoved another finger, then another, and then
her thumb into Candice's pussy and the only reaction The Glamazon received
was more moaning and whimpering, which did not satisfy the dominating blonde.

At the threat of having an entire fist shoved up her Candice finally gave the
kind of reaction Beth had been looking for, that being please and begs for
mercy, not that The Glamazon was interested in showing any.

"Finally getting a reaction out of your whore ass... good, then this will
really make you scream!" Beth said, shoving her entire fist into Candice's
cunt in one brutal thrust.

Candice screamed in terror as she felt Beth's knuckles forcing her pussy lips
to stretch wider than they'd ever been stretched before, and then wailed in
pain as those knuckles forced their way through the lips of her cunt and deep
inside her love tunnel, the rest of Beth's fist quickly following until the
brunette's pussy lips were wrapped around The Glamazon's wrist.

"Hm, seems I was right about you Candice, you're nothing but a total fucking
whore!" Beth said as she lazily began pushing her fist deeper into the other
diva's love hole, "You must have fucked everybody in the WWE to get this
loose... which explains why you were given a title opportunity."

Candice whimpered in response, but she couldn't deny it.

She was a total cock slut who had fucked her way into the WWE and had only
remained there for so long because she knew when to lay back and spread her

Still, almost all the sex Candice had had in the WWE had been very vanilla.
She had certainly never had to suffer anything like this before.

"Do you deny it?" Beth asked, spanking Candice's brutalised ass with her free
hand, waking the brunette from her thoughts.

The whimpering and bound diva shook her head pitifully, unable to deny the
truth and hoping The Glamazon would be merciful if she cooperated.

"Good, I hate it when whores lie." Beth said, before turning her attention to
the other diva's cunt, "Let's see how much you've been stretched out by being
such a whore!"

With that Beth began slowly shoving her fist deeper into Candice's cunt,
moving her hand in and out at a steady pace at first, going deeper with every
stroke until she was banging against the pathetic woman's womb, half of her
strong arm being plunged into the depths of the loose hole which was
Candice's pussy.

In all fairness to the bitch her hole was nice and tight around Beth's fist
and arm, but The Glamazon doubted the strap on around her waist would do much
damage to such a whoreish hole. So Beth decided to save the dildo around her
waist for the other woman's ass hole, and concentrated on giving her new
bitch's cunt the fisting of a lifetime.

Kneeling on the floor The Glamazon carefully balanced herself so she could
have as much leverage as possible to thrust her fist and arm into her whore's
pussy before she began increasing the pace, her arm moving in and out of that
stretched wide hole until it became a blur, the worthless slut on the
receiving end of the pounding screaming hysterically into her gag which was
music to Beth's ears.

The Glamazon so loved to ruin a whore like this. To rip a hole on one of
their worthless bodies to shreds and leave them as total messes was what Beth
practically lived for. Other than defeating a bitch in the ring this was the
most dominating Beth felt, when she was ruining a hole, and she was
definitely ruining this one.

Candace's cunt was stretched brutally wide to receive The Glamazon's strong,
muscular arm in and out of it, Beth practically turning the other diva into
her hand puppet.

What made it even better was just how wet the whore was.

Beth may have pretended to be disgusted by Candice's reaction to the whipping
but the truth was she was happy, it would mean Candice would be an easy
conquest, just as The Glamazon had expected she would. The fact that now the
disgusting tramp was getting off from being fisted so brutally was just
another sign that Beth was moments away from owning another one of the so-
called divas.

While Beth may have been pretending to be disgusted with her latest conquest
Candice was disgusted with herself.

Being with a woman was nothing new for Candice, she had always liked rough
sex and had always been sexually adventurous but this was an entirely new low
for her.

She was being raped by another woman and enjoying it.

Beth had brutally assaulted her after their match, KO'ed her, tied her up and
beaten her viciously and Candice had enjoyed it. Not the getting her ass
kicked part, but being helpless as Beth had beaten her, that had turned her

Candice had always enjoyed a gentle spanking but Beth had brutalised her ass
until it felt like her backside was bleeding, which could be the case for all
Candice knew.

After that brutal assault Candice should have been disgusted when Beth began
touching her, but her natural reactions had kicked in and she had began to
grow even more wet as the other woman added finger after finger into her
horny cunt until the menacing blonde had forced her fist and then just over a
quarter of her arm into Candice's brutalised pussy. Even when her cunt had
been invaded by something so big the pain of being stretch wider than ever
before slowly faded as the pleasure of having something so big pounding her
pussy began to wear down Candice's defensive until inevitably she gave in.

It was obvious she was in no position to stop The Glamazon from having her
way with her and since pain was giving way to pleasure Candice saw no reason
left to fight and submitted herself to Beth's stronger will, her body now
nothing but a fuck toy to a athletically superior woman.

Whether she sensed Candice's submission or simply was bored of fist fucking
her cunt Beth increased the speed and power behind her thrusts, practically
punching the inside of the other woman's pussy until the poor helpless bitch
came all over the hand moving inside her.

For what felt like the millionth time Candice screamed into her ball gag,
only this scream was one of pure pleasure as her pussy clamped down on Beth's
fist and her eyes rolled in the back of her head as she climaxed. It was
easily one of the most powerful orgasms of the brunette's life and even if
her cunt was stretched out and useless after this the slutty WWE diva
couldn't help think that maybe it would be worth it.

Beth liked the feeling of dominance she got from making a bitch cream herself
so hard, but it revolted her that her hand was in the whore's cunt when it
happened. As a result of this the quite possibly disease ridden juice of this
pathetic woman drenched her hand and part of her arm, even more of the
disgusting stuff oozing down the rest of her arm.

Without bothering to fuck the bitch into multiple orgasms as she would have
done with her strap on Beth pulled her fist out of Candice's whore cunt after
her latest conquest's first climax to see the damage the slut had done to her
beautiful arm, her impressive biceps covered in a thick layer of disgusting
whore cream.

