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WrestleSex Series Part 4: Two Lonely Wives
by Josh (

John arrived in Texas, his head spinning from the past few days. While
the pleasure was out of this world, he was tired out from his life changing
experiences. John checked in at a hotel and slept for a few hours to
completely charge up his batteries. John figured what's waiting for him must
be something good if he was flown out to Texas. John got up early, bought a
map and rented a car. It took him a few frustrating hours to finally find
the address that Kimberly had given to him. The place was practically out in
the middle of nowhere and it was massive. Acres of land and a massive house
in the hot Texas sun. John drove up the mile long driveway, walked up to the
door, took a deep breath and rang the doorbell. After a few moments the door
opened and inside stood ... Debra. Debra opened the door and John's eyes
immediately went to the famous 'puppies'. Debra was wearing a zebra skin
bikini and a schall covering her bottoms.

"You must be John..." Debra said.

"Yes m'am, nice to meet you." John said politely.

"Come in, I've heard great things about you from Kimberly. I'm just
lounging around outside catching some sun with my good friend Sara Callaway.
Its what we've been doing forever cause just like Kimberly, our husbands are
always away and when they're home they seem to have no time for us." Debra

"No time for you? You've gotta be kidding." John said as he eyes kept
waundering to Debra's puppies.

"Yeah, we're so lonely and Kim said you were great company. Come on,
I'll get you a drink and we can hang out by the pool."

Debra led John in, stopping at an indoor bar and grabbed John a Pepsi then
headed outside, telling John to sit anywhere he liked. John admired Debra's
body, despite her being in her late thirties, her body was still really
tight, she had real nice legs, a decent ass and of course great breasts.
John took a seat in the sun and sat back, looking around. Debra was living
it large off Stone Cold's money and it showed, the house was enormous.

John then spotted a head in the pool, it was Sara doing a couple laps.
After she finished, Sara stepped out of the pool wearing a leopard print
bikini. John tried his best not to get hard as he watched Sara's wet body
walk all the way around the huge pool. Sara was young, probably in her mid
to late twenties and her body was flawless. Her face wasn't the best but
the body more then made up for it. Sara walked around placed a towel on
the chair next to John and sat down to dry off in the sun.

"You must be John. I'm Sara..."

"Yeah, I know. I saw you a few times on television."

"Really? That's cool. I've heard a lot about your, uhm, skill for
satisfying the ladies but tell me about you."

"Me? Nothing too exciting, well up until a couple days ago when my life
changed and now I'm here. Tell me about you, what'd you used to do?"

"Well, I was a dancer..."




"Really? Mark doesn't think so. He wants me to be all classy and never
mention to anyone that I used to be a stripper, he thinks it makes him look

"That's too bad, did you like stripping?"

"Yeah it was fun but I never get to make use of it anymore. Mark never
pays attention to what I want, its always about him."

"What'd you mean?"

"Well sometimes I just like to get down and dirty."

"I know what you mean."

"Really? Well you know, back when I was stripping, they used to say that
I gave the best lapdance in the state."

"Is that so?"

"What? You don't believe me?" Sara winks at John, "Why don't you come on
inside and see?"

Sara led John inside, in her leopard bikini. She was dry now and John
admired the view as he followed her inside. Sara sat John down on a chair
inside. Debra was still outside sunbathing and had no idea what was going
on inside. Sara danced infront of John with her hands over her head. Sara
then leaned in giving John a great view of her breasts. Sara turned around
bending over, moving her hips back and forth. She put her hands on John's
knees and sat down rubbing her ass up and down against John's crotch a few

Sara then sat on his crotch, grinding it with her ass. Sara got up,
turned around and danced some more for John, carressing her breasts then
leaning over giving John a full view of her breasts which were bursting from
her bikini top. Sara felt herself up as she danced around then sat back
down on John's crotch. John untied the strings of her leopard bikini top
letting Sara's mounds free. Sara jiggled them infront of John then stepped
over his right leg and squatted down rubbing her pussy back and forth on his
leg. Sara placed John's hand on her left breast.

She got up and moved back in front of him, pulling down her bikini
bottoms. She was neatly shaven with a small brown runway strip. Sara bent
over giving John a full view of her ass and pussy as she took off the bikini
bottoms. Sara sat down on John's crotch grinding her exposed pussy against
it then leaned back and rubbed John's head a bit. Sara stood over John's
left leg and swiveled her ass around then began 'fucking' his thigh. She
got up and got back in front of John and began rubbing against his cock with
her shin, up and down through his pants.

