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Wrestling Mind Controler 1 - Dawn Marie
by Reckless (

Greg had always been a special person. At 16 years old he had obtained a
special mind control power from a near dead man on the road. He had quickly
used it to get a couple love slaves for him and decided that he was tired of
the suburban town girls and wanted some wrestling girls.

He learned that ECW was coming to town over the weekend and he got into
his $90,000 car and got to the ECW Arena very quickly.

Right when he got there he used his powers to let the security guards let
him in and then went around looking for his first women to fuck, Dawn Marie.

Dawn was in her locker room at this time and she was getting dressed to
manage Lance Storm and Justin Credible later on in the evening. She was
thinking about her boyfriend Simon Diamond, who was wrestling right now and
was hoping he was okay. Suddenly she heard a knock at the door.

She said "Wait a second. I'm getting dressed."

Dawn quickly finished undressing and didn't even think to ask who it was.
When she opened the door she quickly found herself frozen besides for her
mouth, and she could only speak softly. "What the hell? What did you do to

"I'll explain it to you, but first drop the dress," Greg told her.

Against her will she slipped the straps off of her shoulders and her bare
breasts came free and her panties were in full view.

"The panties also."

She quickly dropped them, once again when she didn't want to.

"You see Dawn, I have a power that no other man in the world has. I have a
mind control power. I can make you feel anything, I can make you do anything,
and I can change you body anyway I want. And the only change I'm going to do
to you is this."

And suddenly, her breasts grew a little bit. Dawn couldn't believe this.
This man had come into her dressing room, had her take off her dress, and
made her breasts grow, and she couldn't do a thing.

"Now Dawn, you're feeling really horny right now. Really, really horny."

Dawn suddenly started to touch herself and threw three of her fingers in
her pussy.

"Dawn, what would you like me to do to you more then anything right now?"

Dawn, who was totally ready to have sex and couldn't believe she was about
to say this but she did. "Fuck me. Please, fuck me."

"I'll fuck you. But first off, give me the best blowjob you could ever

Dawn quickly ran over to him and unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and
brought his hard cock out of his pants. She stroked the penis and grabbed his
balls and put her mouth on the penis. She could only get six inches down her
mouth and Greg told her.

"You dumb slut. You can't even deep throat my ten inches. Here I'll get
rid of your gag reflex you dumb bitch."

Suddenly Dawn could easily get the whole ten inches down her mouth and
sucked it like she was addicted to his sperm and needed it. She continued to
suck it for 10 minutes until he gave her a a ton of sperm in her mouth.

Suddenly the door opened and Francine came into her room in her hot little
pink dress. "Dawn we gotta go over the spot in...."

Greg quickly caught Francine's mind. "Francine, go into your dressing room
and lock it. Don't open it till I tell you to open it. If people ask why you
won't come out, say you're not feeling good. And also, masturbate like a
bitch in heat until I get there."

Francine obeyed him and left the room.

Dawn's last hope of getting out of this was gone. Greg locked the door and
went back to Dawn.

"Dawn, I'm going to fuck you now. And the one thing I've always liked to
do is fuck virgins. And Dawn, thanks to me, you're a virgin again. In mind
and body."

After this comment the thoughts in Dawn's head that she'd already had sex
before left her head and suddenly she had no clue about anything.

"Now Dawn, come over here and sit on my dick."

Dawn, who was still very, very horny quickly ran over to him and jumped on
his dick. His dick got in three inches when it reached the newly restored
cherry on Dawn Marie.

"Are you ready you dumb whore."

"Yes, please, please, fuck me."

Greg then shoved his dick straight up her cunt, breaking through the
cherry. Dawn screamed but she was very happy. After 20 minutes of Greg
controlling Dawn's orgasms and not letting her cum, he told her, "Dawn, when
I come, you can have your orgasm. And it will be the most powerful orgasm
you can every have."

A couple minutes later Greg came and Dawn Marie had the largest explosion
she could ever have.

"Okay Dawn, now there's one hole I still haven't fucked. And that's your
ass. Now bend over and I'm going to stick my whole ten inches in your ass
without any lube."

Dawn couldn't deny his request but wanted to. She quickly bent over and
Greg came over and stuck his dick into her ass. She tried to scream but could
only whisper, begging him to stop. He could only get seven inches in her ass
and continued to fuck her for another 10 minutes until he pulled out of her.

"Now clean my dick off and then get dressed. We're going to go visit

In Dawn's mind she was crying but she quickly ran over to Greg and sucked
the dick that was just in her ass. After a few minutes of this, Greg pulled
out she got dressed.

"By the way Dawn, call me Master," Greg demanded.

"Yes, Master."

They then left together, and we're going to see Francine.

Part 2 will be here later.

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