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WrestleSex Series Part 13: Francine
by Josh (

One night, John sat down and decided to make a list of all the wrestling
women he had banged. Kimberly, Teri Byrne, Debra, Sara, Tori, Madusa, Terri,
Molly, Stephanie McMahon, Trish Stratus, Lita, Spice, and Tygress. If he were
to die today, he'd be a very happy man. As he often found himself doing, John
was daydreaming about his experiences until he was shaken out of it by the
ringing of his phone. Who could it be? One of those women wanting more or
maybe Torrie Wilson? Stacy Keibler? John thought as he answered the phone...

"Hello, this is John speaking..."

"Hi, this is Francine,"


"Francine, I used to be in ECW..."

"Ohh ... I didn't really watch ECW,"

"That doesn't matter, I've heard great things about you,"

"Yeah? Tell me about you, what'd you look like?"

"I've got some big tits and I'm a fucking whore!"

"I'm sure you're not a whore."

"Listen, dickwad, quit making small talk and get your fucking cock up here
to Philly, alright?"

"Ok ... Ok ... why are you so uptight?"

"I'm a cock fiend, I need it, I live for it and I haven't had it in too
long. I may be a slut in the bedroom but a lot of these fucking guys out
there have STDs and shit, I don't want that."

"I understand, I'll get to Philly as soon as I can,"

"You better hurry..."

John got Francine's information, her phone number and address before he
hung up. Who was this Francine? The name kinda rang a bell but he couldn't
put a face to the name. The last person who called herself a whore was Sara
and that was some of the wildest sex John has had. On that basis alone, he
decided to fly to Philadelphia and give this Francine exactly what she
wanted, his dick.

Fast forward to a few days later in Philadelphia. John took a cab to
Francine's apartment building, buzzed in and she told him to hurry up, she's
starving. John took his time getting upstairs, making Francine wait. John
knocked on the door and Francine quickly opened it, pulling John inside.

"You fucking jerk, get in here, I need your cock and I need it now!"
Francine said.

All Francine was wearing was a black thong, a black garter belt and
stockings and a black bra. John looked Francine over, she had a nice thin
body with the big hooters. Her face was OK but not great. Overall, she
didn't really stack up against the past women he'd had but for some reason,
maybe it was her attitude or her slutty look, he just really wanted to fuck
her brains out.

Francine pulled off John's shirt and took him into the kitchen. "Come on
just treat me like a whore, do whatever you want with me," Francine said.

John kissed her neck, while rubbing her body. He rubbed her big tits
through her bra then Francine took off the bra revealing her huge jugs. John
lifted Francine up onto the table and licked her pussy through the thong. He
pulled it to the side then grabbed Francine's ass, moving her pussy down
closer to his face. He began licking her pussy, eating her out. John got up
and sat Francine down on the table. He reached down with his hand and began
stimulating her clit while they kissed.

"Oooohhh yeeah, finger my pussy," Francine moaned. John worked a couple
fingers in and jiggled them around inside of Francine. "That's nice but I
want your cock," Francine said.

She laid down on the table and undid John's pants, pulling out his cock.
She took it deep into her mouth, going wild on it. "Mmmhhh I need this, mmmhh
tastes so good," Francine moaned.

John held up Francine's hair while she sucked him off. "Ohh shit,
Francine, you love that cock don't you?" John moaned.

Francine didn't reply, her mouth full of dick. Soon she pulled it from her
mouth to say, "Get up on the table, stand over me."

John stood up on the table, Francine sat up and pulled John's cock down
into her mouth. This was an incredible feeling for him. Francine could take
it in deep while playing with his nuts. "Ohh shiit ... ohhh fuck!" John let
out as he came. Francine didn't take his cock from her mouth, letting his
cum hit the back of her throat. "Ohhh ... ohhh my god ... ohhh fuuck
Francine," John moaned as she kept licking and sucking him dry.

She pulled it out of her mouth, letting it get limp. Francine licked her
lips off and swallowed the last drop of cum. "I like that cock ... Let's get
it hard again so you can fuck me," Francine said.

She sat John down on the table and begin smacking his cock against her big
tits. It started to get harder, so she squeezed her jugs together and titty
fucked him. She licked the head each time until she felt it get hard.

"Now you fuck me, fuck me like you'd fuck a whore," Francine said.

John stood up on the table and picked up Francine. She grabbed onto his
shoulders as he lowered her down onto his cock. He held her ass and Francine
began wiggling around and bouncing on his cock.

"Unnnhhh fuuck I like that," Francine moaned.

Her butt jiggled with each bounce. John couldn't last much longer, feeling
his knees getting week. He sat down on the table with Francine ontop of him.
She laid him down and took control.

