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by Wonder Mike (

Paul Heyman, Eric Bischoff and Vince McMahon agreed after 10 years for a
cross promotional special Pay-Per-View. They couldn't get the men to agree,
neither Hogan, Taz or Austin would lose a match, none of the promoters
would have their top star lose anyway, they decided to bring out the women,
it would be an all out battle royal to finally decide the top female.

They agreed the only rule would be no wrestlers, Madusa was pissed, she
knew she would have won easily. Each promotion would send 2 females, it
would be every woman for herself though.

Paul instructed all his woman to do whatever it takes, ECW was just
going national, a victory in this P P V would make them a major player,
Eric knew a victory her would not only help him stave off ECW, but it would
also but him back in competition with the WWF. Vince just hated to lose.

Joey Styles called out the two participants for ECW, first coming out
was Lance Storm's personal bitch, that's Bytch Dawn Marie.

Dawn grabbed the microphone and screamed, "Look at me, I'm going to win
and become a star." She stood in the center of the ring.

Next Joey introduced from Carteret New Jersey, The woman who but the sex
appeal back into wrestling, Tammy Lynn Sytch.

Tammy grabbed the Microphone and told the audience "Kiss my ass! I have
been listening to shit about me by you internet geeks and I am going to
take it out on these bitches!"

Jim Ross stepped up and introduced the WWF participants, "Ladies and
gentleman, I hope my Mama's not watching, cause it's going to be a
slobberknocker. First of all, lets bring to the ring Stephanie McMahon."

The owners daughter stepped into the ring and exclaimed that she was
going to win for her dad and for Test.

Ross screamed Business is about to pick up as the chant of "We want
puppies!" echoed throughout the arena. Debra McMichaels then came to the

She took the mike and told the audience, "Today is the day you are going
to get what you all want," she unbutton her shirt, she wasn't wearing a
bra, her puppies spilled out.

Eric took the mike now, he was all business, this battle was most
important for him. He called out Gorgeous George.

Randy Savage came down to ringside with George, he was immediately sent
away. There would be no interference in this battle.

Eric then called for Torrie Wilson. He crowd roared it's approval,
Torrie was one of the early favorites. There was not an ounce of fat on her
tan body.

The bell rang as Eric was leaving the ring. Tammy immediately grabbed
Debra by the hair. Tammy tossed her to the ground and started dragging her

Dawn Marie went straight for Stephanie, Stephanie ran to the corner and
ducked, she had never been in the ring again, Dawn tried to pulled her out.

Dawn was struggling with Stephanie, but Stephanie had wrapped herself in
the ropes. George ran over to help.

Tammy ripped Debra's skirt all the way off, none of the girls where
wearing panties, and Debra was completely naked. Torri came up behind Debra
and help her down. Debra was no match for Torrie.

Dawn and George managed to strip Stephanie completely naked. She was
flat on her back, Dawn was sitting on her face, pulling her legs up over
her head. Stephanie was completely helpless. George slipped two fingers
into her cunt.

Tammy and Torrie held Debra spread eagle, they each shoved two fingers
inside of Debra cunt. Tammy started to lick Debra's tits. Torrie was
rubbing her own perfect tits.

Dawn reached down and shoved two fingers into Stephanie's ass, Stephanie
stopped struggling. She stuck her tongue out and started licking Dawn's
cunt. Dawn Marie pulled Stephanie up by the hair so she could eat her

Dawn Marie leaned over and started eating out Stephanie, Stephanie was
screaming now, she was almost out. Vince was screaming for his daughter to
hold on. He knew he shouldn't have let her into this competition, but she
insisted and he had been paying her all these years for nothing, oh well he
would get her implants and make her the new sex symbol, the marks would
cheer for whoever he through out their.

Debra had managed to kick free, she stood u and threw Tammy to the
ground, she then sat on her face. She then began to do the bronco buster on
Tammy's face. Torrie stood and watched, she then decided to help Dawn.

