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WrestleSex Series Part 11: Let Me See That Thong
by Josh (

Stephanie had been so pleased with her night with John that she told him
that she was going to put in a good word with the major women of the WWF
incase they needed some loving. John headed home, completely floored by
the pleasure he had experienced with Stephanie McMahon. For all he was
concerned, if he never had another woman for the rest of his life, he could
be sexually satisfied off the thought of his night with the Billion Dollar

One afternoon the phone rang, John answered and there was a woman on the
other end...

"Hi, is this John?" The woman asked.

"Yes, who's this?" John answered.

"Hey, this is Amy Dumas, Lita from the WWF ... You can call me Lita,
everybody seems to now..." Lita said in her sexy southern drawl.

"What can I do for you Lita?"

"I've heard some things about you from Stephanie, some real good things.
Is there anyway you and me ... we could, you know? Get together?" Lita asked

"I'd like that, when are you free?" John asked.

"Well I'm on the road right now, I'll be home next Wednesday if you could
get out to North Carolina. I'll pay for your trip, no problem."

"Thanks, but where will we meet?"

"I'm not quite sure when I'll be home that day, so I'll give you my
address and leave a key under the flower pot at the front. You can let
yourself in if I'm not there and wait for me, ok?"

"Sounds great to me..."

"I can't wait..."

"Me neither ... Well I've gotta run, see you soon John."

"Bye Lita."

John couldn't contain his grin as he hung up the phone. The sexy thong
wearing redhead diva wanted him? Life was great. John set off the next week
to North Carolina to meet up with Lita. He arrived at Lita's modest home in
the late afternoon. He rang the doorbell but there was no answer. He
checked under a flower pot and sure enough, there was the key. John let
himself in. While her home looked modest from the outside, it was furnished
real well on the inside. There was a note on a nearby table saying that Lita
had just run out to do a quick radio apperance and she'd be back shortly.
John set down his bag and the key then wandered around Lita's home, checking
it all out. John then headed upstairs to see what was doing up there. He
walked down a hallway and opened a door and inside was the master bedroom. A
nice big bed, a big bathroom, a large screen TV, it was just a really nice
room. John took a closer look and saw a blue bikini thong hanging off the
side of the bed. John turned his head to see a big closet with mirror doors.
On one of the handles hung a black satin thong. John walked over and there
was a purple cloth thong on the floor. He opened up the closet to see two
racks of about fifty or so thongs.

Right away, John started singing lyrics from the Sisqo 'Thong Song' out
loud ... "Thighs like what? What? What? ... Baby, move your butt, butt, butt
.. All night long ... Let me see that thong! Love it when the beat go (Dut
dun, dut dun) ... When you make your booty go (Dut dun, dut dun) ... Girl I
know you wanna show (Dut dun, dut dun) ... That thong, thong, thong,

John kept singing it over and over to himself as he tried to contain
himself. He didn't want to be caught with his pants down like he was with

John then heard a woman's voice saying "Thong, thong, thong, thong..." He
turned around to see Lita entering the bedroom. John was a little embarassed
she caught him singing but it could've been worse, he could've given in and
been caught playing with her thongs. "You've got quite the collection
here..." John said.

"Yeah, I know and after what I heard from Steph, I'm surprised to see you
with your pants on," Lita said with a grin.

"Yeah, well, we've all got our weaknesses," John explained.

"Do you know why I love wearing thongs?" Lita asked.

"They look good? I don't know..." John replied.

"Nooo ... They wedge up tight against my pussy and when I move around all
day, it feels good against my clit. Sometimes it feels so good when I run in
the ring that I mess up a move," Lita confessed.

"Wow, I never knew..." said John.

"Usually by the end of the day they're soaked in my hot ... wet ... pussy
juice..." Lita said smiling and winking at me.

"That's so hot ... You know you're torturing me, right?" John said.

"Oh am I now?"

"It was rough at first just being surrounded by your worn thongs on the
floor and your closet full of them. Now with you standing here in front of
me, looking how you do ... it's unbearable," John said.

Lita was wearing baggy green cargo pants that draped down showing a dark
red thong. Up top she more a low cut, sleeveless black T-shirt that exposed
her naval.

"Why don't you take your clothes off and try one on?" she said.

