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By Wonder Mike

Missy Hyatt was excited about the first webcam for their knew website,
wrestling vixxxens, Tammy Sytch was not so sure, the first chat they did
went horribly.

Tammy: I hope we have adults watching the webcam, I don't think there was
anybody over 16 at the chat.

Missy: Don't worry, Tam, we have a moderator this time, nobody will be
sending anything disgusting.

Tammy: I hope so, it was really upsetting.

Missy: It's time to turn on the cameras and log on, just relax, I am sure it
will be fine.

Missy: Hello everybody.

Jr: Hi Missy

Wmike: Hi Tammy

Dr.: Hi ladies.

Tammy: Hi everyone.

Jr.: What are you going to do?

Primal: Yeah do something.

Missy: Hold on guys, what do you want us to do.

Wmike: Tammy, I want you to take off your top.

Tammy: Ok.

Wmike: Thank you.

Dr.: Missy, take off your top.

Missy: Slowly?

Wmike: Yeah Missy, just like that.

Joe Cool: Missy. Rub Tammy's tits.

Dr: Yeah, rub her tits.

Missy: They feel so nice and soft.

Jr.: Tammy, bend over and let them hang down, yeah, just like that, now get
on your hands and knees.

Foley fan: Missy, slap Tammy's ass.

Dr: Yeah slap it, Tammy shake that ass.

Tammy: That felt good, spank me harder Missy.

Primal: Yeah, slap that ass hard, I want to see it turn red.

Dr. Yeah, Tammy put that ass right up to the camera.

Formally Ty: Yeah, I want to see hand prints.

Wmike: Tammy, do you have any high heal shoes.

Tammy: I have some spike heals.

Wmike: Put them on.

Formally Ty: Now Tammy, bend over again.

Jr: Missy, lick Tammy's nipples.

Tammy: I don't know about that.

Wmike: Do it.

Tammy: I don't really like girls.

Missy: Come on Tammy, it will be fun.

Tammy: Ok, you can lick them a little.

Dr.: Missy, cup her breast in your hands.

Dr.: Now, Tammy pinch Missy's nipples, that's it, make them hard.

Missy: That feels good.

Wmike: Tammy, put one of Missy's nipples in your mouth.

Tammy: It feels funny.

Jr.: Tammy suck on one of your own nipples at the same time.

Tammy: I don't think I can get both in my mouth at the same time.

Primal: Do it

Tammy: This is weird.

Primal: Lick them or I'm canceling my subscription.

Missy: Come on, loosen up Tammy.

Tammy: Ok, I like to lick my tits, is that so wrong?

Wmike: I can't think of anything wrong with that.

Formally Ty: Tammy, we haven't seen your pussy yet, pull off your skirt and
lets see it.

Tammy: Ok, it's getting hot in here, Missy, go get me a glass of water while
I strip.

Dr.: Tammy, take off those panties.

Missy: here you go Tammy, I got me a wine cooler, I'm sorry guys, I got
hungary, I brought us some sandwiches and bananas.

Tammy: Thanks Missy.

Primal: Missy, I want you to slowly feed Tammy one of those bananas, slowly,
slide it down her throat and pull it out.

Tammy: You guys are sick.

Jr.: It's a sick world and we're happy guys.

Dr.: Slide that banana in and out of mouth, damn, it's all the way in.

Wmike: It is true, you do like giving head, I am so proud of you, you know
if I was there you could do it to me, I am sure you would double your

Missy: Yeah, right.

Wmike: Tammy, get close to the camera and spread your legs, we want to see

Primal: I knew you where a baldy, now use your hands and spread your pussy

Tammy: I'm not going to do that.

Dr.: The site has been open for weeks, and we still haven't seen your pussy,
you better spread it or none of us will renew our subscriptions.

Missy: Come on Tam, loosen up, get up close and personal with the camera,
you know you want to.

Joe Cool: Missy, you do it first.

Missy: Ok.

Wmike: That is so cool Missy, spread your legs wider apart, yeah, just like
that, now spread you pussy lips.

Missy: Do you guys like my pussy?

Primal: Hot stuff.

Foley fan: Missy, stick a finger in your box.

Wmike: Yeah do that.

Missy: This feels good.

Formally Ty: Missy, slide that finger in and out.

Missy: This really feels good, I think I need to put two fingers inside.

Primal: Why not three?

Missy: Why not?

Wmike: Missy pump those three fingers in and out.

Missy: Damn, this feels really good, I am really wet, I think I'm going to

Joe Cool: Tammy, it's your turn now.

Tammy: I don't think so, I am not going to do that.

Primal: Come on guys lets go.

Missy: Hold on guys, Tammy, it feels good, you know it does, just pretend
like your here alone.

Tammy: I'm not sure.

Wmike: Missy, I think you should do it for her.

Foley fan: Yeah, Missy, shove a finger into her box.

Missy: Yeah, come on baby, you know you want it.

