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(((( Wrestling's Secrets ))))
BY NAMI & NIMA (1st section is from NIMA & 2nd section is from NAMI)

Starring: Stephanie McMahon - Vince McMahon - Triple H - Chyna - Tori - Kat
(Test's name used)

---PART 1---

Vince sat at home in late night & was so angry. It was 1:30 & Stephanie
didn't came home. He knew that she was out with Andrew (Test) & that made him
more angry. Faintly he heard the key's sound & Stephanie very slow came in.
She still didn't saw her daddy in room.

"Well, young lady, It's about time you got home. You're two hours beyond
curfew. Where have you been?" Vince said & made her a quick around.

"Uh, Dad, you are here? Just out?" Steph lost herself & shocked.

"Parking with Test again I expect. Well, how far did you let him go this
time?" Vince said while he was working on his fingernails.

"Daddy, we were just talking - that's all" Steph tried to convince her

"Sure. That's why your blouse is buttoned up wrong and you skirt is all
wrinkled, right?" Vince stared at her dress.

"We were just kissing and stuff" Steph was mixed up & tried to fix her

"It's the 'and stuff' that I'm worried about. I bet he had his hands in
your blouse, feeling your breasts, right? And didn't you have a bra on when
you left here tonight?" Vince said.

"I took it off - it was uncomfortable. It's in my purse." Steph said.

"Okay, so empty your purse - let's see what else got 'uncomfortable."
Vince got up.

"YOU CAN'T LOOK IN MY PURSE - THAT'S PRIVATE!" Steph took her voice up.

"Hmmm, sounds like there's something in there you don't want me to find.
Dump the purse on the table." Vince smirked then got series.

"But Daddy..." Steph tried to deny.

"DUMP IT! That's better." Vince shouted & poor Stephanie put her purse on
the table & Vince so quick dumped it.

"Now, Let's see. Bra. Tampon? It's not nearly time for your period -
what's this doing in here? What else? And a whole tube of KY jelly! And what
is THAT in here for?" Vince was searching on table.

"Uh... uh, just in case?" Steph said & looked to somewhere else.

"Just in case WHAT?" Vince shout.

"Uh, Just in case... well, you know." Steph said.

"Okay, daughter - strip. It's high time to find out JUST what you've been
up to. Raise your skirt, drop your panties, lay back on the table, and spread
your legs." Vince then came closer.

"Daddy, what are you going to do - and here in the living room!?" Steph

"I'm going to examine your privates to see if you've been screwing around.
Now raise your skirt or I'll do it!" Vince came even closer.

"Daddy!" Steph screamed with beg.

"I said raise your skirt." Vince shouted. Steph slowly held her skirt up
in front of her dad.

"Like this! What's this? Your panties have a big wet spot all over the
crotch - and judging from the odor, you didn't pee your pants!" Vince said.

"Daddy, we just did some heavy petting - THAT'S ALL!" Steph wanted to
leave room.

"Wait! He had his hand up your skirt! Did he rub your pussy through your
panties or did you let him slide his hand inside your undies and touch the
real thing?" Vince said seriously.

"I didn't let him touch me 'down there'. He just massaged my breasts!"
Steph said.

"So take off your blouse. Let's see what he 'massaged'." Vince got

"Daddy..." Steph couldn't believe.

"Okay, If I have to take off your blouse myself I will." Vince took her
blouse & took it out of her body. Seeing her little daughter in the middle of
the room naked & mixed up hairs made him more excited.

"Looks like he massaged your breasts with his teeth - those are hickeys
all over your breasts. Let's see what he massaged your pussy with. Slide your
panties off!" Vince said.

"Oh, if I have to..." Steph tried to deny but seeing her dad so angry made
her to strip totally.

"So! When did you start shaving your pubic hair? Does he like the feel of
soft skin better? And is all that YOUR juices flowing down your thighs?"
Vince said while he was checking her body.

"Daddy, pubic hair is so yucky! And yes, those are all my juices. I'm...
I'm aroused!" Steph said.

"I'll say! You're also blushing." Vince said after a better look.

"Well I'm standing here with my privates hanging out in front of my
father, I'm hot and bothered and sticky and wet. I'm about ready to 'cream my
jeans' - if I had any on! And all I want to do is go upstairs and get in
bed..." Steph said to free herself.

"And play with yourself! Don't you even want to douche out his semen? I
bet all those juices flowing down your legs aren't just your own girl juices.
In fact, I bet if I stick a finger up you I'd find a big wad of his cum.
Spread your legs and I think I'll find out." Vince said.

"You mean you're going to stick a finger up my privates? Don't I have
anything to say about all this? What about my privacy?" Steph couldn't
believe it.

"Spread your legs. I'm going to find out if you've really been screwing
around." Vince said.

"DO I HAVE TO? This is so embarrassing. If you're going to do it anyway,
then please at least lubricate your fingers with the KY jelly." Steph begged
her daddy.

"What's the matter - aren't you already wet and slick enough? Okay, I'm
lubing up my finger." Vince said & lubbed his finger by fingering KY jelly.

"Is that good enough? Now spread your legs. That's better." Vince
continued & opened her legs on the table.

"I don't think I've ever seen a girl so red and swollen and wet. You must
be really turned on. Okay, now here comes my finger." Vince said & shoved his
finger slowly in her pussy.

