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WrestleSex Series Part 3: Kimberly Gets Satisfied Day 3
by Josh (

'What would today bring?' John thought to himself as he walked up the
patio and towards the door. John couldn't stop thinking about how his life
had changed, how he went from a disgruntled delivery man to the luckiest man
alive. John rang the doorbell and Kim answered the door wearing a tight form
fitting black dress with a slit high up her left leg and see through mesh
showing off her cleavage. Very elegant. Very sexy. Kimberly welcomed John
in and gave him a kiss.

"John, honey, I'm ... uh ... my ass is a little sore from yesterday." she

"I'm sorry" John apologized.

"No, don't apologize, it was fantastic but today, its always been a
fantasy of mine to watch two other people fuck." Kim said.

"Wow, who're you going to be watching?" John asked, not putting two and
two together.

"Well I called up my good friend, Teri Byrne (former Nitro Girl Fyre) and
I want to watch her get it on with you. Teri, come on in here."

Teri Byrne walked in from the other room wearing some tight Frankie B blue
jeans showing she wasn't wearing any underwear as the top of her pelvis and
ass were showing. Teri was also wearing a black top with no bra on
underneath. Her red hair flowed down as she walked into the room, looking
John up and down. Teri introduced herself to John, John responded by kissing
her hand. "Damn, you were right Kim, he is handsome in a rugged, every day
run of the mill type of way." Teri said.

"Uh thanks, I think," John responded.

"Well what're you two waiting for?" Kim asked.

Teri led John by the hand into the kitchen which was adjacent to a living
room where Kim sat down on a couch.

"Let me give you a little show first," Teri said seductively as she
unzipped her jeans. Teri stopped and rubbed her huge breasts through her
shirt, "I guess you want to see the top part first don't you?" Teri peeled
up her shirt over her head exposing her mounds. Teri grabbed them in her
hands, bouncing them up and down, "Like it when I play with my big tits?"
Teri bent over the table and jiggled her tits from side to side then placed
her fingers between them, "What's that remind you of? I'm so glad you showed
up, I'm so horny and I wanted to get fucked in the ass for Kim to see."

John walked over the Teri and began rubbing her ass through her jeans.
"Maybe I can be of service..."

Teri bent over the table as John continued rubbing her ass. "Remember,
Kim wants to see a good show" Teri said.

"This is nice, a nice thick ass."

"That can wait for later, play with these." Teri said as she shoved her
breasts in John's face. John sucked on her nipples and squeezed her breasts.
He laid her down on the table and bit her nipples making Teri moan. He stuck
one hand down her pants rubbing her pussy as he buried his face in her tits.
"You like that, huh?"

"Oh yeah, I want your cock, I want to titty fuck that cock of yours."
Teri got up and placed John down on the table. She pulled off his pants,
springing out his erection. She licked it up and down and sucked on the top
then teased it with her tongue. She smacked his cock against her tongue then
rubbed the head against her nipple. Teri lubed up up his cock with her mouth
then got up on the table in a 69 position on John sticking her jean covered
ass in his face. Teri sucked down on his cock, deep throating it. Teri
leaned forward placing John's cock between her massive tits. John squeezed
them together as she rubbed them back and forth on his cock. Teri leaned
forward and sucked on John's balls as she titty fucked him. Kimberly was now
fully undressed, finger blasting away on the couch. Teri pulled her breasts
away from John's cock and deep throated it again while tapping away on his
balls. John reached forward and fondled her jugs. John then pulled down
Teri's jeans a bit so he could finger her pussy as she sucked away on his
cock. Teri's moans were muffled as she had a mouth full of cock.

"Uhhh yeah, you fucking slut, oooh" John moaned.

Teri got up and laid back down on the table as John pulled her jeans
completely off. John began fingering her juicy pussy while licking her clit
with his tongue. "Oooh yeah, my fucking pussy, haah, ohh yeah" Teri moaned
out. John then stuck his pussy juice covered fingers in Teri's mouth and she
sucked them dry. Teri was dripping wet as John continued to eat her out.
"Give me your fucking cock" Teri demanded...

Teri placed her legs on John's shoulders as he slid his cock into her wet
pussy. "Are you gonna fuck me or what?" Teri said sounding annoyed. John
thrusted it and pounded her pussy hard. Teri is a thick girl and she liked
it hard. John pounded that pussy harder and harder as Teri wanted more and
more. Teri moaned loud in excitement.

"You love that fucking cock, don't you?" John said.

"UHHHHH YEEEAH, YEEEAH!" Teri moaned loudly in response.

John grabbed a hold of her tits as he pounded her. "Say it.." John
demanded, playing into Teri's aggressiveness.

"I fucking love it..." Teri responded. John pounded harder. "UNNNNHHHHH,
I FUCKING LOVE IT, UNNNNNHHHH!" Teri screamed out in passion.

