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Featuring: Eve Torres (WWE RAW), Wade Barrett (WWE RAW), Justin Gabriel (WWE
RAW), Heath Slater (WWE RAW), David Otunga (WWE RAW), Darren Young (WWE RAW),
Michael Tarver (WWE RAW), Skip Sheffield (WWE RAW)

Wrong Place, Wrong Time
A WWE erotic story
by DaxG2001 ( & Kristi (

Backstage during an episode of WWE Raw during the Summer of 2010, two members
of the devastating and deadly group known as The Nexus are making an escape
after another attack on top WWE Superstars in the ring. Namely, the "leader"
of the group Wade Barrett, and the high flyer Justin Gabriel, both still in
their ring gear, black T-shirts with the yellow N logo on the front, and
armband with the same logo on.

"Alright, relax Justin, they aren't going to follow us any longer now..."
Wade states with a pat on the back of Gabriel. "That's the damage done, for
tonight at least."

Justin nods his head, an intense but unemotional look on his face. "Still
think it's a risk to split up when we head out of here. We've got strength in
numbers, and no one will mess with us together. Divided, we could be a target
just like Cena is to us."

Barrett smirks slightly, another pat onto his back as they walk. "We're
threats to them, and they're our targets. Don't tell me you're having doubts
like our former "friend" Mr. Bryan, are you?"

Gabriel shakes his head. "No way. I don't regret a single thing I've done to
anyone. To Cena, Steamboat, even McMahon himself. They had it coming."

"Exactly. We're Nexus, and they are against us. Everything is working just
like it's supposed to, and it's only going to get worse for those Superstars
who stand against us."

As Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel continue their conversation as they walk
down the hallway, the stunning former WWE Divas Champion, Eve Torres, turns
the corner that leads down the same hallway that the two dangerous Nexus
members are in, coming directly head-on with them. Eve, dressed in a pair of
her tight light blue wrestling shorts that hug perfectly to her juicy ass and
her matching light blue top that fits against her nicely large chest,
immediately pauses as she gives Gabriel and Barrett a cold look with her
beautiful, sultry eyes narrowed.

Both Nexus members see her standing and the look on her face, and both men
smirk as they look her over, uninitiated by the gorgeous Diva. "Don't mind us
love, we've done our damage tonight. We're on our way out of here now." Wade
states as both he and Gabriel come to a stop in front of her.

"Just like Wade said, our issue isn't with you, or any Diva for that matter."
Justin says with a nod. "Just step aside and there'll be no trouble."

Eve Torres presses her soft lips together and silently looks at Justin
Gabriel and Wade Barrett before she adverts her eyes and moves to step past
the two Nexus members. Eve takes a few steps before she takes deep breath and
turns back to face Justin and Wade. "Hey...hold on a second..." Eve says,
immediately catching the attention of Gabriel and Barrett.

Both men stop, a look at each other before they turn to look at her, with
Barrett raising an eyebrow at her. "What? Didn't you hear? We've not got time
to waste around here."

Eve places her hands onto her nicely curved hips and shakes her head slightly
at Barrett and Gabriel. "You know...I must say I am quite impressed with you
guys...I mean it sure does take a lot of balls to attack John Cena when he's
clearly out numbered..." Eve says with a laugh, clearly being sarcastic with
Barrett and Gabriel.

"Well, thanks for that most insightful comment..." Barrett says, still
unimpresses. "Cena was in the wrong place, and the wrong time. It could have
been anyone, and he just happened to be the Champion."

Justin nods in agreement. "It's more than just an attack, but it figures that
you wouldn't be able to figure that out."

Eve narrows her eyes slightly and shakes her head as she faces Justin
Gabriel. Eve presses her lips firmly together before she raises her right
hand and in a moment full of emotion slaps the high-flying Nexus member
across her face. Eve pauses blankly for a moment before she widens her eyes
with fear when she realizes what she just has done and immediately regrets
the bold move.

Justin stumbles back, and Barrett looks at him before directing a very angry
glare towards the lovely former champion, and soon Gabriel joins the look,
both men beginning to take a menacing step towards her, causing Eve to back
off as well.

