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WrestleSex Series Part 7: An Older Woman
by Josh (

John headed upstairs expecting another woman but there was a cab driver.
John's taxi took him to a beachfront home as he wondered who he would be
attempting to satisfy next. John opened knocked on the door but no one
answered. He then noticed the door was unlocked and proceeded to let himself
in. John walked in the house and saw no one but could see out the window to
a private beach. John saw someone out laying on a towel in the sand. John
went down some stairs then out onto the beach and walked towards the woman.
As he walked towards the woman she looked up and John recognized her as

"Its about time you got here," Madusa said seeming annoyed. "How about
you start out by taking that bottle of oil and giving me a massage?" Madusa

John obliged as he began to massage the oil into Madusa's back. He undid
her bikini top so he wouldn't miss a spot. John moved down to Madusa's legs
then pulled down her bikini bottoms so he could oil up her ass. Madusa was
older and her body was going a bit but it was still attractive. Madusa
rolled over exposing her HUGE milk jugs. "Stand back and take off your
clothes, let me do my front." Madusa slid out of her bikini bottoms and
began massaging the oil over her lower body then focused on her jugs, using
a ton of oil on them. Madusa finished and her naked body glistened in the
hot sun.

Madusa pulled John in and sat him down on a beach chair. She wasted no
time vigorously sucking his cock. Madusa wedged his cock between her massive
breasts and continued to suck on it. She rubbed her breasts up and down on
it a few times and tickled the top of it with her tongue. "I'm just teasing
you big boy," Madusa said with a smile.

John pulled back her hair as Madusa sucked on John's cock, then licked it
up and down. Madusa then got down on all fours, "Fuck me now," she said.

John got behind her and stuck it in her wet pussy. He pounded her from
behind and watched as Madusa's giant jugs swayed back and forth with each

"Ohhh god!" she moaned. Madusa played with her slick oily tits as John
pounded her from behind. "Fuck me like that, that's so good, your cock is so
good, ohhh yeah," Maudsa moaned.

John grabbed her hip with one hand and her hair with the other as he
pounded her harder and faster from behind. Madusa's breasts bounced
together. John pulled out and poked his cock in her ass but then went back
to work on her pussy. John pulled out and Madusa turned over laying on her
back. John fucked her missionary style while Madusa played with her big

"Ohh that feels so good," Madusa moaned. John thrusted slowly then
grabbed two big handfuls of tits as he fucked harder and harder. Madusa's
ass jiggled as John pounded her. "Unnnhhhh yeah ... ooooh ... yeeah
OOOOOOH ... I'm CUUUUMMMING!" Madusa screamed as she reached orgasm. "Fuck
my tits..." Madusa told John.

John straddled her chest and stuck his cock between those massive mounds.
John pumped as Madusa squeezed her breasts against John's hard cock. Soon
John came all over tits and mouth.

"Thanks kid" Madusa said as she rubbed the cum into her tits. "I'm warmed
up now let's go inside and let the fun begin." Madusa said twisting her
tongue seductively. Madusa got up and walked inside, her body was slick with
oil and sweat and sand was sticking all over.

Madusa led John inside and into the shower. "Come wash me off, I'm all
oily and sandy." Madusa asked as she stepped into the shower and turned the
water on.

John stepped in as well and the shower steamed up. John used the shower
head to rinse off Madusa. Madusa gave John a bar of soap and John began to
soap up Madusa's body. John found himself fixated on Madusa's massive
breasts making sure they were squeaky clean. Madusa rinsed herself off then
stepped out of the shower. John grabbed a towel and dried her off then dried
himself off.

"You go into the living room and make yourself comfortable," Madusa told

John went out to the living room and took a seat on the couch. Soon
Madusa came out naked except for a pair of white leather chaps and a white
cowboy hat. She had a bottle of champagne in each hand as she walked into
the room. 'Giddy up' John thought to himself. Madusa put down one bottle
then walked over to John. Madusa began to pour the champagne over her tits
and body. John got up and began to lick the champagne off Madusa's breasts.

Madusa sat down and poured champagne on her pussy as John ate her out,
getting a mouthful of champagne as he did. Madusa shifted and sat John
down. She poured champagne on his cock and sucked it off. Madusa sucked
on John's cock some more with the champagne. Madusa stood up and grabbed
the other bottle of champagne and completely covered her body in it. She
pushed John down on the couch then got on top of him, riding him like a
cowgirl. Madusa's breats bounced wildly as she rode John. John sucked on
her champagne covered breasts as she bounced up and down.

"Mmmm ... unnnhhh ... aaaah ... yeeeah ... UNNNNHH!" Madusa moaned as she
rode John faster, holding onto her cowboy hat. Madusa leaned forward
sticking her breasts in John's face. "OOOOOH YEAH! FUUUUCK!" Maudsa then
leaned back giving John full view of her bouncing tits as she aggressively
rode him. John pulled Madusa in tight and thrusted up as she grinded back
and forth on his cock. Madusa held onto John's thighs as she grinded back
and forth. Madusa then got up and turned around, sitting down on John's
cock. She continued to ride him and now fondled her own breasts as she
bounced up and down on his cock.

"I'm gonna cum!" John told Madusa.

"Cum on my tits again!"

John pulled out and came all over Madusa's big breasts. Madusa rubbed her
breasts against John's cock and licked up the rest of the cum.

"It was nice to have a younger man able to keep up with me," Madusa told

"Well it was nice of you to give me the opportunity and if you ever need
me again, you know how to find me." John responded.

"Will do ... You can show yourself out." Madusa walked off to go take a
shower while John grabbed his clothes and left...

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