"Daddy stop." Steph asked.

"Don't tighten up so. Relax." Vince said & searched in her cunt with his

"What's this? Where's your hymen? You're not a virgin anymore are you?"
Vince said so angry.

"Daddy! A girl can be a virgin without a maidenhead, There's a lot of ways
to stretch or break it. Gymnastics, horse back riding..." Steph said & tried
to stay cool while lieing to her father.

"Playing with yourself? fucking? I think I'd better see what's up further.
Lay down and spread your legs." Vince said & pushed her on the table.

"That's good. Now reach down and spread your labia. I'm going to reach WAY
up and see what's hiding up there." Vince said.

"Daddy, Do you have to? Why don't you just let me go up to bed and we'll
forget about all of this." Steph closed her legs.

"Keep talking like that and I'll really have to find out what you're
hiding. Now relax because I'm sticking my finger as far up as I can... and
unless I'm mistaken, you've got a diaphragm up your cooter, don't you?" Vince
opened her legs again & shoved his finger inside her again.

"Uh, well, sorta." Steph said.

"So you have been screwing around. And this goo is probably his spunk. And
I bet not twenty minutes ago you were in the same position in the back seat
of his car. Legs spread wide so that the whole world could see your privates
- at least until he got his cock into you. How long have you been screwing
around - when was the first time?" Vince was questioning her 1 by 1, Really
didn't let her to answer ant of them.

"About six months ago - at the church camp out. We sorta snuck off into
the bushes. Oh Daddy, I'm so embarrassed." Steph said.

"As well you should be." Vince said.

"And is that KY jelly on your bottom hole? Did he stick it up there, too.
Is there more semen up your tooshie? I'm going to find out. Relax your bottom
hole because here comes my finger." Vince said & shoved all of his cock in
her pussy.

"Oh! Not back there! Oh that feels so funny. Stop - please - or I'm going
to have an accident right here." Steph said while had a little pleasure.

"Feels like more semen up there too. And you're smiling an awful lot for
someone who doesn't like what's going on. And your hips are moving around a
lot, too. You're not enjoying this, are you?" Vince said before he got on his

"Well... It does feel nice." Steph said with a sorry smile.

"From the looks of your cooter, you didn't have an orgasm with him, did
you? I've never see a vulva that swollen and red and drippy." Vince said
while he had a better view.

"No, not really." Steph denied.

"Why don't you go ahead and bring yourself off right now." Vince said &
took out his finger.

"HERE? In front of my own father?" Steph shouted in shock.

"Why not? Here, Give me your hand. Just rub it like this." Vince said &
took her hand & put it on her pussy.

"See, Isn't that good? And doesn't the fact that I'm watching make it
better, Naughtier?" Vince said.

"It does feel good - Better than usual. Just having you watch me play with
myself makes me that much hotter. You can look right up my coozie and see all
the juices ooze around and see my little brown back hole convulse. Watch me
rub my privates and see my hips jerk. See my finger slide in and out of my
privates hole? And then sneak down and slide into my poopie hole? Daddy, I'm
getting ready to come - see my juices flow down my cooter, past my bottom
hole and drip off in long sticky drops? OH... This feels SO GOOD! AHHHH!"
Steph said all while she was fingering herself until she came in front of her

"Now, wasn't that fun. Let's take you upstairs and get you all cleaned up
- inside and outside." Vince said & got up.

"What do you mean?" Steph laid in front of her dad.

"Time for a bath - and a douche and enema. You don't want his goo up you,
do you?" Vince said & gave her a hand.

"No. I guess not." Steph said & take his day's hand.

"Okay, First the douche. Has anyone ever given you a douche before?" Vince
asked while they was on their way to bathroom.

"No. I've never had one before." Steph said.

"First thing we do is set you down on the commode and spread your legs far
enough to see your cunny lips. Then we fill the douche bag with warm water
and lubricate the nozzle. Then I reach way under you like this and slowly
slide the nozzle up your cooter. That's right. Now push your bottom up so I
can see what's going on. Now we start the flow and hold your labia together
while the pressure builds enough to balloon out your vagina and wash away all
his goo from the walls. Do you feel it?" Vince said while Steph did all of
his orders.

"Yes, it feels sorta nice, a real full feeling, kinda sexy." Steph said
with horny voice.

"Okay, now I let go and watch all the goo flow out." Vince said & stepped

"Oww! That felt SO good. Do it again." Steph said while didn't want her
daddy to let her go.

"We will, until we empty the bag up you. See? Feel it blow up your vagina
and put pressure on your entire private area. Doesn't it feel good?" Vince

"Yeah Daddy..." Steph said.

"Now lay down over my lap and I'll spread your bottom cheeks and put a big
gob of KY on your poopie hole. There, now I'll rub that in.." Vince said.

"Daddy! You're sticking your finger up my bottom again. Harder." Steph
said while she was gasping.

"You don't want it to hurt, do you?" Vince said.

"No. But it feels so funny when you do that. OH,YES! OH, that's SO GOOD.
My insides are all exploding!" Steph moaned.

"I bet you can even feel my dick through my pants underneath you, can't
you." Vince said carefully.

