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WrestleSex Series Part 12: Diversity
by Josh (

John returned home to his apartment after his adventure with Lita to see
the light blinking on his answering machine. He played the message...

"Hi John, this is Kimberly, Page is back on the road again and you're
welcome to stop by anytime you want..."

John hopped in his car and drove over to Kimberly's house then walked up
to the door and rang the doorbell. The door opened but it wasn't Kimberly on
the other side, no, it was Melissa Bellin formerly Spice of the Nitro Girls.
Melissa had on a little pair of black spandex shorts and a spandex tank top
which clung to her petite frame...

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"Uh yeah, is Kimberly in?" John asked.

"And who would you be?"

"John, I'm uh ... a friend of Kim's..."

Just then, Teri Byrne walked over in some tight blue pants which were
tied up at the crotch along with a blue tube top. Her massive mounds bursting
through the fabric.

"John! Great to see you again, baby!" Teri said giving John a hug.

"You know him?" Melissa asked.

"Yeah, he's *THAT* John."

"Oh..." Melissa said smiling and licking her lips.

"I got a message from Kim telling me to come by anytime, is she here?"
John asked.

"No she's away, we're house sitting for her but I know what you came here
for and I think the two of us could be of service," Teri said.

Melissa grabbed John's hand and led him inside. "Its great to meet you,
Melissa," John said. "Melissa's such a bland name ... call me Spice," she

"Girl, you're so silly," Teri said laughing.

Teri and Spice took John inside and into the living room. Spice went and
put on some soft music while Teri and John felt each other up. John put his
hands around Teri's hard midsection as they kissed. She sat him down on the
couch and knelt down over him, still kissing. Spice came over and sat next to
John on the couch. Teri began to take off John's shirt. John moved his head
over and shared a kiss with Spice while Spice lightly rubbed Teri's round ass
through her pants. Teri pulled her own tube top over her head, letting loose
her massive jugs. She turned around, sitting in John's lap as he caressed
those jugs with his hands. Spice and Teri shared a little kiss while John
continued to feel up Teri's sexy upper body.

"I wanna taste that sweet pussy again, Teri!" John said.

Teri undid the string on her pants then turned around, slowly pulling her
tight blue pants down just past her gorgeous round ass.


John smacked Teri's ass and gave it a wet kiss, "I love it ... I love that
ass!" he said.


This time Spice smacked Teri's butt, "Damn Teri! You do have a nice ass!"

John got up and sat Teri down on the couch then pulled her pants all the
way off. He then slid down Teri's sexy white thong panties. John buried his
head into Teri's cunt. Spice pulled off her tight little black tank top
exposing her perky little breasts. Teri moved her head over and began to suck
on Spice's nipples.

"I bet you'd like to stick that tongue in Spice's tight little twat," Teri

John moved over and slid off Spice's spandex shorts revealing a black
thong underneath. John moved it to the side and began to tongue her tight
little pussy. Teri bent over next to John and helped him eat out Spice for
a little bit until John moved around Teri's butt and went back to work on
her. Between her moans, Teri continued to lick Spice's clit.

"Ohh god lick me baby ... ohhh mmmm Spice you taste so good," Teri moaned.
Spice bit down on her finger as Teri hit the right spot. Teri looked up and
smiled at Spice's pleasure then crawled up to her and the two kissed some

"Give us that cock, baby," Spice said.

John got on the couch next to them. Spice took it in deep a few times as
Teri looked on licking her lips. Teri began to lick the shaft while Spice
sucked the head.

"Come on Teri, you know how I like the balls!" Spice said.

Spice laid down on her back, giving her perfect access to John's balls.
Teri climbed ontop of Spice and continued sucking him off. John ran his hands
through Teri's fiery red hair as she worked him over.

"Ohhh shiit! Ohhh fuuck I'm gonna cum!" John exclaimed.

"Cum on me! Cum all over my body!" Spice said from underneath.

Teri stroked John off until he exploded all over Spice's chest. Teri
pushed John's cock down into Spice's mouth so she could clean it off. Teri
then began to lick John's load off of Spice.

