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WrestleSex Series Part 5: Sara Wants More
by Josh (

John walked around the house a bit trying to pick out a guest room when
he opened a door to see Sara naked except for a baggy pair of jeans hanging
halfway down her ass. "Some how you strike me epitome of the word kinky."

Sara laughed and said, "I'm not some bitch having sex as a high, I fuck
purely for the pleasure!" Sara said as she took off her jeans, folded them
up and threw them down on the floor. She was obviously not shy about her
body at all. "I'm a multi-faceted person, you'll think you know me then
I'll change" Sara said as she laughed. "Well except with you, I always want
to be your dirty little whore." Sara giggled. "But I need to take a bath,
I'll leave the door open in case you want to watch." she said.

"Sure, in a minute." John said. John left and got a drink and on the way
ran into Debra who was down watching some television. "Damn that Sara is
horny," John said to Debra.

"She just wants you to take control. I'm not all that innocent either, I
bought all this bondage type stuff but Steve wouldn't go for it. Its just
sitting in a room down in the basement, why don't you?" Debra said.

"I got it," John said with a smirk. John came back to see Sara in the
bath rubbing herself all over, 'Damn this girl is horny' he thought. 'She
wants to be my dirty little whore? Why don't I treat her like one?' John
thought. He pushed open the bathroom door and grabbed Sara by the arm.

"Come with me..." he demanded. John led a wet and naked Sara downstairs
and found the room Debra was talking about. It was just plain carpeting with
a big chair. In the corner there was a box, John locked the door and looked
through the box to find some leather outfits. "Here put this on."

John threw Sara something. Sara pulled the leather dress up slowly over
her ass. There was a zipper on the back exposing her tight ass. John then
went into the box and gave her a leather studded top to put on and she did.
John felt Sara up from head to toe. "You dirty little whore." he said.

"Ohhh yeah, you know I want more," Sara responded. Sara sat down on the
chair and John stood to the side, taking off his pants. Sara licked his cock
then pounded it down her throat getting saliva all over it. Sara then played
with his precum stretching it out.

"Ohh yeah, you love cock." John said.

Sara slapped his cock with her hand a few times then licked it all over.
She continued to play with his precum, licking it and swallowing it. "Mmmmm,
thats good, I love your cum," she said. Sara smacked his cock a few more
times then took it in her mouth all the way. She played with the top, taking
it in a bit more. Sara got up and John sat down in the chair. "Mmmmm, let
me take it." Sara said. She climbed up on the chair and lowered her pussy
down on John's cock. "Ooooh, ooooh, hhhhuuuuhhh, yeah" Sara moaned as her
ass smacked against his thighs.

"Fuck yeah, fucking whore," John said.

Sara lifted her pussy up and John thrusted hard up into it. "Unnnnhhhhh
.... oooooh god yess ... fuuuck meee!" Sara moaned.

Smack - smack - smack her ass did against his thighs as they fucked harder
and harder. She rode him harder and harder.

"Ooooh yeah," John moaned.

Sara slowed down and John grabbed two handfuls of her ass then stuck a
finger in her ass, "Yeeah, thats right, stick it in there." Sara approved.
"Stick your finger in my ass, hold it in there, oooh yeah!"

John fucked her harder again with his giner in her ass. He pulled it in
and grabbed a hold of her tits. Sara then began to climb down. "You gonna
let me look at your ass, ohhh yeah!" John said. Sara gave his erection a
smack with her hand as she climbed down.

"Thats a bad girl, thats my dirty little whore" said John. Sara climbed
back up this time with her ass facing John.

"Hunnnnhhhh ... hehe ... YEEEAHHH!" Sara moaned. "OOOOOH" "Yeah!
Oooooooh YEAH!" Sara moaned as John fucked her harder. "Oh my god! unnnnhhh
FUCK ME HARDER! ooooohhh FUCK ME! aaaaahhhh FUCK MY PUSSY!"

John and Sara moaned as Sara rode his cock and he thrusted up hard.
They had to slow down a bit to catch their breath. "Oooh my god, you're
spectacular" John commented. John picked up the paced again pounding her
pussy, giving it to her hard like she wanted it. Sara moaned quietly then
let out a loud, "UNNNH FUCK!" The two were breathing heavily and Sara moved
down so her feet were touching the floor. Now she could ride John better
and harder. Sara bounced up and down on John's cock a few times then got
off and bent over for him.

"Fuck yeah!" John commented as he slapped his cock against her tight ass.

Sara fingered her asshole as John told her, "Keep your finger deep in that
ass like a dirty girl"

John stepped back and admired her gourgeous butt.

"You now how I like it" Sara said as she pulled her finger out.

John slowly penetrated her asshole as Sara helped guide his cock in. Her
ass was already a bit loose from earlier. "Ooooh yeah, hhunnnh!" Sara moaned
as John slowly fucked her ass. "Let me lick it, let me get it nice a wet so
you can fuck my ass harder" Sara said. She sucked on John's cock, getting it
nice and wet.

"Right from your ass to your mouth, you're such a whore, my whore!"

"Mmmmmm..." is all Sara had to say. "Stick it back in my ass!" Sara
demanded and John thrusted it back in and began pumping Sara's ass harder.
"Unnnhhhh ... huuh ... ooooh yeah .. hold onto me baby, grab my ass" Sara
instructed. John grabbed ahold of her ass, "Oooh fuck yeah, thats the way
baby, now fuck your dirty little whore ... ooooh ... yeeah ... FUCK ME ...
unnnnh ... fuck it good and HARD! That's the way I like it! unnnnhhh
ooooooh god, let me suck it, let me taste my ass some more!" John pulled out
and Sara sucked on his cock.

"Oooh baby, oooh Sara" John moaned.

Sara then put one leg up on the chair, spreading out her ass. "FUCK IT
HARD! Unnnnhhhh!" Sara moaned. John fucked that ass how she liked it. Her
ass was wet from her lubing his cock with her own saliva. "Mmmmm ... yeaaah
... SOOO HARD! I can't stand ... unnnh ... FUUUCCCK!" John was really
getting her good now. Sara laid down on her side for John sticking her ass

John laid next to her and stuck his cock back in her ass. "Fuck yeah,
Sara, fuck!" John moaned as he pounded her ass.

"Ohh god, ooooh yeaah, oooooooh yeah .... YEAH! YEAH! YEAH! Unnnnhhhhh
... unnnnhhhh ... fuck it! You like that?" Sara asked.

"I love that! I love your fucking ass!" John replied as he pounded it
harder and harder.

"Fuck my asshole! Hunnh ... you're gonna make me cum! Yeah fuck it!
YOUR DIRTY LITTLE WHORE?! Unnnnnhh ... I'm your dirty whore! POUND ahhhhhh
MY unnnhhh ASS! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHH GODDD!" Sara came in grand fashion. "Now
I want you to cum in my mouth, mmmm"

"In your mouth."

"And on my tits. Come here.." Sara moved up and onto to the chair. "I
want you in my mouth..." Sara leaned back in the chair as John stood over
her face with his cock.

"Yeeah, you're dirty, so dirty!"

"I am dirty!"

"I wanna cum all over you!"

Sara grabbed John's cock and sucked on his balls from underneath. She
then sucked on his cock until John came all over her mouth, face and chest.
Sara grabbed his cock and sucked it dry, licking all the cum off it and
swallowing it.

Sara rubbed the rest of the cum into her and licked her hands. "Now
that's more like it." she said. "Keep in touch..."

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