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Worship The Glamazon Part 4
by MTL (

"Beth, Beth, Beth, wait up!"

Beth cringed when she heard the voice of Maria as the air head interviewer
ran up to her and began talking really fast.

"I was wondering if I could get an interview with you about your title win
last night at noooooppppjjjjggggffff!"

Maria was cut off when Beth punched her roughly in the throat.

Beth grinned as the announcer fell to the ground clutching her throat. The
WWE women's champion briefly considered leaving Maria choking and gasping on
the ground of the parking lot but then decided against it. There was no one
around and Beth was already in the mood for fresh meat.

Picking up Maria by her hair Beth through her latest victim over a guard
rail, pulled down her miniskirt and panties before beginning to viciously
spank the interviewer over and over.

Maria struggled but Beth was just too strong. The brutal blows to Maria's ass
quickly allowed the ditzy diva to find her voice again as she started
screaming hysterically, but the more she screamed the harder Beth brutalised
her bottom and soon Maria's cries dissolved into mindless blabbering, and
then eventually just sobbing as she accepted her spanking at the hands of The

Beth took great pleasure in spanking Maria's ass. The Glamazon had enjoyed
whipping Candice, but there was just something about spanking another woman
with her own bare hands, to watch her flesh slowly change colour under the
brutal assault, it was a thing of beauty.

Maria's ass slowly turned to pink, to dark pink, to light red, and then to a
nice rosy red under the relentless spanking of The Glamazon.

It seemed to never end.

Normally Beth would spank a bitch about 100 times before moving on to bigger
and better things but Maria had pissed Beth off and now The Glamazon was
going to make her pay.

Beth tore into Maria's ass with her strong hand, delivering blow after
powerful blow on the soft flesh, spending nearly a full 30 minutes on beating
the other diva's backside black and blue.

Once Maria's ass was a bright and bloody red Beth through her fellow RAW diva
to the ground and rummage through her bag. Pulling out her 14 inch long strap
on and attaching it to herself Beth reached down and pulled Maria up by her

Before Maria knew what was going on Beth had forced the dildo into her mouth
and she was choking as the massive object hit the back of her throat and then
began to force its way down her gullet.

Maria tried to fight back, but her fists bounced uselessly off The Glamazon's
goddess like physique, her attempt to pull away feudal under Beth's strong
grip and try as she might no matter how hard she bit down on the fake dick
nothing seemed to stop its advance down her throat.

Eventually Beth's fake balls hit Maria's chin announcing that The Glamazon
had succeeded in stuffing her entire 14 inch dildo inside the other diva's

"You talk too much." Beth informs the gagging diva, "This is a much better
use of your mouth."

After that Beth took a few more seconds to enjoy the sight of Maria choking
and crying around the full-length of her strap on before she began to saw in
and out of Maria's mouth, slowly turning her fellow diva into a face pussy.

Maria helplessly tried banging her fists against The Glamazon's tight stomach
for a few more weak blows and then the announcer was lost in a fit of tears.

She couldn't believe this was happening to her, and that it was another woman
doing it, but there was nothing she could do to stop it.

Beth showed no mercy whatsoever, not even halting for a second as Maria cried
her eyes out. If anything The Glamazon sped up the speed at throat fucking,
her hips roughly banging against Maria's pretty face so hard the announcer
was sure she would be black and blue for days. Meanwhile her throat felt like
it was being stretched beyond belief and torn apart by the gigantic dick
slamming in and out of it, Maria realising to her horror Beth was turning her
mouth into a fuck hole.

This realisation brought a fresh batch of tears and a few more weak its to
The Glamazon's stomach, but this was short lived as a feeling of complete
helplessness filled Maria's body.

The Glamazon was far more physically and mentally powerful than her and she
couldn't possibly hope to fight her. She was helpless, completely at The
Glamazon's mercy, and as the throat fucking became brutal it was obvious The
Glamazon had no mercy for her.

Defeated the announcer's arms fell by her sides and she accepted her fate as
The Glamazon's face pussy.