John did as Lita said and took off all his clothes, standing before the
fiery redhead diva nude and vulnerable. Lita had picked up the blue bikini
thong off her bed and the purple cloth thong off the floor.

"Here try this one," she said tossing John the blue bikini thong.

John stepped into it and pulled Lita's blue bikini thong up, it snapped
against his package. "Too tight..." John groaned, quickly pulling it off.

"Yeah, I thought it might be. Try this one, its not soo tight." Lita
handed him the purple cloth thong.

It had black string on the sides connecting the front and back. It slid
up easier, Lita helped pull it up wedging the cloth up into John's ass. His
package rested in the front, bulging out the sides a bit.

"How's that feel?" Lita asked.

"Pretty good actually," John replied. He didn't know whether it was the
thong tight against his ass or if it was just that he was wearing Lita's used
thong but it felt good.

"Turn around," Lita directed.

John turned around and Lita knelt down. Lita used her hands to direct
John to spread his feet apart and lean against the wall. Lita dug her hands
into John's behind and spread apart his cheeks. Lita then stuck out her
tongue and began circling John's asshole. John jumped forward a bit at the
unexpected sensation. "What're you doing?" he asked.

"Just relax..." Lita said. Lita continued to use her tongue against
John's asshole, stimulating him like he'd never been before. Lita then
rubbed her tongue ring against John's asshole. John was quivering and
moaning from the unbelievable sensation as Lita toyed with him. His cock
was stiff as a rock now and she hadn't even touched it. "How's that feel?"
she asked.

"Oh shit Lita, you're amazing..." John responded.

Lita reached underneath and pulled the thong over a bit and started using
her hand on John's balls. John gave in and reached down stroking his cock.
"Stop!" Lita said, "Keep your hands off, you'll cum soon enough."

John made fists and grinded his knuckles against the wall as Lita
continued licking his asshole and rubbing his balls. Soon wild uncontrolled
streams of cum began shooting out of John's cock. Most of it was caught by
the thong. Lita kept up the pleasure and soon John's shaking knees gave out
and he fell to the floor. "Oh god..." is all that John kept moaning in
between heavy breaths.

"I know how to please a man right..." Lita said.

"You sure do, and as soon as I can stand, I'll please you right," John

"You don't need to stand yet..." Lita said.

Lita bent down and pulled the cum stained thong off of me and tossed it
aside. Lita then pulled off her baggy pants revealing her red thong. Lita
knelt down sitting her firm ass over John's face, she then leaned forward in
a 69 position and began to suck on his cock. John rubbed her pussy through
the thong then pulled it to the side and began eating out Lita. "Oooh John
lick that pussy," Lita moaned.

Lita then moved her tongue ring up and down against the base of his cock
as she sucked it. John put his hands on her slender but muscular thighs and
felt them shake a bit as he hit the G-spot in Lita. "Ohh that feels good
baby, ooohhh yeah you got it." She moaned then went back to sucking on his

They continued in this position for another minute or two as Lita got more
and more wet. Lita stood up and pulled John up. The two kissed and John
worked his way underneath her shirt and took off her bra, tossing it aside.
Lita stepped back and pulled her black t-shirt over her head. She stood
there naked except for her red thong against her long lean body. The two
kissed some more as John rubbed Lita's firm breasts with his hands. He then
moved down and sucked on her little nipples getting them hard. Lita's
breasts were fake but not huge as John could take most of one in his mouth.

"I wanna fuck you..." John said.

"I want you inside of me but I want you in my thong again," Lita said.

Lita then pulled off her red thong then pulled it up on John. It was real
tight, pressing his hard cock up against his midsection. Lita grabbed a pair
of scissors and cut a hole in the front. Now John's cock and nuts hung
through the hole as he stood there in Lita's soaked thong. He watched Lita's
ass jiggle slightly as she walked over to her closet. Lita grabbed a pink
thong then cut a line up the bottom. She pulled it up and on, tight against
her. The seperation gave access to her pussy, "Now lets fuck," Lita said.

Lita sat John down on the edge of the bed, putting her hands on John's
shoulders as she eased herself down onto his awaiting cock. She rubbed her
hands against John's cheeks then stuck her tongue deep into his mouth.

"Come on, Lita, show me how you do it," he said.