"I feels like the biggest one I ever heard of! Can you rub me some more?"
Steph looked like didn't got his meaning.

"Well, we're almost out of water. Why don't you go ahead and empty out all
that water and I'll give you something to REALLY remember this night by."
Vince said.

"What's that Daddy?" Steph said so horny.

"How about my hard cock up your tiny little rear hole?" Vince said while
he was ready to take anything good or bad.

"NO WAY! It'll never fit! You'll kill me." Steph shouted.

"Only with pleasure. Now squat over the toilet while I reach down between
your legs and slowly pull this hose out from up inside your bottom." Vince
said, She slowly did what he said.

Vince took out his fat & old cock & shoved it inside her 21 years old
daughter & made her scream so softly.

"Feel it coming out. I can see your rose clench around it like you don't
want it to come out. Do you like things stuck up your bottom?" Vince said
while he was all over inside her.

"Well. It feels real nice and makes me wet down between my legs." Steph
said while she kept his daddy's old cock inside herself.

"Do you ever put things up there?" Vince said & very slow took out half of
his cock.

"Sometimes Ohh Daddy. It feels real neat to insert a tampax up there and
pull it part way out so that it sticks out and stretches my bottom hole. Then
if I play with myself while it's sticking out, it feels REAL nice when I
come." Steph said with moaning when she tried to provoke her dad.

Vince shoved back his cock in Steph's wet pussy & started to truly fuck
his own daughter. He thrusted his fat cock all the way in her pussy. All
steph did was moaning & let Daddy fuck her. At last he took out his cock in
front of his lovely daughter.

"See! This is daddy's hard & ready to unload cock." Vince said.

"Daddy, You said you hate Triple H!" Steph said while she held her daddy's
cock in hand & stroked it.

"What are you mean?" Vince said while he was moaning by her daughter's new

"Well, What you said was his famous word." Steph said & stroked faster.

"What you want from him?" Vince said angry & horny, He got upset that his
great moment with his daughter has s discuss about what that degenerate had

"Daddy! Every body knows." Steph said & stroked faster until Vince was
unabled to talk about The Game. She stroked it so fast that Vince's face was
completely different.

"OHHH, Your daddy is about to cumm." Vince moaned so quick & held his

"Daddy? What I should do to your cumm." Steph said.

"Juss....." Vince said & about to load his cumm on Steph's face. She
scared & didn't expect that impact so she released Vince's cock & went back.
Vince was about to die in that situation & couldn't breath. that made Steph
worry & she came back to him.

"What's the matter daddy? Are you Ok?" Steph said. Vince was just gaging.

"Say something daddy." Steph screamed & while saw no change in her daddy's
condition she came & got on her knees & stroked her daddy's cock to may make
him feel better. Vince couldn't hold him self & load at over on her face. She
released his cock & screaming at daddy.

"Sorry honey! but you made your dad free." Vince said.

Vince then cleaned himself & Steph washed her face & they went to bed


"Have you ever let any of your boyfriends stick anything up there before
tonight?" Vince said.

"No not really. They all thought it was yuccky." Steph said with wish.

"Had you ever played with girls that I know?" Vince asked.

"Yeah, daddy." Steph smiled with embarrass.

"So who?" Vince smirked.

"Tori." Steph said.

"How?" Vince said with wonder.

"Tori had stuck her finger up cunt, she 'accidentally' moved her hand up
and touched my clitoris. The feel of her hand on my bare clitoris combined
with her finger up my butt caused a come that almost made me faint." Steph
said with gasping while remembered that day.

"Was she the only one?"

"Wait, one time when I slept over at her house, her parents went out to a
party and we had the house to ourselves. First we made sure the doors were
locked - we didn't want to be surprised or raped or anything! Xpac & Triple H
was in town and we were careful. Then we went into bathroom and rubbed each
other's cooters until we were both real hot and juicy. Then she had me insert
five tampons into my cunny and lay down in the tub. Then she told me to scoot
my bottom down under the faucet as she ran nice warm water over the outside
of my privates. It felt REAL good, but she said she knew something that'd
make it feel even better. I said I couldn't imagine anything much better - I
already felt stuffed and real turned on. She just smiled and reached down and
spread my cunny lips to the water. That warm water just flowed right up my
cunny and wet down those tampons! Then they started swelling to about twice
their normal dry size! I thought my cooter was going to bust - but it felt
sooo good. I came about three times before I nearly fainted - right
there in the bathtub! The only real problem with that was getting those soggy
tampons out of me. We took about two hours digging the little pieces out from
up there. Of course Tori did most of the digging because I couldn't see much.
And I think she did more than a thorough job - she didn't find any more
pieces up me after the first twenty minutes, but her fingers felt so good
going all up in my cooter. I think I came another three or four times from
that." Steph said so hungry, She needed to say these to someone.

"Is that how your hymen go busted?" Vince said to her uncontrolled

"Well..." Steph giggled.

"Go ahead, I won't get mad." Vince said.

"Are you sure?" Steph said.

"Yes, go ahead." Vince was so impressed.