Although it didn't show on her face Beth was a little surprised just how
easily this slut surrendered her mouth to her, but then again it really
shouldn't be surprising. No slut was a match for The Glamazon, especially not
some second rate announcer who was only hired for her looks.

Thinking about the fact that Maria was nothing more than a pretty face made
Beth's blood boil and she became determined to ruin this pretty face and make
that little slut worthless.

Digging her fingernails into the back of Maria's head Beth slams deep into
the other diva's throat with all her might, savagely fucking it for all she
was worth, loving the pathetic cries of her latest conquest as she used her
mouth as she pleased.

Beth's strong hips bashed against Maria's face, bruising it and making it not
so pretty. Beth could practically feel Maria's pretty face being ruined under
her assault which became increasingly pleasing to her.

What was even more pleasing was the stimulator on Beth's clit which really
got a kick out of raping Maria's throat, The Glamazon quickly growing to both
physically and mentally enjoy ruining this pathetic little diva's mouth.

It wasn't long though before Beth grew tired of ruining Maria's mouth. After
all the slut had other holes which needed to be ruined, and Beth would enjoy
raping those even more.

So once she had decided she had sufficiently used Maria as a face pussy
enough Beth pulled Maria roughly off her cock, the Glamazon giving a small
sadistic smile as the other diva fell to the ground, coughing and gasping for

After enjoying the sight of her fellow diva wheezing pathetically for a few
minutes Beth reached down and pulled her victim up by her hair and dragged
her back to the railing and draped her across it, making sure her ass was
nice and presented to her.

Without a moment's pause Beth pressed the tip of her strap on against Maria's
pussy and with one hard thrust forced the head inside.

Maria moaned weakly but did nothing. She was dumb but she wasn't stupid. She
had been expecting something like this and with the fight drained from her
Maria decided just to lay there and hope Beth would be gentle with her.

Unfortunately for Maria her tormentor had no intention of going easy on her.

With one brutal thrust The Glamazon had almost the entire strap on inside
Maria and with another equally hard thrust she was completely buried inside

Not missing a beat Beth tightened her grip on Maria's hips and began quickly
moving in and out of the other diva, quickly establishing a steady pace which
was quickly increased to The Glamazon pounding her poor victim's pussy.

Maria whimpered and moaned quietly as much as she could through her damage
throat as she lay there, excepting her rape.

Unlike her throat Maria's pussy became used to the fucking a lot faster.
There was still a lot of pain and soreness at first, the initial agony making
Maria feel as if her womanhood was being destroyed, however her pussy was
designed to stretch far more than her throat, her fuck passage eventually
getting used to the giant invader forcing its way in and out of her at a
brutal rhythm.

It wasn't long after she became used to it that Maria started to like it, and
then love it, The Glamazon pounding her more powerfully than any boyfriend
had done in the past.

It was wrong to love it but Maria couldn't help it. She hated herself, but it
just felt so good, and after the pain of the spanking and throat fucking the
interviewer was happy to welcome pleasure of any kind.

Pride filled The Glamazon as her latest conquest began moaning softly as she
pounded into her, that moaning gently increasing with each hard thrust until
the slut was moaning loudly for her.

This was clearly going to be one of her easier conquests. Maria had barely
put up a fight and now she was moaning while her whore hole was being used
for the pleasure of The Glamazon. It clearly wouldn't be long before Maria
would be just another bitch in Beth's collection.

Unfortunately for Maria the moaning was becoming a little too annoying and
loud, earning her several hard slaps to her brutalised butt and the back of
her head.

"Silent slut!" Beth commanded coldly, "I'm trying to enjoy your pussy and
your whimperings are distracting me."

That was a lie, Beth love to hear her bitches moan and groan for her, but
since she was taking this slut against her will The Glamazon figures she
should try and keep this as quiet as possible, if nothing else but to stop
someone interfering in her fun.

In what was probably the wisest decision of her whole life Maria whimpered
and quietened down, the bitch still moaning but pretty silently which was
possibly the best outcome considering it meant Beth could still enjoy this
little bitch moaning for her while not alerting anyone to their presence.

