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Wrestling Hotties Part 7
by Big Chief (

Wrestling Hotties: Welcome back folks to another installment of the Wrestling
Hotties interviews. Today we have New Jersey's own, WWE Smackdown diva Dawn
Marie. Dawn, welcome.

Dawn Marie: Thanks. It's good to be here (smiling).

WH: Now as of late you haven't been on TV much. I'm sure many of your fans
are wondering what's happened with you.

DM: Well as of late the Smackdown writers haven't been able to come up with
an angle for me, so I've been doing bikini contests. I've also been using the
time to do more training to improve my wrestling skills. I guess there has
even been some talk about moving me over to RAW, and possibly working with
Lance [Storm] again.

WH: That would be interesting to see you wrestling for the Women's Title on
Monday nights. I'm sure a good number of fans know you're engaged to wrestler
Simon Diamond. Currently he's contracted with the Jarretts' NWA-TNA. How has
that affected your relationship.

DM: Obviously it is a real strain on our relationship. Whenever we get the
chance we spend all our free time together. I guess since we're apart for so
long it makes the time we have together all that much more special.

WH: Before you came to World Wrestling Entertainment, you made a name for
yourself in Extreme Championship Wrestling, most notably as Lance Storm's
valet. What was it like working for ECW?

DM: My memories of ECW are mainly fun times. The whole locker room was like
a big family. It was also a great experience working with such a skilled
wrestler like Lance.

WH: Now during Lance's feud with Tommy Dreamer, you accompanied him [Lance]
to the ring dressed like Dreamer's former valet, Beulah McGillicutty. In fact
you even used the name Beulah for a short time. Now what I'm leading to is,
did you get a chance to meet with the real Beulah?

DM: I actually did get to meet Theresa [Beulah]. We got to meet each other
before we started the angle and we actually became pretty good friends. I
actually got invited to her wedding to Tommy.

WH: When you say the two of you became good friends, does that mean what I
think it might mean?

DM: Well, yeah, it does (smiling). After we got to meet a couple of times
we got into some intimate chats. The two of us then discovered our shared
interest in other women. Eventually we planned a whole day, where we went
shopping and had lunch together. Later in the day we went to her place and
became real "close" friends.

WH: Now any die-hard ECW fan knows that Beulah knows how to kiss another
woman, but does she possess the other skill of being with women?

DM: Well I think the way to answer that is that Beulah is very gifted with
her mouth.

WH: Wow, I guess that means Tommy is quite a lucky guy (laughing). Now does
the "special" friendship still exist between you two?

DM: Well we're still good friends, but after she got married we stopped the
physical aspect of the friendship.

WH: I guess she wants to stay true to her wedding vows. So we now know about
Beulah, and from our interview with Torrie Wilson we found out you brought
her into the wonders of other women, but there is one woman I'd like to ask
you about. When we interviewed Torrie she told us how you told her about
being with Lita back in your ECW days. Do you mind expanding on that?

DM: Not at all. When Amy debuted as Miss Congeniality, they had her paired up
with Danny Doring. Well it was around the time I was feuding with Tammy [Lynn
Sytch] and Paul [Heyman] had this idea where me and Amy attack Tammy and as
Amy held her, I hit her with a giant wooden paddle. Well after we took out
Tammy, we celebrated, but I then turn on Amy and hit her with the paddle too.
Well that night after we did the whole bit I met up with Amy in the back. We
were talking and I wanted to make sure I didn't hurt her, because I had hit
her in the chest with it. She said she was fine and after some talking she
confessed to me that she actually had a bit of a spanking fetish, and wanted
to know if I really wanted to see what it did to her. It only took a bit of
talking to get me into it and she gave me a paddle to use.

Well after I gave her a few whacks to the butt she let out a few good moans
and then she stood back up. Hearing her moan a bit like she did, I got
excited and before she could say anything I planted a kiss straight on her
lips. When I broke the embrace she had a confused look for a second before
a smile came across her face. She then grabbed me and began kissing me. We
then quickly undressed and wound up doing it right in the middle of the
locker room.

WH: So was that experience the only time the two of you were together?

DM: No, we had a few more experiences before she left the promotion to go
to the WWE.

WH: Have the two of you had any encounters since you yourself joined the WWE?

DM: Unfortunately, no. Since I signed after the brand split and after her
neck injury, I havn't got to see her. Hopefully when the next dual brand
P-P-V comes around we can get together again.

WH: Ok, we've gotten some of your experiences with other women down, but
let's go back to the beginning. When was your first experience with another

DM: My first time with another woman happened when I was 20. I was at a
party with a friend and the two of us got pretty hammered. We then wound up
stumbling into a bedroom and onto the bed. The next thing I remember we were
kissing and groping each other and eventually we moved on further.

WH: Now switching to the other side, how old were you when you were with a
guy for the first time?

DM: I was 16 when I lost the big V. He was my boyfriend at the time and
looking back at it, he was actually quite good under the covers.

WH: Now when you don't have someone around you and "the urge" hits you, what
do you do to help quench that "thirst"?

DM: Well I have a few toys I like to use. One is a little pocket rocket
vibrator, which I take with me on every road trip. There have been a few
times where we were on a plane ride and I had to got to the plane's
bathroom and use it. It's a very handy little toy. The other is a nice
dildo about 7 inches, but that one stays at home. Of course every now and
then I'll just like to use my fingers.

WH: You just mentioned how you've used your pocket rocket in the bathroom
of a plane, but have you ever done it with another person on a plane?

DM: You mean am I a Mile High Club member (laughing)? Yeah, I actually am.
I've done it once with a man, and twice with another woman.

WH: Would you mind telling us who those lucky people were?

DM: Well the guy was my sweetie Simon, and the first woman was Torrie and
the second was a friend of mine.

WH: Now when you're with a man, do you have a particular position you like
to be in?

DM: I actually have two favorite sex positions. Sometimes I like it doggie
style. There's just something about being taken from behind that's so erotic.
Then there are other times where I like to be in control and ride the guy all
night long.

WH: Okay, now when you're with someone for the first time and you pull down
your panties, what would they see, in the case of hair?

DM: Well right now they'd find it completely bald, except for a small patch
of hair at the top in the shaped of a heart. However sometimes, when the mood
hits me, I'll just shave it completely bald.

WH: Now unless a person's blind, they can obviously see that you keep a nice
healthy tan. When you work on it do you go au' natural or do you leave tan
lines behind?

DM: Oh I hate tan lines. Whenever I go tanning I go au' natural so I don't
get any kind of lines. I just think it looks better when the tan covers the
entire body.

WH: Wow, that's just a nice image to have (laughing). Ok for my final
question it's one that probably every diva in wrestling gets asked: would
you ever pose for Playboy?

DM: You know, I'm not really sure. If they were to ask me today, I'm not
really sure what answer I would give. I might do it since my body is in top
shaped and I wouldn't mind people seeing how hard I work at keeping it in
top condition.

WH: Well Dawn, I'd like to thank you for you time. Thanks for answering my
questions, and good luck in your career.

DM: Thank you.

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