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Wrestling Hotties Part 2
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Well folks we have a treat for you today as we have the
Billion Dollar Princess herself, Stephanie McMahon. Steph thanks for joining
us today.

Stephanie McMahon: Oh it's greatto be here. After reading Lita's interview
I knew I had to give it a whirl. I must say you guys do great work.

WH: Well thank you very much. So let's say we get down to the task at hand.
Now we know you andTriple H just broke up on TV, but how is your real life
relationship going?

SM: Paul and I are doing great. Now that he is completely recovered and on
the road again, we get to spend a lot more time together again.

WH: Now how much time did you spend with him while he was on the disabled

SM: Well I was at the hospital through the whole surgery and whenever I could
get anytime off, I was with him. Like I said though, it's better with him
back on the road.

WH: Now have you two ever talked about actually getting married one day?

SM: We never actually talked about it, but I have a feeling it will happen
one day.

WH: So what was the first date you guys went on like?

SM: It was actually really nice. He took me out to this nice Italian
restaurant down in Atlanta. It had an outdoor cafe, so we ate underneath the
stars. It was one of the most romantic times of my life. Then after the
dinner we went to go see a movie.

WH: Sounds like a great time. Do you remember what movie you went to?

SM: Not really because we were a little too busy to concentrate on the
screen. The whole time we were in the back of the theater making out.

WH: Always a good activity for a first date. Now before we continue with the
interview, are there any areas like sex you don't want to talk about?

SM: No, not at all. You can ask me any kind of question you want.

WH: Ok, so was kissing the most you two did or did you guys go a little

SM: Actually, now that you mention it, we did go farther. Instead of
traveling in a limo, Paul drove us around in a rent-a-car, so on the way
back to the hotel I gave him a little "roadhead". And before you ask yes
I did swallow (Has a big smile).

WH: Wow, I wasn't planning on asking about that, but thanks for telling us
that. So is Triple H, how should I say this, big in the pants?

SM: (with a real big smile) Oh he is in deed. Out of all the guys I've been
with I would have to sayhe is the biggest.

WH: Now that sounds like you're saying you've been with alot of guys. Is that
a good assumption for me to make?

SM: Truthfully, let's just say that my slutty character on TV fits me to a T.

WH: Well you seem to hide your pride well about it when you're on TV. Now
when you say that you're slutty, does that just apply to being with men?

SM: Not at all. I am very proud at being bisexual. I've probably have been
with just as many women as I have men.

WH: Now have any of these experiences been with any of the WWF superstars?

SM: Yeah. There have been quiet a few actually. I mean I do spend a good part
of the year around these people.

WH: Well how about I name some and you could tell us the extent of your
"relationship" with them.

SM: Sure, why not?

WH: Chris Jericho?

SW: He really is larger then life.

WH: Test?

SM: That boot isn't the only big thing on him.

WH: Kurt Angle?

SM: Great friend, and nothing more.

WH: Maven?

SM: He really is "Tough Enough".

WH: Edge?

SM: He really knows how to spear a girl.

WH: Lita?

SM: She really knows how to put that tongue stud to good use.

WH: Trish?

SM: Can really deliver Stratusfaction.

WH: Mighty Molly?

SM: She's very "mighty".

HW: Stacy Keibler?

SM: Her tongue is long like her legs.

WH: So it sounds like you're very popular in the locker room. So how does
Triple H feel about your extra activities, or does he not know?

SM: Oh he knows. Our relationship is very open. I've been with other guys and
girls, he's been with other women and we've brought girls in for both of us.

WH: Do you guys do any other things besides having other people involved
during sex?

SM: Well we have been to Strip Clubs, we've watched some porn together and
made a few of our own.

WH: Wait a second, you've made porn movies with Triple H?!

SM: Yes, but before you get to excited we, unlike Pam and Tommy, have them
hidden were no one else knows.

WH: Well that's too bad to hear (laughing). So do you guys have any favorite
movies of stars you like to watch?

SM: Actually I'm a very big fan of Jenna Jameson. I've probably seen all of
her movies and when we were in Vegas for RAW I got to meet her. She's a very
cool person and a very, very sexy woman. I got to actually get a great kiss
in and I can see how she has turned some women gay.

WH: That sounds like it was a great trip for you then. Now on to another
topic, how do you have your hair done "down there".

SM: I always like to keep it nice and clean down there. Right now I have a
landing strip. In fact, for me sex is better when I have less hair down

WH: Now before you talked about being very bisexual. When were you with your
first girl?

SM: Well it happened in my junior year of college and it happened in my dorm
room. I had gotten my hands on a porno a friend had and was watching it. I
started getting into it and my hand slipped under my panties and I began
fingering myself. All of a sudden I heard a noise and when I looked up my
roommate Jill was standing in the doorway. She had a smile on her face and
asked me if I needed any help. I was so horny at that point, I gladly
accepted and we both had hot wild sex. Since then I've been into both men and

WH: Now that we got that story, how old were you when you lost your

SM: I was 16 and it was with my boyfriend James. It was quite a good time.

WH: Wow that's great to know. Well looking at my notes I can see that I've
asked all the questions I have. I just want to thank you for taking this time
to talk with us.

SM: Oh that's no problem, and it was a great time for me too.

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