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Worshipping The Glamazon
by Punisher924

Beth Phoenix had just arrived at the hotel, fresh from working a match that
night. Her muscles were aching, she was exhausted, and she wanted nothing
more than to go to her room, crawl into bed and sleep till tomorrow

She got into the elevator, and fished around in her pockets for her key card.
Her hand grazed against her tight pussy as she reached into her right pocket.
Feeling a twitch of pleasure, The Glamazon rummaged around in her pocket for
a little longer than she needed to, a smile spreading over her face as she
eventually pulled out her key card. The elevator doors opened, and Beth saw
at least four or five people hanging around in the corridor. She pulled her
gym bag in front of her body to hide the visible wet spot in her tight jeans,
and hurriedly walked the length of the corridor, eventually reaching her room
and hurriedly jamming the key card into the slot.

Seeing the green light on the door flash, The Glamazon reached for the handle
and opened the door, then walked slowly in and dropped her gym bag next to
the door. She made her way across the room, stripping off clothing as she
went, so that by the time she reached the bed, she was wearing nothing but a
black thong which barely contained her well sculpted round butt checks.

Although she was tired, Beth Phoenix decided that she would masturbate
quickly before bed - after all, it did always help her sleep. She walked back
across the room to her gym bag and pulled a small bottle from the side
compartment. It smelt like cherry, a smell that for some reason always got
Beth horny, and was technically body oil, but it worked pretty well as lube
too. She walked back to the bed, sat on its edge, put the bottle down on the
nightstand and pulled down her thong, allowing an impressive looking pussy in

Just as she was about to start, Beth thought she could hear something.
Scanning around the room, she saw nothing, and told herself it was probably
nothing. She reached for the bottle of lube, but just as she was about to
squirt some into her palm, she heard it again. Her gaze suddenly rested on
the bathroom door, which was slightly ajar. Suddenly embarrassed, and
thinking it was a member of hotel staff, Beth hid the bottle under her bed
covers, grabbed a robe from the wardrobe and wrapped it around herself.

Slowly, she approached the bathroom door. She called out to ask who was
there, but got no response. She called again, louder, but still heard
nothing. She kicked the door, causing it to swing back, then looked inside to
see someone she knew very well. Candice Michelle was sitting on the edge of
the bathtub (from where she would've had an excellent view of the bed), her
fingers clearly inside her pussy with the zipper down from her jeans.

"Candice? What the fuck are you doing? What's wrong with you? You were spying
on me? And doing that? Fucking hell, that's messed up!"

"'s just that..."

"What? What is it, Candice? Huh?"

"Beth...I love you."

"What? What are you talking about? We're friends, Candice, nothing more."

"You mean so much more to me, BEth. I'd lusted after your body forever, but
then when I won the Women's Title and got to wrestle you every week...we
started hanging out, one thing led to another...I'm just obsessed with you,
Beth. I can't get you off my mind!"

The Glamazon thought about this for a second. She'd never told Candice that
she was a lesbian, and had always assumed Candice to be straight too, so had
never considered her a potential partner. But now that Candice had turned up
in her hotel room, telling her about how much she loved her, Beth started to
think about it. Candice was pretty damn hot. She was certainly her type -
pretty face, long hair, great boobs, nice ass - and they definitely got along
well. But did she want to risk their friendship for a night of sex?

"I can tell you're really not interested. I'm sorry, Beth. I'm so
I'm just gonna go," said Candice, her cheeks red with embarrassment as she
hurriedly zippered her jeans. She got up off the bathtub and walked past Beth
to leave.

The Glamazon suddenly turned around and called after her. "Candice! Wait. I'm
sorry. I just hadn't ever thought about that way. I just don't want
to wreck what we have now."

"Neither do I, but I think at this point, it's pretty much wrecked already.
You know how I feel. So we can either act awkward around each other for the
rest of our friendship, or we can see where this takes us."

Beth Phoenix considered this for a second, then walked to the bed, took off
her robe to reveal her naked, sculpted body, and sat down.

"Tell me again how much you want this body, Candice. Tell me how you'd
worship me, if I let you."

"I'd start out kissing you, then I'd run my tongue all over your massive
breasts, suck on those nipples, lick down to your belly button, then lick
over your abs, feeling the contours of your muscles as I did so, making my
way down to..."

Candice stopped talking. Her eyes had been following her fantasy path across
Beth's body, and just as she was about to talk about The Glamzon's pussy, her
eyes fell on it. Candice's description had got Beth's pussy wet, and now was
glistening with pre cum. It was such an impressive sight that Candice ran out
of words. She'd never seen such a pussy before, let alone one that was also
so tight looking. Her own pussy started getting wet in her jeans and
straining against the fabric as she thought about her tongue buried deep into
Beth's hole. Candice could barely restrain herself, and Beth noticed. She
reached under the duvet and pulled out the bottle of cherry flavoured lube.

