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WrestleSex Series Part 10: Kiss My Ass
by Josh (

John had been back in his Atlanta apartment for a few days after his time
with Molly. John has been living off the generosity of all his famous lovers
as they've given him substantial amounts of cash for his trips and services
in exchange for his complete silence. At first John was struggling with the
fact he couldn't brag about his experiences but by now he had gotten over
that. Due to the fact that he had no idea when or even if he was going to be
called to 'action' again so to speak, John hired a broker and began to invest
much of the money he had collected from the ladies. In the afternoon John
got his mail as usual but noticed a white envelope with no return address
and 'John' handwritten on the front. John opened it and inside was a plane
ticket scheduled to depart in a few hours to New York City. There was a note
inside directing John to take a taxi to the Hilton Times Square hotel, give
the front desk his name and all will be taken care of from there. John
packed a light bag and headed off to the airport for the Big Apple.

John arrived at JFK in New York and grabbed a taxi, telling him to take
him to the Hilton Times Square. During the ride, John became very nervous,
a feeling he hadn't felt since Kimberly told him to satisfy her. Who would
be waiting at the hotel? Who's rich enough to stay at the Hilton? Many
questions were racing through his mind. John arrived at the Hilton, tipped
the driver, grabbed his bag and headed inside. John wore a nice white dress
shirt, grey dress pants and a grey sports jacket. He wanted to fit in with
the upper class people that could afford to stay at the Hilton. John walked
inside and up to the front desk. He wanted in a line for a couple minutes
until a woman was able to help him. John explained that he was directed to
give his name to the front desk and they'd have something for him. The woman
knew exactly what he was talking about and gave him a card for one of the
penthouse suites. She told him that a young lady told her to tell John to go
up there and wait for her; she'll be back later in the evening. John asked
who this women is and the desk woman told him that she was directed not to
reveal that and for John to just go and wait in the penthouse. So John
headed into the elevator and took the long trip up. John got off on the
highest floor possible then had to use his card to access a second elevator
which took him up to the penthouses.

John entered the penthouse and was taken aback by how luxurious it was.
There was a large living room with a big screen television and a Jacuzzi.
There were two steps then a decent sized kitchen. There was another set of
stairs which let up to two bedrooms and a bathroom. "Hello? Anyone here?"
John called out before entering the room. There was no response. John
called out a few more times louder but there was no answer. As the desk
woman had said, the woman wasn't in. John put down his bag and walked around
the room. The place seemed pretty bare, no real sign of who was staying
there. John noticed a piece of paper on the living room table and picked it

It read, 'Make yourself comfortable, I have things to take care of and I
will return around 8:00PM. Feel free to use the kitchen or order room

The note was unsigned. It was around 2 in the afternoon so John had quite
a lot of time to kill. He walked over to the Jacuzzi and there was a bikini
hanging on the side. John picked up the top and looked at it, it was pretty
big. 'Damn,' John thought, 'this girl has some big boobs.' John put down the
bikini top and continued to wander around the penthouse looking for a sign of
who it was. John opened the door and saw a suitcase on the bed. John looked
at the tag ... BINGO ... The tag read 'Stephanie McMahon' John had to do a
double take and a triple take, making sure he had it right.

John opened the suitcase and it was full of clothes. John was careful not
to mess anything up as he sifted through the suitcase. He was convinced it
was Stephanie as there were a few outfits in there that he'd seen her wear on
TV. John then felt something hard inside the suitcase and pulled it out, it
was a videotape marked 'For Paul'. John thought for a minute then it
clicked, Paul ... Paul Levesque ... Triple H ... Stephanie's on-air husband
and real life boyfriend. John grabbed the tape and headed out of the room
but stopped as he saw a clothes basket. There was a towel, a pair of shorts,
a t-shirt, and a pair of pink panties. John took the pink panties out of the
basket and took a whiff then looked at his watch, "Only a few more hours and
hopefully you'll be mine." John said out loud. John put the panties back
down amongst the other dirty laundry then headed back out to the living room.
John figured that the tape must be some matches that Stephanie was sending to
Triple H to watch while he's doing his rehab in Alabama. John turned on the
big screen TV and popped the tape into the VCR. John took a seat on the
leather couch, took the controller and pressed play. It was a blue screen;
John hit fast forward then looked down at his watch, 2:35PM. John looked up
and had to do another double take as on the screen was Stephanie sitting in
a short black leather skirt and top on the same couch John was sitting on
right now.