Sara straddled John's crotch and began bouncing up and down, moaning as
if she was being fucked, her tits bouncing wildly. She fondled her breasts
as she bounced up and down then grinded on John's crotch. Sara stepped back,
kneeled down and rubbed her breasts up and down against John's crotch. Sara
got back up, danced some more, feeling herself up then sat down on John's
crotch spreading her legs over the sides of John's and began grinding and
moaning like crazy on John's cock. Her body had a great tan with small hot
tan lines. After some more grinding, Sara leaned forward exposing it all to
John while rubbing her ass.

She grabbed John's hands and rubbed them all against her body then placed
them on her hips as she sat back down and grinded some more. Sara got back
up, turned around rubbing John's cock with her hand and putting her mouth
right over his crotch while licking her lips then playing with her nipples.
She squeezed her breasts together and rubbed them against John's crotch.

Sara then leaned back placing her hands on the couch and her legs on
John's thighs so her pussy was facing him. She moved her hips up and down
and in a circle simulating sex with John. John pulled her forward on top
as she stuck her tits in his face and continued to grind on his cock when
she heard Debra's voice...

"I see you've started without me..."

Sara and John turned their heads to see Debra standing naked in the living
room. "I was just getting him warmed up." Sara said.

"Well now that he's warmed up, let me get some." Debra said.

Debra pulled off John shirt then took off his pants. She knelt down and
took all of John's cock in her mouth. Debra's experience showed as she
worked over John's cock like a pro, taking it all in then motioning John to
fuck her face and he did. Debra gagged a bit after a while then caught her
breath and sucked on John's cock some more. Sara sat back on the couch,
playing with herself. Debra deep throated his cock then Sara got up, came
over and began rubbing his balls.

Sara whispered, "Switch" to Debra and they did as Sara took John's cock
in her mouth as Debra played with his balls.

"I need to fuck." Debra said.

John got up and Debra grabbed a hold of his cock, sucking on it a bit then
slapping her puppies with it. Debra then laid back on the couch. Sara laid
down next to her and fondled Debra's breasts while John thrusted his cock
inside of her. John fucked Debra and she wanted it harder. He grabbed her
midsection. Sara continued to feel up Debra and the two kissed a bit between
Debra's moans. John grabbed two handfuls of Debra's breasts as he fucked her
hard. Sara then positioned herself so that John could lean down and lick her
clit while he was fucking Debra. Sara began moaning then said, "Give it to
me, give me some, fuck me!"

John pulled out of Debra, moved over. Debra helped guide John's cock into
Sara. Debra and Sara tongue kissed and rubbed each other's breasts while
John rammed Sara's wet pussy. Sara was loud and even hornier then Debra.

"Uuuuhhhh, oooh, fuuuuck MEEEE! Fuck my wet cunt!" Sara moaned. Sara
moaned really loud then laughed and shoved John down onto the floor
aggressively. "You call that FUCKING?! I'll fuck your brains out big boy!"

Sara said with lust in her eyes. Sara sat ontop of John's cock and began
riding him wildly. Debra moved over and kneeled down over John's face so
that he could lick her pussy and ass. Debra leaned forward and licked John's
cock as Sara bounced up and down. Debra moved up sucking on Sara's nipples.

Sara kept up with her dirty talk as she thrashed wildly on John's cock,
"FUCK ME! I'm your dirty little whore, yeah, that's what I am ... ooooh ...
unnnnhhh ... YESSS! You ain't never been ... unnnnhhh ... fucked like this?
ooooh ... By a dirty ahhhh whore? YESSS! Ohhh god. I'm cuuummming!"

Sara exploded. John was ready to explode to. Debra got off his face and
he stood up. Sara grabbed his cock and stuck it 3/4 of the way in her mouth
and John exploded into the back of her throat. After a few moments, Sara
pulled John's cock out of her mouth clean and licked her lips, "Mmmmm, what
am I?" Sara asked.

"Amazing," John answered.

"No I'm your dirty little whore, say it." Sara demanded.

"You're my dirty little WHORE!" John responded.

