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Wrestle Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (mf,ff,mmmf,fffm)
by Wonder mike (

Mike: I knew knowing the security guards at the arena would pay, as would my
religious training. I am going to fix the WWE once and for all. Part of my
plan is already in progress, My new hires are already here.

He met a little oposition but everyone quickly did whatever he told them too.

Mike managed his way backside at Wrestlemania and encountered the chairman
of the board Mr. Vincent Kennedy Macmahon.

Vince: Who the hell are you? And what the hell are you doing in my office?

Mike: It doesn't matter what my name is.

Vince: It doesn't matter what you name is.

Mike: Okay it does matter, I am Mike.

Mike: You will give me complete control over the WWE, you will call a meeting
with every superstar on the roster, and announce it do them as soon as the
show was over. Now get out of my office and go fetch me Maria.

Vince didn't know why he did what this intruder said, but he couldn't help
but do what he said.

Vince ran off and quickly found Maria and brought her back to his former
office. He informed the rest of the roster of an important meeting. Maria had
an idea what he wanted, but he usually never called a diva back so close to a

Maria: Okay Mr Macmahon, I am here, I really need to change for the show.
I'm sorry, are you going to introduce us.

Vince: Maria, this is Mike, he is taking complete control over the WWE

Mike: Thank you so much, now go get ready for the show. I need to talk to
Maria for a couple of minutes.

Vince: As you wish.

Vince left the two alone, he had big plans for the show, it is of course the
showcase event.

Maria: It is a pleasure to meet you sir, I hope you have big plans for us, we
have been getting stale and could use an injection of new blood at the top.

Mike: Oh my God quit sucking.

Maria: Yes sir, I am so sorry.

Mike: I will be having group meetings with everyone, but I called you in
first for a reason. You really haven't been pulling you weight around here,
there are hundreds of young women who could replace you.

Maria: Please sir I love this job, I have just been doing what I have been
told, I will do anything for the company.

Mike: Of course you will, first of all, you where hired to be a sex symbol,
and what are you wearing, a mini skirt and a halter with a peek of bra
showing, you call that sexy?

Maria: This is what Mr Macmahon approved of.

Mike: It would be much sexier without the halter, lose it.

Maria: Of course you are right, I will take it off now.

The diva unhooked her top exposing her red lace bra, her natural breast
bouncing in the cups.

Mike: That is so much better, that is how you should look, maybe there is
hope for you after all.

Maria: Thank you so much for helping me, I won't let you down.

Mike: You know what would be sexier?

Maria: Please tell me.

Mike: Lose the skirt.

Maria: Of course.

Maria opened her belt and slid her shirt down her long legs, she was wearing
bright red panties.

Mike: Granny Panties? This is what is wrong with all of the divas, when was
the last time I saw a thong?

Maria: I don't know, we have lost our way, I can fix it though.

Maria pulled up on her panties, giving herself a wedgie and turning her
granny panties into a thong.

Mike: That is nice, but you know what would nicer.

Maria: Please tell me.

Mike: Lose the bra.

Maria: I can't go out to the ring like that, we would lose our license and
there would be protest.

Mike: Of course you can't go out to the ring like that, you should be like
that in my office. Lose the top.

Maria pulled her bra down around her waist then removed it, exposing a
perfectly shaped B cup and pointy nipples.

Mike: Magnificent.

Maria: Thank you so much.

Mike: Now turn around and bend over.

Maria spun around and began to leave, she slid her hands down her stomach
then legs until she bent over.

Mike: That is so nice.

Mike leaned over to Maria and slapped her ass, he than began to give it a
slow massage.

Maria: That feels good.

Mike: It's good to be the king.

Mike slid Maria's panties down her legs and off, he grabbed two handfuls of
her ass spreading her cheeks apart, he instructed her to drop to her knees.

Maria: New boss, same as the old.

She unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, she shoved it all the way
down her throat, her head bobbed back and forth.