Spice continued working over John until she got him hard again. "Turn
around Teri ... Fuck her John, I wanna see that cock tear her apart!" Spice

Teri turned around, now in a 69 position of sorts on Spice. Spice guided
John's cock, licking the underside as she did, into Teri's pussy from behind.
As John thrusted in and out, Spice used her tongue on Teri's clit.

"Ohhhhhh! OOOOOHHH! AHHHH FUUUCK! Mmmmmhh ... Yeah ... yeah ... Ohhh
yeeah!" Teri moaned.

John pulled out of her and slide his cock straight down into Spice's
mouth, getting it all nice and wet. He slid it back deep into Teri's pussy.
John held onto Teri's big hard round ass as he pumped her harder and faster
from behind.

"Fuuuck meee! Ohhh fuuuck! Ohhhh yeeahh! Fuck that pussy! FUCK IT HARD!"
Teri moaned.

*SMACK* *SMACK* John lowered his hand onto Teri's buns. "Yeah, you like
that? You like that, Teri?"

Spice reached up and caressed Teri's round meaty buns. "Fuck her John ...
come on Teri, take it! Make her scream!" Spice moaned.

"Ohhh I love it! But you need to be fucked Spice! Fuck her brains out
John!" Teri moaned, crawling off of Spice.

John slid his cock deep into Spice's tight little pussy. Teri squatted
above Spice's face, giving her a face full of wet pussy as John pounded her.
Spice's little twat was so tight against John's cock as he pumped in and out.

"FUUCK ME! Ohhh fuuuck me! Come on fuuck me harder! Oooh like that!
YEEAH!" Spice moaned.

"Ohh shiit, you're so fucking tight Spice!" John moaned. John kept
penetrating the little Spice with his eyes focused on Teri's thick rock hard
body. "You're making me cum again! Ohh yeah!" John moaned.

"I wanna taste it!" Spice moaned.

"Me too!" Teri said.

The two knelt down in front of John putting their faces together as he
shot his hot load all over their pretty faces.

"Ohh shit, you two are great!" John said in between heavy breathing.

"You know Spice, John here is a real ass man," Teri said.

"Oh really? So that's why you love Teri so much?" Spice said with a

"There's lots of room for that cock in my nice big butt," Teri said.

"I loved tappin' that ass," John said.

Teri turned Spice around and adjusted Spice's thong back into place.
"Look at that cute little ass," Teri said.

"I bet its nice and tight," John said.

"It sure is," Spice said.

"You want ass? You gonna get some ass, baby!" Teri said.

Teri sat John down on the floor then grabbed a bunch of lube. She covered
his cock with it then Spice lowered her cute butt down onto John's cock,
slowly working it all the way up her tight asshole.

"Ohh fuck that's tight!" John let out as it clenched down on him.

"Owww! Ohhh yeeah, that's so hard ... feels so ... ohhh ... good!" Spice

Spice began sliding up and down, riding him as she loosened up. John
squeezed her little buns together and gave them a few smacks.

"Oh yeah that's it Spice! You're so fucking nice and tight! Oh fuck, grind
that asshole on my cock!" he moaned.

Teri then lowered John's upper body down onto the floor so he was laying
down. Teri squatted down, giving John a great view of her spectacular ass.
"You like that, don't you, big boy?" Teri said.

"Ohh yeah, give it to me Teri, I want it bad!" John moaned.

Teri then sat down on John's face, straddling it with her big firm ass.
John spread apart her cheeks with his hands while he tongued her asshole.

"You like it, Spice? You like that cock deep in your ass?" Teri asked.

"Ohhh god ... Ohhh fuck yess, I love it! Unnnnhhh! Unnnhhh!" Spice moaned,
as she continued to ride John.

John soon lifted Teri off his face then said forcefully, "You've had it
nice and easy, now let me show you how I fuck an ass, hard!"

"I don't know if she can take it," Teri said.

"Yes I can, give it to me hard, John, do me so hard that I won't be able
to walk!" Spice said.

"You asked for it!" John said.

