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WrestleSex Series Part 9: Mighty Molly
by Josh (

John made sure he arrived at the restaurant early to make a good
impression on the ex-Alliance diva that he's supposed to be meeting. John
sat down at his reserved table and began the wait. John checked his watch,
took a sip of water then looked up to see his 'date' making her way towards
the table it was MOLLY. What a pleasant change of pace, John thought to
himself. Not that the women he's been banging haven't been to die for but
Molly was something different. Molly was wearing a short, almost skin tight
blue plaid dress. Her blonde hair was in cute pigtails. She looked so
stunning in person, even more beautiful then on TV. She really has the girl
next door look instead of the model or stripper look that most of the
wrestling women have.

John got up to greet Molly and pulled the chair out for her. The two had
a nice meal and talked about non wrestling and non sex things, had some
drinks and laughs. After the meal, Molly leaned in towards John and said
softly to him, "I'm not as innocent as I look ... how about we take this
back to my place?" she said, looking real innocent. John jumped at the
opportunity and quickly settled the bill.

The two then grabbed a cab to take them back to Molly's apartment. Molly
brought John into her living room and John was getting ancy due to the fact
Molly's dress wasn't leaving much to the imagination. He made to make his
move. John leaned in over Molly's shoulder and told her, "I want you, I want
you so bad,"

"We both know you weren't here for some small talk and dinner..." Molly
said with a giggle.

Molly turned around and kissed John. John began kissing Molly's neck then
kissed down her chest and stomach until he got to the bottom of her dress.
John pushed it up and Molly wasn't wearing any panties. She wasn't lying
about not being as innocent as she looked. Molly was closely shaven except
for a tiny strip of hair.

John turned Molly around and she bent over leaning against a chair. Her
ass looked much better in person then on TV. It was a bit wide but was
muscular and had no fat on it whatsoever. John began to eat out Molly's
pussy from behind. Molly then turned around and lied back on the couch and
spread her legs for John.

"Ooooh yeah, I love having my pussy eaten," Molly said.

John tongued and licked Molly's cute pussy while she moaned more. Molly
pulled her dress up over her natural breasts. John wasn't used to seeing
natural breasts but they were a nice size. John moved up and hardened up
Molly's nipples by biting and sucking on them then moved back down to her
pussy. John licked Molly's clit and sucked on her puffy pussy lips.

John pulled Molly up and took a seat. Molly licked up John's shaft once,
twice and three times slowly then sucked on the tip of his cock. Molly
continued to toy with the tip of John's cock while stroking the shaft. Soon
Molly stood up, turned around and sat down on John's cock. John held onto
her hips as Molly bounced up and down on his cock.

"Ohh Molly, yes, ride me," John moaned.

Molly screamed in pleasure as John pumped up hard into her tight pussy.
Molly began to move in a circular motion on John's cock and started rubbing
her nipples as she did. Molly leaned back and John held her midsection as
he thrusted up into her. "Ohh yeah, do me from behind," Molly said.

John picked up Molly and she knelt down on the couch. John stood behind
her and pounded Molly's tight pussy. Those hips everyone focuses on ...
those hips were made for fucking. John held onto Molly's hips and pounded
the daylights out of her.

Molly reached back and smacked her own ass, 'OHHHH YEAH! ... oooohhhh ...
aaaah ... baaaabby fuuuuck ... ooooh .. ME! Take me!' Molly moaned.

John pounded her from behind for quiet some time. It was clear that this
young blonde was in need for a series fucking and John was providing it.
Molly moaned as John held onto those sexy hips, fucking her as hard as he
could. John picked up Molly to her feet and Molly raised one leg high in the
air and leaned against a table as John continued to fuck her.

moaned as she reached orgasm.

John fucked her a bit more then pulled out. Molly stroked off John taking
the cum in her pretty face. With cum all over her face, Molly was right ...
she's not so innocent.

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