"Ahh fuck Francine, ride that fucking cock," John moaned. He watched
Francine's big tits bounce wildly as she rode him.

"Ahhhh oooohhh unnhhh fuuck ... Oooooohhh yesss!" Francine moaned.

Francine rode him a little more until she suggested that they move things
to the living room where they'd be more comfortable.

John followed Francine's cute butt into the living room. She sat him down
on the couch and ran her toes up and down the shaft of his cock, getting it
back to erection. Francine straddled John, taking him back inside of her wet
hole. John used his hands, jiggling her butt as she rode him. Francine leaned
forward, sticking her big fake tits in his mouth.

"Ohh god ... Unnnhhh fuuuckk yeeeah! UNNHHHH FUUCK I LOVE THAT COCK IN MY
PUSSY! YEEEAH!" Francine moaned.

"Ohh yeah come on Francine, ride that fuckin' cock, ride it!" John moaned
then took her big tits back into his mouth. Francine varied her speeds which
increased the pleasure for John. "Ahh fuck Francine, I'm gonna cum!" John

Francine got off and knelt down in front of John, squeezing her tits
together, "Cum on my big tits!"

John fulfilled her request, unloading all over those great breasts.
Francine rubbed her nipples up and down the shaft of John's cock, then sucked
it dry.

That's when there was a knock at the door ... "Great!" Francine let out,
"Come on in!" she said.

In walked Tommy Dreamer and Shane Douglas.

"I'm so glad you came, I've been having fun with John's cock over here but
you know me, one cock just isn't enough," Francine giggled.

"Still as kinky as ever," Tom said.

Tom and Shane stripped down to their boxers while Francine was almost
drooling at all the dick infront of her.

Tom, Shane and John stood around Francine and began feeling her up.
Francine knelt down and pulled down Shane's boxers taking his cock into her
mouth. She grabbed Tom's with her hand and stroked it. Francine alternated
between Tom and Shane's cocks, giving them both head. John got behind her
and reached around feeling up Francine's big tits. "Mmmmhhh mmmhhh" was all
that was heard from Francine as she worked over the cocks. Tom soon laid
down on his back and Francine leaned over him, continuing to suck him off.
John got behind Francine, shoving his cock back into her pussy.

"Unnnhhh fuuck my pussy! Yeeeahh! Fuuuck yeeah!" Francine moaned.

Shane knelt down beside her. Francine alternated between Shane and Tom
while John nailed her from behind.

"Gimme some of that pussy," Tom said. John pulled out of Francine and
Francine got on top of Tom. "Ahhh yeeah Francine, that pussy still feels
good," Tom moaned.

John knelt down infront of Francine. She grabbed his cock and began
sucking on it. She loved this three on one fucking. Shane got behind Francine
and began smacking her ass.

"Yeeah Francine, fuck his cock, suck that other cock!" Shane said while he
smacked her butt.

"Unnnhhh ohhh fuuck I love it! Ohhh yeeah! Fuuck! Give it to me!" Francine

Shane began rubbing Francine's asshole. "You wanna be fucked in the ass,
too?" he asked.

"Unnhhh yeah, fill me up!" Francine moaned.

Shane squatted down behidn Francine's ass, working his cock deep into her
ass. Francine grinded her pussy on Tom's cock while Shane fucked her asshole.

"UNNNNNHHHHH! UNNNNHHH! Ohhhh fuuck! I LOVE IT! YEEEAH!" Francine moaned
loudly then grabbed John's cock and stuffed it back into her mouth. She was
having multiple orgasms, too many to count. "I want you all to cum on my
face!" Francine said.

"Let me get in that ass first," John said.

Francine laid down on her back and John lifted her legs in the air and
drove his cock deep into her asshole. "Unnhhh yeeah come on fuck my ass!
That's it, FUCK MY ASS!" Francine moaned.

John pounded that asshole hard.

"Look at those titties bounce," Shane said.

"Then fuck them, fuck my big titties!" Francine said.

Shane straddled Francine's chest and squeezed her tits together, pumping
his cock between them.

"Tom don't just stand there, fucking stick that cock in my mouth!" she

Tom knelt down over Francine's face and lowered his cock into her mouth.
Francine's loud moans and dirty talk was silenced. Francine sucked on Tom's
cock while Shane titty fucked her and John pounded her ass.

Soon Francine got to her knees and demanded that the three men cum all
over her face. She started with John sucking and stroking him off until he
unloaded all over her face. Francine moved quickly to Tom, doing the same
to him until his cum splattered against her face. Finally, she got Shane
off onto her face. Her cheeks were white, dripping with cum. Francine went
around sucking them all dry then wiping off the cum and licking it off her

"Thanks boys, you can go now."

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