John turned up the volume real loud to hear Stephanie, "Hi Paul! I'm
really missing you; I'm here in New York for an autograph signing. I
borrowed this camera from WWF New York and I just wanted to make a special
little video for you to help you with your rehab, *teehee*" Stephanie began
to rub herself and remove her top revealing her massive breasts. Stephanie
felt up her breasts on the screen as John watched in awe. Stephanie then
pulled up her skirt, showing a pair of pink panties. She started rubbing her
pussy through those panties. John hit PAUSE then ran up to the bedroom and
grabbed the pink panties out of the basket.

John then ran back, pulled down his pants to his ankles and took a seat on
the couch. John hit play then began rubbing the panties in his face while
masturbating. John masturbated as Stephanie masturbated on the screen. John
rubbed the panties all over his body then rubbing them against his cock as he
stroked off to Stephanie. Soon John's eyes closed as he was in fantasy
heaven. His heaven was broken when he heard...


John opened his eyes to see Stephanie standing in the doorway. Stephanie
stormed in and turned off the TV. "Just what the hell do you think you're
doing, sicko?" yelled Stephanie.

"I'm so sorry, I just ... I was just ... I'm sorry." John struggled for
an explanation pulling up his pants and putting Steph's panties down on the
table. "I didn't think you'd be here until much later..." John explained.

"So? How does that explain you jacking off with my panties?" She said.

"It doesn't, I'm sorry, it's just..." he responded.

"Just what? And why are you still hard?" Stephanie asked looking down
still seeing a bulge in John's pants.

"Its just that you're so hot ... You're my biggest fantasy, the tape, the
panties, it just drove me nuts, I had to release. As for me still being
hard ... Look at you." John said.

Stephanie was wearing a tight black jumpsuit that she's worn on RAW twice.
It was very low cut in the front highlighting her big boobs. It was held up
around her neck as it was strapless on around her back with most of her back
exposed except for where the tight jumpsuit started again about an inch above
her ass. There was a silver chain hanging around her waist, resting on her
hips. Her hair was frizzled and she had a diamond choker around her neck.

"I'll ... I'll ... I'll do anything to make it up to you." pleaded John.

"What? You think that YOU could satisfy *ME*? I'm Stephanie McMahon ...
the billion dollar princess..."

"With the trillion dollar body..." John cut in.

"You're damn right." Steph responded.

"Isn't that why you brought me here? To satisfy you?" John asked.

"I just wanted to see the man that's become somewhat of a celebrity
between the women in wrestling. The man that's been satisfying all the
ladies." Steph said.

"I do what I can." John replied blushing.

"Shut up ... As you can probably tell from the tape I haven't seen my
boyfriend in quite some time and even Stephanie McMahon needs to be
satisfied. However, you need to be put in your place and realize that I'm
up here and you're way down here ... get down on your knees!" Stephanie

John was intimidated by this powerful lady and got down on his knees.

"You need to kiss my feet because that's how lowly you are compared to
me." Stephanie told John with authority. Steph lifted her left foot and John
kissed it. She then lifted her right foot and John kissed it. Her feet were
pretty; this was no punishment but gave Stephanie a sense of power.

"Now for going through my private things and jerking off with my panties,
you have to kiss my ass!" Steph exclaimed. She actually thought this was
punishing John. Steph turned around showing John her thick booty which her
jumpsuit clung to.

"Kiss it." she said. John leaned forward and kissed her right cheek.
"Again!" she demanded. He leaned forward and kissed her left cheek this
time. "AGAIN! KISS MY ASS PERVERT!" Steph yelled.

John sensed that this power was getting her off and thought he better make
a move because he may never have another chance at this. John leaned forward
and sucked Steph's ass through her clothes giving it a deep long kiss. As he
did, he rubbed his hands up her inner thighs then began rubbing her pussy
through the material. Steph closed her eyes and took a couple deep breaths
then turned around, looking down at John.