Loving the sound of her latest conquest softly moaning for her Beth begins
pounding into Maria even harder than before, The Glamazon occasionally
looking around to check no one was watching but mostly just concentrating on
the fucking.

Through this hard pussy pounding The Glamazon was able to achieve climax,
delicious sensations flowing through Beth's body as she continued to use the
other diva for her pleasure. The bitch on the end of her toy came too but
Beth was too fixated on her own pleasure to care. At the height of her climax
Beth squeezed the balls of her strap on and shot her stored up cum which was
inside them deep into her fellow diva, filling up that conquered pussy with
her cream as a sign of her conquest. As far as Beth was concerned she now
owned this pussy and would use it however she wished from now on. Whenever
she wanted to fuck it she would because the cream that was now entering Maria
officially made this bitch's pussy hers.

Maria was barely aware of the cream entering her pussy she was so engrossed
in the series of climaxes which rocked her body.

Being told to be quiet had reminded Maria of the fact that she was being
forced into this which caused her to cry again, but her tears soon vanished
as the already brutal fucking she was taking became even more violent,
flooding her with pleasure.

At this point her pussy was well stretched out and ready for anything Beth
could give it and the result was the best fucking of Maria's life, leading
into the best climax of Maria's life and then the best climaxes of Maria's
life. She had never even cum more than once before during sex so the pleasure
Beth gave her was overwhelming. Her body went numb and then began to shake
violently, her mind becoming misty and her eyes rolling in the back of her
head as the best feelings of her life rocketed through her. It was enough to
make Maria wish Beth would do this to her every day, that this more dominant
woman would enslave her and use her in whatever way she wished.

Although she didn't know it in a few seconds Maria was going to regret these

Tiring of Maria's pussy Beth pulled out, smiled cruelly and placed the tip of
her dildo against Maria's virgin rosebud.

After the briefest of pauses Beth slammed her way through the interviewer's
anus, her strap on bullying its way into Maria's bowels.

Maria's eyes went wide and her mouth fell open as incredible pain shot
through her. It took a few moments for her to realise what was happening, and
when finally the horrible truth hit her she found her voice enough to begin

The second Beth had forced her strap on down Maria's throat and started
raping her mouth the interviewer had expected the rape but had not expected
to suffer and anal raping as well.

Unfortunately in the few moments Maria's mind had been trying to work out
what's happening to her Beth had already forced half her dildo into Maria's
tight little shit pipe with a couple of really hard thrusts and was obviously
intend on burying the entire monster into Maria's butt and The Glamazon would
not be denied.

The moment Maria started screaming Beth viciously slapped her victim around
her head. Considering they were in a parking lot The Glamazon could not allow
Maria to scream because it would attract attention which was a shame because
Beth love to hear her bitches screaming as she raped them.

Summoning up all her bravery, or perhaps her stupidity, Maria continued
screaming which only made Beth continued to beat her, brutally smacking her
around the head over and over again until Maria finally shut up, even if it
was for only a second. After being forced to stop her dildo invading of
Maria's rectum to slap her Beth grabbed her fellow diva by the hips and gave
the helpless interviewer another hard bowel stretching thrust, causing
another few inches to slide up Maria's ass, causing Maria to cry out in pain.
Maria's cry of coarse earned her another vicious slap. Another thrust,
another slap, another thrust, another slap, another thrust, another slap, and
so on until finally Beth was balls deep inside Maria's helpless bowels, the
RAW interviewer weeping softly.

Without a single seconds pause Beth pulled back and thrust viciously forward,
quickly settling into a brutal rectum wrecking pace, the Glamazon once again
using Maria's body for her own pleasure while the poor anally violated diva
could only cry pitifully.

Maria wasn't even allowed to cry that loudly, every time her crying became
too vocal the dominating blonde would beat her, deviating between smacking
her around the head and brutally spanking her ass. As a result Maria was soon
totally bawling, her eyes flooding with so much liquid that she couldn't even
see, her mascara running down her bruised face as she desperately tried to
stay as quiet as possible as her ass was used against her will.

