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WrestleSex Series Part 2: Kimberly Gets Satisfied Day 2
by Josh (

What a day it had been, John thought to himself. How could anything
possibly top what he had experienced. John was about to find out as he rang
Kimberly's doorbell. Kim answered wearing a pair of supertight black leather
pants and a black tube top, pushing her breasts together. Kim welcomed John
in and led him up to her bedroom...

"I've been watching a lot of porn since DDP has been gone and my favorite
is Buttman. Have you ever seen a Buttman porno?" Kim asked.

The wheels were spinning in John's head about what she wanted. "Yes, I
love them." John replied.

Kim rubbed her leather enclosed ass, "I want you to do one with me. I was
in control yesterday, now I want you to treat me just like one of those sluts
in Buttman, got it?"

"Oh yeah"

"Well what're you waiting for?" Kim pulled off her halter top exposing her

"They're beautiful, your breasts are beautiful," John admired. John
turned Kimberly around, looking at her ass. "This is nice, that's a nice
ass." John spanked her ass a bit. Kim pulled down her leather pants then
bent over showing John her red thong flossing her ass crack. "Open it, yeah"
Kim pulled her ass cheeks apart for John to see. "Goddamn." Kim stood up,
wedging her thong deep in her ass. John rubbed it and gave it a little
spank. "Strip for me" Kim seductively pulled down her thong, wiggling her
ass. "Oh my god, I'm going nuts, look at this ass," John said as he felt up
her ass. John pulled Kimberly in and buried his head in her ass, licking her
asshole. Kim monaed as John emerced himself in her ass. Kim brought John to
his feet and rubbed his cock through his pants. Kim pulled down his pants
then squatted down rubbing her breasts against his cock. Kim moved her mouth
and hand down John's shaft. Shortly, the two shared a kiss as Kim continued
to stroke John's cock. Kim went back to work on his cock while John felt up
her ass, grabbing it, massaging it and spreading it apart.

John picked up Kim and placed her back first against a wall and slid his
cock into her awaiting pussy. "Uhhh, oooh" Kim moaned as John picked up the
pace. She wrapped a leg around John and he grabbed two handfulls of her left
ass cheek. SPANK! SPANK! John spanked her twice as he continued fucking
her. He also began sucking on her left breast as he grabbed two handfulls of
ass and fucked her against the wall. SPANK! He smacked that firm ass again.
John pulled out as Kim turned around, face first to the wall and ass first to
John. John entered her pussy again with his cock and pounded away. John
smacked her ass a couple more times then pulled out. He sat down and
Kimberly lowered herself onto John's cock as he grabbed two handfulls of her
firm, tight ass. She rode on top of him, smacking her ass against his thighs
with each bounce. With two handfulls of ass, John began pumping and Kim rode
him. "Oooooh fuuuuck yess, I'm cumming!" Kim moaned as she let loose on
John's cock.

John was far from finished as he bent Kimberly over the bed and gently
fingered her asshole. Kim reached into her nightstand drawer and tossed John
a bottle of lube. John began to lube up Kim's asshole as he fingered it,
getting it ready. John sucked on her ass cheeks then got up and slowly
pushed his cock into her ass. Slowly John thrusted in as Kim moaned lightly.
John began to pick up the pace as Kim reached back, rubbing her cunt. SMACK!
SPANK! John spanked her ass! SPANK! SPANK! "More, spank my ass, give me
more!" SPANK! "I'm your dirty slut! Spank my ass! Spank it good!" Kim
continued with the dirty talk as John spanked her ass. "Oooh yeah, give it
to me good, give it to me, fuck my ass!" John grabbed her thighs as he
thrusted into her ass. "Yesss, oooh." John pulled out and directed Kim to
get down on all fours. John entered her ass doggy style. John fucked her
gaping asshole doggy style slowly. Kim moaned loudly then grabbed John's
cock, turned around and licked her pussy juice off it. Kim then pushed John
down back first onto the bed. Kim lowered herself onto John's cock, giving
John a perfect view of her ass. Kim did all the work this time bobbing up
and down on John's cock while letting out cries of passion. She rubbed
John's balls with her hand until she felt them tighten. Kim turned around
and knelt down letting John cum all over her pretty face. Kim licked the cum
off the head of John's cock and rubbed it against her breasts. She held it
between her tits as they embraced in a passionate kiss.

John whispered to her, "Satisfied?"

"Almost ... There's one more thing."

"What's that?"

Kim licked her lips and stood up walking away from John as he admired her
tight ass. Kim picked up her red thong and put it on. Kim then grabbed her
tight leather pants and pulled them on. Kim walked back over to John. "How
does my ass look?"


"Did you like it when you spanked my ass?"


"I loved it. I want you to spank my ass until you get hard again."
Kimberly bent over in her tight black leather pants, showing off her firm ass
to John. "Spank it!"

SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! "Come on baby, spank it harder, I've been a bad
girl." SPANK! SPANK! SPANK! John spanked her ass harder and harder each
time as Kim moaned in pleasure. The sound of him spanking her leather
trapped ass echooed through the room. SPANK!

"Ok I'm hard now." John told Kimberly, "Good" she replied. Kim looked
over her shoulder at John's erection sticking out. Kim backed up, trapping
John's cock between her thighs. With his cock between her legs, Kim closed
her legs tight and grabbed the head of John's cock, holding it up. Kim moved
back and forth rubbing her pussy through the leather pants on John's cock.
Her ass rubbed against John's pelvis. She continued this erotic rubbing for
a few moments then stepped forward. She slid down her leather pants down to
mid thigh exposing her thong laden ass again, red from all the spanking.
"Smack it" she said. SPANK! John answered her request. Kim spread apart
her ass cheeks and bent over a bit. Kim then placed John's cock sticking up,
between her cheeks. She squeezed her cheeks together and moved up and down a
bit. Like a tit fuck but with her ass cheeks. "Get the idea?" Kim asked.

"Unh ... yeah, its great."

Kim then laid down face first on the bed and spread apart her cheeks.
"Straddle me and fuck me between my ass cheeks." John straddled Kim and
stuck his cock down between her cheeks. Kim pushed her ass together around
John's cock. John thrusted, his cock rubbing against her ass cheeks. John
fucked those gorgeous ass cheeks for a couple minutes until he finally
exploded with cum all over Kimberly's ass and check. Like yesterday, Kim
rubbed the cum into her ass and all over her body.

"Satisfied?" John asked again.

"Ohh yes, I'm all tired out for today but you better come back tommorow in
case I need some more."

"Anything you want..." John grabbed his clothes and left...

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