"Clean bitch!" Beth commanded, turning to her conquered slut kneeling in the
corner and holding out her juice drenched hand and arm.

Without uttering a word the formerly cocky and arrogant Melina Perez
submissively got off her knees and cautiously walked over to The Glamazon,
being careful not to look directly into the eyes of the woman who had
conquered her.

One of the many new instructions Melina had to follow was not to look her
Mistress directly in the eye unless given permission to as to even gaze upon
The Glamazon was an honour that a lowly slave like Melina didn't deserve.

And there was no denying it, Melina was Beth's slave.

Melina had tried to resist at first but Beth was just too strong, too
powerful, and The Glamazon had broken her.

Beth had even strapped a collar around Melina's neck with a tag that read
'property of The Glamazon Beth Phoenix' at the completion of the once feisty
Latina's training, a collar Melina now had to wear whenever she was being
used by her owner.

Right now the collar was the only item of clothing on her body, unless you
could count the 6 inch butt plug firmly stuffed up Melina's rear to keep her
ass hole nice and loose for whenever Beth next decided to use that hole for
her pleasure, which if history had taught her anything would be very soon.

Melina's ass hole clenched painfully around the toy inside it as she briefly
thought of all the many, many butt fuckings she had endured from her new
Mistress before Melina put such thoughts out of her mind, partly to save her
already sore back door from clenching on the plug any more as the last thing
her shit pipe needed was another workout, but partly because she was minutes
away from reaching her destination and did not want to anger her owner by
seeming distracted.

Once she was standing before her conqueror Melina began to clean her owner's
hand and arm, first taking each of Beth's fingers into her mouth to worship
them like a cock, then running her tongue all over the rest of Beth's hand
and up The Glamazon's strong, muscular arm until every bit of Candice's cream
was gone.

Throughout the cleaning Melina stayed as quiet as possible as not to anger
her Mistress in case the superior woman decided to give her a taste of that
menacing whip.

While there were elements of her enslavement Melina enjoyed the once feisty
Latina hated the nearly constant disciplining she received from fucking up in
one way or another and was desperate to try and minimise the amount of
beatings she received a day.

It was a hard thing to achieve, especially in this situation were several
times Melina had to stop herself from moaning as she tasted another woman on
her Mistress's flesh.

Melina had quickly learned to love the taste of pussy through Beth's strict
slave training, and while she had enjoyed better even this little taste was
enough to awaken her newly found rug munching desires.

The new WWE women's champion's face crinkled in disgust as she watched her
well-trained bitch stifling her moans as she ate pussy juice from her hand
and arm, the once proud Melina now nothing more than a pathetic little carpet

It was pitiful to see how far Melina had fallen, but then again Beth had
known from the moment she met Melina that this woman was nothing more than a
pretender, someone who deluded themselves into thinking they were a dominant
force, but when met with a truly dominant force like The Glamazon they broke
like fragile China dolls and were revealed for what they truly were,
submissive bitches waiting for a truly dominant force to enslave them.

This was what Melina was for. Her purpose in life was to be The Glamazon's
bitch and worship at her feet.

Still, it was disgusting to think of what a pussy muncher this once dignified
woman had become.

No matter, The Glamazon had found this pathetic but true version of Melina
far more useful than the stuck up old one and had taken much pleasure from
using this bitch's body. Beth would use it some more tonight, but right now
she was going to use it to prove a point.

With her hand and arm clean Beth walked around so that she was in front of
Candice and addressed her soon to be slave.

"Consider yourself lucky whore, I could shove this up your ass dry, but
instead I will lube my dick while showing you what you shall inevitably
become." Beth said, before turning to her broken bitch, "Melina, kneel before
your Mistress and suck her cock!"

Candice's eyes widened at the sight of the monster strapped around Beth's
waist and her eyes grew even wider at the threat of her ass having to take
such a huge thing, and wider still when she heard Melina's name being

Surely Beth couldn't be referring to the bitchy Melina Perez, could she?

To Candice's amazement the bitchy Melina Perez slowly walked in front of her
wearing only a collar around her neck before falling to her knees in front of
The Glamazon and swallowing the massive dildo round the commanding blonde's
waist in nearly one gulp.

Within seconds of getting that monster into her mouth Melina's lips wrapped
around the base of the shaft, the entire 14 inches buried with in her throat,
the obviously very practised cock sucker somehow staying there slurping on
Beth's fake cock for a few long moments before coming up for air. After only
a few breaths Melina started to bob her head up and down on the strap on,
taking it all the way into her throat on every downward bob before pulling
back to the tip and repeating the process.

Candice couldn't believe this. What the hell happened to Melina? Or perhaps
the question was, what the hell did Beth do to Melina?

If The Glamazon could break the proud Melina Perez and turn her into her
bitch what chance did Candice have?

Had Melina been asked that question she would have said Candice had no chance
in hell.

The Glamazon was just too strong, too powerful, too dominating. She had
easily overpowered Melina, broken her and turned her into her bitch.

That was all the broken diva was now, Beth's bitch.

Melina was so broken that she actually took pleasure from pleasing her
Mistress. It wasn't just that she was trying to avoid a beating, Melina
genuinely wanted to make Beth happy, to make her owner proud of her.

Part of Melina was sickened at herself for submitting to this dominating
woman but another part of her enjoyed it.

Of course, every part of her knew she didn't have a choice in the matter. If
she tried to rebel The Glamazon would beat the hell out of her and then rape
her into submission, leaving Melina right back where she started.

Resistance was hopeless, and since she was beginning to actually enjoy
submitting to The Glamazon Melina devoted herself to the task of sucking
Beth's strap on cock completely, giving it the wettest, sloppiest blow job

Melina sucked Beth's fake dick with an enthusiasm she had never expressed
while sucking on a real cock, deep throating the monster shaft on every bob
of her head.