"Actually it's not. One night Chyna had a slumber party over at her house.
We talked about what it must feel like to have a thing up your cooter. I was
all virgin so it was all just speculation... except for Chyna. She told us
she had actually had a real thing up her. Of course we all didn't believe her
at first, Just saying that no man love muscular woman. But she kept swearing
she actually had and told us she could prove it. We asked he how she could
prove it and she laid back on the bed and pulled off her pajama bottoms and
panties and reached down and spread her cunny lips. She then said 'See! See!
No hymen!' Well, we all crowded around her privates and felt around up her
and couldn't find her maidenhead. Then Kat said she didn't have much of a
hymen herself from playing with her cooter and everything and she had never
had a weenie up her cooter. Then Chyna said she would show us that she had
actually had a real thing up her. We all kidded her and asked if she was
going to call her boyfriend as you know was Triple H at that time, over and
have him fuck her front of all of us. She smiled and said that was almost
exactly what she was going to do. Then she called in her big Labrador
retriever. We didn't understand what she was going to do." Steph said word by

"Chyna was going to let the dog screw her, right?" Vince said.

"Uh, yeah. So she slowly got down on the floor on her hands and knees and
played with the dog's cock until it was real red and hard, then she helped
him get up on her back and then she reached around behind her and grabbed his
dick and guided it right into her cooter. He gave a thrust and the whole
thing sunk right in up to a big bulge at the base. She pushed her bottom back
at the dog and he pushed back and all of a sudden the bulge went up her too.
We were all shocked and real turned on. The dog started humping away at Chyna
and she started moaning real low. We tried to get them apart, but she and the
dog were all stuck together real tight. Finally after about twenty minutes,
in which Chyna must have come about five times - you should have seen the
girl goo all over her thighs! - the dog began whimpering and thrusting real
hard. The dog was coming right there in front of us up Chyna's privates! It
was really NEAT!" Steph said.

"Then what happened?" Vince said so excited.

"Well, Chyna had just about fainted and was a real mess, so we decided
that she needed a shower. We all got undressed - and I noticed there wasn't a
dry pair of panties in the bunch - and lifted her into the shower and turned
on the water, then took turns washing her. It was a real good shower and she
got real clean - especially "certain parts" of her. Each of us took a turn
making sure her cunny was all nice and clean. After all that, she was the
only one of us that was clean and dry between the legs. And the dog was
whimpering in the next room with a red thing sticking down between his legs.
We were all REAL horny so we drew straws to see who would get to lose her
virginity to the big Lab." Steph said.

"So won? Who fucked with the dog." Vince said while he was hanging on
every word that was about to come from her mouth.

"I won." Steph said so excited.

"You?" Vince said & couldn't believe.

"Dad? You don't wanna hear it?" Steph said a little sad.

"Noo, Go on." Vince said & made himself seat better.

"So we went into the bedroom and I got down on the floor on my hands and
knees. All the girls started trying to get the dog to approach my rear end by
taking fingerfuls of my goo from my cooter and feeding it to the dog. After a
little while, he moved close enough to smell where all that goo was coming
from and followed his nose. I was sorry that all the girls stopped fingering
my cooter - right up until his big tongue hit my cunny! I had an orgasm right
there! I nearly fainted and girl juice just dripped all over my legs. Some of
the girls had to hold my up - and of course they took advantage of my
vulnerable state to finger my cunny and squeeze my breasts." Steph said so

"How long did he lick you?" Vince said looked like so interested.

"Well, I don't really remember -- at least ten minutes." Steph said.

"Then, all of a sudden, I felt something heavy on my back, then something
furry grab me around the waist. The big Lab was trying to mount me - right
there in front of all my girlfriends! I felt his big doggy prick bounce
around "down there" a few time before Chyna reached down and sorta aimed it
in the right direction. His cock lodged in between my cunny lips and I felt
him give a big shove. There wasn't any pain -- just a great swelling feeling
up inside of me. It was a great feeling of being totally filled. And he kept
on shoving more and more of his prick right up my poor little cooter until I
felt a huge bulge at the opening to my cunny. His doggy bulge wanted up
inside my cooter, too. And I wanted up inside me. I gave a back thrust and
felt my cunny lips stretch up, up and finally over the big bulge. I couldn't
believe how good it felt to be skewered by that big Lab's cock in my tight
little pussy. All the other girls were real quiet, but every one of them had
their hands in their wet-crotched panties, just rubbing away at their cunts,
Just wishing they were me. I guess I lost some control of my bladder, because
Chyna said every time the Lab thruster, I'd lose a little pee-pee. Just a
little squirt at each thrust, but it didn't take long to make a real mess
back there, what with my juices, the dog's slobber from the tounging, the
dog's lubricants. I was wet from my waist to my knees but the smell really
was neat -- pure SEX. Finally, after about a half an hour of the dog
thrusting away in my cunny and me having orgasm after orgasm he began to
come. Because my cunt was so full of his cock, there was no room for his cum
too, so it all came squirting out all over me, my privates, the floor, the
Lab and any girl who stuck her face down between my legs to see how
everything fit together and worked - which was every last one of them!" Steph
said when her hands were between her legs.

"So that's how you lost your virginity. Have you lost you rear cherry
yet?" Vince said.

"No..." Steph denied.

"Well, why don't you come over here and let's stick my cock up your bottom
while you tell me more." Vince said while he was stroking his cock. Steph bit
her lips & got up & stood on bed in front of her daddy's cock.