"Come here, Candice. It's time for you to get your hands on this body."

Candice obediently crossed the room to the bed, and was about to reach out
and touch Beth's abs when Beth stopped her and told her to put her palms out.
Beth squirted a generous amount of the lube into Candice's hands, then told
her she could start.

Candice gingerly stretched her arms out and touched Beth's strong pecs with
her palms, moving them around to rub the lube in. Beth winced a little at the
cold feeling of the oil, but quickly got used to it, and as Candice began to
get more comfortable and work up a technique, Beth started to relax too.

Candice started to move a little lower, running her hands slowly up and down
over The Glamazon's impressive abs. Beth loved the feeling, and tensed her
six pack to get Candice hornier. It worked - as Candice massaged the smooth
oil into Beth's tanned skin, she felt a wet patch develop on her panties.

Some of the oil was soaking into Candice's hands as she massaged, so that
they now felt soft, and glided easily over the contours of The Glamazon's
sculpted body. Candice loved the feeling of Beth's muscles, and spent a lot
of time focused on her abs, before moving further down to Beth's strong
thighs. Wrapping her hands around one thigh at a time, Candice coated Beth's
legs in oil too, making her tanned skin glisten seductively.

Candice stood back up and asked Beth Phoenix for more oil.

"Sure. You're good at this, you know! I love the weight you put behind your
hands as you a real diva."

Candice Michelle smiled at the compliment, and diligently started on Beth's
biceps. They were Candice's favorite part of Beth's body simply because of
how hard they felt. She could barely wrap both her hands around Beth's bicep.
The Glamazon was a monster. Candice could barely wait for her to be between
her legs, and the thought of it made her massage Beth's strong arms with even
more zeal.

Candice told Beth to turn around, then grabbed the bottle and squirted some
of it at the top of Beth's back. Sh watched as the shiny liquid ran down
Beth's back down into her ass crack. Candice ran her hands over The
Glamazon's broad back, massaging the oil into her skin, moving ever lower,
getting closer to Beth's hot ass.

Eventually, Candice ran her hands over the contours of Beth's tight ass. Her
ass cheeks felt so toned and muscular that Candice couldn't resist squeezing
them. She heard Beth Phoenix laugh at her cheekiness as her hands grabbed

"Why don't you let your tongue have a turn, Candice? I think your hands have
done all they can do."

Candice's pussy become hot with excitement at this thought. Pulling The
Glamazon's ass cheeks apart, she ran her tongue in ever smaller circles
around Beth's hole, eventually reaching it and pushing her flat tongue
against Beth's opening. She flicked her tongue back and forth over it, and
Beth's breathing get deeper. She felt Beth's strong hand on the back of her
head, pushing Candice's face deeper into her crack. Candice took the hint
and, pointing her tongue, slid it inside Beth's tight hole. Her tongue probed
as far into Beth Phoenix as she could manage, drawing moans and shouts of
"fuck yeah" from Beth's lips.

Eventually, Beth's hand grabbed a handful of Candice's long black hair and
pulled her head out of her ass. She pulled her up till they were face to
face, and planted a passionate kiss on Candice's lips.

"That was fucking amazing, Candice. Satisfied yet, or do you still want to
worship The Glamazon?"

"When it comes to that body, Beth, I'm never satisfied."

"That's what I wanted to hear! Suck on my nipples, and if you're good enough,
I might just let you feel what it's like to be fucked by The Glamazon."

Candice excitedly crouched down to take Beth's nipple in her mouth. It was
rock hard and sticking out. Candice circled the nipple with her tongue before
suddenly wrapping her lips around it, making sure that her tongue grazed over
the top of the nipple to maximize Beth's pleasure. Candice could taste
cherry, a flavor which lingered on her tongue and mixed with the taste of
Beth's skin. She sucked a little harder, loving the taste, and once all the
oil was gone, started to bite a little. This got Beth Phoenix really horny,
and she shouted out for Candice to bite harder.

Candice bit down as hard as she could on Beth's right nipple, which caused
Beth's back to arch and even more wetness to leak from raging pussy. Neither
women could stand it anymore. Beth Phoenix, in a display of brute strength
that turned them both on, wrapped her hands around Candie's waist, picked her
up, turned around, and threw her onto the bed on her back.