As Melina's head slid up and down on her strap on Beth's eyes went back and
forth between looking at her bitch Melina obediently kneeling in front of her
sucking on her cock to her soon to be slave Candice who was watching the blow
job with a terrified look on her face, no doubt intimidated by The Glamazon's

Wanting to really show Candice what she could do, and just how broken Melina
was, Beth took a firm grip of her Latina whore's head and began thrusting her
hips back and forth so that her pelvis was banging against Melina's face and
her strap on was slamming in and out of her slave's throat.

Even after all her training Melina choked and gagged on the throat invader at
first, but after a few moments desperately trying to relax her windpipe the
once defiant Latina's mouth became used to being used as a cunt.

Beth was furious with Melina for gagging on her cock and silently promised to
make her bitch pay for her disobedience, but for now Beth was far more
interested in showing Candice what she liked to use a throat for.

Smiling wickedly to herself The Glamazon quickly realised she could do both.

Keeping her eyes locked with the bound woman Beth increased the pace of the
throat fucking until she was raping the other woman's mouth with her huge
dildo, her hips banging so hard against Melina's face it was a miracle she
didn't break her nose, or her entire face for that matter.

Having never had her mouth fucked this brutally before Melina was unable to
stop herself from choking and gagging violently on the cock, however The
Glamazon showed her no mercy, fucking her face with brutal, savage thrusts
until there was a sickening lurching in her stomach and her eyes widened.

Noticing the signs Beth pulled her strap on out of Melina's throat and stood
back just in time for the broken diva to turn her head to the side and
violently throw up on the floor.

Completely without sympathy for her bitch Beth scowled in disgust at her
whore and then began kicking her brutally hard in the stomach, making her
throw up even more.

"That's for gagging on my beautiful cock, and that's for throwing up you
worthless slut!" Beth said delivering another two hard kicks before backing
off, "Now, prepare Candice's ass hole for me."

Once Melina got her stomach under control she wiped her mouth and crawled
submissively round to kneel behind the bound diva, gently spread her butt
cheeks with both hands and then shoved her tongue deep into Candice's ass.

There was some resistance at first but as Melina applied pressure to her
fellow diva's rear her back door slowly opened for her tongue and she was
able to push it up Candice's rectum and begin twirling her tongue around
inside the shit pipe, preparing it for the pounding it was about to receive.

Since being enslaved by The Glamazon Melina had rimmed out a few ass holes,
mostly that of her fellow slave Jillian who was waiting for them back in
Beth's room, but also a few random sluts who had been unfortunate enough to
catch the eye of her dominating Mistress.

At first this act had disgusted Melina, but that was true of many things The
Glamazon made her do and now she was a broken and trained bitch Melina was
happy to lick the ass hole of whoever Beth wanted her to lick.

Concentrating on her task Melina cleaned out Candice's colon with her tongue,
pressing her face deep into her fellow diva's ass so she could get her tongue
as far up Candice's butt as possible, her mouth sucking eagerly at that back
door as she did so in the hopes that her ass licking would please her
Mistress enough to forgive her.

It didn't as Beth had only started making Melina pay for her disobedience,
but she was eager to pounce some ass and break in another one of these
wannabe divas so The Glamazon pulled Melina's face away from Candice's ass,
lined up the tip of her strap on to the bound woman's ass hole and forced her
way inside with one brutal thrust.

Candice screamed hysterically into her ball gag as her ass was violated by
what could only be that monster strap on around Beth's waist, the head
tearing her ass hole apart with ease as The Glamazon forced the first few
inches up her butt.

In all her years of being a slut Candice had taken it up the ass a few times,
but only when she absolutely had to because she'd never been that fond of
anal sex.

Only a few cocks had ever been allowed into Candice's back passage, and all
of them had been so she could advance her career, the last one had earned her
her title shot for example, but none of those cocks had been half the size of
the huge piece of man-made meat now being forced into Candice's ass.

Unfortunately there was nothing the brunette could do about it as any attempt
to push the dildo out only seem to make it easier for The Glamazon to force
more cock into her ass, and no amount of struggling would break the bonds
holding her in place, leaving Candice utterly helpless to stop Beth from
anally raping her.

Candice had never known agony like this before, her ass hole feeling that it
was being split into by the massive invader as it tirelessly slid deeper and
deeper into her bowels but there was nothing she could do to stop it from
ripping her ass apart.

With tears running down her cheeks like a river Candice lowered her head in
acceptance of the inevitable sodomy, Beth's hips colliding with her ass
cheeks shortly afterwards to announce The Glamazon had successfully buried
all 14 inches of her bitch breaking dildo into the deepest depth of Candice's
butt hole.

Tears continued to run as the ass rape began, Beth quickly establishing a
rhythm in sliding her strap on through Candice's shit hole, and that rhythm
being brutally hard and only increasing power until the sound of The
Glamazon's thighs smacking off the bound brunette's butt cheeks echoed
throughout the room accompanied by only the pitiful crying of Beth's new

Candice begged The Glamazon to stop, that she would do anything if she
stopped. She promised to never bother her again, to never try and sleep her
way to a championship again, to never try and pretend she was anything but
what she truly was, a worthless piece of eye candy again, but it was no use.
The gag in Candice's mouth made every word that came out of her mouth sound
like mindless jargon, and even if Beth had understood every word The Glamazon
would not have show any mercy on her.

Eventually Candice gave up on begging for mercy and submitted herself
completely to the brutal butt fucking she was forced to endure, but as she
accepted it her body relaxed and as the anal abuse continued the pain slowly
started to fade away to be replaced with something else, pleasure.

During the few times Candice had allowed a guy to take her ass there had been
pain, followed by discomfort, followed by the guy cumming quickly. Almost
every time the guy had only lasted a few minutes, which was fortunate because
Candice didn't like butt sex and all those guys had been far from hot and she
had only let them fuck her to help her career.

This was different though, this butt sex had gone on longer than any butt sex
Candice had ever had before, and to her amazement as her body relaxed to the
back door invasion she found herself actually beginning to enjoy it.