"That... Was a very stupid move..." Wade states, a slight glance around her
as they are clearly coming towards her.

Realizing the situation she's in, Eve turns to run but doesn't even get the
chance to take a step as she's wiped out by the huge, charging arm of the
massive Skip Sheffield which sends the beautiful Diva down hard to the
unforgiving floor, knocked out cold from the blow.

Breathing deeply with an intense, rage-filled look on her face Skip stands
over the fallen Diva, soon joined by the other Nexus members who are both
smirking down at her.

"Nice one Skip, that bitch had it coming..." Justin snarls down at her,
giving Skip a nod of respect before he turns to go. However, Wade stops him
with a hand on the shoulder."Actually... You said that we didn't have any
problems with any Divas just yet, right?"

Gabriel nods. "Yeah..."

Barrett looks to the brute force of the Nexus. "Skip, if you would be so kind
to carry her along to our meeting point. I think it's time we made an example
out of a Diva for once..."

* * *

Later, inside of the dimly lit boiler room of the arena, Eve Torres slowly
begins to move slightly as she lays on the cold boiler room floor. Her once
beautiful and sultry eyes begin to flicker open and close as she lifts her
head slightly from the boiler room floor and places her left hand behind her
head, where her head connected with the hallway floor previously thanks to
the vicious clothesline from Skip Sheffeild.

"Owwwww..." Eve groans quietly as she starts to slowly sit up from the boiler
room floor.

Eve completely opens her eyes and allows a few moments for her eyes to adjust
to the dimly lit room. Eve nervously bites down on her bottom lip as she
slowly turns her brunette head to survey the seemingly empty boiler room.

"Ohhh geeze..." Eve says with a intense shiver of coldness before she lowers
her head to glance down at her now completely naked body. "What the..."

She knows something is wrong, quickly covering herself up and looking around
before she realizes with a feeling of dread that she is not alone here.
Slowly she turns her head around, and what she sees makes her gasp and her
eyes go very wide.

The entire Nexus of Wade Barrett, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Skip
Sheffield, Michael Tarver, Heath Slater, and Darren Young are all stood,
completely naked with their already impressive cocks hanging free and
hardening already. Not a single one of them is less than ten inches long, and
are all more than generously thick, which would all be a mouth watering sight
for any normal woman. However, the unfriendly and in some cases intense and
angry, looks on their faces show that they aren't looking to do anything nice
it seems as they approach her.

Like a pack of wolves, the dangerous group surrounds the trapped Diva who can
only look all around them with fear. The first to really step forward is the
leader, Wade Barrett who glares down at her.

"So... Thought you were tough to slap Justin in the face, were you?" He says,
looking down at the stunning, naked Diva. "Well Eve, you're about to find out
that if you cross one of us, then you have to cross us all."

Eve's lower lips begins to tremble with fear as she shakes her brunette
haired head, while looking up at the tall and powerfull Wade Barrett.
" please...please don't do anything! I'm sorry! I didn't mean
to!" Eve pleads with Wade Barrett and the entire Nexus.

A smirk appears on his face, and a couple of the other Nexus members as well.
"Hear that?" He asks aloud but still looking at her. "She said anything...
Well then, there's two choices... You either show us all the respect we
deserve..." He strokes his long cock as he speaks. "And I don't think I have
to spell out what I mean by that. Or, we can do this the hard way, and
believe me Eve, it will be very, very hard in more ways than one."

Eve closes her eyes and takes a deep breath before she slowly nods her head.
"Ok...ok...please don't hurt me...I'll do what you want...I'll respect you.."
Eve says with reluctance.

Grins break out all around, and a couple of chuckles as Barrett lets go of
his shaft, placing his hands on his waist. "Smart move Eve, smarter than your
"hero" Cena to accept our offer... Now, you can start off by showing me some
respect right now."

Eve smiles and innocently glances up at Wade Barrett, with a hint of slyness
"I would never be that stupid..." Eve says as she licks her lips slightly,
which causes Barrett to give an approving smirk to the RAW Diva.