"That's right. Now turn around while I lube up your bottom hole. Let's
take a little lube from up front - some of YOUR lube that is. And rub it all
up inside your tiny little back hole. That feels nice doesn't it?" Vince said
after handed cream to Steph.

"It sure does, Daddy, but your cock is going to hurt an awful lot, won't
it?" Steph said unsure.

"Come on you let yourself to fuck with dog but not with daddy." Vince

"Ok daddy but it hurts." Steph said sadly.

"No, just slowly ease back onto it." Vince said kindly.

"Ok." Steph accepted & did.

"That's right. Now, open your bottom hole like you were going to the
bathroom. Imagine my cock is a log that's trying to sneak back up you - you
know, it's not much bigger than some of the logs you grunt out, is it?" Vince
said & all over ready.

"It sure looks bigger!" Steph said while she stared at dady's cock. Vince
opened her legs more & thrust his cock down to her pussy.

"Stop, I can feel it right at the edge of my bottom hole. It's too big!
It'll never fit!" Steph said while she held her daddy back not to fuck her

"Yes it will, just start sitting down on my lap and it'll just slip right
up into you. That's right, nice and slow. See? Almost all of him is up you
now and you haven't died." Vince said while he was fucking her so slowly.

"Oh, wow, it feels real weird but real good!" Steph was about to like.

"I can feel your bottom working on my cock!" Vince said & fucked her

"Oh Daddy, I'm coming again!" Steph moaned.

"So am I baby. Can you feeeeel the hot sperm shooting up into yourrr
Ohhh?" Vince said & pounded her more for last seconds.

"All up in me! This feels SO good!" Steph screamed.

"Move your bottom up and down. I think I can stay hard enough to stay up
you if you tighten up your bottom hole like you're trying to not have an
accident. That's the way. I'm going to be able to keep my dick up your hot
little bung hole for another good romp. Why don't you go ahead with your
story now." Vince said & laid on daddy's little girl.

"Daddy! Sitting on your lap with your cock up my bottom and my pussy all
wet and sticky talking about sexy things like being screwed by a doggy."
Steph said.

"It's not exactly dull having my beautiful, Sexy daughter nude on my lap
with my prick nuzzling deep in her up-until- recently-virgin rump while she
tells me about how she and all of her young girlfriends used to play games
with each others' bodies and how she lost her cherry to a big Lab." Vince

"Daddy I loved to play games." Steph said, Vince smiled but then paused &

"What happened?" Steph said to daddy.

"Stephanie?" Vince asked a little angry.

"Yeah daddy." Steph wondered.

"Wait a minute. Why you are friend with Tori or Chyna?" Vince said angry.

"Ohh why not?" Steph said.

"Why not? I believed it was not a dog who pounded you." Vince said so

"So who fucked me?" Steph said a little angry.

"Triple H, Yeah Triple H." Vince shouted with his famous excited voice.

"Daddy, don't call him a dog." Steph said & continued.

"Daddy, I swear it wasn't Triple H, I really don't wanna meet him. His is
against you & all of my family so how I let my self to fuck with him." Steph
said with a charmy voice.

"Do you promise me?" Vince said.

"Yeah." Steph said.

"Sorry girl, I'm sorry." Vince said & kissed her & took out his cock from
her hole & went to his own room to sleep.

"Ohh poor daddy. That was 1st & last fuck I will receive from you." Steph
smirked & picked up the phone next to her bed & dialed a number.

"Who are you calling to?" Vince shouted sleepy from his bedroom.

"Andrew." Steph yelled & got up & closed the door & jumped back on bed.

"Yeahhh..." a woman said so horny on the line.

"You're still there?" Steph said.

"Is that you Steph?" the woman said.

"Yeah Chyna." Steph said.

"OHHH You called in the bad time." Chyna said on the phone.

"Are you still under him." Steph said so interest to know her status.

"Well no more under... OHH... I'm on top of him bouncing DAMNNN." Chyna
moaned loudly that Steph took phone a little away.

"What happened?" Steph said.

"He just pinched both my nipples." Chyna moaned again.

"Wow, I wish I was there licking your tits Chyna or sucking his cock."
Steph said happily.

"Thanks, Tori & Kitty did it so much tonight." Chyna said.

"Are Tori & Kitty still there?" Steph asked.

"No,, They went home after you went, Wait.... Talk to himself..." Chyna
said & didn't talk to her anymore.

"Come on Hunter, talk to her she's Stephanie." Chyna said.

"I will, After finishing with you." He said to Chyna.

"Don't worry I will ride you." Chyna said.

"Hi honey." Triple H said. Steph got wet after she heard his voice.

"Honey? Are you there." Triple H repeated.

"Yes I'm." Steph said.

"How are you honey?" Triple H said.

"Fine! Daddy was about to realize our secret." Steph said.

"What?" Triple H shouted in wonder.

"Easy sweetheart. I said he was about to,, I never said he did." Steph
said so relax.

"Oh god. How? You supposed to say you were with Test." Triple H said.

"I said but daddy fucked me." Steph replied.

"Really?" Triple H laughed.

"Don't laugh! He also thought me to clean myself." Steph said.

"And I will fuck him next week at Armageddon." Triple H said.

"Who fucked who?" Chyna said in the other side of the line.