"Do you understand your place?" Steph asked softly.

"Yes I do, I'm down here and you're up there, you're Stephanie McMahon,
the billion dollar princess, you're so much better then me." John replied
playing to Steph.

"Good, now that's settled..." Steph said as she pulled the top of the
jumpsuit over her head and her braless big boobs went free. John helped pull
the tight jumpsuit down Steph's sexy body. He pulled it down past her ass,
which jiggled as it was let loose. Steph then stepped out of it and stood
in front of John completely nude except for the hip hugging chain and her
diamond choker.

Stephanie turned around turned around and rubbed her ass and moved it side
to side then rubbed up her thighs and her pussy then licked her hand. Steph
bent forward leaning against the couch. John was down on his knees still and
kissed Steph's thick butt. John gave the cheeks a few wet kisses then rubbed
her ass. Stephanie's ass was big and thick to match her big tits. John held
apart one cheek with one hand then fingered Steph's pussy a bit. John rubbed
her right ass cheek around ... SPANK! SPANK! He spanked it and the flesh
giggled. He spread apart her ass cheeks and spit on her tight asshole. John
then got up and leaned over Stephanie's ass, spread her pussy apart and spit
on it then rubbed it mixing in with Steph's own natural wetness. John
spanked Steph's left bun a few times then rubbed gently against her asshole
with his finger. He slowly slid it in and Steph moaned.

He then moved two fingers into her pussy, "Stick your ass out." he said.

Steph did as he said and John banged her pussy. "AHHHHH! OOOOOH! Mmmmmm
ooooh yeah! Give me your cock!" Steph said.

Steph laid down next to John on her side, crossing her legs with her big
ass sticking out. She pulled down John's pants and spat on his cock then
began sucking on it. Steph held it at the base and sucked it up and down
slowly, taking it out and licking it every now and then.

"Ahh yeah, Stephanie, suck my cock," John moaned.

"Mmmmm ... fuck my face, John, fuck my face with your big cock," she said.

John placed a hand behind Stephanie's head and began thrusting his cock
into her mouth, feeling it touch the back of her throat with every thrust.
Stephanie dug her nails into John's ass as he fucked her face. Steph pulled
it out, stuck out her tongue and began to slap his cock against it and her

"Mmmm yeah," she moaned. "Get down on the floor, on your back," Stephanie

John did as she said and laid down on the floor. Stephanie got on top of
John and placed his cock in her awaiting wet pussy. Stephanie leaned forward
while John slid a hand around and placed it on Steph's thick butt. John
thrusted up as Steph grinded on top of his cock. Steph soon sat up and began
bouncing up and down, riding John's cock wildly. John watched mesmerized by
her big jugs bouncing up and down as she rode on his cock, moaning loudly.

"AHHHH! OOOOOH YESSS! Give it to me hard!" Steph said.

She stopped bouncing and John grabbed two handfuls of Steph's big ass and
began thrusting up as hard as he could. Steph held onto his shoulders as
John's balls smacked against her. Steph leaned forward and John began
sucking on one of her big tits as he fucked her. John slowed down and Steph
reached around and petted John's balls a bit as he caught is breath.

pleasure. "Oh my god! Oh my motherfucking god! YES! FUCK ME!" she

John had moved his hands from her big ass to her big tits, sucking on the
nipples and licking her breasts. Steph soon got tired out from all the
riding and laid down onto her side. John laid down next to her, and his cock
still inside her. John fucked slowly with his pelvis bouncing off the flesh
of her thick butt with each thrust. John tried to muffle Steph's screams of
passion with a kiss but Steph was moaning too loudly to kiss.

"Unnnnhhhh .... UHHHHH ... YESS ... AHHHH" she moaned.

John rested one hand on the side of her butt and rubbed her tits with the
other as he fucked her from the side.

"Mmmm ooohhhh ok, I wanna ride you again" Steph said.

John laid back on his back and Stephanie climbed on top, this time with
her ass facing John.

