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Wrestling MILF: Terri Runnels
by Revolution

My name is Mike, I'm a college student and part-time pool cleaner. Last
Summer, I looked down my list of houses and saw a Ms. Terri Runnels had setup
an appointment. It couldn't be THAT Terri Runnels, could it? Nah, couldn't

I knocked on the front door. After a few minutes, I heard a voice from inside
ask, "Who is it?"

"Ms Runnels, its Mike from the pool cleaners," I answered.

The door opened and Ms. Runnels opened the door and yes indeed it was THAT
Ms. Terri Runnels. She was wearing tight dark blue jeans and a equally tight
beige tube top.

"Oh come on in, Mike, and you can call me Terri, it's ok" she said as I
walked into her beautiful home.

"Ok no problem Ms Runn ... Terri," I corrected myself as we walked into her
kitchen, which overlooked her pool. She asked me to sit down while she told
me the problems she was having with her pool. She asked me a few personal
questions, about what I'm up to and I told her that I clean pools on the
weekend to help pay for college.

"It sounds like you're working so hard. I think you'll do well in the end.
I'm happy they sent you, you can use the money," Terri said.

"Yeah I sure can," I responded.

I couldn't help but notice that her nipples were fully erect and pointing
out of that tight tube top. I tried not to stare at them but it was tough to
concentrate on anything else then Terri's beauty. "Do you mind if I use your
bathroom?" I asked.

"Sure its right down the hall to the left," she said.

I walked down into the bathroom and shut the door. "Goddamn," I thought, "I
gotta get rid of this hard-on." I pulled out my cock and started jerking over
the sink, trying to cum quickly. I didn't notice that I was moaning Terri's
name out loud. That's when the door opened and Terri walked in.

"Hey Mike what you doing in here?" she asked as I quickly turned my back to
her. "You've been gone a long time," she said.

"Nothing," I said. "You don't have to hide that from me, don't worry, it's
completely natural," she said as she turned me around.

"I just couldn't..." I started to explain but she cut me off asking to help
me. Terri dropped down to her knees and started licking and sucking my cock.
"Oh my god, Terri," I moaned as she licked every inch of my cock. "Oh god Ms
Runnels, I don't think this is right," I worried.

"Mmmm it tastes right," she moaned as she sucked down my cock. She wrapped
her hand around it and licked my balls. She moved up to my shaft, stroking it
while she sucked the head. "Such a big cock for a young man," she admired of
my nine inches. Terri pulled down her tube top, exposing her big tanned fake
titties. She pressed those mounds against my cock.

"Aww fuck Terri, those are some big nipples," I groaned.

She rubbed my cock around her aereolas and hard nipples then went back to
sucking it. Terri got more aggressive, deep throating my cock, fucking it
with her throat. She moved all over the place, from my balls to my shaft, to
my head. "What were you thinking about when you were jerking off?" She asked.

"Ohhh I was thinking about you," I told her.

"What about me?" she asked.

"About how I wanted to fuck you and your hot body," I said.

"You are a dirty boy," she said as she stuck my cock between her big tits.
She pressed them together around my cock and moved up and down. "Yeeah I bet
you never got a titty fuck like this before!" She moaned.

"Ahhh god no, ohhh Terri, ohhh my god," I groaned feeling my cock trapped
between those big tits.

After a little bit of tit fucking, Terri stood up and led me out of the

We went into the laundry room and Terri sat up on the dryer. I sucked on
those big nipples and tasted her tits. I then pulled off Terri's jeans and
then peeled off her pink g-string.

"I'm all wet cause of you," she said as she tongue kissed me. Terri rubbed
her wet pussy while we kissed. "Come on, stick that nice young cock in me,"
she said.

I got up close and worked my dick easily inside her pussy. It was wet and
loose. "Ohh god Terri, ohh damn," I groaned.

"Ahhh yeeah, ahhh baby, ohhh that's some good dick, yeeah fuck me you young
stud," she moaned.

I watched those tits jiggle as I fucked her on top of the dryer. Terri moaned
loudly as I slammed into her with my nine inch dick.

"Come on baby fuck me good, oooohhhh ahhhh Mike, give it to me," Terri

I grabbed those big tits as I slammed into the little mynx.

