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Wrestling Hotties Part 5
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Well today we are graced with thepresence of the WWE's
newest playmate, the beautiful Torrie Wilson. Torrie thanks for joiningus.

Torrie Wilson: Oh, it's no problem. From what I've been hearing in the locker
room I had to do one of these interviews with you guys.

WH: Well, it seems that we are getting quite a large fan base in the
wrestling world. Now the big news involving you is that you will be appearing
in the next issue of Playboy magazine. Now what was it that made you come to
this decision?

TW: To tell you the truth, I've actually had an interest in doing it for a
while now. I work to get my body in the top shape that it's in so I only
think it's right that I show it off. Playboy just made the offer at the
right time with the right amount of money.

WH: Now what was it like during the shooting of your pictorial?

TW: It was actually quite exciting. Having a bunch of people seeing you naked
while taking pictures and knowing that possibly millions more will see them
is such a turn on.

WH: Among long time wrestling fans it has become common knowledge that you
are engaged to Billy Kidman. What was his reaction when you told him you were
going to bein the magazine?

TW: When I first told Billy I was going to be in Playboy he got a little
upset. He didn't like the thought of thousands, possibly millions of people
seeing me naked.

WH: So I'm guessing now he's more accepting of it?

TW: Yeah he is. He's gotten used to the idea. He's said to me that it's my
decision to make and that he's fine with it. Personally I think he's still
bugged by it, but he knows there's nothing he can do to stop it.

WH: Now since you've heard a lot about us in the locker room and you came to
us to do the interview, that I can ask any kind of question?

TW: I'm ready for anything you've got. You can take your best shot

WH: Ok, we just talked about you and Billy so my first question is, how's
your sex life?

TW: I have no complaints (smiling). Even though we're on the road together
we don't get a lot of personal time together because of things like working
our separate angles and doing promotions for Smackdown. When we are alone
though the sex is amazing. Let's just say I never have just one orgasm during
it (big smile). And let's just say when Billy blows, he really unloads

WH: So do you have a favorite position or does it not really matter to you?

TW: I actually prefer doggie style while standing up. I don't know what about
it I like, I just love being taken form behind while on me feet.

WH: During sex are you vocal or are you the quiet, low whimpering type.

TW: Oh, I'm very vocal during sex. I don't talk dirty, but I groan and moan
a great deal. I'm just so sexually sensitive that whenever the slightest
thing touches me down there, I sound like I'm about to cum.

WH: I would have guessed you were the silent with a slight amount of whimpers
type. Now how old were you when you lost your virginity?

TW: I was 18. It was the night of my senior prom with my boyfriend at the
time. After the prom, like most high schoolers do, we made our way to one
of the rooms of the hotel where the prom took place and we did it.

WH: So was the experience an enjoyable one or is it one you'd rather forget?

TW: Well, it wasn't a bad experience, but I wouldn't rank it up there with
my all time greatest experiences. I think the problem was we were both
virgins and just not experienced, so we didn't really know what to do.

WH: Now how old were you when you first had anal sex, or are you still a
'butt virgin?'

TW: I'm still a 'butt virgin (laughing).' I haven't experienced it yet
because I've heard from some women how the first time can be really painful.
Of course, loosing your virginity can be painful at first to so I am still
open minded about trying it.

WH: Now changing directions a bit, you've had a program with Dawn Marie for
some time now and some months back you two did a segment where you made out
in her hotel room. I guess it was implied that after the footage stopped the
two of you went on to have sex. So the question is how did you feel having
to do that?

TW: When I was first told about it I was a bit disgusted about the thought
of kissing another woman, but I still agreed to do it, to help further the

WH: Wait, you said at first you were disgusted by it, so does that mean you
got into it later on?

TW: I actually got really into it once we filmed the segment.

WH: Come on now, you can't just say you were into kissing another woman and
then stop. You have to share the details.

TW: I planned to expand I just wanted to hear you beg alittle (laughing).
Well, as we were performing the kiss for the cameras, I couldn't believe how
soft her lips were and how great of a kisser she was. Well, the next day I
couldn't get the whole kiss out of my head, and realized I was starting to
think of her as more then just a co-worker. I then realized I wanted to try
something more then kissing with her. Since it's a well know fact that many
of the divas are bi-sexual, I took the chance that Dawn was one of them and
told her how I was feeling.

WH: So what happened when you told Dawn about how you were feeling towards

TW: Well, I told her about my feeling in the locker room after a match we had
at a house show. When I finished she said she was surprised I told her about
this so soon after the kiss. She said she felt the same way and told me she'd
been with other women before, most notably, Lita when they were in ECW
together. Later that night she came to my room at the hotel and 'initiated'
me into the world of bi-sexualism.

WH: I'm guessing by the smile on your face that it was avery pleasurable

TW: Oh, very pleasurable. Dawn did amazing things with her tongue. Then when
it came my turn to eat her out, it was like my tongue had a mind of it's own
because she was screaming and moaning like a girl in a porn movie. We then
finished the night off byusing this double-ended dildo she had brought with

WH: Geez, I'm sweating just listening about it. Now have you had any other
lesbian experiencessince that night?

TW: Well, me and Dawn have been together numerous times since. A few weeks
later Nidia came upto me in the back and told me that Dawn had told her about
our experiences. She then told methat she had been attracted to me and wanted
to know if I wanted to get together.

WH: So did you?

TW: Yeah, later that night in the women's locker room in the showers

WH: Wow, in the showers! Isn't that a little risky, I mean anyone could walk
in and catch you.

TW: Well, not really since Dawn already knew about it and we are the only
three that use the women's locker room. Plus I found out that Stephanie has
caught some people in the locker room before having sex and all she does is
leave to let them finish.

WH: Man, what is in the water at those Smackdown shows (laughing)? So did
you have experiences with any other divas?

TW: Actually Dawn said she had been talking with Lita and wants the three
of us to 'get together.' I'm quite excited about it and it looks like it
might happen at Wrestle Mania in Seattle.

WH: Well, I'd say you've done a good job adapting to the bi-sexual life

TW: Yeah, I'm a real quick learner (smiling).

WH: Now that you have gotten into women have you thought about bringing other
women into bed with you and Billy?

TW: It's actually quite funny. Not long after we started dating he tried to
get me into it, but I didn't want to do it. Now I thought about doing it.

WH: Sounds like he's a real lucky guy. Not only does he get you, but he might
get to have another women added to the mix. Now that we've established your
sex life let's move on to your masturbating, if you don't mind.

TW: Not at all (laughing).

WH: Ok, first off what do you like to use when you masturbate?

TW: Most times I use a small black vibrator that I keep packed in my bag, but
sometimes I'll use myfingers. If I get really horny though, and the room I'm
in has a shower with a detachable nozzle I'll go in there.

WH: So you have masturbation showers?

TW: Yeah, I guess you could call it that (laughing). Whenever it comes to
masturbating nothing gets me off better then one of those showerheads.

WH: Now when you masturbate do you think of anything or do you just zone out?

TW: I think of a bunch of things from Billy of my fellow divas. More recently
I have done it while watching porno tapes.

WH: Oh that's just so hot to hear. Time for the big question: how often do
you masturbate?

TW: I masturbate at least once a day. I need some kind of daily sexual
release (laughing).

WH: I guess so. Well, to finish the interview I'll ask my favorite question,
how do you keep the hair 'down there?'

TW: Oh, you'll have to by the Playboy to find that out.

WH: Oh, you are going to make sure that issue becomes a bestseller. Torrie
thank you for yourtime.

TW: It was my pleasure, thanks.

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