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WrestleSex Series Part 8: Tantalizing Terri
by Josh (

John's next stop was Florida and the awaiting horny little she devil named
Terri. Terri answered the door wearing a pair of tight dark blue jeans and a
tight white T-shirt. It was obvious that Terri wasn't wearing a bra as her
breasts struggled to be contained by her tight shirt.

"Come on in, sit down, relax and let me get you a beer." Terri said

John took a seat in her living room as Terri shortly returned with a beer
for John and herself. Terri sat down next to John and they both cracked open
their beers.

"So I hear you've been doing a lot of women recently?" Terri asked.

"Yeah, I seem to be in demand for whatever reason." John replied

"Well let's see what you're all about," Terri said.

Terri rubbed John's chest and kissed him up his neck then the two began to
kiss. Terri's hand wandered down John's body as they kissed to his crotch.
Terri undid his belt buckle and zipper and pulled out John's cock. Terri
tongued the top then began to slowly suck his cock while rubbing the shaft up
and down. Terri licked it up from bottom to the head while rubbing it with
both hands as she looked up at John. Terri rubbed up John's body and shared
another kiss with him.

Terri then backed up and grabbed her can of beer. Terri poured it on her
chest making her white t-shirt wet and see thru. John got a great look at
Terri's famous hard nipples. Terri turned around and undid her zipper then
peeled down her tight jeans, bending over slightly to give John full view of
her bubble butt. Terri had a tiny white G-string on that wasn't hiding a

John laid back on the couch, Terri went around the other side then took a
seat right on John's face. Terri played with her tiny white G-string while
John was in her pussy and ass. Terri would grind back and forth on John's
face then pulled off her tight wet top letting her huge breasts loose. Terri
massaged her breasts as she rode John's face. Terri began to bounce up and
down on John's face with each bounce cushioned by her ass.

"Mmmmm yeah, suck my pussy, mmmm," Terri moaned.

Terri got off John's face, giving him a chance to breathe then leaned
against the edge of the couch. John knelt down, pulled Terri's G-string to
the side and began to eat out her hot cunt. Terri played with breasts and
rubbed herself all over as she squirmed from the pleasure John was giving

"Put your fingers up there," Terri whispered to John.

John fingered Terri with two fingers while she rubbed her clit with one
hand. Terri spread her legs out more and was squirming a lot from the
pleasure. John then kissed his way up Terri's stomach to her big breasts.
John licked Terri's big hard nipples and kissed her tits. Terri grabbed her
own nipples and pushed her breasts together so John could suck on both
nipples. Terri soon moved John around and went down on him. Terri rubbed
on John's thighs and chest as she sucked him off. *SLURP* *SLURP* Terri
made loud slurping noises as she blew John.

John picked up the petite Terri and placed her down on the couch then slid
his cock into her pussy. John grabbed a hold of Terri's right leg as he
pounded her. John thrusted hard into Terri and used his other hand to caress
her luscious body. John slowed down, let go of the leg and leaned so he
could suck on Terri's tits as he fucked her.

"Uhhhh ooooh yeeeah mmmm" Terri moaned.

John pulled Terri to her feet and got up himself. John rubbed up the back
of Terri's thighs and ass with his hand while she leaned back and shared
tongue kiss with him. Terri then leaned forward a bit and spread apart her
ass cheeks.

"Fuck me from behind, I want that cock in my pussy" she told him.

John slapped his cock against her bubble butt then entered her pussy from
behind. Terri closed her eyes and licked her lips as she looked back at

"Ohhh yeeah, that's it." she moaned.

John grabbed a hold of her hips as he thrusted deep inside the horny
little she devil. Terri reached down and rubbed her pussy as John fucked
her. He pulled out of Terri and smacked his cock against her pussy as few
times then put it back in.

"OOOOH YESSS! Yeah! Yeah! Oh god! Ohhh yeah! Oh god! OOOOOH!
MMMMM! AAAAAH!" Terri moaned as John fucked her harder and harder. "YES!
Do it to me! Do it to me!"

Terri's big tits jiggled wildly each time John thrusted inside of her.
John continued to fuck the be autiful Terri for a few minutes from behind.
"I'm gonna cum" John exclaimed.

"Ohhh yeah, cum on me baby!"

John gave her a few hard last thrusts then pulled out and came on Terri's
pussy. Terri reached back and rubbed his cum into her pussy while John
rubbed his cock up her inner thigh, up her pussy and against her ass. John
leaned forward and the two shared a deep kiss.

Terri got up and left the room then returned with a bottle of clear apple
flavored lubricant. Terri squirted a large amount of it on her and they were
just dripping with lube. "Ooops, looks like I put too much on, you better
clean it off ... with your tongue." Terri said seductively.

John laid Terri down onto the couch and began to lick Terri's massive
breasts, licking up the excess lubricant. John worked his way all over
Terri's large mounds while Terri moaned. Soon there was no excess lube and
Terri's breasts glistened with the right amount.

"Fuck my big boobs," Terri told John.

John straddled Terri's chest and placed his cock in between her big
breasts. Terri pushed them together as John's cock slid in and out against
her smooth lubed mounds. John fucked those big tits as Terri licked John's
cock as he thrusted.

"Cum on my face," Terri said.

John pulled out of between her breasts and said, "I've got a better idea,
roll over."

Terri did as he said and rolled over.

"The past few women I was with didn't really have the ass for this but
man do you."

"For what?"

"What I'm gonna do is slide my cock between those bubbly butt cheeks,
you're gonna push them together like you did your tits and I'm gonna fuck
them until I cum all over your ass."

"Mmmmm, I like that."

Terri's ass had some meat on it so John could easily slid his cock between
her ass cheeks. Terri pressed her cheeks together as John thrusted between
them. His balls smacked against her pussy with each thrust. John couldn't
hold out any longer and with one last thrust he came all over Terri's butt.
Terri rubbed the cum into her ass then turned around and gave John's cock a
final few licks.

"Mmmmm baby, thanks for the good time." Terri said.

"No problem," John replied.

"You know, there's another ex-Alliance girl that really could use your
talents." Terri said. She then scribbled down a name of a restaurant and
told John to go there tomorrow night at 7 sharp to meet this girl. John
gave Terri a kiss, grabbed his clothes and headed out...

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