Pleasure zones she had been unaware of before suddenly became stimulated and
slowly Candice's cries turned from cries of agony to cries of joy.

Where before Candice had begged Beth to stop through her ball gag she now
begged her again, only this time she begged her to fuck her harder.

Beth may have ignored Candice's cries for mercy but when the brunette diva
began moaning in pleasure she increased her speed even more, the brutal butt
pounding somehow becoming even more brutal, something Candice hadn't thought
was possible but apparently it was.

At first Candice welcomed this new brutal butt fucking, but then she noticed
a familiar cramp which had started rising within her bowels to grow rapidly
and any attempts to stop it only stopped her from relaxing, bringing back the
pain the sodomy had previously given her with a vengeance. So Candice stayed
relaxed and did nothing as the cramp got worse and worse, until a soft,
girlish fart erupted from her backside.

The former Playboy cover girl blushed with embarrassment, but she only ended
up blushing again and again as she was unable to stop herself from continuing
to break wind, each fart becoming louder and more violent. Unable to fight it
Candice began erupting in multiple farts, the disgusting sound of her ass
music echoing throughout the room.

The only advantage was that the pleasure of the butt fucking became so great
that Candice almost didn't care she was being completely humiliated, almost.

As Candice felt a mixture of incredible humiliation and pleasure Beth felt a
mixture of tremendous pride and pleasure.

The Glamazon had once again succeeded in breaking a little bitch's ass hole
and turned that pathetic whore into a farting mess.

Beth loved to break holes, especially ass holes. There was just something
about violating such a forbidden hole and destroying it to the point where
the bitch being violated could no longer control her ass which really got The
Glamazon's juices flowing. Plus it made her feel incredibly powerful, Beth
proving her dominance over a vastly inferior female by completely ruining
that inferior female's ass hole.

However, while Beth had no doubt thoroughly humiliated Candice by ruining her
ass hole The Glamazon could sense the whore on her strap on was moments away
from a powerful orgasm, which would almost certainly be turned into a series
of powerful orgasms if Beth kept pounding her ass.

The Glamazon did not want to stop butt fucking Candice, but after severely
damaging the credibility of the women's title it seemed a shame to let
Candice cum so quickly. Beth would have much rather continued humiliating
Candice for a little longer, and looking around the new women's champion
quickly came up with an idea in which she could continue to humiliate Candice
while degrading her slave Melina in the process.

Without any warning whatsoever The Glamazon pulled her strap on completely
out of Candice's back passage, stood back, grabbed Melina by her hair and
shoved her face first into Candice's ass.

In the brief moments in between the strap on being removed and Melina's face
being shoved into her ass Candice's colon was flooded with air meaning the
second Melina found herself with her face in between the other diva's butt
cheeks Candice let out a series of chain farts directly into Melina's face.

Melina's nose crinkled in disgust as her nostrils and mouth were filled with
the foul odour of Candice's bowels but the broken Latina did nothing to stop
her Mistress from rubbing her face into the other diva's farting ass, even
going so far as to stick her tongue into the gaping crater that used to be
Candice's butt hole before Beth ruined it, Melina cleaning Candice's farting
ass as the other brunette broke wind directly into her face.

This was one of the most revolting and degrading things her new Mistress made
her do but Melina didn't dare question it, not after last time, so she took
the farts to her face and suffered through each disgusting one of them until
Beth became bored and finally pulled her face from Candice's smelly ass.

Melina's relieve was short lived as a moment later Beth was shoving her
soiled strap on down her gullet, Melina feeling the urge to throw up again as
she tasted Candice's shit on the huge cock but knew the consequences if she
did, so she desperately tried to stop herself from doing so as that dirty
dildo slid down her throat.

If having a mouthful of shit flavoured cock wasn't bad enough Beth began
raping Melina's throat again, turning her mouth into a cunt which she
brutally pounded for a few long minutes until Melina could no longer stop
herself from blowing chunks.

Beth pulled out of Melina's mouth just in time and gave her bitch a few
strong kicks to the stomach and face as Melina violently hurled again before
returning her strap on to Candice's ass hole which had only just began to
close after the vicious assault it had received.

The Glamazon gave Candice's ass hole no chance to fully close, quickly
slamming through that once tight ring of flesh and forcing all 14 inches back
up the bound woman's rectum.

Candice whimpered into her gag but gave no other form of protest as Beth
restarted the sodomy, quickly re-establishing the same ruthless butt pounding
pace until the anally assaulted girl was on the verge of climax again. Just
before Candice was about to cum Beth pulled her strap on from the helpless
woman's shit pipe and shoved Melina's face back into Candice's ass with the
same result as before, Candice letting out a long series of loud machine gun
like farts directly into Melina's face. When Candice's farts died down Beth
raped Melina's mouth with her ass flavoured dick before shoving it back up
Candice's ass to repeat the process.

Beth kept this up for what felt like an hour, constantly humiliating these
two inferior females for her own amusement until she finally grew tired of it
and decided to move on.

After all of the denied orgasms Candice had lost hope of cumming. So when her
climax approached her again Candice was expecting Beth to pull out just
before she could cum but this time that didn't happen, instead The Glamazon
kept pounding her ass relentlessly until Candice finally came.

The orgasm itself was a surprise but what was even more surprising was just
how strong it was.

This was Candice's first anal induced orgasm and she hadn't been expecting
much, but whether it was all the build up or the anal sex itself Candice
found herself experiencing the most powerful orgasm of her life without her
pussy even being touched. It was quickly followed by another, and another,
and another, Beth ruthlessly butt fucking Candice to multiple anal orgasms
which left the former Playboy cover girl a shaking, mumbling, and farting

Beth wasn't doing Candice any favours, she knew from experience to keep a
collection of slaves it was important to let those slaves experience some
undeserved pleasure once in awhile.