Dr.: Put her in front of the camera, a little closer, yeah, right there.

Tammy: Your finger feels good.

Missy: Two feels twice as good.

Wmike: I bet three feels three times as good.

Tammy: Yeah, stuff your fingers in me, I need it.

Missy: I know you do, Chris has been gone for months.

Tammy: Do me baby.

Jr.: I bet she can take four fingers in her box.

Missy: Watch this.

Formally Ty: Twist your fingers around, now wiggle them.

Tammy: God, I think I'm going to cum, fuck me hard.

Formally Ty: Yeah, spin that hand around, pump it in and out, look at her,
she hasn't had it in months.

Missy: Dam, my whole hand is inside of her, what a cunt.

Wmike: Pull your hand out past the wrist, that's it, now shove it all the
way back in.

Tammy: Please put it back in, God it feels good.

Wmike: Yeah, shove that fist in and out of her, make her cum hard.

Joe Cool: Tammy, I want you to reach over and shove your whole hand inside
of Missy.

Missy: Yeah baby, do it, I need your whole hand inside of me, do it baby.

Tammy: Your cunt is dripping wet babe, damn, look how easy it slides in and

Wmke: Work those fist, I want to see you both squirt, I know you can.

Tammy: How did you know I squirt?

Wmike: I know everything.

Dr.: We can't have her cum yet, we still have another half hour to go on the

Missy: I think we need a break.

Formally Ty: No breaks, Missy, we want to see you eat Tammy's pussy out.

Wmike: Yeah, eat that pussy.

Primal: Eat it good, you know she wants it.

Tammy: Yes, baby, eat me out, damn, your good at it.

Missy: It tastes like catfish, if I would have know it taste this good I
would have done this a long time ago.

Formally Ty: Stick that finger in her cunt while you eat her out Missy.

Tammy: Yeah, finger me honey.

Tammy: Damn, it feels good, I can feel your fingers sliding between your

Dr.: Come on, finger her Missy.

Primal: Get three fingers in there.

Tammy: You know I like four, damn, I wish I had a cock to suck.

Joe Cool: Sixty-nine, sixty-nine.

Wmike: Yeah, sixty-nine.

Formally Ty: Yeah sixty-nine.

Missy: You tell her guys, come on Tammy eat me out.

Tammy: Come on baby, sit on my face.

Jr.: That's it, shake that ass Missy.

Dr.: Tammy, get that tongue all the way in there, do it bitch.

Wmike: Tammy, stick your fingers in her cunt, I want to see four go in there.

Wmike: Tammy, give her a rim job.

Tammy: What's a rim job?

Missy: Lick my ass.

Missy: It feels good, get that tongue in my ass, wiggle it around.

Joe Cool: Missy, stick two fingers in Tammy's ass.

Tammy: OOH, that feels good, I love getting it up the ass. Work those fingers

Wmike: Yeah, Missy, work those fingers up her ass, stick three fingers in her
ass and three in her pussy.

Formally Ty: No, stick four up her ass and four in her cunt.

Dr.: Fist her ass, fist her pussy Missy, she can take it.

Tammy: Yeah Honey, I can take it.

Tammy: God I'm going to cum.

Primal: Missy, take your fist out of her ass, and grab that banana, I want
you to shove that banana into her pussy, don't pull your fist out of there.

Tammy: That's too much, I can't take a banana and a fist.

Missy: Yes you can baby, take it

Tammy: Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming.

Jr. Not so fast, Missy, grab another banana, I want you to shove two bananas
in her pussy.

Formally Ty: Tammy, I want you to grab a banana and shove it into Missy's

Missy: Yeah Baby, get that banana in my ass.

Tammy: OOH God, shove those two bananas into my bald pussy, it feels so good,
make me cum baby.

Missy: What Tammy wants, Tammy gets.

Wmike: Damn, look at the room in her cunt, I bet you could get a third banana
in there.

Tammy: You heard him I think I can take it.

Dr.: Tammy, I want you to dp Missy, get another banana and shove it into her

Missy: I need it bad.

Jr.: Come on Missy, shake that ass.

Tammy: I'm cumming, I've got three bananas in my pussy, work me bitch, make
me squirt.

Missy: yeah baby, I want to taste your cum, squirt all over my face.

Jr.: Damn, look at that Tammy's spraying Missy's face with her cum.

Formally Ty: Tammy, lick your cum off of Missy's face.

Tammy; It taste good.

Wmike: Tammy, shove another banana in Missy's cunt, make her cum.

Missy: I need to cum so bad, and I need to find a cock to suck.

Joe Cool: Missy, help Tammy fuck, you, grab one of those bananas in your cunt
and work it.

Primal: That's it girls to it, we want to see Missy cum.

Missy: I'm CUUUMINg.

Missy: Damn, that was good, we have to do this every week.

Wmike: You guys will double your members next month, I guarantee it.

Tammy: Thank's ya'll for coming.

Jr.: No thank you for cumming.


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