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Wrestling Hotties Part 1
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: We are here with WWF Diva Amy "Lita" Dumas. So Amy how are
you doing today?

Amy Dumas: Oh I'm doing great. Thanks for having me.

WH: Well it's always great to be around a beauty like yourself.

AD: Ah that's sweat of you to say.

WH: Ok let's get down to business. As all WWF fans know you've played Matt
Hardy's girlfriendon TV, but do you have a real life boyfriend?

AD: Well, actually I'm currently going out with Matt's brother Jeff.

WH: Wow that'sinteresting. It does seem like you two would have a lot in
common. So how long have you two been going out?

AD: Let's see. I would say for around a year now. As most of our fans know,
behind the scenes me and the Hardyz are friends, but one day I started having
feelings for Jeff.

WH: So did you make the first move?

AD: No, actually he did. One day he came up to me in the back and told me he
had been having feelings towards me. We've been together since then.

WH: Now I know you're an open book on all subjects, so what was it like the
first time you two had sex?

AD: Oh my god! (with a smile) It was probably the best sex I've ever had. He
kept slamming my pussy over and over. I actually came so hard, I thought I
was going to pass out.

WH: Jeez, seems like it was a great time.

AD: Oh you know it was.

WH: So how long was it before the two of you actually did it?

AD: It was after our first date actually. As soon as the date finished we
rushed back to the hotel and had a "post date celebration".

WH: Well, I see you two didn't want to waste any time. Now do you guys ever
have sex in the locker room before or after a show?

AD: Oh yeah, we love doing it in the locker room. After he won the
Intercontinental belt we rushed back to the locker room, stripped down and
fucked each other's brains out. He also really loves it when I give him
head, because they way my tongue stud rubs agains this shaft.

WH: I would just like to say that you are one of my favorite personalities to

AD: (With a big smile) Why thank you very much.

WH: So have you two ever been caught doing it in the locker room.

AD: Well there was on time when we were close to being caught. We were in
the locker room, and I was giving him head, when all of a sudden there was
a knock at the door. It was Vince [McMahon] wanting to talk with Jeff, but
luckily the door was locked. Just then Jeff started to cum, so I quickly
started to suck it down. As soon as his orgasm passed he zipped up and went
to talk with Vince.

WH: Now I know so women say the experience of almost getting caught gets them
hot. Did thathappen for you?

AD: Oh yeah! As soon as Jeff came back I stripped him down and we fucked.

WH: Oh, now that we got some current info, let's get some of your background.
When was yourfirst sexual experience?

AD: Well my first ever encounter with sex was actually with another girl.

WH: Really? Do tell.

AD: Well I was 16 at the time and I was at a party. Like most high school
parties there was beer and I got a little drunk. So a friend and I ended up
in one of the bedrooms of the house. Next thing I knew we were in each
other's arms making out. Eventually she had my pants and panties around my
ankles and was eating me out. It was the best feeling I ever experienced up
to that point.

WH: Sounds like it was a great time.

AD: Oh it was. I would put it up there with my best sexual experiences ever.

WH: Well after hearing that, have you ever been with any of the women on the

AD: Well when I was in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) me and Tammy
Lynn Sytch would have sex at every show we were at. In the WWF I've been with
Jackie, Stephanie McMahon and Terri. In fact me, Trish and Stephanie had a
real hot threesome after Wrestlemania Seventeen.

WH: So I guess sex wise you scored big when you signed with the WWF?

AD: (Laughing) Oh you better believe it.

WH: Now we've all heard you talk about the tattoo on your shoulder, but what
is the tattoo on the bottom of your neck stand for?

AD: Oh that's the Russian word for Rebel.

WH: Ah well that seems to fit you perfectly. It seems that you rebel against
the typical diva stereotype, which I feel is why you have fans of both sexes.

AD: Well I've never heard someone describe me like that, but ok.

WH: Now you mentioned before you have your tongue pierced. What was it that
influenced you to get it?

AD: I always heard how you can add pleasure during oral sex when you have
your tongue pierced. So far I've never received a complaint.

WH: Well I know I wouldn't complain. So do you have any more piercings?

AD: Yeah I actually have my clit pierced as well. I got that done just before
coming to the WWF. I just love how it adds to the sensitivity down there.

WH: Well I'm going to end this interview on that high note. Amy, I can truly
say it's been apleasure and thanks for taking time out of your schedule to
talk with us.

AD: Oh that's no problem, I always love talking with you guys.

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