The Glamazon rather resented having to give Candice this pleasure, but it was
an important part of breaking this bitch in, and speaking of breaking, Beth
could at least take pride in the fact that from the sounds of it she had
completely broken and ruined Candice's ass hole. This was a sign that Candice
was a conquered slut, and as the stimulator on her clit pushed Beth over the
edge of her own climax The Glamazon decided it was time for another sign of
her conquest over this bitch.

Reaching down between their bodies Beth gripped her fake balls in her strong
hands and squeezed down as hard as she could, forcing the liquid inside to
shoot out through her strap on and into the very deepest part of Candice's
bowels, the other diva's rectum quickly filling with Beth's superior cream.

The blonde women's champion smiled to herself as she did this, happy that
once again she had marked the inside of a bitch's ass and marked that whore's
butt as conquered territory, Candice's ass now nothing more than property of
The Glamazon, something Beth would use for pleasure whenever she wanted from
now on.

Once she was satisfied that every drop of her cum had been buried deep within
Candice's rectum Beth suddenly pulled out of her conquered bitch's ass and
stood back to admire the damage she had done, which was a thing of great
beauty to The Glamazon.

Candice's butt cheeks were bruised dark red with her ass hole gaping wide
open allowing Beth to see deep into the broken diva's bowels, those bowels
practically shooting out her cum as Candice continued to helplessly break
wind, the sudden rush of air into her back passage only making her let out
the loudest and most obnoxious series of farts yet.

It was a long time before Candice stopped farting, and when she finally did
she found her chains being loosened before her body fell to the floor in an
exhausted heap.

After what she had just experienced Candice had no energy left and just laid
there for a long time, oblivious to what was going on around her.

Smiling proudly in triumph of her conquest over the Playboy slut Beth turned
to her kneeling Latina whore who was patiently waiting for her owner's next

"On your feet you worthless bitch!" Beth spat, kicking Melina hard in her
stomach, "I'm bored with fucking Playboy ass, now I want to fuck your ass!"

Whimpering softly at the pain of the kick Melina slowly got to her feet, not
daring to look Beth in the eye in case she angered her Mistress. Once she was
on her feet Beth grabbed her arms, pulled them up and binded her wrists and
feet with the same chains used to keep Candice in place before Beth roughly
pulled Melina's butt plug from her ass hole.

Melina blushed as a tiny fart erupted from her backside and the removal of
the plug. It was nothing compared to what she was about to go through but
Melina had once been a proud woman and every time she broke wind because of
Beth was humiliating to her. The constant humiliation kept Melina in line,
too embarrassed at her own body's submission to provide any resistance to The
Glamazon's might.

"Here, suck on this." Beth commanded, pulling her bitch from her thoughts by
presenting her with the plug straight from her ass, "This will help shut you
up as I enjoy breaking your ass hole."

With no will to fight Melina opened her mouth, took the plug inside and began
sucking her own ass from the thing that had kept her butt nicer and loose for
The Glamazon's pleasure.

Melina was grateful for the loosening as Beth unceremoniously shoved her
strap on through her butt hole and deep into her rectum, The Glamazon burying
half of that 14 inch cock in Melina's bowels on the first thrust.

The broken Latina let out a gasp around the plug, and then gritted her teeth
on it as Beth ruthlessly forced the rest of the dildo into her rectum, dug
her nails into her hips and then began steadily pumping her pooper, picking
up her speed until The Glamazon was savagely slam fucking Melina's shit

Only a few minutes into the rough butt fucking Melina began to loudly break
wind, the once proud Latina not even trying to control herself as Beth
reduced her to a farting mess.

After the last two weeks of having her ass brutalised by The Glamazon nearly
non-stop Melina hadn't lost all self-respect and she struggled to keep
control of her ass. She hadn't had a normal bowel movement since being
enslaved by Beth, The Glamazon breaking her ass hole so she could break her

Even though she still felt tremendous shame from having her ass ruined like
this Melina was too broken to make any form of protest, instead just lowering
her head and sucking on the butt flavoured plug in her mouth as her tale pipe
was torn apart for what felt like the millionth time.

With Melina to broken to fight the sounds of her farts were soon echoing
around the room, combining with the loud smacking noises of Beth's thighs
colliding with Melina's ass cheeks to drown out her soft whimpers as she was
brutally sodomised.

The sounds of her thighs smacking off Melina's ass cheeks and the machine gun
like farts erupting from deep within her bitch's bowels greatly pleased The
Glamazon as it was a sign of the total defeat and humiliation of a whore who
had dared to once call herself the WWE's most dominant diva.

There was nothing Beth liked more than breaking another woman spirit by
breaking her ass hole and from the sounds of it that's exactly what Beth had

The sight also confirmed this, the once proud Melina tied up and helpless
with her head lowered in submission to The Glamazon's might.

After what Beth had put her through there was no way Melina would ever
mistake herself as a dominant anything, The Glamazon satisfied she had
destroyed every ounce of Melina's willpower, leaving the little slut a
completely broken woman.

The dominating blonde had nothing to prove. Melina was her bitch, a taken,
tamed and trained slut ready to do her bidding. Still, Beth did enjoy
reminding her whore of her place, so just like she had done countless times
over the past couple of weeks The Glamazon used every bit of her impressive
strength to tear through Melina's shit pipe, loosening her back door up with
every brutal bowel breaking thrust so that the poor humiliated diva's farts
became louder with each passing minute, Beth reminding Melina she was nothing
but her bitch by once again completely ruining her rectum.

The disgustingly loud sound of Melina's farts awoke Candice from her daze and
she looked up to see the once proud Melina tired in the same position she
herself had been in moments ago with her head down and violently breaking
wind on nearly every thrust into her ass, behind her standing The Glamazon
Beth Phoenix proudly pumping her pooper, proving herself as the dominant
force in this room.

Candice's still gaping ass hole left out a fart of its own as it recalled the
brutal abuse it had taken from The Glamazon's dildo, the former Playboy cover
girl terrified to make a sound in case she got Beth's attention at the same
time wanting to get the attention of that dominating woman so she could
receive the same type of abuse again.

