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Wrestling With Women Part 1: Kelly Kelly
by JessWeis123

"Room 202...203...204...ah, 205, this is the one."

The escort, Cheryl, found the Caller's room. A soft tap followed, and Kelly opened the door almost instantly.

"Oh, a brunette, you're pretty cute." Said Kelly "I want to do this promptly."

"Feisty aren't you" replied Cheryl, dropping her bag as she wandered into the room, before kicking off her stilettos towards a bedside cabinet. "I can see how you made it into wrestling."

Kelly appreciated the compliment. "Well...uh, what's your name again sweetie?"

"Cheryl-the Brunette bombshell-wrestler and escort, here for you." She sounded like an advert.

"Well, 'brunette bombshell', let me see if I can teach you a few moves of my own." Kelly slowly removed her shirt, exposing her double D sized breasts. They were average to large in size, and perfectly symmetrical, with a golden tan to boot: Cheryl's eyes lit up on seeing the rock hard, erect nipples. Kelly slowly approached, her long blonde hair let loose, with her 5ft 5" build equalling Cheryl's. Kelly stood up to Cheryl, her arms at her hips, whilst licking her lips.

"Nice pair. But they got nothing on mine." Cheryl responded with frantically removing her own shirt. Having not bothered wearing a bra, Kelly's eyes indeed lay upon a better pair of breasts: although less tanned, they were far more juicy and big; Kelly wished to bury her face into Cheryl's cleavage, but retained her challenging demeanour.

Cheryl pointed to the Queen sized bed. "Let's get this going then, after you?" Kelly acted on this, and dove onto the crimson red duvet. Cheryl followed swift, grappling onto Kelly's body-the wrestle began.

Kelly, being the more petite of the two women, was easily held down by Cheryl, who kept the blonde's arms trapped under her legs. Cheryl had a devilish grin on her face; "I think your ass would look much better without those trousers on." Cheryl slid down to Kelly's long legs, and began to tug at her ankles, quickly sliding the skin tight white chinos off her opponent. Kelly had been left completely naked bar her own underwear; black in colour and soft in texture. Knowing she was being dominated early on, Kelly sought to fight back against the stronger but equally small Cheryl: she leaned forwards, pulling the brunette into her grasp. Grabbing her by the hips, Kelly held on tightly, and began to squeeze Cheryl into submission, with the Brunette's face being compressed against her opponent's tits. The escort muffled something, which Kelly mistakenly took as her submitting; oh how she was wrong. Releasing the tight hug, Kelly attempted to remove Cheryl's denim jeans, but only managed the belt buckle before the Brunette escaped.

"If you wanted my pants off you could've just asked." Cheryl slowly removed her belt, and exposed her bare naked ass as she let Kelly Kelly pull her trousers down in one rapid motion. The Blonde was fixated on the completely naked woman before her eyes, but this let Cheryl turn the tide. Pulling Kelly up, Cheryl grabbed ahold of the diva's fat ass, giving it a thunderous smack; it jiggled like jelly, and Kelly made a pleasurable cry.

"You're gonna give me this ass Kelly," Cheryl said as she tightened the embrace, with the busty blonde flailing to get out

"No, no." She repeated. Cheryl sat on the bed, Kelly still locked in her arms, and began to spank the poor blonde; with every slap of the bombshell's hand, Kelly thought how much she was actually enjoying the experience, but she wanted more of Cheryl to herself. She wanted Cheryl's ass, but all Cheryl's weight on her back, as the Brunette finally stopped spanking, the fat ass of Kelly burnt red.

"That's gonna feel sore in the Morning Kelly, let's take this to round two now." Cheryl reached for her bag by the cabinet, and pulled out her weapon: a strap on.

Kelly was exasperated, "Ah fuck me." She sighed.

Cheryl quickly pounced "That's what I intend to do." Before she could fasten the harness around her tiny waist, Kelly managed to pull the Brunette further away.

"Get off me...!"

"No-Cheryl, I'm gonna win." Kelly had Cheryl in the prime position for a finger fucking, as she took her fingers, deliberately blunt nails, and began to finger Cheryl in her pussy. Cheryl cried out in pleasure, as the blonde lay underneath, enjoying hearing the escort wail. "That's it, that's it. Say my name Cheryl!" Cheryl was obedient, as she was in position, as Kelly pumped faster and harder, slowly and gradually getting her whole hand into her rival. Cheryl's moans increased with Kelly's speed, each one louder than the last, music to the blonde's ears.

"Now...wears my prize?" Kelly scoured the floor for the strap on, Cheryl still laid out after the orgasmic experience. She weakly spoke;

"I'm not gonna let you fuck me."

"Ooh sassy one aren't you, get over here. Now." Kelly's tone became more serious, she beckoned Cheryl over with her index finger (her fucking finger). The Brunette knew she had to suck the cock of Kelly, she bent down on her knees, and began:

"Go on, suck it!" Kelly practically growled as she pushed the strap-on further past Cheryl's lips and into the brunette's mouth,

"Oooooooohhhhhhhh yes, suck it baby, get it nice and wet." Cheryl gazed up and only saw the double D breasts looming over her, completely blocking Kelly's face. They moved and crashed against each other as Kelly thrusted the strap on into Cheryl's mouth.

"Right, time's up baby." Kelly announced like an Army Officer. "On the bed, loser." Kelly yanked the Brunette by her long brown hair upwards, but when she released it, Cheryl posed a question:

"Why don' let me get what I want out of that gorgeous fat ass Kelly, then you can have me all you want, I have another strap-on in my bag, what do ya say?" Kelly was reluctant, but she was enjoying sex with Cheryl, and didn't want it to end because of her stubbornness to take one strap on pounding, plus, she may even enjoy it.

"Fine, but then you're mine for do you want me Baby?"

Unfortunately that was when things slow down, Cheryl taking her time when it came to stepping into the harness, pulling it up her thighs and securing it around her waist.

"Lay on your back, I want you to look at me."

Cheryl wasted no time in lifting Kelly's legs, as her golden tanned thighs pointed to the ceiling. Cheryl pushed her fake cock into Kelly all the way and began. Cheryl didn't say anything but bucked her hips in to Kelly hard, Causing the Woman to moan loudly.

"You like that don't you, me fucking your ass." Pride filled her voice. She grasped ahold of Kelly's tits and kept rocking her hips at a fast pace. Kelly was angry that she had been made to look like a bitch, but she was also in fits of great pleasure as Cheryl asserted herself above Kelly.

"You're not cumming just yet!" Cheryl slowed down and began to lick Kelly's nipples to the blonde's satisfaction. Kelly closed her eyes in enjoyment.

"Harder, Harder, Fuck me Baby, Harder."

Their grunts became louder and more pleasure filled, with Cheryl's toy edging Kelly closer and closer to her climax, while a piece of ribbed plastic was rubbing itself against Cheryl's clit.

Kelly felt her blood pumping, her heart beating faster and faster, her pussy aching in anticipation, before she finally came. This was much to Cheryl's displeasure.

She kept a tight hold of Kelly's large tits, keeping her toy in, whilst the blonde beneath her breathes heavily, before piping up.

"Right've fucked me, now it's my go."

Cheryl laughed mockingly "I said when I was done with you, could you then fuck me, but I'm not done Kelly."

"That's not fair."

"Yeah, but we both love it this way,"

Cheryl then proceeded to fuck Kelly's ass for the second time.

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