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Wrestling Hotties Part 6
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Well folks after a long break, we are finally back with
a new Wrestling Hotties interview. In our last five interviews we have
talked with the women of the WWE, but today we have former WCW and ECW diva,
Gorgeous George. George thanks for joining us.

Gorgeous George: Why thank you, it's good to be here. It's also great to know
that people still remember me (laughing).

WH: Now the last time we saw you on the national wrestling scene was during
a short stint in Extreme Championship Wrestling. So what have you been up to
since then?

GG: Well after I left ECW I went around the independent scene, appearing
in a few different promotions around the country. I also gave birth to my

WH: Well if I do say so myself, you really did a good job at getting back
into shape.

GG: Thanks (smiling). After I had her, I got back into the gym to make sure
I got my body back to the way it was before.

WH: Now after you left World Championship Wrestling, there were reports
around the internet about you dancing in strip clubs. What made you go from
wrestling to dancing?

GG: Well before I got into wrestling I was a dancer so when WCW released me,
I decided to go back to what I knew. I actually met Randy [Savage] one night
when I was working at a club.

WH: No of course you're referring to your ex-boyfriend Randy "Macho Man"
Savage. Obviously there was an age difference between the two of you, so
what was it that attracted you to him?

GG: Well when I first met him, he was quite charming, a real sweet talker. I
guess I also had a bit star lust, since I had known he was a big wrestling

WH: Now you two broke up shortly after leaving WCW. Do you mind explaining
what happened between you two?

GG: Well for a while I had started loosing my interest in Randy, in part to
the fact that he is a very controlling person. He always had to have things
his way and I really hated that. He also was a very jealous person, getting
upset if I was talking with another guy.

WH: Now a question some people would probably like to ask after seeing you
two as a couple is did you two ever sleep together?

GG: Truth be told, we didn't. The main reason I would not do it, was because
of his age. Even thought I was into him, I just couldn't bring myself to be
that close with him. That's one of the reason that I made the tape that has
now become somewhat famous. It was a way for me to please him a bit without
having to go to bed with him.

WH: Now between the tape and your dancing, a lot of your fans have been able
to see you in all your glory. With that being said, have you ever thought
about posing for a magazine like, let's say Playboy?

GG: Well Playboy came to me once when I was still in WCW, but the money they
were offering me to do it was a bit small. If they had offered me a bigger
amount of cash to do it I might have accepted.

WH: Well I guess it's the fans loss that they didn't offer the big bucks
(laughing). Now have you ever thought about trying to make a return to the
"big leagues" of professional wrestling?

GG: Well if the WWE were to offer me a contract I would have to think about
it. I would love to be back in the spotlight, but I'm not sure how I'd like
the long road schedule they have. I mean, I don't think I'm that big of a
fan to go out for that long.

WH: Now we've gotten a lot of information about you career, so it's time to
start talking about the subject that draws our fans to these interviews: sex.
Now are there any areas you don't want to go into in this interview?

GG: Not that I can think of (laughing). Go ahead and fire away.

WH: Ok, well let's start off with a fairly simple question. Have you ever
been intimate with another woman?

GG: Oh, of course (laughing). I've had my fun with my share of other women.
Sometimes I just need the tender and loving touch that only another woman can
really give.

WH: Now have any of the women you've been with been any of your fellow
wrestling divas?

GG: Actually, yes, a few have been divas. When I started in WCW I got close
with Mona [Molly Holly] during our Team Savage angle. We wound up having some
fun nights back in the hotel following some shows. Then when I appeared in
ECW I hit it off with Dawn Marie. We didn't get together though until about
a month after I left the company.

WH: Wow, sounds like you have had lots of fun. Now we've found out from some
of the divas that we've interviewed that they have had a sexual encounter in
the locker room, or somewhere in an area, during a wrestling show. Would you
been someone who would be part of that list of women?

GG: Well, the first time I spent with Mona, it happened in the showers at one
of the arenas after Nitro. Most of the other stars had left the building so
we decided to make that first time together memorable, so we chose to do it
in the showers. I have to say, being with her as the water came down onto our
bodies was an amazing experience. After that we did it in a couple more
showers in the arenas we appeared in.

WH: So how old were you the first time you were ever with another woman in an
intimate way?

GG: I was 16 years old, a good age to experiment at. It was one of those
classic scenarios where I was at a friend's house for a sleep over. We got
into a game of truth or dare. She got truth and I asked her if she ever
kissed another girl. She told me she did, which actually kinda surprised me.
Now I was really intrigued and asked her what it was like. She asked me if I
really wanted to know and when I said I did, she leaned forward and just
started kissing me. I was shocked at first, but eventually I got into it,
and our tongues started playing with each other. As we kept kissing our hands
started rubbing each other and eventually one thing let to another.

WH: How far did the two of you go during that first time?

GG: We both wound up eating each other out. It was like it just came natural
to the both of us, but I think she did what I was doing, and just did to me
what she knew felt good to her.

WH: Was that the only encounter the two of you ever had with each other?

GG: No, we were together for maybe a handful of times between that first
encounter and our high school graduation. Unfortunately I haven't seen her
since high school. After our graduation though, we knew we'd probably not
see each other for a long time so we were together for the whole weekend.
It was such a fun time.