Considering how loudly Melina was farting Candice didn't think it would be
possible for Beth to hear her little fart, but seconds later The Glamazon
turned her attention to the pathetic excuse for a diva, pulled her strap on
from Melina's ass hole and advanced threateningly on the girl she had so
recently sodomised.

Beth completely ignored the extra loud farts coming from Melina's abuse ass
after she had pulled out and concentrated on walking menacingly to the bitch
lying on the floor.

Candice stayed frozen with fear as The Glamazon approached until the very
last second when she tried to crawl away but by that point it was far too

Grabbing Candice by the hair Beth pulled her latest conquest up until she was
eye level with The Glamazon's monster strap on, Candice barely having time to
conveniently open her mouth to scream before Beth took aim at those now
nicely spread lips and shoved her dildo into Candice's mouth.

Candace gagged immediately at the taste as the strap on was stained brown in
both her own and Melina's bowels, and continued to do so as the fake cock hit
the back of her throat and then was forced down it.

Feeling as if she was about to literally throw up Candice tried to pull away
but there was no escape. Beth had a firm grip on the back of her head and she
wasn't letting go. In desperation Candice began banging her fists against The
Glamazon's firm stomach and thighs in an effort to get away but Beth was
having none of it. A couple of hard hits to the back of Candice's head put
the bitch in her place and the Playboy cover girl's arms fell limply by her
sides as she surrendered her mouth to The Glamazon.

Tears ran down Candice's face as the fake balls of the dildo smacked against
her chin soon after her surrender, announcing Beth had somehow managed to
stuff all 14 inches down her throat.

Without a moment's pause Beth began raping Candice's mouth, brutally
thrusting her strap on in and out of her new whore's throat, turning this
pathetic bitch into a face pussy.

Beth had always thought Candice looked too much like a plastic Barbie girl
with dark hair instead of blonde, her face in particular looking as if it was
made out of pure plastic. As disgusting as Beth normally found Candice's face
she had to admit it had never looked better now that it had been used for a
purpose, that purpose of course being a pussy for The Glamazon's pleasure.

As far as The Glamazon was concerned every hole on a bitch's body was nothing
but a orifice for her to use as she pleased, and if she wanted to use
Candice's mouth like a cunt then she had every right too, because as far as
Beth was concerned Candice was now her bitch slave and would be used

So that was exactly what Beth did, use Candice's mouth as a cunt, a fuck hole
for her pleasure until something happened which disgusted her and made her
pull away.

Candice had felt like she was going to hurl from the moment that ass
flavoured dildo touched her lips and the feeling had only increased as the
disgusting thing was buried in her gullet and then she was brutally throat
raped until she could no longer control herself and she began puking on the
strap on.

Almost immediately the dildo was removed from her mouth and Candice finished
throwing up on the floor, some of the disgusting bile spattering onto Beth's

"How. Dare. You. You. Stupid. Cunt." Beth spat, kicking Candice roughly in
either the face or stomach on every word, "Don't you ever do that again you
worthless whore or I'll break every bone in your pathetic body! Now clean my

Crying pathetically Candice wiped her mouth and then Beth's feet with her

"Use your mouth!" Beth yelled.

With another pathetic cry Candice looked up at Beth for sympathy but found

Too afraid to argue Candice lowered her head and began cleaning Beth's feet
with her mouth and tongue, desperately fighting back the urge to puke again
as she tasted her own sick on the feet of The Glamazon.

"Now clean my cock with your worthless mouth whore!" Beth commanded sternly.

With more tears falling down her cheeks Candice did as she was told, taking
the strap on into her mouth and bobbing her head on it as low as she could
and then took it out to lick at the bottom.

Candice had given a lot of blow jobs, both for her career and for fun, but
she'd never had to suck on one this big before and it was a struggle to take
even half of it into her mouth.

Afraid Beth would punish her Candice relaxed her throat muscles to take more
and quickly became lost in giving The Glamazon's dildo the most wettest,
sloppiest blow job she could possibly give, sucking the monstrosity long
after it was clean just to try and stop this dominating woman from continuing
to abuse her.

It didn't work and soon Beth went back to raping Candice's mouth, however
this time she did at least get bored of her before she puked again.

Pulling Candice by her hair Beth led her bitch in training to were her other
bitch was still tied up, her ass hole ready and waiting for more of The
Glamazon's abuse.

Candice couldn't believe how wide Melina's ass hole was gaping. That shit
hole was so stretched out Candice could see deep into Melina's bowels, the
poor Latina's back door looking like it couldn't even attempt to close after
the battering it had taken. It made Candice worry that her ass hole would
never properly close again and as she reached round it became clear even
though her butt hole had tightened it wasn't fully closed yet, so great was
the ass pounding The Glamazon had given her.

Melina's ass hole wasn't given the chance to get any further with closing as
The Glamazon thrust her bitch breaker through the gaping ring of the Latina's
butt hole and deep into her rectum, Candice amazed by how much dildo Melina's
back passage could take in just one thrust. Beth almost got her entire 14
inch strap on up Melina's ass on the first try and with another brutal thrust
it was all the way inside the broken brunette's butt.

Not stopping even for a moment Beth began jack-hammering her hips back and
forth, slamming them loudly against Melina's ass cheeks as the massive dildo
was driven through Melina's poop pipe at an alarming rate, The Glamazon
clearly not having an ounce of compassion for how her bitch might be feeling.

Candice's ass ached as it reminded her that was the abuse she had been forced
to take only moments ago, part of her brain telling her she should somehow
find a way to get revenge on The Glamazon for what she had done to her, but
that part of her brain was quickly silenced as she looked up to see how
dominant the blonde looked as she obviously enjoyed Melina's ass hole.

The Glamazon looked as if she could tear Candice limb from limb with ease if
she so choosed, and with the sadistic look in her face maybe that's what she
was planning to do to Melina when she was finished with her. On second
thoughts Beth seemed to be having too much fun pounding Melina's pooper to do
any real harm to the Latina, instead probably choosing to enslave her so she
could use her ass or any other part of her body as much as she wanted.