"Good to hear..." Barrett says, coming closer with his cock pointing at her
face, and soon he's joined by Darren Young and David Otunga who stand at her
sides, slowly stroking their stiff members as they are rock hard as well.
"Well, let's see you say sorry with that mouth on my dick, and don't forget
to take care of my friends here as well." Wade states, nodding to both men
near him as the other Nexus members watch on.

Eve Torres nods her head and smiles. "Of course...I knew we'd end up
smoothing things over..." Eve says with a laugh as she places her left hand
around Darren Young's cock and her right hand around David Otunga's cock and
begins to stroke their cocks, much to the approval of the two Nexus members
and more importantly, the leader, Wade Barrett. Eve innocently glances up at
Wade Barrett as she leans her head forward and opens her mouth to gently take
the head of his cock into her soothing, sultry mouth.

Barrett lets out a moan, feeling her soft, pouty lips wrap around his dick
and begin to work over his shaft, while at the same time she jerks off
Darren's and David's cocks all the way up and down, getting light moans from
them as well. "Good to hear..." Wade says, not questioning the comment as he
watches her mouth sink down onto his cock, feeling her nicely wet mouth all
around him as she takes on three men at once and seemingly willingly.

"Mmmmmmmm...mmmm..." Eve Torres softly moans as she gently flicks her wet
tongue against the bottom side of Wade's shaft as her pouty lips brush back
and forth on his cock as she continues to bob her head at a gradually
increasing pace. Eve, meanwhile, lighting twists her right hand against David
Otunga's meaty shaft, while she lowers her left hand to Darren Young's large
black ballsack as she soothingly rubs and massages his balls.

"Mmmm... That's some A-List treatment right there..." Otunga states, arms
folded over his chest as she twists and strokes along the length of his very
impressive cock, and at her other hand Young is moaning as well as he enjoys
having his balls being played with by the sexy, curvy woman. "Mmmm... Show me
that respect..." Wade says with a moan, feeling her warm saliva over his dick
as she bobs her head along him smoothly, the added tongue work showing she's
no novice at giving some head, even under these forced circumstances.

Eve gradually drops her right hand down to David Otunga's large ballsack as
well as she lifts her beautiful eyes up to see the three Nexus members
completely in euphoria with their eyes closed. Suddenly, the instinct of
survival kicks in for the RAW Diva, as she boldly closes both of her hands
into tight fists, before she squarely hits Otunga and Young in the groin.

With loud yells of pain that shock the other Nexus members, the struck men
drop to their knees, clutching their manhoods and hissing in pain, and
Barrett quickly pulls his dick out in reflex at the sight. "You stupid little
bitch!" Barrett yells at her. "Skip! Get her!" Wade orders as Michael Tarver
and Justin Gabriel check on their fallen team mates.

Eve Torres looks straight ahead at the powerful Skip Sheffield as he barrels
toward her. After some quick thinking, the former Divas Champion, ducks her
head and easily crawls between his strong legs as she makes an approach to
the door of the boiler room. Eve stands up from the floor and takes a deep
breath before she makes an attempt to run the rest of the way to the door,
which is only a mere 10 feet away. "Help! Help!" Eve yells.

Suddenly, she's cut off and tackled roughtly to the floor by a quick Heath
Slater, making the stunning Diva groan in pain as he quickly grabs her by the
legs, pinning her down on her stomach to trap her. "Got her!" Heath states
with venom in his voice as Barrett and Sheffield approach her. "Don't just
lay there!" Wade states. "Teach that bitch to show some respect!"

Slater nods, quickly pulling Eve up to her knees, not giving any warning as
he pushes his cock straight into her tight pussy, already sending six inches
of his meat into her snatch as the One Man Rock-Band starts to violate her
with firm thrust.

"Ohhhhhh! Owwwww! No...please!" Eve helplessly moans as the firm and deep
thrusts of Heath Slater's thrusts send the former Divas Champion to bend
forward with her hands onto the floor. Eve's juicy and sultry ass begins to
smack back against his toned waist as he plows his cock deeper into her

"Skip, shut her up!" Wade orders. "I've heard enough of her!"

