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WrestleSex Series Part 1: Kimberly Gets Satisfied Day 1
by Josh (

John was just a simple UPS package deliverer working in Atlanta trying to
make ends meet. Often his days were filled with heavy packages, rude people
and all around boredom. He often found relief after a hard days work by
watching a little wrestling. Ironically, it would be wrestling that would
force John to keep his UPS job because one day in about 1999, he looked on
his delivery list and saw 'Page Falkenburg' aka Diamond Dallas Page. Over
the next two years, John was able to get through the tough times of his job
because every now and then he'd see that name on the list. You see, DDP was
often on the road and most of the time his Playboy centerfold wife, Kimberly
would be home to accept the package. However, when Kimberly started going
on the road with the Nitro Girls, John hardly ever got the privilege of
delivering her a package. Fast forward to the summer of 2001, John had been
contemplating quitting his job but once WCW was bought by the WWF, he noticed
Kimberly was not on television anymore but DDP was. John figured he'd wait
until he could deliver one more package to her, get a glimpse of her gorgeous
body then quit his job. However, when that day came in the summer of 2001,
John had no idea what was to come...

John walked up to the door of the large home, hoping that Kimberly would
be home so he could get his last look and quit his job. John rang the
doorbell ... no answer ... 'DAMN!' he thought, 'No one's home...' Just to
make sure he rang the doorbell twice more and knocked the door a few times.
'Oh well...' John thought as he began to fill out a notice to post on the
door. John posted it then began to walk away...

"Excuse me! Do you have a package for me?"

John heard that familiar sultry voice and turned around to see Kimberly
standing in the door way in nothing but a black thong bikini. John struggled
not to stare and not to get hard as he walked back up to her with the

"Yes, Ms. Page, I thought you weren't home..."

"Sorry, I was just out by the pool and didn't hear the doorbell..."

"That's alright, just sign here..."

Kimberly signed the form then John handed her the package but they fumbled
it and it crashed to the floor. John bent down and picked it up but it must
have broken the seal as an object fell out ... a clear vibrator!

"I'm sorry," John muttered in shock...

Kim was very embarrassed and tried to find some explanation but couldn't
think of anything...

"Look here's the truth ... John ... My husband is away for long periods of
time and quite frankly when he's here, he has trouble uhm ... performing. So
I needed something..."

"Can't you go out and meet someone? Like at a club?" John asked.

"Oh no, people would recognize me and it'd ruin my marriage. I'd lose all
of this." Kimberly then looked John up and down, "I just wish there was some
way that I could get the satisfaction that I need." Kimberly began rubbing
John's chest and shoulders, seducing him, "Maybe you could satisfy my needs?"

John struggled for something to say, "It'd be my pleasure..."

"Oh I'll make sure its both of ours, now come with me."

Kimberly led John outside while John admired the beautiful view from
behind. Her ass was so firm, tight and tanned that John was almost drooling
at it in the black thong. It was perfect and he was in heaven. Kim sat John
down in a chair then stood in front of him. "You like my nice ass?" she
asked. John nodded. Kim then rubbed her breasts, pushing them together.
"Do you like nice tits? Huh? Do ya?" John nodded again. Kim turned around,
arching her back and showing off her ass to John. She bent over giving him
full view. "Take out your cock." John did what she said and took out his
raging hard on. Kim squatted down and placed her mouth over John's cock.
She licked the head then worked her way down the shaft. She teased him with
her tongue then went to work harder, rubbing his balls with her free hand
then taking in his whole cock. "Mmmmm, I forgot how good this tastes," she
said looking up, with precum on her lips. She kept bobbing her head up and
down on John's cock. She felt his balls tighten and pulled away. "We'll
save that for when we fuck."

Kimberly walked over to a table and picked up a bottle of sun oil.
"Seeing as we're going to be out here for awhile, I may as well work on my
tan at the same time." Kim handed the large bottle of oil to John, "Do you
mind?" Mind? Who was she kidding? Kim laid down on her back on a lounge
chair. John started at her feet, caressing them and oiling them up. John
moved up to her firm sexy legs, making sure they were well oiled. He almost
came on the spot as he started to massage her thighs and firm stomach. Not
an ounce of fat. Kimberly then stood up to her feet, taking off her top. "I
hate tan lines..." John then began to oil up her beautiful breasts. He must
have used half a bottle on them before moving onto her back. John moved down
to her ass. John began to pull down her sexy thong from her ass and slid it
down to the ground. Kimberly was now completely naked. John oiled up her
ass, massaging in the cellulite free beauty. Kim glistened in the sun from
all the oil. She turned around and pulled off John's shirt and ran her
fingernails down his chest. Kimberly got close in to his ear and whispered,
"Let's fuck. I love to be on top..."

John sat down again as Kim lowered her cunt down onto John's hard cock.
Slowly she worked it in with low moans. John grabbed her ass as she began to
ride his cock. "Ooooh ... aaaah ... yes ... yes... mmmuhh ... oooh ..." Kim
moaned. She leaned in and the two deeply tongue kissed, her breasts rubbing
against John's chest. Kim sat down on John's cock and began moving back and
forward on it as they kissed. She let go of the liplock and began bouncing
up and down harder, smacking her ass on John's balls. She moaned heavily as
she hadn't been fucked in quite some time. Harder and faster she rode him.
"YESSS! Fuck me! HARDER! Oooooh ... yesss ..." she moaned. John kissed
her bouncing breasts, holding htem in his hands. Kim slowed down reaching
orgasm as she came all over John's cock. "Unnnh ... oooh ... YESS! YES!
FUCK! OH GOD! YES!" She screamed!

John felt his balls tighten and was going to come ... "I'm gonna cum!"

"Cum in my mouth, let me taste your sweet cum!" Kim got off of John then
kneeled down as he shot his load in her mouth! Kim licked it all up and
licked his cock, taking in all the cum. "Mmmmmmm..."

Kimberly got up, turned around and SMACKED her ass. "I want your cock in
my ass, I want you to pound my tight ass then cum all over it." Kimberly got
down and sucked on John's cock a bit to bring it back to attention then bent
over, spreading her ass cheeks for John. John slowly eased his cock in,
using the oil he had applied as lube. John worked his cock in then had it
all the way in her tight ass. John held it in there plugging her ass as it
clamped down on his cock. "FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD!" Kim demanded. She
had been waiting for this. John pulled out then slammed back in with his
balls smacking her wet pussy. John picked up the pace, fucking her gorgeous
ass. Kimberly was breathing heavy and moaning as he John pounded her ass.
John took one hand off her hip and began fondling her perfect right breast
and nipple. Kim reached back and began fingering her own clit, increasing
the sensation. Faster and faster she rubbed as her moans became louder until
with a loud, "OOOOOOOOH YESSSS!" she came for the second time. John pulled
out and unloaded his warm cum all over Kim's firm ass. Kim reached back and
rubbed the cum into her ass the licked off her hands.

Kimberly stood up and looked John in the eyes, "Thank you for helping to
satisfy me."

"It was my pleasure, are you completely satisfied?"

"For now but I want you to come back tomorrow..."

"Whatever you say..."

Kimberly dove into the pool while John put on his clothes and left with a
huge grin on his face. His life had been changed forever and it all he could
think about was tommorow...

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