Mike: God you are a good little cocksucker, I think you have a place in the
organization after all.

Maria continued to take his cock deep and hard, Mike grabbed her by the hair
and began to fuck her face.

Mike: That's so good baby, now turn around and bend over.

Maria quickly did as she was instructed, Mike had two handfuls of hair as he
slammed his cock into her.

Maria: OOOH, that feels good, fuck me boss.

Mike slapped her ass as he pumped his cock in and out, he grabbed her by the
hair again.

Maria: Please slap my ass and pull me hair, I love it, make me cum daddy,
please make me cum.

Mike slammed her pussy as hard as he could, her pert breast bounced back and
forth, he slapped her ass again and again.

Mike: Ride me baby.

He pulled his cock out of her, Maria climbed on top of hime, slamming her
pussy down onto his cock.

Maria: Whoo hoo, ride em cowgirl.

Mike grabbed two handfuls of ass as he pumped his cock into her. Maria
squealed in delight.

Maria: God fuck me daddy.

She rode his cock harder.

Mike: Turn around baby, I want to watch your ass bounce up and down on my

Maria spun around and began to lower herself on his cock, Mike pulled it back
and shoved it into her ass.

Maria: Of God, it's in my ass.

Mike: That's right baby, I'm fucking your sweet ass.

Maria: That's it daddy, fuck my ass, make me your little ass fucking whore,
do it please.

Mike pumped his cock deep into Maria's ass, maria began to rub her clit, Mike
slammed three fingers into her pussy as he fucked her ass.

Maria: That's it daddy, fuck me good, I'm a dirty whore, fuck my ass.

Mike shoved a fourth finger into her pussy as maria rode him even harder, she
slipped two fingers into her cunt as she rode him.

Maria: God, I'm cuuumming.

Maria fell of his cock quivering, her two fingers still shoved into her tight
pussy. Mike grabbed her by the hair and shoved his cock down her throat.

Maria: Yes daddy, please cum in my mouth, please.

Mike pumped his cock in and out of her mouth, pulling her hair until his load
began to spurt into her closed mouth.

Maria: It taste so good daddy, I'm a cum swallowing whore.

Mike: I believe there is use for you after all, now get dreesed and out to
the show, I will see you with everyone later.

Wrestlemania went off without a hitch, Vince had informed everyone of the
meeting, every wwe superstar awaited the new chairman.

Vince introduced Mike as the new head of the WWE corporation, they stood and
applauded the new boss.

Mike: Thank you so much, there will be a restructering of the WWE. It has
been said that a big problem is the lack of competetion. I agree totally,
therefore Smackdown, Raw and ECW will be three competing brands from now on,
that means no more interaction. If something stupid happens on Raw, I expect
the Smackdown announcers to make fun of it.

I will be cutting the number of pay per views in half, they will be special
events, things you can't see on television. The PPV will be the specialty
matches, Survivor Series, the Royal Rumble and King Of The Ring, which will
determine the main evet for Wrestlemania Cyber Sunday, all the matches will
be decided by the fans.

The seperation will not be in name only, I want to recreate the old ECW,
every match will be ECW rules from now on. Raw, will be entertainment
oriented, and Smackdown will be pure wrestling. The rosters will be
reorganized accordingly.

John Cena went down, and there was no one on the roster who could step up,
I blame that on creative, so you are all fired. We will use the established
superstars to create new superstars, by forming groups.

There are three knew divas I would like to introduce to you all, the first
one you know, please welcome the returning Trinity."

Trinity entereed the room shaking the hands of each superstar in the meeting.

Mike: I am glad you are here, you will be used. I would now like to introduce
to you MMA superstar Gina Carano, she will be working with the divas and
competeing in the ring. The last will be Jessca Hatch. Queen Victoria will be
joining the family from OVW soon.

I will announce the new rosters now, then meet with each group later.