Candice wondered if that was going to be her fate, to be enslaved by The
Glamazon and turned into a fuck toy.

As much as it shamed her to admit it when that thought went through her head
Candice felt incredibly aroused by it, the thought of becoming Beth's slave
actually turning her on.

It was probably because she had been totally dominated only seconds ago by
The Glamazon which had put her in such a submissive mood, then again despite
the complete humiliation Beth had made her feel Candice had also felt more
sexual pleasure than she ever had before in her life, and she had cum in a
series of hard climaxes which had put all others to shame, so maybe it
wouldn't be so bad being Beth's bitch.

Just as Candice thought that Beth suddenly and without warning grabbed hold
of Candice's hair, pulled her strap on from her bitch's butt hole and shoved
Candice face first into Melina's ass.

Melina had been constantly breaking wind for a long time now and the sudden
change only made her break wind more, the poor broken Latina letting out a
series of violently noisy farts directly into Candice's face.

Candice cried weakly as the first fart hit her face. She tried to pull away
but Beth just shoved her face deeper into Melina's ass, rubbing her face in
between those meaty cheeks as Melina machine gunned farts all over Candice's
pretty Playboy cover face, Candice helpless to stop the strong blonde woman
from shoving her face first up a farting ass.

Once Melina finally stopped breaking wind Beth pulled Candice's face from
Melina's rounded rump, waited a moment for Candice to open her mouth to
desperately try and get some fresh non-foul smelling air and then shoved her
strap on past those wide stretched lips and all the way to the back of her

Candice struggled hopelessly but Beth would not be denied, the dominating
blonde forcing every inch of her strap on down the brunette's gullet until
the fake balls of the dildo were resting against Candice's chin.

Beth held her strap on in that position for a few long moments, enjoying the
sight of her dildo choking Candice's throat and the bitch gagging on her huge
monster before she began raping Candice's mouth, The Glamazon happily using
her defeated rival's mouth as a cunt again.

Knowing it was useless to resist after the last time Candice let her body go
limp as Beth pounded her mouth and throat like it was a hooker's loose cunt,
brutalising her to the point she thought she would pass out. Just as
Candice's lights became dim Beth finally pulled the massive dildo from her
throat and began smacking Candice across the face a few times before
inserting it down her throat.

After a few minutes of this Beth pushed Candice away and reinserted her strap
on back into the depths of Melina's rectum and began savagely slamming away
at that shit pipe, pounding that poor pooper until Melina was violently
farting on every thrust again.

Before Beth even pulled out Candice knew what was coming and tried to
convince herself to crawl away, but deep down she knew if she tried Beth
would stop her before she got even a few feet and beat her until she was a
complete bleeding mess. So she stayed where she was, whimpering and crying
until her face was shoved back into Melina's ass for another farting facial.

Melina felt a little sorry for Candice, after all she had been in the exact
same humiliating position only a few moments ago, a position she had been
forced to get used to since being enslaved by The Glamazon, but as horrible
as being forced face first into a farting ass was it was nothing compared to
what Candice was about to suffer through if Melina couldn't keep control of
her bowel movements. Unfortunately for Candice no matter how hard Melina
fought it was no use, Beth was just too strong and she couldn't save herself
or Candice from suffering yet another humiliation. Melina's only comfort as
she felt a violent bowel movement was that at least it wouldn't be as bad for

Hearing the extra loud whimpering she had been listening out for Beth looked
down and was pleased to see her dildo was now stained brown, evidence that
she had ruined Melina's ass so thoroughly that her bitch had actually shit
herself on her strap on. Beth could only imagine the humiliation Melina was
feeling right now, and it was glorious, but it was about to become even
better as she humiliated her other slut even worse.

Pulling her strap on from Melina's broken back passage Beth shoved Candice's
face up Melina's ass where the Playboy cover girl got a nasty surprise.

Candice's eyes were tightly closed as she was expecting another bombardment
of foul smelling gas to hit her face but opened them when she felt something
pressing against her lips. She then screamed, which was the dumbest thing she
could have done, as Melina's shit oozed into her mouth.

The former cover girl tried to pull away more desperately than ever before
but it was no use and the sadistic blonde began rubbing her face into the
broken booty, Melina uncontrollably shiting all over Candice's pretty face.

Candice cried hysterically as she frantically tried to keep her eyes and
mouth firmly shut as her face became covered in human excrement.

It felt like it lasted forever, Melina seeming to empty the entire contents
of her bowels on Candice's face until she was covered in the foul smelling

Then Beth made it even worse.

"Clean!" The Glamazon barked.

It took a while for Candice to realise what Beth meant and when she did she
just cried even more.

"Clean!" The Glamazon repeated, kneeling down slightly so she could begin
smacking Candice's ass.

This made Candice cry even more but the Playboy bunny refused to do as she
was told. She had never been so humiliated in all her life but if she refused
to do this maybe she would have a shred of dignity left.

Unfortunately Beth had no interest in leaving Candice even the tiniest bit of
dignity. In fact The Glamazon was determined to take every ounce of Candice's
dignity and self-respect, wanting instead to leave this pathetic whore a
completely broken bitch who would never, ever even think of crossing her

As such Beth tore into Candice's ass, beating the already severely damaged
butt over, and over, and over again, using every bit of her impressive
strength to give Candice the spanking of a lifetime until her latest conquest
let out an extra pathetic cry, opened her mouth and began to clean Melina's

The taste made Candice sick but she could no longer take any more butt abuse
and would do anything to make it stop, even this.

Trying not to throw up again Candice licked all over Melina's butt, trying to
pretend she didn't know what was covering those cheeks thanks to Beth rubbing
her shit on face into Melina's ass, doing her best to clean those cheeks
before focusing on Melina's still busted wide butt hole, sliding her tongue
deep into that ruined rectum and cleaning the very deepest part of Melina's

If there had been a shred of dignity left in Candice it was gone now,
completely destroyed by Beth as The Glamazon turned her into a shit eater.