Teri went and sat down on a chair, fingering herself. John turned Spice
face down on the couch. He knelt down, straddling her ass. He shoved his cock
deep into Spice's tight asshole then spread apart her buns as he pumped her
asshole as fast as he could.

"Take it Spice! Take my cock in your pretty little ass!" John moaned. John
began pushing her cute buns together, then spreading them apart, and pushing
them back together.

"UNNNHHH! Ohhh too hard! OHHH FUUUCK!" Spice moaned.

John took her asshole as hard as he could, wearing out the little Spice.
He kneeded his fingers deep into the flesh of her butt and slowed down a bit.
Spice's moans became softer.

"AHHH SHIIIT!" Spice let out as John went back to pumping that asshole
super hard. "OH YES! Ohhh fuuuckk yeeah! UNNNH! UNNNNHHHH!" Spice let out
reaching an orgasm. "Ohh that was soo hard, that's enough, my little ass is
all fucked out," she said.

*SPANK* *SPANK* *SPANK* John gave it a few light spanks then kissed it.

John got up as Spice laid there rubbing her sore asshole. Teri was seated
with her eyes closed, one hand on her tits and the other on her clit. John
picked up Teri and held her.

"What're you doing?" she said in shock.

John turned her around and bent her over the back of the chair. "I'm
fucking this hard ass, that's what I'm doing!" John said.

"Then you fuck that ass ... and you fuck it good!" Teri said.

John slowly slid his cock into Teri's gaping hole. He put both hands on
that nice big ass as he pumped into her.

"Ohh yeeah! Fuuckk me hard! Fuck my ass! FUCK IT HARD! Unnnhhh mmmmhhh
yeeahh!" Teri moaned.

John pumped into her some more then pulled out and began slapping his cock
against her big firm ass, "This is the best ass! Its so big and round and
hard! Ohh fuck Teri!" he moaned.

"Shove it back in! Give it to me hard! Give it to me good." Teri moaned
and John shoved his cock back deep into Teri's ass and began fucking her
harder and harder. "UNNNHHH that's the way! Ohhh yeah, like that!" Teri

"Ohh shit Teri! You're making me soo crazy!" John moaned.

"You gonna cum baby?"

"Unnnhh yeah!" John pulled out and Teri turned around.

"Cum on my big titties! Yeah, shoot your hot load all over them!"

"Ohh ... OHHH ... OHHHH TERI!" John moaned as he came all over Teri's big
jugs. Teri ran her tits up and down against John's cock, adding to the
sensation that filled his body.

"Mmmmm yeah, I love the way your cum feels on my big boobs," Teri said as
she rubbed it in.

"TERI! SPICE!" a voice was heard. John turned around to see Vanessa
'Tygress' Sanchez standing in the room in a white robe. "So this is what ...
or should I say, who you've been doing? And you left me out?" she said.

"Sorry Vanessa, us and John are all done," Teri said, still on her knees.

"Yeah, your done but John, you better refuel that gas tank cause we
haven't even started yet!"

"Oh I got more then enough fuel in this tank, babe," John said.

"Grrrrrr ... We'll see about that, they don't call me Tygress for
nothing," she said.

"First Spice, now Tygress? Kinky,"

"Well come with me and I'll show you how kinky this Tygress can get..."

Tygress took John upstairs to a guest bedroom and shut the door. Tygress
sat John down on the bed then turned around and began to undo her robe. "I'm
sorry I didn't have a chance to slip into something else, I just came in from
laying in the sun..."

Tygress dropped her robe revealing a lime green bikini. This latin beauty
had a pretty muscular looking butt and good sized natural breasts. John got
up and began to kiss the exotic looking beauty. Tygress reached behind her
and unclipped her bikini top letting it fall to the floor. John laid Tygress
down onto the bed and kiss her dark nipples getting them nice and hard.

"Mmmmh that's it," Tygress moaned.

John worked his way down, kissing down her stomach then slipped off her
green bikini bottoms. He buried his head in her pussy making Tygress moan.

"Ohh that feels so good," she moaned.

"Mmmm tastes so good," he moaned.