Smackdown will be Jeff and Matt Hardy, Nunzio, Lashley, C M Punk, Kendrick
and London, John Morrison, Jamie Noble, Shannon Moore, Shelton Benjimin,
Triple H, Elijah Burke, MVP, Ron Simmons, Steven Regal, Rey Misterio, Shawn
Michaels, Chavo, Dave Taylor, Gregory Helms and John Cena. Shane will be in

ECW will be Snitzki, Balls Mahoney, Super Crazy, Umaga, Brett and Brian
Michaels, Festus and Jesse, Finley, Funaki, Jimmy Wayne Yang, Kenny Dykstra,
Mark Henry, Matt Stryker, Mike Knox, and Steven Richards. Tommy Dreamer will
be in charge.

RAW will be Jericho, Orton, Edge, Cade and Murdock, Carlito, Cody Rhodes,
Miz, Daivari, Khali, Hardcore Holly, Kevin Thorn, King Booker, Kennedy, Rory
and Robbie McAllister, Santino, Val Venis, Boggieman, Chris Masters, Chuck
Palumbo, Kane, Batista, Undertaker, Kane, Big daddy V, Duece and Domino.

Mike: I will meet with each individual brand and the divas seperatly, you are
all dismmised, I need to speak to Candice and Torrie first before I start the

The WWE superstars left leaving Torrie and Candice alone in the office, Mike
looked the girls over.

Mike: I understand you two are very close friends. Just how close are you?

Torrie: We are very, very close.

Candice: Very, very, very close.

Mike: Just as I thought, I would like to see just how close you really are.

Candice: So you are a perv, just like the old boss.

Mike: I resent that, or Thank you?

Torrie unbuttoned her shirt as Candice and Mike watched, she smiled as she
dropped it to the floor.

Torrie: Is this what you like?

Candice moved over to Torrie and pulled down her pants, Torrie then removed
Candice's top.

Mike: This is what I like.

Torrie took down Candice's pants, neither of them were wearing panties.

Mike: This is perfection, now lets see what makes you so close.

Torrie swept everything off the desk, and climbed on top, Candice leaned over
her, Torrie grabbed her by the hair and pulled Candices head between her

Torrie: Eat it bitch.

Torrie yanked her hair harder, burying Candice's face, Candice stuffed her
tongue into Torrie's pussy.

Torrie: That's it my little bitch, eat me until I cum, make me cum bitch.

Candice's hair was wrapped around Torrie's fist, Torrie Yanked it again as
Candice stuffed her tongue deeper inside of her.

Candice: Ow bitch.

Torrie: You know you like it.

Candice: I know what you Like.

Candice stuffed two fingers into Torrie, Torrie squealed as Candice hit the

Torrie: That's it bitch, finger my tight cunt.

Candace: Beg for it bitch.

Torrie: Finger fuck me hard bitch.

Candace shoved two more fingers into Torrie, Torrie began to grind on them.

Candice: That's it bitch, fuck yourself on my fingers.

Torrie: Stretch my tight cunt bitch.

Candace: It won't be tight after I get done with it.

Candace shoved her whole hand past the wrist into Torrie. Torrie screamed as
Candice began to twist her arm.

Torrie: Fuck, fuck, fuck, it feels so good, make me cum bitch.

Candice: I know what you like bitch.

Candice began to lick Torrie's pussy as she fisted her, Torrie screamed at
the top of her lungs.

Torrie: Fuck, I'm cummming.

Candice shoved her fist harder and deeper, she used her other hand to
furiously rub Torrie's soaking wet clit.

Torrie: Oh God, I can't take anymore, please, Please Oh fuck, I'm cumming

Candice slid her fist out of Torrie, and pushed her off the desk, Torrie was
on her hands and knees sweating. Candice slapped her on the ass and spread
her pussy open.

Candice: Look at the open pussy bitch, I could drive a truck through there.

Candice took Torrie's place on the desk, she was on her hand and knees,
Torrie managed to stand, but she was still shaking.

Candice do me bitch, you better make me cum good.

