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Wrestling Hotties Part 4
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to our fourth installment of
interviews. Today we have former three time Women's Champion Trish Stratus. Trishwelcome.

Trish Stratus: Well thanks for having me. The past interviews seemed like so
much fun for the girls that I knew I had to do it.

WH: Wow, I didn't know that anyone in the WWE lockerroom was reading our
interviews. Now first off, how are things going for you?

TS: Oh, it's going great for me. I'm real happy with the story line I have
right now with Victoria. She really can give me a work out in the ring.

WH: Now when you were first told that you were going to become Women's
Champion how did you feel?

TS: Well, when I was first told about it I was shocked, but at the same time
flattered. I couldn't believe that the McMahons thought I was a good enough
wrestler to represent the women's division.

WH: Now this just wouldn't be a Wrestling Hotties interview if we didn't get
into the questioning regarding sex. Now like I ask all our guests, is there
any subject you don't want to talk about?

TS: Not at all. Ask anything you want and I'll try to answer it the best I
can. Plus I don't want to look like a prude (laughing).

WH: Ok, I'll start off with a fairly basic question. At what age did you
loose your virginity?

TS: I was 15 years old and I lost it with my boyfriend at the time. It was
a real pleasant experience, but a few weeks after it happened we wound up
breaking up.

WH: Aw, that's to bad to hear, but at least your first time was a good
experience for you. Now in ourl ast interview with Terri she said that she
believes that there isn't a woman in the current lockerroom who hasn't been
with another woman. Do you agree with her statement?

TS: Well, I can say from first hand knowledge that it's not true. I have
never been with another women and I also know that Molly Holly and Jazz
haven't either.

WH: Now you say that you've never been with another woman, but have you
ever thoughtabout doing it?

TS: Oh, I'm become very curious about what it would be like. Just hearing
stories about it from my friends has made me very eager to try it. In fact
I've masturbated myself to sleep many nights thinking of some of the other

WH: Would you mind telling us who you've thought about when you've done

TS: Sure. The first woman I've ever thought about while masturbating was Amy
(Lita). We had been working together a lot at the time and I just started to
notice how sexy she really is. I've also thought about Terri, Torrie Wilson,
Molly, and most recently Victoria.

WH: Now have you ever thought about who you'd want to have your first lesbian
experience with?

TS: Oh, I know exactly who I'd want it to be with. The one I'd pick would be
Terri. With out a dought she is the most sexual person in the lockerroom and
I think she'd know exactly how to please another woman.

WH: Well, you never know it could happen one day. One thing's for sure she
knows how to please a woman from what she said in our last interview. In fact
this interview could help you get that chance because she told me before our
interview that she's a big fan of ours.

TS: Oh, that would be great if it could help me. I've just always been
nervous to tell her about how I feel to her face. There's just something
inside me that won't allow me to do it.

WH: Now have you ever had a relationship with any of the men in the
lockerroom or have you only dated men outside the business?

TS: Well, I had a short relationship with Jeff Hardy that lasted only two or
three months. He's a real fun guy to be around, but eventually we just
decided we'd be better off just being friends. He was the only guy in the
business that I've dated, so far.

WH: Now during your relationship what would you say was the most exciting
thing you guys ever did?

TS: There were actually a couple of instances that were pretty memorable for
me. The first was during a plane ride and we got to become members of the
Mile High Club. I was surprised how comfortable we were able to get in the
small space of the bathroom. The second time was after a house show and most
of the on air talent was gone so me and Jeff got freaky in the shower. As
he was taking me from behind we heard someonein the lockerroom, but luckily
they didn't come into the shower room.

WH: Now part of the excitement in those moments had to be that there was a
great risk of being caught by someone?

TS: Oh, definitely. That slight chance that someone is going to catch you
having sex just increases the flow of adrenalin and makes and even great
sexual high.

WH: Now how do you feel about anal sex?

TS: Well, I've only experienced it two or three times. The first time was
when I was around 20, but it wasn't an enjoyable experience, partially
because he didn't know what he was doing and partially because I was so
nervous that I tightened up. The other two times were great though because
the guys were experienced doing it and I wasn't real nervous like the first

WH: So when was the last time you had a guy 'come in through the backdoor?'

TS: It has to have been close to a year ago when I was dating Jeff.

WH: Now we ask this question in all of our interviews so I'm going to ask
you too. How do you keep your hair 'down there?'

TS: Well, I just have a small landing strip. I don't know why but I just
like to have abit of hair down there. Luckily for me, I don't have much
hair down there to begin with, so I don't have to shave that much.

WH: Now do the curtains match the drapes?

TS: Yes, they do. So actually the hair isn't that visible the way I keep it.

WH: Now I'm sure you've been asked this question numerous times, but what
the hell I'm going to ask it too. Would you ever pose for Playboy?

TS: Well, Playboy has offered me a deal to be in their magazine, but at the
time I just didn't feel like it was the thing to do. Now I think I'd be
willing to pose, it's just a matter of them offering me the right amount of
money to do it. I actually have thought it would be cool if they could get
a special Women of Wrestling issue with a bunch of the girls form the locker

WH: Well, I bet if they did that they would have the bestselling issue ever

TS: (laughing) I think I'd have to agree with you on that. I know I would
buy it. Hopefully that myth of the Playboy/Divas curse wouldn't be true
though cause the WWE wouldn't have any divas left then.

WH: Now before we finish the interview I have one final question to ask. When
you get really horny and can't find a man, do you prefer to use your hands of
are you more into using a toy?

TS: I actually like to use both my hands and a vibrator. What I do, which
I'm sure many women do too, is use the vibrator and then rub the top of my
slit and my clit. I just love how the vibrator, well vibrates when it's
inside you. The feeling is just amazing for me. So did that answer your
question? (smiling)

WH: Um, yeah I'd say it did. Well Trish I would like to thank you for your
time and I'm sure your fans thank you too.

TS: Well you're very welcome.

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