"Ooohhhh yeah fuck my pussy good! AHHHHH!" she moaned. She rode up and
down on John's cock as he watched her ass jiggle each time she bounced off

Steph reached orgasm as her cum oozed onto John's cock as he kept fucking
her. Steph was breathing heavily and she slid off John's cock. Stephanie
then grabbed the pink panties off the table and wiped them against her pussy
getting them damp. She then began stroking John off with them as he neared
orgasm. Steph continued to stroke him off, covering the head of his cock
with the panties.

"Ohh I'm cumming" John exclaimed as he shot off into the panties.

Steph wiped his cock clean with the panties which were now covered with
both their cum. "I want you to fuck my ass! Fuck my big ass!" she said.

Steph then got down on all fours and stuck her ass out in the air. Her
face and big tits pressed against the floor, John slowly slid his cock into
the billion dollar booty. "Mmmoooh yeah, fuck my ass! Fuck me John!
Ooooohhhh yeah!" Steph moaned as John thrusted down deep into her ass.

John continued to fuck her tight asshole, grabbing two handfuls of her big

... ASS! Fuuuuckk!" Steph moaned in bliss.

John then pulled out and slowly put stuck it back in then did it again.

"Don't tease me, just fuck my ass!" Steph screamed.

John spread apart her booty and worked his way in fucking harder and

"UGGGHH! OOOOOHHHHHH YEEEEAAAH! Fuuck, that feels so good! Ahhhh ... I
love it! I LOVE IT!" Steph screamed.

John fucked her tight asshole some more. "I'm gonna cum!" John exclaimed.

"Cum in my ass! Cum in my big butt!" Steph told him.

John pulled out and shot his cum into her gaping asshole. The cum dripped
down into her ass and down onto her pussy. Steph reached back and rubbed it
in. "Mmmmm ... I liked that." she said.

"Tired?" she asked.

"Yeah, a bit." John replied.

"Me too," she replied, "How about you turn that Jacuzzi on and I'll go
get us some wine?"

"Sounds good," John said. John watched Stephanie's ass sway side to side
as she walked up into the kitchen area. "Damn!" he let out.

Steph turned around, "What was that?"

"Ohh nothing." John said with a smirk.

John then went and turned on the Jacuzzi and sat down in the warm water.
Stephanie returned with two glasses and a bottle of red wine. John watched
her big breasts bounce as she walked towards him.

"I heard red wine goes good with meat." Steph said with a giggle as she
poured two glasses, handed one to John then stepped inside the Jacuzzi
herself. The two began to chat...

"So were you just saying that I'm your biggest fantasy to suck up to me?"
Steph asked.

"No way, I meant it, you're the best," John replied.

"I don't believe you, I'm not a blond bombshell like Trish or Torrie, and
I'm not a Playboy model like Kimberly..." Steph said putting herself down.

"Blonds, centerfolds, they're great but they're not you..." said John.

"What's so great about me?" Steph asked.

"Lots of things ... your face ... those perfect full big breasts..." John

"Yeah but look at this..." Steph stood up and turned around showing John
her butt. "I've got a big ass..."

"I know I love it..." John said, reaching forward and squeezing her butt.
"It turns me on so much ... it turns me into a perv..." John explained.

"I like that ... I like that you like me how I am. There are a few more
things I want to do with you to satisfy myself but first, I'm going to let
you be in control and do whatever you have to do satisfy your urges." Steph

"Hmmm ... Well do you still have that video camera?" John asked.

"Yes I do." Steph replied.

"Well how about you let me shoot a little movie starring the Billion
Dollar Butt?" John asked.

"Whatever you want.." she replied.

Steph got out of the Jacuzzi and dried herself off then went and got the
camera as John dried off.

Stephanie returned and gave John the handheld video camera. It was one
with a little flip screen making it really easy for John to do what he

"Go put on some tight pants." John asked.

Stephanie obliged, left and returned wearing some tight black leather

"Ok now we can begin..." said John. "So Stephanie, you really have the
kind of body that I like," John said as he filmed Stephanie up and down. "I
mean not just these huge tits," he said as he rubbed Steph's breasts, "but
what I really love is your big ass."

Stephanie turned around and leaned against the wall.