No boyfriend had been allowed to touch her ass hole as anal just wasn't
something Maria had ever been interested in trying but now Beth wasn't giving
her the choice, the other far more dominant woman tearing her bowels open to
the point where Maria didn't see how she would ever be able to sit, or shit,
right ever again.

Little did Maria know that Beth would have loved to have done that to her as
it had long been a fantasy of The Glamazon that she would destroy a worthless
cunt's butt hole so badly that the whore's ass would be ruined for ever, her
poop hole for ever a sore, gaping mess which prevented the slut from sitting
or shiting, the skank forced to spend her life either standing up or laying
down on her front to avoid any pain, removing food from her system becoming a
embarrassing task for the bitch as her shit just fell right out of her.

Unfortunately even after she had brutalised a slut's ass for days nearly non-
stop the slut's ass eventually healed, which was a shame as Beth would have
loved to really be able to destroy a bitch that way, partly for the sheer
enjoyment of it, and partly because she could just shove herself into that
fuck hole's ass hole with no resistance and get an easy fuck.

Of course Beth wouldn't want such a fate for all her sluts and she enjoyed
the exquisite tightness of a whore's ass on her cock, especially a nice
virgin ass like this one.

The Glamazon could spot an anal virgin from a mile away, and the tightness of
Maria's ass confirmed that Beth had once again been 100% right on the mark,
the exquisite vise-like grip of her fellow diva's rectum making the
stimulator inside the strap on work wonders on Beth's clit, encouraging the
blonde to anally raped the brunette more brutally, although she didn't need
much encouragement.

The increased pace only made Maria weep harder, the poor girl wondering when
her ordeal would be over.

It felt like Beth had been raping her for hours, which wasn't technically
true but every second felt like a lifetime to the poor victimised

Just when Maria thought things couldn't get any worse it actually got a
little better as she suddenly felt pleasure from somewhere deep in her ass
hole. It was extremely faint at first, so much so Maria reason she must have
imagined it, but slowly little sparks of pleasure started to ignite her
insides, her bowels finally relaxing to the brutal assault, finally giving
the diva a little relief, and even some pleasure.

Slowly but surely Maria began to moan and groan as her pleasure increased,
although she continued to weep as her feelings of humiliation could not be
ignored even as the pain finally ended.

While the physical pain was over the mental pain was just beginning, Maria
crying in humiliation like never before as she broke wind on Beth's cock.

As her bowels had relaxed to the savage slamming Maria had slowly felt the
urge to fart rising deep within her broken backside. She fought it with every
ounce of strength she had but her will was nothing compared to The
Glamazon's, Beth ruining her rectum until she forced it out of her.

A small smile crossed the blonde's usually stonelike face, Beth pleased that
she had once again ruined a slut's shit pipe.

Wanting to ruin it further Beth continued her relentless rectum ramming,
forcing another fart out of Maria, followed by another, and another, and
another, her victim breaking down in a fresh loud batch of tears as she was
turned into a farting wreck.

Beth would have beaten Maria around the head to keep her quiet but there was
no point as the cavernous parking lot echoed almost deafeningly with the
sound of Maria's farts, the sounds further driving Beth towards climax, which
was the whole point of this exercise after all. The Glamazon just wanted to
get off, and nothing got her off like ruining another woman's poop shoot and
leaving her a submissive wreck who understood she was now nothing more than a
couple of fuck holes on legs for the blonde's pleasure.

"Hey, you there..."

A flashlight was shone on Beth's eyes, The Glamazon turning her head but not
breaking her stride as she saw a security guard staring at her with a mix of
surprise, fear and wonder. He could be no older than in his early 20s and he
was obviously clueless weather what was going on was consensual or even
legal. As Maria had begun moaning again despite her humiliation Beth decided
to take a risk to try and get herself out of this situation.

Pulling Maria's head up by her hair Beth said, "She loves it when I ruin her
ass, don't you bitch?"

Maria whimpered. The security guard was scrawny and unlikely to be able to
beat Beth if it came to a fight and the poor victimised diva was too afraid
to risk pissing off The Glamazon so with tears in her eyes she lied, "Y...
yes... I love it."