Wrapping her strong arms around Candice's ankles, she pulled Candice's body
closer to her and separated her legs, exposing her tight pussy. Beth bent
down and eagerly ate the other diva out, flicking her tongue back and forth
over the entrance before finally sticking it inside. Satisfied that Candice's
hole was loose enough, Beth place three of her fingers and slowly guided them
inside Punk like they were a cock.

Candice bit down on her lip to prevent herself from screaming out as the
three of Beth's thick fingers packed into her tight pussy. She felt as if she
was about to be split in half, and Beth Phoenix hadn't even started thrusting

Once her fingers were completely inside Candice, The Glamazon leant forward
and kissed Candice, a fierce, passionate kiss. Pulling herself away, Beth
straightened her back once more, grabbed hold of Candice's ankles for
leverage, and slowly began to thrust her fingers into and out of Candice's
tight cunt.

For Beth Pheonix, the feeling was phenomenal - Candice's was definitely the
tightest hole she'd ever fucked. Loving the feeling, Beth quickly built up a
rhythm, thrusting her fingers deep inside Candice, slowly pulling almost all
the way out, letting her finger tips sit just at the entrance to Candice's
twat, then plunging back inside. Beth's technique was both intensely
pleasurable and massively frustrating for Candice, who was willing The
Glamazon to just succumb to the feeling and fuck her at full speed.

Beth Phoenix surveyed Candice's body as she fingered her. She saw her long
black hair, messy and falling over her face as Candice slid up and down the
bed with each thrust. She saw Candice's face, red and sweaty, contorted in
sexual ecstasy, eyes closed from the pleasure. Beth's eyes traced down over
Candice's body - her defined arms up behind her head, exposing her beautiful
arm pits, her big breasts and nipples, her beautiful abs, her strong thighs,
connected to defined calves that were resting on Beth's broad
shoulders...Beth wondered how she had missed someone so hot for such a long

Candice couldn't restrain herself any more, and began to let out long, deep
moans each time Beth sunk her fingers into her. The Glamazon loved the sound,
and changed her fingering style to hear it more often. Rather than fingering
her in a constant rhythm, Beth Phoenix waited, then suddenly rammed her
fingers into Candice's hole as hard and fast as she could, pulled slowly out,
then waited a few more seconds before doing it again. This new method of
fingering turned Candice on even more than previously - she waited anxiously
for the next time Beth's fingers would squeeze inside her, then felt a few
seconds of intense pleasure as it happened. This method also meant that
Beth's big, toned breasts slapped against Candice's ass cheeks each time she
thrust in, a sensation that got Candice hornier than she'd ever been.

The Glamazon could barely restrain herself any more. She suddenly grabbed
hold of Candice's waist and pulled her body even closer into her while
intertwining their legs so their pussies were rubbing against each other.
Beth then began thrusting at full speed, putting as much force behind each
thrust as her muscular hips could. Candice's brain was completely overwhelmed
by the feelings of pleasure - she couldn't even manage to string a sentence
together. All she could manage to do was moan loudly as Beth Phoenix humped
her tight pussy.

Suddenly, Beth let out a deep moan, rubbing faster into Candice just in time
for a massive orgasm to take her body over. Candice forced herself to open
her eyes to take in the amazing sight - Beth's beautiful body humping up and
down on top of her as her pussy flowed juices down her legs. Candice had
dreamed of this so many times, and now it was coming true.

The Glamzon let out a satisfied sigh, exhausted and relieved at the amazing
fuck session. She stood at the foot of the bed and watched as Candice scooped
up some of Beth's cum from her own pussy and sucked it off her fingers.
Turned on by its taste and texture, Candice drove her own fingers deep into
her pussy and fucking herself furiously. She was about to cum when Beth
Phoenix told her to wait. She got down on her knees, then told Candice she
knew what to do.

Candice couldn't believe it was actually happening. This was the one thing
she'd dreamt of ever since she'd first seen The Glamazon. She place the back
of her thighs on Beth's shoulders as Beth started licking away at her cunt.
Beth continued lapping away even after Candice's moans grew louder and
louder. Beth started tasting a flood of juices which made her now suck this
girl's pussy dry.

Candice Michelle, exhausted and relieved, collapsed back onto the bed and
closed her eyes, some cum still oozing from the lips of her pussy, while
Beth's cum still filled the inside of her mouth. The Glamazon crept up off
the edge of the bed and slide up Candice's body before kissing the diva
passionately letting her taste her own juices.

Beth Pheonix put her thick muscular arm around Candice's shoulders. She lent
in, and tenderly kissed her on the cheek. Candice looked back at her, staring
deep into her eyes. A devilish grin spread over Candice's face as she said,
in her most seductive voice:

"Feel like a shower?"


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