Terri brought me back into the kitchen. I followed her hot little body,
checking out that perfectly shaped ass. Terri rubbed her tits and pussy for
me then turned around and showed off that perfect ass.

"I can't believe how hot your body is," I commented.

"Come here and lick my pussy," Terri said as she sat on the kitchen counter
and spread her legs. I moved in, sticking a finger inside of her and licking
her pussy. "Yeeah that's it Mike, lick my clit, ooohh you're good, lick that
clit," Terri moaned.

"Mmmm Terri your pussy tastes good," I commented.

She grabbed the back of my head and kept my head in between her legs. "Ooohhh
fuck! Fuck! Lick my clit! OHHHHH GOD MIKE! SO GOOD! EAT MY PUSSY!" Terri
moaned loudly. She was squirming around the counter as I worked over her clit
with my tongue. "God damn I'm gonna cum all over your face, your so good,
mmmm damn," Terri screamed.

Her pussy was just dripping wet now. Terri squeezed her nipples and was
rubbing her hands all over her body. She liked me licking her tasty clit so
much. "Oh god fuck me now! Get that cock back in my wet pussy!" Terri

Terri got off the kitchen counter and bent over it. I got behind her small
frame and worked my dick back in her pussy.

"Fuck your ass looks incredible, all of you looks great," I moaned.

"Ahhh yeeah fuck me, fuck me good," Terri moaned.

I pumped into her loose pussy, rubbing my hands all over her tanned and toned

"AHHH! UNhhuhhh such a nice big cock! Ahhh god it looks so good fucking me!
OOOHHH YEEAH!" Terri moaned loudly. Her big fake tits slapped together as I
slammed that pussy. Damn she looked so good. Every inch of her. Terri looked
back at me with that gorgeous face and said, "I wanna fuck you on this
kitchen table."

I laid down on the kitchen table as Terri got on top of me, sticking cock up
her wet pussy.

"Ahhh yeah baby, there it goes, ahhh fuck, let me fuck you! I bet you never
had anyone fuck you like this," Terri said.

"Fuck me Terri, fuck you're so hot!" I moaned.

She looked so good riding my dick. I felt her flat hard stomach and her big
tits. Her shapely ass slapped against my thighs as she rode me. "Tell me how
hot I am again!" Terri asked.

"You're such a hot fucking woman!" I moaned.

"Ahh yeah I still got it! You make me shiver and shake, goddamn I needed this
young hard cock," Terri moaned. She leaned back so I could get a better view
of her body.

I rubbed her clit while she squirmed around on my big dick. Her thighs, her
legs, her bouncing tits, it all looked so good. Terri moved back up to riding
me. "Ohhh Terri your pussy feels so good, ohhh damn," I moaned. I watched her
big tits jump up and down as she rode me. They were just so fucking big and

She ran her hands through her blond hair, teasing me with that slutty face.
"Unhhhhuhhh I'm gonna cum all over you're cock," she moaned. "OOHHH! AH!
OHHH UNHHH FUCK! OHHH GOD FUCK YES!" She screamed as she climaxed. "I want
you to cum on me now," Terri said.

"Where?" I asked.

"Cum all over my face," Terri told me as she hopped off my cock and got down
on her knees.

I got off the kitchen table and got right infront of that dirty looking face.
Terri was squeezing her hard nipples, waiting to be blasted.

"Ohh yeah, you were so good to me, now I want your hot cum all over my face,
in my mouth, on my tits," Terri said. She sucked my dick a little more,
bringing me closer to the edge.

"Ohhh ohhh Terri, ohhh Terri, ohhh baby, ahhh fuuck here it cums!" I groaned
as I pulled out of her mouth and sprayed a big fat load all over her face!

"Yeeah that young hot cum on my face!" Terri moaned.

Cum splattered on her face and dripped down her chin onto those big huge
tits. Terri licked my sensitive cock head, sucking down all the cum.

"Oh god Terri, I don't believe this, ohh fuck," I moaned.

"Mmm you did good," she moaned.

"Uhh what about your pool?" I asked.

"Oh you come back another day for that, your work here is done today," Terri


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