The menacing, cornfed meathead steps forward, grabbing a handful of Eve's
long hair and taking advantage of her open mouth as she moaned out, stuffing
his thick dick into her mouth. As Slater pumps her tight snatch, moaning a
little as she's made to take his impressive length with this firm, quick
pace, Sheffield starts to roughly fuck the mouth of the stunning Diva,
sending his cock back and forth between her lips and not letting her pull
away because of his tight grip on her.

"Mmmmmmm! Gahhhhh! Gahhhhhh! Gahhhhhhh!" Eve moans, gags and chokes on Skip
Sheffield's massive cock as he roughly and firmly dominates Eve's innocently
hot mouth, driving his shaft as deep as possible. Tears begin to form in
Eve's normally stunning and sultry eyes as the pressure of Skip's cock in her
mouth is too much for her. Meanwhile, Eve's knees begin to weaken as Heath
Slater continues to pull her back against his cock before he deeply slams his
cock forward into her wet snatch.

Her gagging just makes the men around smirk as the Nexus circle her again,
bar the men abusing her wet holes at the moment. Slater licks his lips with a
moan, thrusting deep into her so his balls can smack against her smooth,
tanned skin while her backside is being forced to come back hard against him,
making her groan. Her groans are being muffled however by Skip's just as long
and even thicker cock as he drives it back and forth into her wet mouth,
causing her to slobber all over his shaft as remorselessly he's pumping her
oral hole, forcing her to take nearly all of his length over and over again.

Eve groans and chokes as she feels the massive and swollen head of Skip
Sheffield's cock ramming against the front of her throat as he roughly jerks
her head back and forth on his thrusting shaft. "Gahhhhhhhhh! Gahhhhh!" Eve
moans as her saliva splashes all over his shaft and out of her mouth as well,
while she increasingly rocks on her knees with Heath Slater swiftly banging
her pussy from behind.

"Yo, Heath, let me get some of this cheap skank." David Otunga says, a pat on
the shoulder of Slater, who smirks up at him. "Sure, I've warmed her up for
you..." Heath states, pulling his dick out of her pussy, making her groan as
at the same time Skip Sheffield steps back, letting her gasp for air after
getting roughly face fucked.

Pulling her back, Otunga smirks as he forces Eve to come down onto his thick
dick with her pussy, impailing her onto his shaft with her ass sticking out.
Hands going onto her waist, he forces her to move up and down on his cock,
making her bounce on his and unwillingly ride the self-proclaimed A-List

Eve grits her teeth and closes her eyes as his powerful, muscular arms are
wrapped around her tanned and gorgeous body like an anaconda, holding her
down against his muscular chest as he rapidly pumps his hips upward, driving
his shaft into her wet pussy. "Ohhhhhhh...ohhhhh fuck..." Eve helplessly

Stepping up behind them, Darren Young comes in, spitting on his hands for a
moment as he rubs them together. "Time for some payback baby..." He smirks
darkly as he spreads her ass cheeks apart, pushing his meaty dick right into
her tight asshole and already starting to bang her ass from behind. She can't
move, kept down onto Otunga as he slams his dick hard up into her snatch
repeatedly, and now has to deal with another long, thick piece of man meat
thrusting into her even tighter hole at the same time.

"Ohhhhhhhh...ohhhhh fucK!" Eve moans loudly and closes her eyes as she
roughly rocks back and forth on David Otunga's cock as he deeply pumps up
into her pussy, causing her to firmly move back against Darren's cock now
inside of her ass and roughly drilling her.

As Barrett stands back to watch with a smirk, he motions to Michael Tarver
and Justin Gabriel to get involved, and they waste no time in stepping up
close to the action. Reaching down, Justin forces Eve to lift her head and
upper body up from Otunga as he slams his dick in and out of her tight,
dampening pussy. The former Divas' champ tries to protest in vain, but
Gabriel just pushes his cock into her mouth and starts to pump it back and
forth, in and out between her pouty lips, making himself groan as he uses
her. Young's hands run across her perfectly curved ass cheeks, continuing to
pump her sexy backside and forcing her back passage to take more and more of
his shaft inside her with each thrust.