Torrie slapped her on the ass she slid her hand between candice's legs and
began to rub, candice spread her legs wide.

Candice: That's it bitch, now eat it.

Torrie began to lick Candice's ass as she rubbed her clit, Candice rocked
back onto her.

Candice: What a dirty bitch, eat my ass.

Torrie: I have our special treat instore for you.

Candice: OOOoo.

Candice crawled to the edge of the desk, Torried climbed onto it behind her.

Torrie: Spread that cunt for me.

Candice reached back with both hands and spread her pussy as wide as it would

Torrie: Your going to look like that slut Mickie James when I get through
with you.

Torrie was on her back, she shoved her big toe into Candice's wide open

Candice: Oh yeah.

Torrie leaned up and grabbed her by the hair, then she shoved her whole foot
deep into Candice.

Candice: Yes, god yes, fuck me.

Torrie worked her foot hard and deep into Candice, rock rocked back sho she
could take it all. Torrie yanked her back as hard as she could.

Candice: Oh God, do it, make me cum.

She rocked back harder and harder onto Torrie's foot, her juices dripping
down Torrie's foot.

Torrie: Look at that, your cumming on my foot, what do you say bitch?

Candice: Thank you so much, I love you.

Torrie slid her foot out of Candice, Candice's pussy stayed open.

Mike: Wow, you two will always have a place here, get dressed now and leave,
I have meeting to get ready for.

30 minutes later Mike called for all the raw superstars, they filed in one by

Mike: I will meet with each of you individually, I want you all to tell me
what you need to become a main event superstar, but for know I want to tell
you my vision for the company.

I am going to use estasblished superstars to create new superstars, I will
look to the past and create groups tp do this.

Orten, Edge, Calito and Chris Masters, you will be the new 4 Horseman.
Daivari, Khali, you will head the tag team division. Deuce, Domino and
Santino are the new FBI. Kane, Undertaker, Boogieman, and Kevin Thorn, you
are the Dead Men Walking. I expect big things for all of you. Now go prepare
for indiviual meetings and send in the Smackdown Superstars.

The new Smackdown Roster quickly came into the office to meet the new boss.

Mike: Welcome to you all, I have been giving thought to renameing your brand,
World Championship Wrestling, but I haven't decided yet.

As I told the Raw brand, we will be using groups to create new superstars,
Lashley, Benjimin, Burke, MVP and Ron Simmons, you are the new Nation of
Devastaion. Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy 2.0, CM Punk, Misterio and Shannon Moore,
you are the new Team Extreme. HHH, Shawn Michaels, Gregory Helms and John
Morrison, you are the new DX.

HHH: Wiat a minute, I didn't agree to team up with...

Mike: If there is anyone who doesn't agree with the new direction, you will
be free to work for TNA or Ring of Honor whenever you like.

I will meet with each of you individually to go into more detail, you may all
leave except the new NOD, and send in Michelle McCool.

Michelle was quickly summoned to the office to greet the new boss, she was
suprized to see, Lashley, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke.

Michelle: It is a honor and a pleasure to meet you sir, I have been training
hard and won't let you down.

Mike: I need you to remember why you were hired, you were brought in to be a
sex symbol, and I don't see it, do you see it guys?

Lashley: Not at all.

MVP: Not sexy at all.

Mike: You need to prove to me you still have it.

Michelle: I will do anything.

Mike: And you will, let's see how much you have, shall we?

ELijah: Oh yeah, lets see it.

Michelle opened her vest exposing her small implants, she spun around shaking
her ass.

Ron: Damn.

Michelle wiggled her way out of her latex tights wiggling and shaking them
down her legs and off.

MVP: Shake it baby.

Elijah: On your knees bitch, I have two words for you.

Elijah whipped out his cock ans slapped her across the face with it, he then
hit her over the head with his member.

Michelle: It's true what they say.

Each memeber of the new nation of domination surrounded Michelle whipping out
their footlong cocks.

