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WrestleSex Series Part 6: Teasing Tori
by Josh (

The next morning as John prepared to leave, Debra handed him a cell phone
and told him to keep it as he's becoming quite the popular man. As John
drove to the airport, the cell phone rang. John answered and on the other
line was former WWF female, Tori. Tori said she'd reserved a seat for John
on a plane to Los Angeles and told him to hurry. So John set off to LA,
there was a taxi waiting for him at the airport which took him to a modest
home in a suburb of LA. Tori answered the door in a robe.

"John, come on in, I've been waiting..."

John stepped in.

"I've heard good things about you but I want to make it clear right from
the start that I'm in control."

"Thats fine with me," John answered.

Tori led John down some stairs into her basement. The room was dimly lit
by a bunch of candles, the walls were grey, the room was empty except for a
huge bed in the middle of the room. Tori pulled John in and kissed him then
grabbed his crotch with her hand.

"Take off your clothes," she directed and John undressed. Tori walked
around John then grabbed his cock, "That's good."

Tori reached under the bed and pulled out a blindfold. "Put this on," she
said and John did as she said, putting on the blindfold. Tori backed John
down onto the bed, laying him down. She reached under the bed and grabbed
some hand restraints. Next thing John knew his hands were in the restraints,
attached to the bed post behind his head.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Remember, I'm in control." Tori said.

'Whatever,' John thought, he's open to new experiences.

Tori went under the bed and got some restraints for John's feet. With
John restrained to the bed, Tori pulled off his blindfold. Tori stood over
John and removed her robe. Tori was wearing a black leather domanatrix type
outfit shaped like a swimsuit. John admired her body it was tanned and
toned, muscular but not manly.

"Do I turn you on?" Tori asked.


"Do I make you horny?"


Tori laid down face first on top of John's body and holding onto his tied
up hands, moved herself up and down rubbing her body against John's. Her big
breasts pressed against John's chest through her outfit...

"Does that feel good?"


Tori turned over and rubbed her ass up and down against John's crotch and
body a few times...

"How about that?"


Tori turned over and knelt over John then pulled down the top of her
outfit down to mid-waist letting her beautiful breasts free.

"What about my tits? Do you want to suck on my nipples? Would you love
my tits in your mouth?"


Tori leaned forward and rubbed her breasts inches from John's face. She
then stuck a nipple in his mouth but as he started to lick she pulled back
and rubbed her breasts some more. Tori then rubbed her other breasts against
John's cheek then leaned in towards his mouth, then pulled back, leaned in
and pulled back, teasing John. Tori got up and pulled off the rest of her
outfit and she was totally nude now.

"How's my ass?"


"Would you like to stick your tongue in my asshole? Want to bury your
face in between my ass?"

"I'd love to.."

Tori got up on the bed and lowered her ass down infront of John's face but
stopped inches before his face. Tori just held her ass there then began
rubbing it in front of John's face. "Lick it!" she said.

John tried but she pulled away. Tori lowered it some more but pulled away
again teasing John and driving him nuts. Tori looked down and saw John's
cock was hard...

"Looks like you need your dick sucked ... Wouldn't you love for me to suck
your hard cock? It'd feel great to have my tongue lick it all over. Would
that make you cum for me?"

"Oh yeah."

Tori then crawled down to John's cock. Tori cupped her hand around John's
cock but wasn't touching it. Tori acted like she was jerking him off but
wasn't touching it. "You want that?" she asked. John was going crazy.
Tori lowered her mouth over his cock but didn't let it touch anything.

"I bet you want to fuck the most right? Want me to ride that cock?"

"Please, fuck me Tori."

Tori stood over John's cock and squatted down but stopped half an inch
from letting it go into her pussy. Tori bounced up and down teasing John
more. Tori then got off the bed and grabbed one of the candles. She dripped
the candle wax on John's chest and he nearly yelped. Tori rubbed it in his
chest then climbed up over him and leaned next to his ear...

"That's enough teasing, now I want your cock, I want you to fuck me so
hard, I'm so horny for you."

In one swift move, John had freed his hands from the restraints and placed
Tori's left arm in one then muscled her right arm into the other. John moved
down, undid his feet then put Tori's feet in the restraints. Tori smiled,
"I'm all yours, fuck me."