WH: Now what about guys? How old were you when you lost your virginity?

GG: That happened about a year before when I was 15. I lost it to my
boyfriend in his bedroom. Unfortunately for me it wasn't a real enjoyable
experience because he really didn't have a clue as to what he was doing,
and her really seemed to care more about himself then he did me.

WH: When it comes to having sex is there any position that you would say is
your favorite?

GG: I know it seems old fashioned, but I love missionary. I love to look into
the guy's eyes as he's slamming into me and I can wrap my legs around his
waist, so if I want him to go faster I can pull him into me. I also like the
position, because if I want him to play with my nipples, it's easier for him
to do it.

WH: One question we ask every diva that joins us, involves the hair
situation. Are you all natural, trimmed or shaved?

GG: I actually shaved it completely clean this morning when I was taking a
shower. I just felt like I wanted a change.

WH: So how was it before you worked it over with the razor?

GG: Before that I had a small landing strip. And in case you were wondering,
I am a natural blond (laughing).

WH: Very nice to know. Have you ever had a threesome or are you the kind of
girl that is more into the one on one action?

GG: I've never been involved in any kind of group sex. I have thought that it
could be something I might enjoy though, getting pleasure from more then one
person at the same time.

WH: If you were to have a threesome would it be with a guy and a girl, two
girls or two guys?

GG: It actually wouldn't really matter to me. If I ever do take part in it
though, I might take a guy and a girl, getting to have the best of both

WH: We have decided to try something new with our interview today and use a
question sent in to us from a fan. The question comes from Jeremy from Texas.
He wanted to know, `Have you ever taken part in any type of bondage play?'

GG: Well one time I tried some light bondage. The guy I was with hand cuffed
my hands to the headboard of his bed and then tied my legs open, spread
eagle. He then had this kinda big feather and started to brush me with it,
all over my body. Now that I think back on it, it was quite erotic and
wouldn't mind trying to do something like that again.

WH: Are there any other unusual or unique things you like to do during sex?

GG: When I really get into it I sometimes like to have the guy gently choke
me, or if he's taking me from behind to pull on my hair. I also like when
he's give me a quick smack on the butt. I don't know what it is about it,
but that can sometimes help me get off so good.

WH: Now earlier you mentioned how you had an experience with Molly Holly in
the showers at an arena during a WCW event. Have you ever had sex in any
other places where you could have possibly been caught?

GG: Well just recently, my boyfriend and I went down to Florida so on the
plane ride down we went into the bathroom and joined the Mile High Club.

WH: That must have taken some maneuvering considering the cramped space of
airplane bathrooms.

GG: Oh, it was. He wound up propping me onto the sink and took me that way.
It was just so thrilling doing it with so many people that could have heard
us, or noticed we both went into the same cubicle.

WH: Now going back to your body, do you have any tan lines or is your whole
body a constant tone?

GG: None at all. I hate to have tan lines. Whenever I can get a chance I
enjoy sunbathing nude outside. Most times though I can't find an area where
no one will see me so I have to go to a tanning salon.

WH: One question I know every guy likes to know about a good-looking woman
such as yourself is, do you spit or swallow?

GG: Well I'd have to say I'm not a swallower. One time when the guy finished
in my mouth I swallowed it, but I couldn't stand the taste, so I now either
spit it out or have him finish off somewhere else on my body.

WH: That's a nice visual to have. Are there any men or women in the wrestling
business today that you think you'd enjoy being with?

GG: Well for guys, I would have to go with either Christian or Chris Jericho.
I just have a thing for guys with blond hair. As for women, I've always had
an interest in Lita. She just seems to have an attitude of not caring what
others think, which I like. Trish Stratus is another one who's gotten my eye.
She's just so gorgeous and I think she'd know hot to really please another

WH: Now going back to your famous tape, how did it come about that you made

GG: Well like I said, the main reason behind it was a way to avoid having sex
with Randy. We were a part for a few weeks, so I decided to send him the tape
as a little gift.

WH: How did you feel when you first found out the tape had been leaked out
and was appearing all over the Internet?

GG: When I first found out I was furious. The tape was supposed to be a
private thing that only Randy and I were supposed to see. After a while
though, I realized that it wouldn't go away and I also started to get
excited thinking that so many people could be pleasuring themselves while
watching me on the video.

WH: With that kind of attitude, have you ever considered to go into that
form of entertainment?

GG: Not really. When it comes to sex I like it to be private, with just the
possibility of being seen by others. It would be tempting though with all
the money that women in that business can make.

WH: So are you a fan of porn movies?

GG: Well every now and then I'll enjoy renting a tape of two. They can really
help out when I'm alone and have no one to help me get off.

WH: For our final question I wanted to ask, how often do you masturbate?

GG: Usually I do it at least once a day. Some days if I get really hot I
might go 3 or 4 times in the day. I'm just so into sex, that I need to get
off at least on a daily basis. If I didn't I'd probably go nuts.

WH: Well, I would like to thank you for taking time to talk with us, and
thank you for being so open.

GG: It was my pleasure.

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