"This is nice..."

Steph stuck her ass out and rubbed it.

"Oh Jesus, oh I like it. Can you make your butt shake like that by
pulling on the top like you just did?" asked John.

Steph pulled on the top of her leather pants making her ass jiggle.

"Just like that ... Yes! Yes! Yes!" he said as Steph butt shook. "Oooh
let me see those tits again," he said.

Steph turned around and pressed her breasts together, moving them up and

"Damn!" ... "Now let me see that ass again, lay down on your side and
stick that ass out" directed John.

Stephanie laid down on her side on the couch sticking out her ass for John
to film.

"What a nice big ass. Holy shit!" John focused on Steph's ass. "Now get
up and bend over, touch your toes." he directed.

Steph did so and bent over giving John full view of her ass. John was
playing with himself as he shot her big ass incased in tight leather pants.
Steph was getting into this and got up and started dancing, shaking her hips
and moving her butt around. She then pulled on the top of her pants and
shook her butt up and down, jiggling it.

"Oh I love it!" said John. "Now sit down on that chair backwards, really
arch your back, lean forward and stick your ass out as much as you can" he
told her.

Steph sat down, leaning forward, arching her back and sticking her thick
ass out. John filmed from the side a bit then moved around and filmed
straight on her ass. John rubbed her butt through the tight leather pants.

"That was great, now I saw those white spandex shorts earlier, can you put
those on? Put a thong on underneath, too." John asked.

Steph obliged and left then returned wearing the super tight white spandex
shorts which clearly showed her tiny red G-string underneath. She was also
wearing a lacy white bra encasing her breasts. John gasped as she walked in.

"Is this what you had in mind?" Steph asked.

"Ohh yeah, ohh god yeah" John said.

John turned Steph around staring at that big ass in the tight white
spandex. John jiggled the cheeks with his hand then grabbed handfuls of the
flesh. He peeled down the spandex halfway down her ass which pushed together
her big cheeks. Her red g-string flossed her ass at the top but disappeared
between the big thick buns. John smacked the bottom of Stephanie's ass a few
times and it jiggled.

"Fuck yeah, I love your ass" John said. "Now pull them up real tight."
he directed.

Steph pulled the spandex up real tight, wedging it between her buns. She
gyrated shaking her ass for John.

"Ohh yeah do that." he said.

Steph then pulled the sides of the spandex up into her ass and wedged it
all up making a thong of sorts out of the spandex shorts. The material just
disappeared between those big ass cheeks.

"Beautiful," John said. "Ohh yeah, spread your ass out for me."

Steph grabbed two handfuls of her own cheeks and spread them apart for
John. He then pulled down the spandex shorts all the way exposing her red
G-string. He zoomed in on her asshole as she spread apart her cheeks.

"Now bend over, grab your ankles and stick your ass out." he directed.

Stephanie did and John rubbed himself looking at her big booty sticking

"Walk around for me." he said.

Stephanie walked around and John focused in on her ass with the camera as
it swayed back and forth. He pulled back and Stephanie took off her bra.
She then pulled up her G-string flossing it between her pussy lips.

"Thanks for the show." John said as he put down the video camera.

"I've been such a bad girl, I mean I cheated on my boyfriend and made a
dirty movie..." Steph said seductively.

John knew what she was implying and he sat down on the couch. "Come here
you bad girl and get your spanking!" he said.

Steph giggled and laid down on his lap.

"I've been a bad ... bad girl. I deserve a spanking..."

*SMACK* John smacked down hard on her plump ass. *SMACK* *SMACK* *SMACK*
*SMACK* John spanked her four times fast.

"Ohhh yeah ... I'm a naughty girl.."

*SPANK* Steph's ass jiggled as John's hand struck down on it. *SPANK*

"Give it to me..."






"Mmmm yeah! Spank it! Spank my ass!"


John spanked her ass a few more times as Stephanie moaned from the mixture
of pleasure and pain. "Let me kiss it better," John said.

Steph got up and placed her big butt in John's face. He kissed those buns
all over and rubbed them.

"I bet you've never had your ass cheeks fucked." John said.

"What? No but there's a first time for everything." Steph replied.