"Mmmm yeah..." Sara smiled. Sara took a seat on a chair, her hair and body
covered in sweat.

"She may be your dirty little whore but I'm fucking you now." Debra said
as she worked over John's cock bringing it back to attention. Debra laid
John down on the floor then sat down on his cock. Debra then leaned back
giving John full view of her body as he pumped his cock into her pussy.
Debra played with her breasts, teasing John then leaned forward sticking them
in John's face for him to suck on while she grinded her pussy on his cock.
Debra was a lot quieter then Sara and slowed John down a bit. Debra then
sat up and rode John. She played with her clit while riding John until she
reached orgasm. Debra was a lot easier to please then Sara but less fun.
Debra stood up off John's cock then sat him down on the couch. Debra pushed
her heaving breasts together and tit fucked John. She licked the tip of his
cock as she did it. Debra increased the speed then slowed it down, teasing
John then sped it up again until he came all over her puppies.

John sat back in the couch and wiped the sweat off his face and caught his
breath. "Don't think we're done yet," John heard as he looked up to see Sara
standing up out of her chair.

"Dirty little whores are never satisfied until a great ass fucking." Sara
said. "I'm sure you thought you were giving it to those other girls hard in
the ass but I'm not like them, I'm dirty, I'm nasty, and I want it really ...
REALLY ... REALLY hard!"

Sara laid John down on the floor. Debra sucked on John's cock, lubing it
up then Sara lowered her ass onto his cock with Debra helping it in. "Mmmmm,
that's where I like it." Sara moaned.

John thrusted up slowly then Debra pulled it out and sucked on it some
more, getting it nice and wet before moving it back up into Sara's tight
little ass. John began pumping faster and Sara played with her tits and
moaned. "Unnnh ... unnnhhh, mmmmm, oooooh, yeeesss!"

"You like that, huh?" John asked.

"Thats .. mmmm ... alright for a start ... ooooh" Sara responded.

John pumped up harder and faster trying to please Sara. Sara stopped and
got up looking annoyed, "I told you to fuck me hard, treat me like your dirty
little whore!" Sara got down on all fours and bent over. "Now fuck my ass
like you mean it, come on, give it to me!" Sara demanded.

John slid his cock into her ass, grabbed Sara by the hips and pounded her
ass as hard as he could. "Ooooh god yesss, oooh, that's better." Sara
moaned. John pumped her asshole harder and faster, reaching forward and
fondled her tits with one hand. Debra had spread herself out on the couch
and was enjoying the show. "Come on! HARDER! HARDER! HARRRRRRDER!" Sara

John was fucking her as hard as he could in the ass but Sara still didn't
seem satisfied enough. "STOP!" Sara shouted. John pulled out. Sara shoved
John down onto a chair. "Let me do it." Sara backed up and lowered her ass
down on John's cock how she was doing in the lap dance but this time it was
no tease. With her tight ass facing John as she bounced up and down wildly
on it she looked over her shoulder, her sweaty curly blonde hair going all
over the place.

"OOOOHH YEEEAHH! That's how ... oooooh ... a dirty ... mmmmm .... little
whore ... ohhh god ... gets fucked! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK IT HARD! That feels
so good! Mmmmmmm ... unnnnhhhh ... ooooooh ... I LOVE IT! ooooh ... I love
a cock in my tight ass! unnnhhh ... play with my tits ... OOOOOOH! YEEEESSS!
FUUUUUCK! That's the ... aaaaahhhhhh ... WAY I LIKE IT! My ahhh ass my assss
ooooh yesss ohh god."

Sara talked so dirty as she dripped in sweat. John massaged her breasts.
"FUUUUCKKK ... I'm gonna ... ooooh ... CUUUUM!" Sara screamed as she came.
"Debra get over here and spread your ass." Sara demanded.

Debra came over and spread her ass.

"I want you to fuck her ass a little then cum on her asshole!" Sara

John obliged as he was close to cumming. He gave Debra's ass a few
thrusts then exploded a huge load on her ass. Sara licked up all the cum
from Debra's ass then off of John's cock. "Thanks baby" Sara said with a
smile as she picked up her bikini and headed off.

"Its getting late, you can stay overnight in one of the guest rooms,"
Debra told John.

"Thanks a lot, thanks for everything," John replied.

"No thank you." Debra said, "I had fun tonight and I think Sara did too."

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