"Vince fucked his little daughter." Triple H laughed.

"That is neat." Chyna said.

"Don't worry Steph. Don't tell him anything until next week. After that
Tori will dump Kane fakely for Xpac." Triple H said.

"I know fakely, She will do it for you." Steph said.

"Yeah & you will dumb you daddy. So 4 of us can spend time together."
Triple H said.

"You are not tired with Chyna?" Steph asked.

"Oww, Thanks to rememorizing me, Chyna!" Triple H shouted.

"Yeah?" Chyna answered from long distance.

"You said you will ride me, Do you forget it?" Triple H shouted.

"I'm coming sorry." Chyna answered.

"Anyway how was daddy's old cock." Triple H smirked.

"I saw his death in that moment." Steph said.

"I'm here. turn around & don't fuck the bed." Chyna said.

"Listen Steph! Where your momma was?" Triple H asked while his voice show
that he turned around.

"I cant seat on this, Its not hard." Chyna shouted.

"Ask her not to bother you." Steph said.

"It's fine honey. Put it in your mouth it will be hard again." Triple H

"I have to apologize to you for 1 reason." Steph said.

"What? OHHHHhhh Right Chyna it's right." Triple H moaned.

"She sucked?" Steph asked excitly.

"She diddd ohh Chyna go up & down faster." Triple H moaned.

"Grab her hair & force her faster." Steph said.

"Ohh Chyna your hairs are so sexy." Triple H said.

"What is she doing now?" Steph said while she was seating on bed.

"She is so great, She suck my cock so skillfully." Triple H moaned.

"Ohh Hunter I want to be there." Steph begged.

"Slower, You want your daddy hear my name? Also what you wanna do here?"
Triple H said.

"I let you to fuck me like an animal." Steph said so sensitive.

"With which cock?" Triple H asked.

"With yours, I will suck it faster & better than Chyna, I promise." Steph
said while her thumb went in her pussy.

"My cock is in her hot mouth, Ohh don't look at me like that bitch."
Triple H said so horny.

"Why?" Chyna said while smooching.

"With that hungry look that you stared at me, I will come in your mouth."
Triple H said & pushed her mouth back to last job.

"So if I was there I licked her pussy so hard." Steph said while she was
fingering herself.

"Chynaaa! I think it's hard enough." Triple H said.

"Ok, Took it up." Chyna said & got up & spread her legs legs in front of
the game.

"Seat!" Triple H smirked so horny.

"Thanks." Chyna laughed like a guest & sat on his cock slowly.

"OWWWWww." Chyna said & put her huge arms around Triple H.

"She sat?" Steph said so horny.

"Yeah I did & his damn thick cock is all over inside me." Chyna screamed
behind telephone..

"OHh Chyna." Steph said & laid on bed & fingered herself.

"You're the game baby." Triple H said & raised Chyna up & down on his
massive cock.

"Ohh Hunter! hold my tits, Yeah great." Chyna was screaming & moaning.

"Ohh fuuck me Honey, fuck me like an annimal." Steph was moaning on bed &
fingered herself.

"I will, Don't worry, I will fuck you like a 9 years schoolgirl virgin."
Triple H moaned.

"Ohh I love it." Steph moaned.

"& I will fuck you like a 45 years old striper whore." Triple H said to

"Ohh fuck me harder. let it going deep in me." Chyna screamed.

"Steph put 2 of your little fingers inside yourself & imagine you are
Chyna & my cock is inside you.

"Shut up Hunter." Chyna screamed with smile, Her body was so wet as the
result of sweating in the warm room. Her sweat was dropping on The Game's
muscular body as he held The 9th wonder of the world's thights & picked her
up & down of his massive cock. Chyna's screams & moans finally made Stephanie
coming in her hand.

"Ohh Hunter! I'm coming. ahhhhhh." Steph moaned.

"Great sweety...(breathing heavily) What about you Chyna?" Triple H said
& got up in seating position to ride Chyna. Chyna locked her huge legs
around The Game as well as her arms around him. She wanted to press him but
it had no pain for Triple H, only cause the present of Chyna's big tits in
the middle of them. Triple H started to lick her nipples while thrusted all
over of his cock in her & that made her mad.

"Damnnn,, OhhHH...Yehhh Fuck me harder." Chyna screamed & held him

"I can't. Owww I'm about to over." Triple H moaned while his nose rubbed
her chest.

"Please hang on for a little more, OAAA I'm coming toouu." Chyna said &
then came all over on Triple H's balls & legs.

"You made it easier...ohhhaaaa." Triple H said & load his cumm inside her
very wet pussy.

"Is it over folks." Steph said in the other line.

"Yeahhh....." Chyna gasped & laid on Triple H's body in bed.

"Wooww you fucked her hard. I don't think you ever fucked me like that."
Steph excited.

"Come on, I took it easy on you cause you were a virgin but after you come
to my home you will treated how you deserve, like a dog." Triple H laughed.

"Ohh, I'm sorry I should apologize for what I said about you." Steph said.

"What are you talking about?" Triple H said while he was playing with
Chyna's raven colored & sweaty hairs.

"Well I called you a dog." Steph said so carefully.

"What? You called me a dog? Why?" Triple H said with smirk & wonder.
Chyna raised her head from his chest & looked at him in wonder as well.