"She's... she's crying." The security guard pointed out, sounding as if his
voice hadn't broken yet.

"Tears of joy." Beth said as Maria let out a particularly loud fart.

The security guard suspected otherwise, but decided it would be better if he
simply accepted that answer.

"Your... your not allowed to do that sort of thing here..." He stammered, and
then when Beth glared at him he quickly added, "Just finish quickly and
leave... please..."

Beth suspected she could have told the security guard that she would ass fuck
this bitch for as long as she wanted, but instead she decided to pretend to

"Sure." Beth smiled a smile completely lacking in warmth, "We'll be done

"O... ok..." The security guard said, quickly leaving as soon as he had the

The Glamazon smirked at his retreat, but her smirk slowly faded. There was no
telling if he was just going to hide until she left or bring reinforcements.
If she wanted to avoid a major scene she should get off quickly, just in

So tightening her vicelike grip on Maria's hips Beth began fucking the other
diva's ass with every ounce of her strength, causing her slut to cry
pitifully once more, although whether that was because of pain or humiliation
or both the blonde didn't know and didn't care.

As the sodomy reached nearly inhuman levels of roughness Maria came. It
didn't seem like she should as she was experiencing the most humiliating
moment of her life with plenty of pain to boot, but the most humiliating
thing about it was as she began regularly farting her ass relax to the point
where she was experiencing some of the most pleasurable sensations of her
life, so strong that before she knew it she was crashing towards orgasm.

When it overtook her Maria's eyes rolled and her body shook, her orgasm
followed by another and another. Somewhere in between her orgasms Beth tore
through her ass so brutally that she shit on the monster cock in her bowels,
piss running down her legs as she lost all control, not that she was in any
condition to stop it. All she could do was cry and cum.

Seeing her new whore piss and shit herself was somewhat of a thrill but other
than that The Glamazon didn't pay attention to the bitch, preferring to
concentrate on the clit stimulator pushing her closer and closer to climax.

Eventually Beth experienced what she had been after, her orgasm a nice hard
one, the kind she always got from breaking in a new slut.

Powering through it Beth was able to bring herself to several climaxes from
using Maria's ass for her pleasure, The Glamazon almost feeling as if she
experienced another one when she finally pulled out to admire her handiwork,
Maria's butt hole a shit oozing gaping crater, the other diva continuing to
cry as loudly as she ever had before as a series of machine-gun farts flew
from her destroyed rectum and echoed throughout the room.

After spending a few minutes watching the show Beth grabbed Maria by the head
and shoved her soiled cock down her new bitch's throat, forcing her to take
every inch and then raping her mouth again, tears still streaming down the
helpless interviewer's cheeks as she was forced to clean the dildo of her own

When she was sure her strap on was spotless Beth pulled out of Maria's throat
and shoved the whore face downwards before stepping back to avoid the barf as
Maria puked her guts out.

Once that was over with Beth pulled Maria up by her hair, viciously slapped
her and then backhanded her, keeping a vicelike grip on her hair so she
wouldn't fall.

"You are now my cunt on legs, a worthless whore who I will fuck for my
pleasure whenever I want. Do you understand me cunt?" Beth demanded to know.

"Yes." Maria whimpered pitifully.

"Yes what?" Beth snarled.

"I'm your cunt." Maria cried.

Smiling Beth dragged Maria by her hair to her car, unlocking it before
opening the front passenger side and throwing her new slut into it and then
walking round to get in the driver side.

Pulling down her pants and panties Beth grabbed Maria, kissed her, and then
used wipes to clean her mouth of anything nasty before shoving it into her

"Lick me my new slave." Beth ordered, "If you don't make me cum at least once
before we get to my hotel room I will double fist your whore ass with out any

Crying once more Maria shoved her tongue into Beth's pussy, desperately
trying to make The Glamazon cum as quickly as possible, her new owner smiling
at her submission as the engine was turned on, the car pulled out of its
parking space and Beth drove them out of the parking lot, and to her hotel
room for a night of further fun with her new sex slave.

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