John continued to pound away as he admired Teri's body. She was short and
thick but had no fat on her. A well defined flat stomach, huge fake boobs
and a great ass. Her pussy was freshly shaven and it had to be to wear the
jeans she had on.

"Slow down, tease me!" Teri said. John slowed down, pulling in and out
slowly, "Yeeah!" Teri responded. Teri moaned more as she reached orgasm.
Kimberly was in heaven over on the couch, dripping.

Teri got up and rested her arms on the table sticking her big hard round
ass for John. John entered her pussy from behind and grabbed ahold of her
shoulders. "Ohhh yeah, thats right, grind it around in there." Teri talked
dirty to him. Teri moaned loudly, "Oh fuck my pussy, oh fuck it, uhhh,
yeeah, oooooh" she moaned. John picked up speed and Teri's breasts bounced
against her hands on the table.

John smacked down on her ass. "Take it in your fucking pussy," Teri was
moaning really loud now. "OHHH! Mmmmmmuh, fuck it, yeah that's good, uhhh,
oooooh, unhhh, OOOOH, that feels so fucking good."

"Yeah, take it"

"You like that huh?"


"Unnnh, you wanna fuck my ass? Is that what you want?"

"Yeah I wanna fuck you up the ass, you fucking slut!"

Teri reached behind and pulled John's cock out of her pussy and helped him
slowly guide it into her ass. "Oooh yeah, baby, nice and slow to start, fuck
it slow to start." Teri directed. With John's cock in her ass, Teri leaned
backwards and John grabbed two handfuls of her massive breasts as he slowly
worked his way in her ass. John thrusted in a few more times then Teri
reached back again and grabbed his cock. "Ooooh let me see that dick, I
wanna suck it, I wanna suck on it." Teri turned around and sucked on John's
dick that was wet from her pussy and ass. Teri sucked on it a few times then
stood back and turned around. "Mmmm, yeah, I want some more," she moaned as
she guided it back into her ass. John thrusted about four or five times then
Teri, pulled it out, turned around and sucked on his cock some more. Teri
got back up and John stuck it back in her ass. "Ohhh shit, fuck, fuck it
good now, fuck my ass hard! Ohhh god!" Teri moaned as John pounded her ass.
He grabbed two handfuls of her thick booty as he pounded that ass. Teri
moaned and talked dirty to John. "Are you gonna cum on my fucking face and
my tits? I wanna taste it, I wanna taste your fucking cum, I WANNA TASTE IT!
You gonna cum?" John pulled out and Terri quickly turned around and squatted
down. John unloaded his cum all over her face and tits. Teri licked it all
up and swallowed down John's cum.

With a trail of cum down her chin, Teri looked over at Kim who at was
sweating from all her finger blasting. "Thank you, Kim."

"No thank you," Kim replied.

Teri turned to John, "I just wanted to give you one last taste to remember
me by," she said. Teri pushed John down on the table, got up on it, kneeled
down straddling John's face with her pussy. Teri rubbed her pussy back and
forth all over John's face. Teri got up and grabbed her clothes.

John turned to Kim, "Satisfied?"

Kim looked at Teri, "Turn around, let me see your ass." Teri turned
around showing Kim her thick butt. "John, you know that cheek fucking we did


"Look at that ass, I want you to do it with her and then I'll be

"Whatever you say..." Kim walked over to Teri and whispered something in
her ear.

Teri left the room and returned wearing a bright green thong. Teri walked
over to John and grabbed ahold of his limp cock. "I'm not really into that
whole spanking thing that you had with Kim." Teri said.

Instead she sat John down in a chair and began grinding her ass against
his cock until she felt it prick up. Teri then grabbed the a hold of it and
ran it up and down the crack of her ass. Her ass was much deeper then Kim's
and engulfed more of John's cock.

"Enough teasing," Kim said hornily from her position.

Teri smiled then laid down face first on the table. John straddled Teri.
Teri held apart her ass cheeks as John slid his cock in between them. With
his cock deep in her big ass, Teri pushed her cheeks engulfing John's cock.
Kim's ass was so tight that there was little room for John's cock between the
cheeks but Teri's ass had much more meat on it but no cellulite. Teri held
her ass cheeks together as John's cock disappeared between them. John
thrusted back and forth several times between her cheeks until he finally
exploded with cum all over Teri's ass and lower back. Teri got up and gave
John a kiss, "I'm going to go for a swim and wash off."

John watched Teri walk away with his cum on her big thick round ass. Her
big free jugs jiggling as she walked. Teri dove into the pool and out of
sight. John got dressed as did Kimberly. Kim then walked over to John and
handed him an envelope. "I'm not a selfish girl, I'll see you soon honey."

John left the house and outside he opened the envelope to see a blank
cheque from Kim, a plane ticket to Texas, and a piece of paper with an
address. Underneath the address it said, "Your services have been requested,
go and enjoy, Love Kimberly." Hot damn...

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