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I wrote this before Christy made her debut with TNA.

Wrestling Hotties Part 8
Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Well boys and girls, after a long hiatus, we are back.
Today for you, we've got former WWE diva, the very hot fire cracker, Christy
Hemme. Christy, thanks for stopping by.

Christy Hemme: No problem. It's not like I have anything to hurry to

WH: That's right. Last year you were released from your WWE contract. Now you
actually don't seem real mad when that topic is brought up.

CH: Yeah, I try not to get real worked up over things that are really out of
my hands. While it sucks to loose a job with WWE, it's not the end of the
world. Plus I learned a lot while I was there. I got to work with great
people, and really learned the ropes so to speak. I just wished I had gotten
an actual explanation why I was let go.

WH: Ok, now I just need to ask this question about your release. The big
rumor that made it rounds on the Internet, was that you were trying to make
some moves towards Triple H. Then when Stephanie McMahon discovered this,
your job was as good as gone. Now are there any basis on this?

CH: 100% False. I would never try to push myself in between those two.
They're really in love, and I'd hate to ruin that. Plus, I don't think Hunter
would risk getting on the bad side of the McMahons by cheating on Stephanie,
so it would be pointless to even try anything.

WH: Now do you believe Triple H truly loves Stephanie or do you think it's a
marriage of convenience for him and his career?

CH: Oh, I believe he really does love her. I mean he's have a kid with her.
I do think, though his love for her isn't stopping him from taking advantage
of his place in that family.

WH: Now the other story about you during your time with WWE, was your fling
with Joey Mercury of MNM. So what was that like?

CH: Oh, Joey's great, but I wouldn't call it a girlfriend/boyfriend
relationship. It was more of a "friendly" relationship (laughs).

WH: Oh, you mean you two were fuck buddies?

CH: (laughing) Well, I'd prefer friends with benefits, but yeah, that kind of
relationship. I mean when you're on the road as long as we are, you really
get that special itch that needs to be scratched. He was also a great guy to
be friends with and just hang out.

WH: So, then I guess the sex was pretty good?

CH: Oh, the sex was amazing. He really knows what he's doing, and wow does he
know how to use his tongue.

WH: I actually never would have guessed he would be good with the oral

CH: Oh my god, he's amazing. He could get me off no problem with just his
tongue. He really knows what to do and when to do it.

WH: So how does he stack up in the size department?

CH: (smiles) He's very well equipped.

WH: Come on Christy. Our female readers want a number they can dream about.

CH: Well I never actually broke out a ruler and measured it. But if I had to
take a guess, I'd probably say around 8 inches with some nice girth too.

WH: Damn, that's hot, right? He's got the talent in the ring, he's a
champion, good in bed, got you and he's freaking hung. That's not fair that
one man has that much luck.

CH: (laughing) Sounds like someone's a bit jealous.

WH: Of course, he's packing a trunk like that, while I've got the inch worm
(laughs). Now during your fun with the company, did you have any hook ups
with any other talent?

CH: I had a few.

WH: Ok, spill it, who were the lucky guys?

CH: When did I ever say that they were guys (laughing)? Joey was the only
guy I was with when I was there. During the feud I had with Trish, I got
to really know Lita. I mean us redheads have to lick, oops, I mean stick
together (laughing). Then when they sent me over to Smackdown, I had a one
time thing with Torrie Wilson. And when they had the MNM feud with Animal
and Heidenreich, I got to "get to know" Melina. That was before I was with

WH: Geez, those are some impressive names. I bet Lita was a lot of fun to be

CH: Without question. That girl knows her way around a pussy. My first time
with another girl happened with her. On WrestleMania weekend, the two of us
hit LA and hopped a few clubs, and had a few. We were sharing a hotel room,
so we got back together and kind of staggered into the room. I went to turn
around a say something to her, but before I said anything, she had her lips
to mine. I kinda freaked out at first, but I didn't stop her. After a few
seconds I just went with it and opened my mouth and we started tongue

She really controlled the whole thing and as she was kissing me, I realized
she was undoing my jeans. Next thing I know, my pants and panties are at my
ankles, and Amy is kneeling in front of me with her tongue inside me.
Eventually I was laying on the bed cumming. When it came my turn I just did
what I liked done to me, and apparently it was good, because she orgasmed

WH: See that, you're a natural. So how many times did you two get together?

CH: Maybe a dozen times. All fun times. A few times she introduced a strap
on. She must have had experience, because the times she used it on me, it was
like having sex with a real guy.

WH: Now did anyone know about the relationship?

CH: Trish actually found out, but that was by accident.

WH: What, you mean Trish Stratus caught you and Lita together?