Lita began grinding herself back and forth. Her toned abs clenched each
time she grinded back, showing the great definition. John ran his hands
through Lita's long red hair, moving it away from her breasts, and putting it
over her shoulders. This gave him clean access to Lita's perky breasts. He
traced his tongue around her soft nipples, slowly getting them hard. John
worked over each of them as Lita kept grinding herself against his member.

"Ooohh that's a good start but I like it harder," Lita said softly to
John. She took John's hands and placed them on her firm butt then put her own
hands on his shoulders. Lita began to ride up and down on his cock. John
groped her buns, spreading them apart slightly as she rode him. "Ohhh yeeah, baby, I like that cock, ohhhh that feels good," Lita moaned.

John started pumping upwards into Lita, adding to the pleasure. "That
thong is so sexy," John moaned looking down at Lita's pink thong, hugging her
lean hips.

Lita reached back with a hand, and stretched the thong out from between
her ass cheeks then let go, snapping it back in. "Unnnhhh ... I like that
... Ahhhh shiiit ... Yeahh ... so hard ... UNNNHHH BABY!" Lita moaned orgasm.

Lita wasn't a squirter but her body quivered as she moaned loudly. Lita's
cock riding slowed down so John picked her up and set her down on her back.
John mounted Lita in the missionary position and continued fucking her.

"Mmmhhh that's it John, I want you to cum again, I taste it ... ohhh yeeah
keep fucking me ... fuck that pussy hard," Lita moaned.

John kept humping her harder until Lita stuck an index finger down to her
pussy, getting it wet with pussy juice. Lita then moved her hand around to
John's backside, moving the red thong to the side and began stimulating his
anus again. John clenched up at the sensation. "Oh god, Lita, ohh fuuck..."
John moaned.

"You like that don't you baby? You like having your anus played with,"
Lita said.

"Only when its done by a hot chick like you," John responded.

"That's what I like to hear, baby, keep pounding that pussy hard," Lita

John tried to hold out as long as he could but this added stimulation was
too much. "Fuuck, Lita, I'm gonna cum!" he let out.

"Come up here, give it to me deep," Lita said.

John crawled up and knelt over Lita's face, sticking his cock about 1/2
way into her mouth, holding it there. Lita reached underneath and continued
stimulating him, just by rubbing his anus and balls. "Oh my god! Oh you're
so great!" John let out as he came deep into Lita's mouth.

She swallowed each load as he shot into her throat. Lita held it in until
she was sure he was all dried up then slowly pulled it out of her mouth,
completely clean. Lita licked her lips then opened her mouth showing John
that it was all gone. "That's what I like, tastes so good," Lita said.

Lita got up and adjusted her bright pink thong. John stared at Lita's
sexy curves as she walked into the bathroom. Lita returned with a bottle of
cherry lubricant. Lita lubed up John's dick getting it hard again. She
lowered down on John, slowly sliding her ass onto his cock. John helped her
by, pulling her thong from between her buns as she got his cock into her
anus. Once she was ontop, he let it rest next to his rod.

"Unnnnhhh ... soo hard..." Lita moaned as she slowly worked herself on his

She moved up and down, loosening up her third input. John laid down in
bliss, as her tight anus gripped his cock. He stared at her thong laden ass
as she rode up and down. As she got more comfortable, Lita used her hand on
her clit, getting herself off more.

"Oooohhh my ass ... ooooh," Lita moaned softly as she continued to slowly
go up and down.

It felt good but John wanted to pound that ass so he sat up, grabbed Lita
around the midsection, picked her up, turned around and put Lita face down on
the bed. He shoved his cock deep into her anus and while spreading her buns
apart with his hands. He worked his way in and out, going faster, pumping

"UNNNNHHHH FUUUUCK! Owwww! Oooooh that's so hard! OHHHH FUUUCK MY ASS!
Ohhh god yeah!" Lita screamed out in passion.

John continued to roughly thrust in and out of Lita's tight asshole. It
was so tight, John couldn't hold out any longer. "Fuuck Lita, I'm gonna
blow!" John yelled.

"Give it to me! Deep inside my ass! Let me have it!" Lita said.

John gripped her buns deep as he pumped his load into her tight asshole.
John closed his eyes, rolled over and collapsed next to Lita on the bed.
Lita stayed on her stomach, rubbing her cum filled ass. She looked over at
the exhausted to John and smiled at her work...

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