John kept this up for a couple minutes before Tygress got up and knelt
down in front of him. She took his cock into her mouth and began bobbing her
head back and forth on it. Tygress had nice pouty lips and gave John a great

Tygress would crawl onto the bed on her hands and knees then lean back and
say, "I want your big cock in my pussy now!"

"Ohh yeah I'll give it to you Tygress!"

"I wanna feel it ... ohhhh yeah!"

John pumped Tygress from behind, his thighs smacking against her ass. He
could feel the muscles in her buns clench each time he pounded against them.

"Ohh yeeah, harder, UNNNNHHH!" Tygress moaned.

*SMACK* John brought his hand down against her backside, "Hold still," he

"Anything you say, baby, that feels soo good!" John grabbed her hips,
pumping harder and harder as Tygress' moans became louder and louder.


Tygress soon crawled forward and sat John down then got on top of his cock
with her back facing him. He pumped up slowly, getting it going then she
began to bounce up and down.

"Yeah ride my fucking cock!" John moaned then smacked Tygress' booty.

"Ooooohhh! Unnnnhhhh! Mmmmhh yeeah, you like that baby! You like me
fucking that cock!" Tygress moaned as she rode him, her dark brown hair
swaying all over the place.

"I wanna see you, Tygress," John said.

Tygress turned around, sitting down on his cock again. John and her kissed
as she grinded back and forth ontop of him. John reached around and grabbed
two handfulls of her ass. Tygress wiggled in circles then began bouncing up
and down, her butt smacking against John's thighs. Tygress leaned in sticking
her breasts in John's mouth. He licked as she bounced up and down wildly on
top of him.

"Unnnnhhhhh oooooohhhh fuuuuuck yeeaah!" Tygress moaned, her body shook as
she reached and orgasm. John laid Tygress down on her side and kept pumping
inside of her for a few more moments until he had to cum. "Cum on me, cum all
over me!" Tygress said as John pulled out and came mostly on her face and
chest. "Mmmm that's what I like..." Tygress moaned, playing with his cum,
rubbing it into her chest and licking it off her fingers.

Tygress got up soon and sat John down on the edge of the bed. "I hear
you're a butt man," she said.

"Yeah, that's what I like," John said.

"Well check this out," Tygress said.

Tygress turned around and did an amazing booty shake that made John's jaw
drop. Tygress walked forward and leaned against the wall, she turned her head
back over her shoulder and said, "Well ... what're you waiting for?"

John crawled over on his knees. *SMACK* *SMACK* He smacked that ass twice.
He spread apart her firm buns and began to tongue her asshole.

"Mmmmm yeeah eat that ass!" Tygress moaned.

John soon stood up and took a step back admiring Tygress' awesome Latina
ass. "Come on baby give it to me, fuck my ass!" Tygress moaned.

John eased his raging hard-on into her tight asshole. It was so warm and
tight against his cock. He slowly thrusted in and out getting it going then
began pumping her harder. Her ass jiggled with each thrust.

"Unnnnhhh fuck my ass good and hard!" Tygress moaned.

John couldn't resist, he smacked her jiggling ass.

"Ooooh yeah smack that ass!"


"YEEAH! Smack my booty! Mmmmh!"


"Keep fucking my asshole hard!"

"You're so hot!" *SMACK* "You're ass feels so good!" *SMACK*

YEEEAH! Keep smackin' that booty!"


"Yeeahh that's it! Oh god yes!"

John grabbed onto Tygress' hips and began pumping as hard as he could into
her tight asshole...

"Ohh shiit Tygress ... soo tight ... oooh ... Gonna cum!"

"Shoot it on my butt! All over!"

John pulled out and came all over Tygress' butt. He slapped his cock
against her booty a few times before taking a seat on the bed in exhaustion.
Tygress rubbed his load all over her ass making it slick. She then did
another booty shake for him.

The door then opened and in walked Chae. John couldn't fuck anymore, he
shook his head and collapsed on the bed. "Don't worry, I don't want you to
fuck me," Chae said, "Well atleast not now.."

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