"I bet you want my cock in your mouth?" John asked.

"Mmmm yeah, give it to me..."

John bent down over Tori's face and moved his cock toward her mouth then
stopped. John pulled back then went forward and Tori's sucked down on his
cock for a couple seconds then John pulled out.

"Taste good? You want me to fuck you?"

"Yeah, come on, please, fuck me..."

John went down and slowly worked his cock into Tori's pussy then quickly
pulled out and slapped it against her wet cunt. All of a sudden, John heard
the door open and a man walked in...

"What's going on here?" the man said.

"Who are you?" John asked

"My name's Jack, who are you?"

"I'm John..."

"John meet Jack, my best fuck friend. Jack, I thought you were going to
be out of town for a few more days and I just needed some cock." Tori

"John, was she teasing you?" Jack asked.

"Yeah, it was driving me nuts." John replied

"She's never satisfied." Jack replied.

"Would the two of you quit the chit chat, untie me and I'll fuck both of
your brains out right now!" Tori demanded.

John and Jack nodded in agreement. Jack got undressed while John released
Tori from her restraints. John sat down on the bed and Tori went to work on
his cock, licking it up and down while holding it with her hand. Jack came
from behind Tori, kissing her ass and licking her pussy. John grabbed a hold
of Tori's breasts and sucked on them until Tori turned around and shared a
deep tongue kiss iwth Jack. Tori began to give John a great blowjob. Jack
stood up and Tori alternated sucking both of their cocks while giving the
other a handjob when not sucking it. Tori sucked on both the cocks showing
how much she loved cock.

"Like it, baby?" John asked.

"Whats not to like?" Tori responded.

Tori got up on the bed and Jack went up and Tori quickly engulfed his cock
in her mouth, sucking it then sucked on his balls. Tori was very aggressive
sucking his cock and moaning. John entered her pussy, spreading her legs
apart and began to fuck her.

"Mmmm, oooh, unnnhhhh yeah' Tori moaned. Tori stroked off Jack while
concentrating on John fucking her pussy.

"Ahhh you like that baby" John said.

Tori wanted Jack's cock in her mouth but was moaning too much as John
pumped her hard. "Oh my god, fuck my ass, please!" Tori said to John then
took Jack's cock back in her mouth.

John slid his cock down into her tight asshole and began fucking it. Jack
gagged Tori with his cock muffling her moans. Tori's body was so hard and
tight and tanned and looked amazing while being fucked by two guys. Tori
licked, sucked and stroked Jack's cock while John pounded away on her ass.
John soon pulled out of her ass and began fingering her asshole with one
finger then two. Soon he worked three in and finally four fingers loosening
up her asshole.

Tori turned over onto her knees sticking her ass in the air. She could now
also take Jack's cock better in her mouth. She took it out for a second,
turned over her should and told John, "Fuck my ass..."

John climbed up over Tori's ass then shoved his cock deep inside it. John
humped her ass and Tori moaned widly while fingering her clit, 'Mmmm ...
unnnh ... oooohhh yeea!"

"My turn," Jack said.

John pulled out and John took his position over Tori's ass, burying his
cock deep inside and pounding away hard on Tori's hard ass. John moved over
for Tori to suck on his balls. He then bent down and kissed her. Tori was
moaning too wildly to suck his cock.

Soon Tori looked up at John and said, "Fuck my ass again." Tori sat down
John on the bed then sat down, sticking his cock in her ass with her ass
facing him. Tori then leaned back so John could rub her tight muscular
stomach and play her big titties. Tori played with herself as she bounced up
and down on his cock.

"Come here, Jack, I want your cock in my mouth." Tori said as she sat up
a bit and sucked on Jack's cock a little. "I wanna suck both your cocks,"
Tori demanded.

Tori got off John's cock and knelt down on the ground, again alternating
between sucking each man's cock. John then exploded with cum all over her
face and mouth. Tori sucked the cum off his cock as it dripped down her
chin. Jack then came in Tori's mouth and on her face.

"Thanks boys!" Tori said, "John, there's someone waiting for your services

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