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Obviously, this story isn't based on any facts that I know of. However much
I might want to see Stephanie McMahon behave like this, chances are she
doesn't. Disappointing I know, but sometimes we have to live in the real
world. Regardless of the accuracy of the story, this should not be read by
anyone under 18 (or whatever the legal age is in your country) or anyone
that might actually be deluded enough to believe that this is anything other
than pure fantasy.


Wrestling Gigolo Part 2: The Right Tool For The Job (MF, cons, oral)
By B-Boy (

"It's a simple concept really." Said Steph, "The Ho's really are prostitutes.
There's always been some backstage; not only do the front office know what
goes on but they usual book them for the guys. It's tough for them, on the
road 99% of the time they sometimes need a little `companionship'." She
smirked at that last word; it was the polite way of saying `a good fuck'. I
nodded and tried to look interested, like you're meant to at a job interview.
"Using the ho's as on-screen characters just happens to make good TV at the
moment, but there have been whores backstage for as long as I can remember.
The problem that has arisen recently," Steph continued, "is the large number
of female wrestlers we've hired; they don't have anyone for that
`companionship'." She smirked again. "We can't have them sleeping with the
male talent, that's just asking for trouble."

It was my turn to smirk as I thought of the stories about Steph and Triple H
that had surfaced recently.

"Something funny?" Steph asked sternly.

"Not at all." I answered, "I just can't believe I'm being interviewed for a
job that any red-blooded man on the planet would kill for." The owner of my
local Indy fed told me he'd recommended me when the WWF were looking for
someone to play a gigolo type character. Little did I know that the company
wasn't just looking for a `character'.

"Don't misunderstand," said Steph, "Your primary role would be in `servicing'
the girls and any drop below acceptable standards may result in termination.
You are still a trained wrestler and would be expected to continue to hone
your in-ring skills if it were decided to make you an on-air character. Given
the nature of the job, you will be under closer scrutiny than most; this is a
high-pressure job, not everyone can cope."

"Of course," I said, "I'm confident I can handle it."

"Well, you've certainly got the look we want. I'd say we could probably use
you regardless of how this interview works out" Said Steph. I was 6 foot 4,
short blonde hair, chiselled jaw, muscles coming out my ears; exactly the
kind of guy that Vince had a hard-on for. "I've arranged for you to do a
dark match before Velocity and Smackdown later this week. Here's some details
about your character." She handed me a cardboard folder.

I had quickly scanned the papers inside. The character was provisionally
going to be called `Romeo Johnson', with the nickname `The American Gigolo'.
You could never call the WWF subtle, but in the current era of `Attitude',
this character was almost a certain hit. Making it big with the company was
a dream for me, as it is for most Indy workers but knowing I could be getting
to fuck the hard-bodied sluts that strut down to the ring every week made me
determined that this job would be mine.

"Before you get ahead of yourself, your chances of landing a contract with us
are largely dependent on this interview. As I've already said, your primary
role would be `assisting' the Divas and it is up to me to decide whether you
are capable of such a demanding, highly pressurised role. With that in mind,
if you still want the job, you are going to fuck me now." Steph looked at me
with a completely straight face.

"Excuse me?" I asked a little shocked.

"Your wrestling skills are a bonus and, with your look even an average
performance in your try-out match will probably earn you a developmental
contract, but we need to establish if you can satisfy some quite insatiable
young women; that decision is solely mine. We're not hiring someone to take
these girls out for romantic meals, all you need to do is fuck them until
they cum; give them enough cock to keep them satisfied. Now, take your shirt

I smiled at Stephanie McMahon sat behind the large oak desk in her luxurious
office telling me to fuck her; it wasn't a difficult decision to make. She
looked every bit the powerful businesswoman; her long brown hair draped over
the shoulders of her suit jacket that was mostly buttoned up, with the collar
of a pristine white shirt visible underneath. She was also wearing what
looked like a pearl necklace. She stood up and walked around the desk to my
side and I admired her long legs in the black pinstripe pantsuit. She slowly
unbuttoned her jacket and threw it over the black leather chair she'd just
vacated. The top couple of buttons on her blouse were already undone and her
mountainous breasts formed an impressive cleavage. I removed my t-shirt to
reveal my own impressive body and Stephanie visibly gasped while admiring my