Beth grinned, happy in the knowledge she had turned Candice Michelle into a
shit eating toilet but did not stop spanking the bitch until she was
satisfied that Melina's ass was spotless, only then did she pull Candice away
from Melina to begin the ass fucking all over again.

This process was repeated again and again, Melina mostly farting all over
Candice's face but occasionally Candice would get a facial of a different

Once Beth was finally bored of completely humiliating her two bitches the
compassionless blonde decided to finished taking her pleasure from Melina's
ass so she could complete the breaking in of Candice Michelle.

Wanting a nice view as she did this Beth released Melina's wrists from their
restraints, placed Melina's hands on her butt cheeks and pushed her bitch

Immediately understanding what was expected of her Melina bent over and
spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could, hoping she would please her
Mistress with her submissive pose and that the woman who enslaved her would
enjoy the sight of her ass hole being completely stretched out and ruined by
that big strap on cock.

Beth was indeed pleased with Melina's submission to her, and the sight of
that stretched shit hole stuffed with her strap on inspired The Glamazon to
go into ass fucking overdrive.

Digging her nails deep into the soft flesh of Melina's hips Beth began jack-
hammering through her bitch's broken back passage at breakneck speed, easily
reducing Melina to a farting mess and taking her to the very edge of her
orgasm, only this time instead of pulling out and shoving Candice's face up
Melina's ass Beth continued her pooper pounding, forcing her pathetic whore
over the edge of her orgasm and making her squeal like the bitch she was.

Melina happily squealed like a bitch as she came violently, her wonderful
mistress butt fucking her to a series of powerful anal induced orgasms which
had her body shaking and her eyes rolling in the back of her head. It was an
intense struggle to remain bent over and spreading her ass cheeks but Melina
knew what would happen to her if she failed her Mistress so she stayed in her
submissive position, praying her Mistress would be done taking her pleasure
from her ass hole soon so she could rest.

Beth enjoyed the sight of her whore writhing on her strap on dick as she
obediently spread her ass for her amusement for as long as she possibly could
before allowing herself to cum, but finally the urge became too great and The
Glamazon came in a powerful climax. After completely dominating and
humiliating two so-called divas the orgasm Beth received was extra powerful
and The Glamazon struggled somewhat to keep pounding Melina's pooper, but
pound it she did, her fingernails digging even deeper into Melina's hips as
she continued to sodomise her slave.

At the very height of her orgasm Beth squeezed the balls of her fake dick,
blasting her cum up Melina's backside, coating the inside of her crack in her
cream to remind her who's boss. Considering Melina was obediently spreading
her ass for her it was unlikely the bitch needed reminding who was in charge
but Beth enjoyed giving her whore the reminder anyway, her cum filling
Melina's bowels full of a symbol of her dominance.

Once every drop of her creamy liquid was buried deep within Melina's butt
Beth pulled back and admired the piece of art she had made out of Melina's
ass, her bitch still spreading her ass cheeks to give The Glamazon the best
view of her whore's stretched out and ruined ass as it violently farted out
most of her cum.

Once Melina's farts finally died down Beth walked round and presented her
strap on to her slut who greedily gobbled up the dildo which moments ago had
been in the deepest part of her rectum like it was the tastiest of treats.

Beth stood tall and proud as the enslaved Latina eagerly cleaned her strap on
and then The Glamazon spend some time briefly raping Melina's mouth before
unstrapping the monster and walking over to where Candice was still kneeling

Looking down at the bitch it was fairly obvious if Candice wasn't broken
already she was very nearly broken, but Beth wasn't going to be satisfied
until it was obvious Candice was completely broken. Luckily Beth already had
a plan to make sure Candice was one broken bitch.

"Normally I would insist all my new slaves eat my pussy, but you're not good
enough to lick my cunt." Beth said, playing with her pussy, "Besides look at
you, you're a mess."

This had the desired effect of making Candice whimper and cry again which
made Beth grinned sadistically.

"Instead I have decided to use you as my toilet. I need to piss, and your
mouth must be good for something." Beth said, "Lean your head back, open your
mouth and beg to be my toilet slave."

There was a moment of silence as the two divas stared at each other and then
Candice leaned her head back, opened her mouth and began to beg, "Please
Beth... I... I want to be your toilet slave."

Beth smirked, stood above Candice's face and began letting a stream of piss
cover her new toilet slave.

Candice crinkled her face in discussed and tried to close her mouth but Beth
didn't let her.

"No, swallow my piss you worthless cunt! Drink it up or I'll beat you again!"
Beth spat.

Wanting to avoid a beating at all costs Candice opened her mouth wide and
swallowed as much of Beth's urine as she could catch in her mouth, the rest
of it covering her face and sliding down her body.

Once Beth was done she stood back and watched as Candice swallowed what was
left in her mouth and then waited for further instructions.

"You are a pathetic whore Candice, a poor excuse for a diva and unworthy to
be my slave. Luckily for you I have decided to bring all of you diva sluts to
your knees before me, so even though you don't deserve it you are now one of
my slaves. You will do as you're told and learn to properly worship me, but
for now just kiss my feet to show you understand your new role." Beth
ordered, sticking out her right foot.

Candice looked from Beth's eyes to her feet and back again several times
before kneeling forward and kissing Beth's foot, the former Playboy cover
girl crying as she realised she was now nothing but Beth's slave.

Beth smiled to herself proudly in triumph as she brought another one of these
pathetic little divas to their knees worshipping at her feet.

"Good whore, now go free your fellow slave and get dressed." Beth said,
turning as Candice crawled pathetically over to Melina and addressed her two
sluts, "Do not attempt to wash yourselves until we get back to my hotel room.
You will remain as you are as a symbol of your submission to me."

Candice just whimpered in response as she freed Melina, the two women than
getting dressed before their Mistress took them back to her hotel room so
they could continue worshipping The Glamazon.

To be continued...

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