"I can explain it to ya. I..I..I Really didn't wanna say it but.." Steph

"But what?" Triple H shouted.

"Just calm down, I will explain everything to you. I came back at home &
my dad asked me about where I was until late." Steph said.

"So?" Triple H said.

"So he knew I was with Test & I didn't have to lie about that but he
started to rubbing me in all over of my body. Then he was about to heart
attack & I had to stroke for him & he loaded in my face, & we went to
bathroom & he washed me clean. Then we went to my bed &.." Steph said.

"I don't need to hear these craps about your daddy." Triple H said

"Wait honey! He asked me about if any girl ever fucked you, I wasn't in
the mood to hold myself, I needed to tell my story to someone..." Steph said
so quickly because she didn't want The Game exploding.

"& you said Chyna ha?" Triple H said, Chyna just heard Triple H's words
& sat in front of him with the famous wondered & upset look she had.

"I said Tori & then I told him about August 13th." Steph said.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? It supposed to be our plan." Triple H

"Wait! I didn't tell anything about you. I said that I & Tori & Chyna &
Kitty had a party & we thought about sex. I told him that we were virgin
except Chyna. We didn't believe her & She just striped & show us but we still
didn't believe her. She told she will prouve it to us. That's where lies
began." Steph said.

"You told him the truth, So where is the lie." Triple H wondered.

"I didn't tell him that Chyna called you to come for an hour, Our first
meeting live. remember?" Steph asked so hot.

"Yes I do, I do remember. Chyna, this beautifull bitch called me that she
need me to be there." Triple H said.

"Don't call me bitch." Chyna said angry.

"C'mon honey, I know you love to be called that." Triple H smirked &
shoved his finger in Chyna's navel.

"Just for you." Chyna smiled with her special charms.

"& then I came there & saw you girls there, I had fucked with Kitty as
much as Chyna but I didn't saw you or Tori live. You were great in that night
as well as Tori." Triple H said.

"I told my dad that Chyna brought a dog & went under him & sucked his
dirty cock." Steph said.

"HaahAAAhAA.. That was what you were worried about?" Triple H laughed

"I'm sorry cause that moment was classic, You came & seat in front of me
& others, I cant forget what Chyna asked you." Steph said.

"I was shocked, She sat on my leg in front of all of you, Something she
never ever did." Triple H said while he was smiling at The 9th Wonder Of The

"You two share momerories, Don't you?" Chyna smiled.

"Honey! What you told me that night?" Triple H said.

"Well....I said ....." Chyna said.

[[[[[[imagination for that night]]]]]]

"Sweetheart! My guests are all virgins & they don't believe that I'm
not." Chyna said while she had arms around his shoulder & seat on his leg.

"So you should show them that you're open." Triple H said while he put
his hand on her leg.

"I show them but they still don't understand, I said that I can prouve it
to them." Chyna smiled at him, It was enough for The Game to understanding
her meant.

"That's why I'm here?" Triple H smirked.

"Yeah." Chyna said & kissed him so passionly on lips.

Chyna grabbed his hairs & head & pressed her lips to his so hard, girls
had never seen a rough kiss live & made them wonder. Triple H then slowly
shoved his tongue in Chyna's hot mouth & round her saliva with his thong
& pull it out, Her saliva was stretched in air while he wanted to took it
in his mouth. Girls couldn't resist this hot action & felt something made
in their body. Chyna then shoved her tongue in Triple H's empire & they
play this action for a few minutes. Triple H was rubbing her pretty left
leg while her hand was in his DX shirt. Then she got up & stared at girls
& sat in front of him in front of Triple H. She spread his legs & played
with his belt, Then she open it & took down his trusser. He had a boxer
short, & Chyna took it down as well, his mid-erected cock show to her, She
glanced at it & held it hard until it got harder near 9 inches, Girls had
never saw a cock live & they stared at it, Chyna smiled at him & licked it
from end to head. That made girls shock, His cock was 11 inches now & Chyna
took it in her mouth, Then went up & down of it until it connected to her
throat. Chyna tried to suck more of it but he pushed her down on her back
& sat on her chest & shoved his cock in her mouth.

Chyna sucked it so great & stared at the girls, The saw something they
never saw in their life. Triple H laid on the floor while his prick was in
her mouth. Like fucking someone's pussy Triple H shoved all of it in her
mouth & took out & thrust inside. He was fucking her mouth truly & she
couldn't suck at all.

"Ok, Girls! shove your little fingers in your pussys." Triple H said to
them, That was enough & tori quickly shoved her hand in her panties next
to Kat. Stephanie was rubbing her pussy from her silk pink panties.

Triple H then stop fucking Chyna's mouth by saying "I come here for
show them something else." & went to Kat & show her his massive hard cock.
Kat quickly grabbed it & placed it in her mouth. Chyna found time to strip
naked & get on 4 wait for The Game.

"I'm ready..." Chyna said & Triple H took out his cock from Kitty's
mouth & went to Chyna's back & aimed his cock.

"Ok girls! Thats what you want to see." Triple H said & shoved his cock
in her hot pussy, Her pussy lips slowly got wide & let his thick cock inside
her. He thrust in & out once & She pushed her bottom back at The Game and he
pushed back and all of a sudden the bulge went up her too. The blue blood
started humping away at Chyna and at 1st she started moaning real low but
then She moaned so loud. Steph asked if she need any help or she is in pain
but she just screamed. "That's fucking great."