John explained what he was going to do then laid Stephanie down face first
on the couch. Stephanie pulled apart her cheeks and John slid his shaft in
between them as he straddled her. Steph's big ass engulfed John's cock
completely. Steph pushed her butt cheeks together as John thrusted.

"Ohhh yeeah!" John exclaimed.

"You like it? FUCK MY FAT ASS! Yeah it's fat! It's big! You love it!
FUCK IT!" Steph talked dirty.

"Oooh I love your big fat ass! YEEAH! I'm fucking your ass cheeks! I
LOVE YOUR ASS!" John yelled as he continued to thrust madly between
Stephanie's cheeks. "Ohhh I'm gonna cum!" John moaned.

"Cum on my ass!"

"I'm gonna shoot my cum all over your big hot ass!"

With one thrust John came all over Stephanie's big butt. Stephanie rubbed
John's hot load all over her ass.

"How much do you love my fat ass?" Steph asked.

"This is how much I love that big butt." John said.

John's cock was limp and it normally takes awhile for a guy to be able to
regenerate but John took his cock and began slapping it against Stephanie's
ass. John smacked the other ass cheek with his hand. John was hard now and
kept smacking her ass with his cock. He then rubbed it against her butt
cheeks then stood back and jerked off exploding with a second load onto her
ass. Stephanie rubbed that load around her cheeks as it got slicker with
cum. John went limp again but kept smacking her butt cheeks with his cock.
It got hard again and John stroked off a third load onto Steph's booty.

"Get up" John said.

Steph got up and now John slid the head of his cock between her butt
crack, sliding it up. "Do you like how it feels between my fat ass cheeks?"
Steph asked.

"You're butt ... ooooh ... mmmh" John moaned. He smacked his cock
against her thick booty then began stroking it between smacks. "Bend over." John said and Steph bent over a bit sticking her ass out more. John jerked off and came a fourth time all over Stephanie's ass! Stephanie's big butt was dripping with John's cum. "That's how much I love your big ass!" John said and collapsed on the couch in exhaustion. "I love how your cum feels on my big juicy ass." Steph said standing there just rubbing her slick butt covered in cum.

"But there's one thing I might like more ..." Steph said.

"What's that?" John asked.

"My big titties fucked and soaked in your cum." Steph explained.

"Give me awhile and I can take care of that..." John said knowing it'd be
a little bit before he could get himself back into action.

"Ok ... You just sit there and rest, while I soak in the Jacuzzi."
Stephanie said.

John rested on the couch watching Stephanie get into the Jacuzzi. Steph
began cleaning herself off with the water, splashing it against her body.
Steph then crawled forward to get her glass of wine but as she bent forward,
the water from one of the Jacuzzi jets hit her pussy full on. Stephanie
squealed at the unexpected pleasure. Steph slowly moved back and let the
water from the jets drill her cunt. Steph moaned and rubbed herself getting
off on it. John watched as Stephanie used the jet from the water to bring
herself to an orgasm. Steph relaxed and took some deep breaths. The two
relaxed for about twenty minutes or so until Stephanie got out of the Jacuzzi
and toweled off. She headed into her bathroom and returned with some baby

"Ready?" she asked John.

He was ready, his batteries were recharged. Stephanie gave John a bit of
a hand job to get him hard then began rubbing her breasts up and down his

"Like that?" she asked.

"Yeah.." John replied.

Stephanie then laid down on her back and squeezed a large amount of baby
oil on her big tits. "Fuck my big titties..." Stephanie said.

John got on her chest and stuck his cock between her massive oiled up
boobs. Stephanie pushed them together as John fucked those big mounds. He
thrusted in and out of her boobs for a few minutes until he had to cum.

"Cum all over my tits," Steph told him.

John released all over her big tits. Stephanie rubbed the cum all over
her boobs then licked John's cock dry.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned.

"You like tired, how about I give you a back rub?" John asked.

"That'd be nice," Steph replied.

John sat down in the hot tub and Stephanie sat down between his legs.
John gave her shoulders and back and massage until Stephanie fell asleep in
his arms. John savored the moment and then nodded off...

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