"You're gonna fuck me." She ordered, she was now sat on the edge of the desk
in front of me and was running one of her stiletto clad feet up the inside of
my right leg. "You're gonna fuck me just like a cheap slut that needs a big,
stiff cock." I was shocked by her sudden change in attitude but I knew why
she was doing it; this wasn't supposed to be `nice', it was just gonna be
raw, hardcore fucking to get her off and that was how I'd be expected to be
with the other Divas. I wasn't supposed to get attached, just fuck their
pretty brains out.

"You weren't short listed for no reason; you come highly recommended by some
of girls I've spoken to on the Indy scene." Steph looked deep into my eyes
and unbuttoned her blouse, leaving it over her shoulders but exposing the
black lace bra she was wearing underneath. "Tylene." She started as I stood

I looked at Steph and smiled as I dropped my pants.

"...Wasn't lying!" Finished Steph in astonishment; her eyes bulging in lust
when she saw the long, thick cock hanging between my legs. "Oh fuck!"

I had a feeling I was gonna love this job.

* * *

"FUCK!" I exclaimed as the rubbing of Steph's big bouncy tits around the
shaft of my cock sent waves of pleasure through my body.

"You like that?" She asked as she pushed her juicy tits together tightly to
create even greater friction against my throbbing tool. Once she'd seen my
monster dick it hadn't taken her long to essentially rip my clothes off and
she too had stripped like lightning; it seemed like she just couldn't wait
to get packed with hot cock-meat. I grinned while admiring the curves of her
body, waited until she was just clad in a pair of black lace panties and
ordered her to give me a titty-fuck.

"Daddy pay for these?" I mocked, "'Please Daddy, make me look like a slut so
boys will like me. They all just want to fuck Trish Stratus'." She didn't say
anything just stared transfixed as the head of my cock emerged from between
her fleshy mounds in time with my pumping hips. "You're only good for fucking
Steph, Vince probably has you passed around the locker room to keep the boys
happy!" I panted, wracking my brains to come up with more dirty talk.

"Very good stud." She said bluntly, still mesmerized by my thrusting prick.
"You're passing the interview." As I towered over the kneeling frame of
Stephanie McMahon I smiled as I watched her try to be professional. Her
flushed cheeks, her hypnotic stare and the licking of her lips gave away her
longing for a good, stiff cock. I intended to pass with flying colours.

"Fucking plastic bitch!" I leered, "Tell Daddy it was worth it, your tits
feel so good! But I bet most of the boys in the back could tell him the same
thing!" I grabbed hold of one her shoulders and began thrusting my pulsating
dick up her sweaty cleavage with greater force and she grunted in pleasant
surprise. "You like that? You like being told what a slut you are? How many
times you been gangbanged Steph? Lost count of how much cum's been blasted
into your bitch face? Well, I've got another big load for you!"

"No please!" Steph released her tits from her grasp and tried to back away
quickly, "Please, you've got to fuck me! I need it so bad. I need to feel
you inside me!" I cursed myself for getting so carried away; I was enjoying
abusing Steph so much that I forgot why I was there. If I came so soon
without getting her off I could kiss goodbye to nailing any of the other
sluts. Fortunately, the dirty talk and the prospect of getting drilled by
my bulky 10-inch pole had turned her on to the point of begging for me to
stuff her yearning cunt.

"Fuck you? How about I just spurt in your face and sell the photos?" I
decided to tease her a little.

"Do whatever you like but please fuck me!" She pleaded, "I need it! I'm a
cum-hungry gangbang slut but I've never had a cock as big and hard as yours!
Please, fill me up! Pound me! Fuck me hard! Please!"