Girls was really turned on & wet themselves.Chyna & Triple H were all
stuck together real tight. Chyna came several times from pussy & it dropped
from The Game's cock but he was The Man & still fucked her, He was staring
at Tori & Steph who was in slutty mood. Finally after about twenty minutes,
in which Chyna must have come about five times Triple H began whimpering and
thrusting real hard. Chyna screamed harder & that made Steph & Tori to finger
themselves quicker & come real soon. Triple H then shouted "FUCK" & came
right there in front of girls up Chyna's pussy!

"Now I think Chyna proved her point." Triple H said.

"You always fuck her like that?" Steph asked.

"How was it?" Triple H asked & cleaned his sweat from his forehead.

"That was amazing." Steph said so excited.

"You wanna be a part of that?" Triple H said.

"MMMmmmm...welll I'm a "Steph said.

"Come on bitch! If you want it say you want it." Chyna said with smirk.

"Ok.. Help her she needs to get washed." Triple H said & seat back on
chair & girls picked her to shower. Kat/Steph/Tori all got undressed and
lifted Chyna into the shower and turned on the water, then took turns washing
her. They washed her well especially her pussy. Each of girls took a turn
making sure her cunt was all nice and clean especially Kittly licked The
Game's cum out of Chyna's cunt. Girls were all REAL horny so the started

"Chyna! you told Steph she can be his bitch right?" Tori said.

"Yeah!" Chyna answered.

"So can we?" Tori carefully said.

"Of course if he want to..but I have an advice, You are all virgins &
could get hurt. You could do with someone then come to him. anyway I have no
problem but don't hurt him cause he is tired fucking me for 30 minutes. One
of you." Chyna said & went out of bathroom.

Virgins drew straws to see who would get to lose her virginity to the big
Champ. Steph won & went to bedroom & waited. Tori told this to Chyna & she
went to The Game.

"Honey! There is one another thing left for prouve." Chyna smiled & kissed

"What? I do everything you want." Triple H said.

"There is a Virgin in the bedroom that wanna loose her hymen by you."
Chyna said.

Triple H got up & went to bedroom that Stephanie was there, Tori & Chyna
& Kat came next to him. He smiled at her & pointed her for get on all fours.

"I don't think it's right for a virgin to fucked doggystyle." Tori said.

"That's fine..." Steph interrupted Tori to make sure that Triple H does
not ignore.

"She is not wet enough, Wet her Chyna!" Triple H said & sat back &

Chyna came next to Steph & fingered her real slow, Then she pointed to
Kitty & Tori as well & they came & each rubbed her pussy. After a few
minutes Steph came & made her self wet & with His points girls stopped
fingering her. She was sad but she felt his tongue hit to her cunt. She had
an orgasm right there! Steph couldn't hold her balance & nearly fainted and
girl juice just dripped all over her legs. Some of the girls had to hold her.

Triple H licked Steph's pussy for ten long minutes. Then he released her
but She felt something so hard on her cunt, then he grabbed her around the
waist. Right there in front of all of her girlfriends his prick bounce around
her pussy a few time before Chyna quickly reached down and aimed it in the
right direction. His cock lodged in between her cunt lips and She felt him
give a big shove. There was all pain but had a great swelling feeling up
inside of her. It was a great feeling of being totally filled. And he kept on
shoving more and more of his prick right up her poor little pussy. She was
screaming so loud all over the fucking, Her hymen at first tried to stop his
cock but it didn't last long & she felt her way got opened for his cock to
went in her completely. He then gave a huge bulge at the opening to my cunt.
His bulge wanted up inside Stephanie McMahon's cooter.

Stephanie gave a back thrust and felt her cunt lips stretch up, up and
finally over the big bulge. She was bleeding & coming, In pain but had
plassure, feeling a huge cock in her tight little pussy. All the other girls
were real quiet, but every one of them had their hands in their wet-crotched
panties, just rubbing away at their cunts, Just wishing they were Stephanie.
Everyone wanted to be with Triple H.

Stephanie was wet from my waist to my knees. but The Game was still
fucking Steph so hard that She believed that her hymen was completely melted
there. Finally, after about a half an hour of The Game thrusting away in her
pussy and She had orgasm after orgasm he began to moaning loud.

Because Stephanie's tight cunt was so full of his cock, there was no room
for his cum too, so it all came squirting out all over Steph & her privates,
the floor & himself.

[[[[[[ Over of imagination ]]]]]]

"What a night it was!" Chyna gasped.

"You're right, Steph!" Triple H said.

"Yeah?" Steph answered.

"I'm not upset about you & we will be all together like that night a few
weeks later." Triple H said.

"That's great." Steph said.

"So sleep & don't think on anything, Ok?" Triple H said while Chyna laid
for sleep.

"Ok, Good night." Steph said & dropped the phone & laid in bed 7 stared
at stars.

Triple H kissed Chyna & got sleep as well as Steph did after a few

To Be Continued: (I will not write Part 2 if no 1 demand it.)

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my story please tell me cause I can make my next stories better. If you want
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