At her head, Tarver is rubbing the head of his long, black cock against her
cheek as she's forced to suck another Nexus member off as Justin slides his
dick in and out of her mouth, before he pulls out, slapping his bell end
against her lips for a moment before Michael takes his turn, stuffing his man
meat into her mouth and pumping her oral hole quickly and deeply.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM!" Eve Torres loudly groans around Michael Tarver's black cock
as he has his hand on the back of her head as he deeply pumps his shaft into
her wet, saliva dripping mouth causing her lips to roughly grind against his
shaft, which adds to his own sick pleasure. Meanwhile, Eve's fingernails rake
against David Otunga's muscular chest as he continues to hold the gorgeouse
Diva down on his cock, while he hammers his cock up into her pussy, with
Darren Young steadily thrusting his black cock into her ass, with her juicy
ass cheeks smacking against his waist.

The stunning Diva is getting completely abused, forced to swap between
sucking on the dicks of Gabriel and Tarver as they take turns using her
mouth, with Justin now pumping her mouth for a few moments before he forces
her to go completely down onto his dick. As she gags and groans, Young and
Otunga are continuing to pound away at her ass and pussy respectively, each
using stiff, deep thrusts that cause their balls to slap into her tanned skin
as they slam into her over and over again, much to the amusement and approval
of the other Nexus members who watch on as the Raw Diva is getting banged by
four dangerous and hung studs.

As Justin Gabriel lifts his hands off of the back of Eve's brunette haired
head, the former Divas Champion begins to cough and gasp for breath after
having her mouth violate pentrates by Michael Tarver and Justin Gabriel. Eve
bies down on her bottom lip and innocently whimpers as Darren Young roughly
pulls her back against his cock inside her ass, causing her pussy to sharply
grind against Otunga's cock.

"You know, she never did show me the proper respect..." Wade Barrett states,
a nod to Young who pulls his dick out of her asshole, making Eve groan in the
process. "Time to change that..." Barrett adds, and before the former Divas
Champion can protest David Otunga roughly pushes her off his dick and makes
her fall onto the floor, again making her groan in discomfort.

Wade comes forward, approaching the Raw Diva from behind and lifting her
long, smooth leg up so her can firmly push his cock into her ass, having no
problem in getting into a hard pace and causing her body to jolt as he fucks
her from behind. There's more trouble to come though, as Skip Sheffield comes
forward as well, time from the other side and kneeling sightly, allowing him
to force his massive shaft into her wet, tight pussy as he starts to bang her
with long, hard motions as well to double team the already very abused Eve

"Ohhhhhhh! Ohhhhhh more...." Eve innocently pleads as her
weakened, sweat covered and abused body roughly rocks between Wade Barrett
and Skip Sheffield as the two Nexus member deeply and rapidly pound her ass
and pussy.

"Yeah, not so tough now, are you?" Heath Slater taunts Eve as he comes
forward, forcing her head up and she can only groan as she knows what's
coming next, Slater's dick being forced into her mouth as he makes her bob
along his length with two hands on the back of her head. Once again she has
all of her holes filled up with thick, long Nexus cock that is making her
groan in shame and pain as Barrett slams her ass from behind, Sheffield
pounds her snatch, and Slater works his cock back and forth into her wet

"Mmmmmmmm! Gahhhhh! Gahhhh!" Eve groans and gags around Heath Slater's cock
as her forces her brunette head further down on his shaft, as her saliva
drips all over his cock. Eve closes her eyes as she is helplessly forced back
by the powerful Nexus leader, Wade Barrett, as he firmly pumps his cock
forward into her tight asshole, causing her to sharply rock on her knees.

Skip grunts, sending his fat dick straight into her wet pussy, his balls
slapping into her skin every time he sends himself into her, causing her body
to jolt back and making her ass smack back into the waist of Barret as he
deeply thrusts in and out of her stunning ass. Heath moans with a cocky
smirk, slipping his long shaft between her pouty lips, almost making her deep
throat all of his length as he reaches down, roughly groping her large tits
as he fucks her mouth, feeling her saliva coating his manhood as he uses and
abuses her oral hole.

Eve slowly opens her weakened eyes and looks up at Heath Slater, pleading, as
her lips are pressed tightly around his shaft, being forced to deeply swallow
his entire long cock. Sweat drips off of her gorgeously tanned and nicely
curved body as she aggressively rocks back on Skip Sheffield's cock as he
deeply hammers up into her snatch, while Barrett continues to swiftly fuck
her ass.