"Lie down slut." I ordered and she complied immediately; her large tits
spreading slightly over her chest. "You want this?" I taunted, waving my long
stiff cock in her face while she had one hand buried in her panties playing
with her clit.

"Yes. Please. Fuck my brains out." She cooed in reply.

I spread Steph's legs and knelt between her chunky thighs, cock in hand. With
very little ceremony and hoping her cunt was wet enough to accommodate me, I
pulled her panties to one side and slowly plunged my throbbing prick entirely
inside Stephanie McMahon. I had no need to worry; the billion-dollar whore's
cunt was soaked with her juices.

"OH GOD!" Steph squealed, "It's so big! YES!" I lay down on top of her, balls
deep inside the rich slut, and started slowly screwing her in the missionary
position. "MMmmm..." She groaned blissfully.

"You like how that feels do you bitch?" I said as I pumped my thick rod into
her dripping snatch.

"Shut up and stuff me with that big dick." Steph looked up at me severely and
breathed heavily through gritted teeth. She wrapped her legs around my waist
as I increased the tempo of my pounding. "FUCK!" Steph howled and threw her
head back in ecstasy at the fucking she was receiving. With some of her long
brown hair hanging down she stared deep into my eyes with a grimace of pure
animalistic lust. "Harder! Faster! Oh fuck!" She panted angrily as she bucked
her hips in time with my increasingly brutal thrusting. She was clearly
enjoying how my enormous, rock-hard cock felt pumping inside her sodden twat
and she placed her hands on my muscular ass as I thrust in and out of her. I
could feel her grip on my buttocks with every stroke trying to pull me in
even deeper.

"God, I love being fucked like a cheap bitch." She put her arms around my
neck to pull me in closer; the look of brutal desire still etched on her
face. "MMMpppphhhh!" She moaned loudly in excitement as she buried her face
in my shoulder to drown out the start of an orgasm she knew she might be
shouting through.

"I wanna hear you cum!" I gasped as I concentrated on packing as much cock
inside her as I could with every furious stroke.

"MMMpppphhhh!" She mumbled again into my shoulder, this time biting down hard
enough to elicit a silent wince of pain from me. I'd been supporting my arms
on the floor either side of Stephanie's head but now I grabbed a handful of
her hair and pulled her off me forcefully.

"Bitch!" I snarled, joining in with Steph's aggressiveness, "I said I wanna
hear you cum!"

"OH GOD!" Steph howled, her entire body shaking violently as she came
noisily, "Don't hold me back. Please don't hold me back!"

"Shut up slut!" I snarled again, "Shut up and cum on my fat dick!"

"OH FUCK! YESSSSS! I'M CUMMING!" Steph thrashed her head viciously,
unsuccessfully trying to free her hair from my grasp. I could feel her warm,
gasps of air against my skin as she gnashed her teeth, trying to bite me
again. "OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD!" Her body went limp as she let her orgasm
overcome her and I released my grip on her head.

"That's it bitch, cum for me!" I pumped my hips as quickly as possible, "Take
it all!"

"Mmm...Mmm...Mmm..." Steph groaned into my shoulder with each lunge of my
stiff cock, too blissfully tired for any resistance; her fierce, deafening
orgasm had drained any aggression. As I continued fucking her passionately
I could feel my own orgasm start to build.

"Uh, uh, uh." I gasped, "Here it comes bitch!"

"Please. Cum inside me! I love being filled with a load of hot jizz!" I
buried my engorged cock to the hilt in Steph's dripping cunt and felt several
ecstatic waves of cum race up my shaft. A torrent of sticky cum gushed out my
cock and deep into her eager pussy. Steph purred softly as she revelled in
the sensation of my thick cock discharging its cream inside her.

We lay there, gasping for breath in each others arms; our sweaty bodies
exhausted from our fiery fuck session.

"I haven't cum that hard in a long time." Steph said finally, my rapidly
shrinking cock still oozing the last of its sticky goo into her dripping
cunt. "Fuck the try-out match, you're hired." She smiled.

It wasn't even day one and I'd already decided I love my job.

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