CH: Yeah, actually. We were doing a house show in Florida, and the arena
had one of those shower rooms. Well no one was in the locker room at the
time, so we stripped down, turned the water on and started having fun. I was
standing with my back against the wall and Amy was crouching in front of me
doing her thing. I suddenly heard someone scream, 'oh my god!' My eyes shot
open and Trish was at the entrance, with a shocked look. She apologized and
left. I had gotten all nervous, but Amy told me to relax. She went right
back to work and like 30 seconds later had me screaming.

WH: I guess that's proof the risky sex is best. So did you ever talk about
that with Trish?

CH: Well after it had happened, I got all nervous that she might think less
of me, so the next night I talked with her about it. She told me everything
was cool. She had seen stuff like that and it's no big deal. She then laughed
an told me to just be careful to not get caught by one of the McMahons. That
really helped calm me down.

WH: Well it's good to know your secret was safe with her. Now I have to ask
this. Did Melina ever do her fantastic ring entrance at all during sex?

CH: As a matter of fact, she did a few times. She is extremely flexible. It
was very clear, too that she wasn't new, being with another woman. She's very

WH: Well I think you've given our fans some nice stories to think about. Now,
we know a bit about your current sex life, lets go to the past. How old were
you when you lost your virginity?

CH: I was 15. It was pretty enjoyable. It was with my boyfriend, who was 18,
and he had a little bit of experience, which helped. I remember hearing from
friends that it hurt so bad the first time, so before it happened, I was
pretty nervous. My first time though didn't have that much pain, just a bit
of discomfort at first.

WH: Well that's good. Sometimes you get girls who say they hated their first
time, so it's good to hear you enjoyed yours. Now have you ever had anal sex,
or is that one cherry you haven't broken yet?

CH: I have had anal. When I was 18 I tied it with a different boyfriend. It
wasn't really my thing though, and I haven't tried it since. I do enjoy other
things back there like a tongue or maybe a finger or two.

WH: So right now, do you have anyone around that you get to have fun with?

CH: No, right now I don't have anyone around unfortunately.

WH: Does that mean your masturbation time has increased?

CH: Not really. But I regularly do it anyways. Probably once a day at least.
It's strange, even when I have regular sex, I'd be doing it once a day. I
guess I just need to do it to clear my head (laughing).

WH: When you do it, do you use any type of toys?

CH: Well I have a few toys. A small pocket rocket vibrator and a dildo about
6 inches long. I probably use them about half the time and my fingers the
other half. Then like a lot of women, I might use a shower head, it it's one
of the detachable ones. Those things can really get me off quick.

WH: Alright, thong, bikini cut or granny panties.

CH: Thong of course (laughing). I've got a good butt and don't mind showing
it off.

WH: So do you have a thong on right now?

CH: Nope, you can't really wear underwear with pants like these.

WH: Now everyone saw your grooming technique in your Playboy spread. Do you
still go with that look you had in the magazine?

CH: Actually I don't. I got the whole Brazilian was session a few days ago,
and I'm now completely bare. I actually like the smoother feel of no hair.

WH: As do most guys. Now we discussed your encounters in the locker room, but
have you ever had sex in any other places that could have gotten you caught?

CH: Sure. Like the last month I was in WWE, they were sending me and Joey to
do an autograph signing. Well they gave us a limo to get there. It wasn't a
real long ride, so no full sex, just some oral fun. (smiles)

Then when I was younger, me and my boyfriend did it under the bleachers
during a basketball game. That was with out question the riskiest experience
I've ever had.

WH: So are there any wrestlers you wish you could have been with, that the
opportunity didn't arise?

CH: I actually started to have fantasies about Terri [Runnells]. I've seen
some of her TV work and she just oozes sexuality. She seems like the type of
woman who knows what she's doing in the bedroom. It's too bad she had left
the company before I had gotten there.

WH: Well there's always time. I hear she does an indy appearance or two from
time to time.

CH: I can only hope (laughing). It could be some real fun, I can guarantee

WH: So are there any male personalities you wish you could have gotten?

CH: I did have a bit of a thing for Rene Dupree. I always thought his accent
was sexy. Plus, just seeing him in his wrestling gear would show why I would
have liked to be with him (laughing).

WH: Ok, for the last question, I'm going to go with a new one. Have you ever
had a real embarrassing moment during sex?

CH: I do have one. I was on the bed, my guy was behind me doing his thing. I
guess the sheets were a bit slippery, and I was near the end of the bed. Then
I suddenly slipped and fell off and basically summersaulted and landed right
on my butt.

My boyfriend got all worried I was hurt, but I was fine. I actually broke out
laughing at how ridiculous what had just happened was. My butt was a little
sore, but not too bad. Needless to say that really killed the mood.

WH: That really is a good one. Well Christy, thanks for your time, and good
luck on whatever you've got going on in the future.

CH: He, it was fun.

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