Michelle: It's true, its true.

One by one each member of the new NOD shoved their cocks down her throats,
taking each one all the way to the base, until it came to MVP.

MVP had a cock the size of her arm, there was no way she was going to deep
throat that monster.

MVP: Take it bitch, I know you can.

Michelle tried her hardest to deep throat MVP but there was no way, Shelton
Benjamin was behind her now.

Shelton: Bend over bitch.

Shelton wrapped his arms around her, bent her over and slammed his cock into

Michelle: FUCK.

Shelton became pumping his cock into her, Elijah now had his cock down her
throat, Shelton Slammed her harder and harder.

Ron Simmons slid Shelton out of the way then shoved his cock, which was
second in size only to Mvp, Lashley had his cock pumping in and out of
Michelle's mouth.

Michelle, Ron: DAMN.

Ron Simmons rocked backwards, Michelle was now on top of him, she began to
ride his cock, Ron pumped up into her.

Michelle: Jesus, fuck it feels good.

The blonde bombshell bouced up and down on his cock, Ron wapped his arms
around her and began to thrust harder.

Michelle: Fuck me with that cock.

Ron: Damn.

Elijah: Quit being a hog, I want some of that.

Michelle: There's plenty of room, come shove that cock into my pussy.

Ron: Damn.

Elijah Burke climbed on top of Michelle, he slowly slid his cock into
Michelle along side of Simmons.

Michelle: Fuck, it's too much, it's too much.

Shelton: Shut up and take it bitch, come on guys, fuck her hard, make that
bitch come.

The two men slammed their cocks harder and harder into Michelle, she had her
arms wrapped around Shelton.

Michelle: Oh God, I'm cumming, FUCK.

That just made the two Nation of Domination members slam fuck her harder.

Elijah: I'm cumming.

Both men shot their loads deep inside of Michelle, she stagger off of the two
cocks and manged to stand. The two loads dripped out of her cunt.

Lashley, Shelton, and Mvp lined up in front of her, they took turns shoving
their cocks down her throat until each of them deposited a load down her
throat. Michelle drank it all down.

Ron: Damn.

That was very entertaining, Michelle, clean off your face and get dressed,
you can stay, everyone else out, and send in the rest of the divas.

Within minutes the entire diva roster was in the office, including the two
new girls Gina Caronno and Trinity.

Mike: I am sure you wondered why I called you all here, the diva section is
a mess, the matches suck and there is no sexuality. I am going to fix that.

First of all there will be a reorganization. The new Raw roster will be
Maria, Ashley, Maryse, Cherry, Lilian, Jessica Hatch, Kelly Kelly, Layla and
Brooke. Raw will be strickly T and A if you are not in a bikini, or lingeree,
you won't be on televison. I will be expecting PPV nudity.

Smackdown will be Torrie, Beth, Candice, Jillian, Victoria, Mickie, Trinity,
Melina and Gina. This will be strickly wrestling, I expect you do do
everything the guys do. Blood sweat and tears, that includes a Hell In The
Cell Match, and Last Woman Standing.

ECW will be Kristal, Michelle, and Daffney. T and A, plus sexy matches every
once in a while, of course if any of you don't think you can handle this, you
will be immediatly released from the company to work elsewhere.

The first order of buisness will be the return of the new york city thong a
thong, on a womans only ppv. The winner will get a $200,000 prize. The
contestants will be Stephanie, Lilian, Maria, Kristal, Michelle, Melina,
Gina, and Trinty. Good luck to you all.

Stephanie: I don't do things like that.

Mike: I am sure you can find other work, I will tear up your contract.

Stephanie: I will do it.

Mike: You are dismissed, except for Layla, Melina and Lilian.

All the girls left except for those 3, they had no idea what they where doing
there. Big Daddy V then entered the office.

Mike: Big daddy, I have big plans for you, I question your stamina though,
I bet these 3 girls could wear you out.

V: I don't think so.