Torrie grabbed one of Stephanie's legs, George grabbed the other one,
they spread them apart as wide as they would go. Dawn Marie then shoved her
fist all the way inside of Stephanie's cunt.

Stephanie was screaming at the top of her lungs as Dawn began to twist
and turn her fist inside of her. Debra looked over and saw what was going
on. She ran over to help.

Debra kneeled next to Dawn Marie and rammed four fingers into
Stephanie's ass. That was all Stephanie could take. She passed out.

The other girls picked Stephanie up and threw her out of the ring. They
all hated her and wanted to make sure she was eliminated first. Debra
screamed at Vince that she wouldn't be replaced by that bitch.

Torri and George then each grabbed Debra by the arms, they pulled her
down to the mat. They each hooked a leg and pulled them up over her head.
Dawn Marie leaned between her legs and became licking Debra's cunt.

Tammy ran over and kneeled next to Dawn Marie. She began to eat out
Debra also.

Tammy and Dawn Marie each had their tongues deep inside of Debra. Debra
had no fight left in her body, she started to go limp. Tammy and Dawn each
rammed two fingers into her cunt.

Tammy and Dawn began to twist and turn their hands inside of Debra.
They each turned their hands all the way around, and then turned them back.
That was all Debra could take. She passed out quickly.

The girls picked Debra up and threw her out of the ring, They then spit
on her and screamed "Hag" They told her to go to the senior citizens home
the next time she wanted to fight. The W W F was done already.

Torrie, Dawn, and Tammy then turned on George, they screamed that she
was a bitch that got into the business by blowing wrestlers, they couldn't

Torrie got behind George and pulled her arms behind her back, George
was no match for the fitness instructor Torrie.

Dawn Marie and Tammy each grabbed George by a leg and picked her up.
They turned her upside down and placed her on the back of her neck.

Dawn and Tammy each stepped on one of George's arms so she couldn't
move. Torrie stood up and shoved her whole hand inside of George's cunt.
Her cunt swallowed up her hand easily.

Torrie began to ram her fist in and out of George as fast as she could,
her arm disappeared to the elbow and there was still room for more. Torri
turned her arm a complete rotation, George began to pant Torri rammed her
arm even deeper. That was all for George. Randy Savage ran into the ring
and carried her out. They where down to the final three.

Joey Style came to the ring and said the winner would be decided by a
stiff competition, he called out, the Rock, Taz, and Kevin Nash.

The three men stood arms folded in the center in the ring. Joey told the
girls that they would each grab a man, the girl who made her man cum first
would be the undisputed queen of wrestling.

Tammy ran to Taz, she dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock. She
began to suck it taking long slow strokes. Taz yelled "Suck me if you can,
swallow if I let you."

Dawn Marie grabbed Nash, She shoved his entire cock down her throat.
She was slamming her head back and forth. She was slamming her head against
his chest with each stroke.

Torrie stood in front of The Rock. Torrie turned around and dropped to
all fours and began wiggling her ass. The Rock said "Finally the great one
is inside of Torrie," He shoved his cock into her ass.

Taz began to fuck Tammy's face. He held her by the hair and rammed his
cock in and out of her mouth.

Dawn Marie pulled her head away as the cum came pouring out of her
mouth. She screamed "I won, Look at me, I'm a star!"

Tammy screamed, "Not so fast!" She pointed to her mouth and the cum
came pouring out the corners of her lips. She screamed that she had won.

The Rock was holding Torrie by the hips, he was pumping as hard as he
could into her rock hard ass. Torri was rocking back matching his thrust.
She was soon fucking him harder than he was fucking her.

The judges where looking at the tape trying to decide who had cum
first, Tammy ran over to the Rock and pulled his cock out of Torri's ass.
She shoved it down her throat and began to stroke it with both hands.

The Rock screamed "Finally the Rock's cock is back in Tammy's mouth, she
began to choke on the giant load that he shot down her throat.

Once again she managed to catch it all. She held her mouth open to show
the judges.

Tammy Sytch was given the title as the first lady of wrestling, for now
and forever.


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