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Wrestling Hotties Part 3
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Well ladies and gentlemen we have a womanthat you the
fans have been requesting since our first interview. That woman is the
WWE's resident horny she-devil, Terri Runnels. Terri thanks for joining us.

Terri Runnels: Oh, it's great to be here. I love to do anything for my fans,
because they are the reason I am where I am.

WH: Now I'm guessing by the way you act on TV, that I will be able to ask
you any question I have without fearing that I may cross any boundaries.

TR: Wow, you're a very good judge of character (laughing). But yeah to answer
your question, yes, you can ask me anything you want.

WH: Ok, well my number one question is does your on air nickname truly fit
who you are in real life?

TR: (smiling) You don't know how many times I've been asked that question.
Well plain and simple I do think the nickname fits perfectly. In fact at one
point I was so infatuated with sex that I thought I might be a nymphomaniac.

WH: So you're not really into sex anymore?

TR: Hey I didn't say that (laughing). I'm just not as obsessed with it as I
was. A few years ago I didn't feel satisfied unless I was being fucked. I
actually think I'm in the right businesstoo, being around all these great
looking men and women.

WH: Oh so you're into women too?

TR: Oh yeah, I am very bi-sexual. In fact I don't think there is a women in
the current locker room who isn't.

WH: Wow that's an interesting little factoid. So would you mind sharing with
us who was your first WWF diva?

TR: Oh not at all. The first woman I was with in the WWF was Tammy Lynn
Sytch (Sunny). It was not long after I joined the company as Marlena that it
happened. Before one of the shows we were talking and she mentioned how she
was into women. She knew I was married to Dustin (Goldust), but wanted to
know if I wanted to goto dinner with her. Not being the way, I played a
little hard to get. Well, to make along story short, we had dinner after the
next night's show and after that we had an amazing night back in her hotel

WH: Now you bring up a good point in that story about having been married to
Dustin. During your marriage did you stay faithful to him, besides the time
with Tammy?

TR: Well I tried to, but like I said I have such a great craving for sex that
I couldn't always stay true to him. I would actually masturbate a lot in the
locker room so I wouldn't be astempted to go with someone else.

WH: Well did you ever get caught masturbating in the lockerroom?

TR: During the marriage the only person who caught me was Tammy and that was
after our first time and she wound up helping me finish myself off (smiling).

WH: Now do you still have these masturbation sessions in the lockerroom?

TR: Well, like I said, I have slowed down a bit sexually, but I still
masturbate a bit in the lockerroom. I really enjoy doing in the shower

WH: So do you ever have sex in the lockerroom or the shower?

TR: Well I have had some experiences in the lockerroom, more recently then
in the past. Like somepeople will say sex can be a lot better when there is
the added risk of being caught by someone.

WH: Now would you mind sharing any of the names of those people you've been
with in the lockerroom?

TR: Well it might get me in some trouble, but what the hell life's a lot
more exciting when you take risks. As some people might have guessed I spent
some time with the Hardy Boyz. Right after they won the match against Edge
and Christian at No Mercy. I got a hold of Jeff and then after their Royal
Rumble Table Match with the Dudleyz I got my shot at Matt. Then I was able
to get a hold of Chris Jericho after he made his debut on RAW. All I can say
about Y2J is he's amazing. Now there have been quite a few more but that's
all you're getting (laughing).

WH: How about your experiences with your fellow divas?

TR: Well like I mentioned before I had quite a few fun timeswith Tammy.
During my days in the PMS (Pretty Mean Sisters) gimmick I was with both
Jacqueline and Ryan Shamrock who are both fantastic. By far the best I've
been with was Lita because she has that tongue piercing and trust me, she
really knows how to use it.

WH: Now this is a question we ask all the women: How do you keep your hair
down there?

TR: Well right now I have a small landing strip, but I hav ebeen thinking
about shaving it off and going completely bald.

WH: Now when you're with another woman, how do you prefer them to have that
hair done?

TR: The less hair down there the better for me. When I'm eating out another
woman I just think it's disgusting for them to have a big bush of hair. It
also feels better on the face with less hair there.

WH: Now getting back to your use of self-pleasure, do you prefer to use toys
or do you just like using your hands?

TR: I really like to use my hands most of the time. Even though toys are
good, when I use my hands I can move my fingers around inside and change the
size by the numbers of fingers I use. I also can focus more attention on my
clit, which is very good.

WH: Now in past interviews you have said you would not pose for a magazine
like Playboy due to the fact that you are a mother. Do you still feel that

TR: As surprising as it sounds, after what I've shared in this interview, I
still feel that way. Plus I like toleave something to the imagination. And
of course I make it so not much of the imagination needs to be used with some
of the outfits I wear (laughing).

WH: Yeah that does sound a little silly. Now I asked this question to
Stephanie McMahon, and I want to ask you it too: do you enjoy watching porn

TR: Well with me I'm more for the real thing, but occasionally I'll rent one
and watch it at home, when we get a break from the road.

WH: Now this is a popular question in sex interviews and I guess that I'm a
softy for the classics. What is your favorite position?

TR: I know most girls would probably say doggie style, but for me I'd have
to go with cowgirl (for those who don't know that's girl on top, looking down
at the guy). I just like to feel that I'm in control during sex and being on
top is the best way to do that. I'm also a big fan of 69, especially with
another woman. I always think it's great when you can give someone pleasure
while they're doing the same to you. It's also a way to try and have your
climax happen at the same time as them, which can be pretty amazing.

WH: Now my final question deals with your now famous hard nipples. Some
people think that you wear a special bra or some kind of special pasties that
make it appear like your nipples are hard. Others think you get them hard
before you appear oncamera. So one: are those really your nipples poking out
and two: if they are real do you get them hard before the show?

TR: Well those really are my nipples poking out of my tops. I'm not a big fan
of wearing a bra so most times people are able to see them. I don't need to
get them hard before the shows because they are always hard. Just because I
don't have sex as much as I used to, doesn't mean I don't always think about

WH: Well, Terri I would like to thank you for taking this time to talk with
me and I was very happy to see how open you were.

TR: Oh no thank you. It was really my pleasure.

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