Lilian: What do you mean?

Melina: I know what he means.

Melina took off her top exposing her massive brest implants, she shook them
at V.

Layla: Is this what I think it is?

V: I hope so.

Lilian: I don't do this.

Mike: I am sure Maryse or Jessica could do your job, you are released from
you contract.

Lilian: No. I'll do it, I'll do it.

Mike: I'm not sure.

Lilian: Please I want to fuck big daddy for you.

Melina was completely naked already, Layla was stripping down quickly, Lilian
noticed she was the only one still dressed and quickly removed her clothing.

V: That's what I'm talking about.

Melina was on her knees, she pulled down V's trunks, another trunk fell out
of his pants, it was longer and thicker than her arm.

Melina: Fuck look at the size of that thing.

V: It's not for looking at bitch, suck it.

Melina began licking up and down the shaft, layla and Lilian joined her.
Melina than began trying to wok it into her mouth.

Melina: It's too big, I can't get it in.

Layla: Let me try.

Layla tried to shove the cock down her throat, but it was too thick for her

Lilian: Let me try.

The announcer opened her mouth wide and managed to work the head of the
massive member past her lips.

Lilian: God, it's huge.

Melina: I need that thing inside of me, lay down big boy.

Big Daddy V laid on his back, Melina climbed up the mountain and began to
lower herself onto the cock.

Melina: God, it's so big, FUCK. I can do it.

Inch by inch the diva lowered herself until half the cock was buried deep
inside her, V grabbed her around the waist and slammed her down on his cock
until the whole thing vanished.

Melina: OOOH GODDDD, it hurts so good.

V began to raise and lower Melina on his cock, she was unable to move
herself, Lilian came over and began to rub melina's clit.

Melina: Fuck yeah, fuck me hard.

V began to bounce melina harder and harder on his cock, she was cumming so
hard she could barely breathe.

Melina: God, you're splitting me in half, FUUUCCK MEEEEEE.

Big Daddy slammed her harder and harder on his cock, she gasped and passed
out cold, he tossed her aside like a rag doll.

Big Daddy V reached over and grabbed Layla, he slapped her on her perfect
ass, lifted her high in the air and slammed her down on his cock.


The massive cock was buried deep into layla on the first thrust, there was
none of the gentleness he had shone Melina.

V slammed the dancer up and down as hard as he could on his cock, Layla
immediatly went limp.

Big daddy spread Layla's legs as wide as they would go, she was doing the
splits as he slam fucked her.

Layla was already unconscious as V continued to hammer her, after 5 minutes
he was tired of her, he tossed her limp body aside and grabbed Lilian.

Lilian: Be gentle with me.

V: Of course darling.

V tossed Lilian into the air spread her legs on her way down and guided her
onto her cock, she was impaled balls deep.


V began to thrust into her with all his might, Lilian began to slowly ride
his cock.

Lilian: Oh Yeah.

V grabbed her with both hands and began to slam her up and down on his cock.

Mike: That's it, fuck her good, prove your worth.

V slammed her harder and harder onto his cock, she went limp as he fucked her
senseless. It was only a matter of seconds before Lilian was unconscious.

Big Daddy V tossed the limp body of Lilian garcia off his cock, Melina, Layla
and Lilian laid unmoving, side by side.

V: I still have something left.

Mike summoned Stephanie into the office, she quickly arrived and saw the
unconscious divas.

Stephanie: You are just like my old man.

Mike: Big Daddy need someone to finish him off.

Stephanie: Exactly like him.

Stephanie stood Big Daddy V over the fallen Divas, she then knelt behind him
and began to stoke his giant cock.

She used two hands to work the massive member, and they still didn't go all
the way around.

V: That's it baby, work the love machine.

V began to shake, then he shot his load all over the three divas. His load
cover all of their faces.

Stephanie; I'm done here.

Mike: Let the new WWE era begin. Maybe I should have started at the
White House, Naww.

The End

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