"Alright lads, I think we've had fun with her up until now..." Wade Barret
says, pulling his cock out of her back passage. "But I think it's time to
start making her really suffer." He says with a smirk, giving Sheffield and
Slater a signal with a nod of his head, and they respond the same way before
they two pull out of her, giving Eve a much needed moment to groan and take a
deep breath of air.

Eve slowly lifts her brunette head and weakly looks at the Nexus leader, Wade
Barrett. " more...please just leave me alone..." Eve
innocently whimpers before coughing slightly after beging gagged by Heath
Slater's cock.

"She ain't so tough now, is she?" Michael Tarver taunts her, roughly grabbing
the weakened Diva around the waist and lifting her up off the ground,
lowering her tight pussy onto his long, black cock all the way down. He
doesn't thrust though, letting her feel his size inside her as David Otunga
approaches from behind with a dark smirk on his face. "Yeah, a bitch like you
has got this coming." David says, giving her ass a spank as he insults the
Diva Search winner.

Just when Eve thinks that she's going to get it up the ass as well, instead
Otunga squats down slightly and pushes his thick cock into her already
stuffed full pussy, making her take two dicks at once in her snatch which
makes both men moan at the feeling as their members brush against each other
inside of the stunning Diva. It's not long before they both start to work
themselves in and out of her, keeping her held above the ground as they
double team her pussy and trap her between their muscular bodies.

Eve Torres tightly grits her teeth and places her hands onto Michael Tarver's
muscular black arms as she digs her fingernails into his skin, feeling the
cocks of Tarver and Otunga stretching her pussy as they each equally deeply
thrust into her. "Ohhhhhhh fuck!" Eve moans in pain as her body squirms
slightly while tightly sandwiched betwen their muscular bodies, causing her
to bounce on both cocks as well.

The two dangerous Nexus members aren't giving any concern for the clear pain
she's going through by being double penetrated in her pussy, both of them
using firm thrusts in and out of her to send their cocks as far into her
soaking hole as they possibly can.

"Yeah, check this out!" Otunga boasts, glancing at his stable mates as he
sends his cock straight up into her pussy. "You can add "slutty" to that
"Sexy, Smart, Powerful" tagline of the Divas now!" He disrespectfully taunts,
making Tarver chuckle as he pumps away at her snatch, moaning as her feels
her breasts rubbing against his chest as she's forced to bounce on both men's
dicks as they take her.

Eve bites down on her bottom lip and starts to dig her fingernails deeper
into Michael Tarver's muscular arms, hoping that she could possibly cause
pain to the often silently, but deadly member of Nexus as she rocks upward on
his cock, while David Otunga pumps his shaft into her pussy as she continues
to be forced to bounce rapidly on their cocks.

Tarver hisses slightly, feeling the nails digging in but he's concentrating
on the pleasure he's getting from taking her tight pussy and also from the
other cock that is brushing against his as he and David Otunga double stuff
her snatch, completely abusing the already well fucked against her will Diva.
As Michael and David have their way with Torres and both bang her snatch
while standing up, it seems that Wade Barrett has something in mind, in
conference with the rest of The Nexus which can only be bad things for the
former Divas Champion.

Eve grits her teeth tightly as she leans her head back, lightly slapping her
sweat dampened and soft brown hair against David Otunga's face as her body
arches back slightly as she is roughly lowered onto both Otunga and Tarver's
black cocks suddenly. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck!" Eve loudly moans.

"Sounds like she likes it..." The huge Skip Sheffield states as he comes
forward with Wade Barrett following behind, and this is the signal for David
to pull out of Eve first, giving her ass another spank as he steps away, and
then Tarver pulls his dick out of her pussy as well. She barely has time to
collect her thoughts as her feet touch ground before she finds herself behind
forced down and around, unable to fight the strong grip of Skip has he lays
back on the floor, bringing her down and pushing his thick dick straight up
into her asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhh!"Eve painfully groans and her tanned, gorgeously curved and
sweat covered body jolts at the sudden impact of Skip Sheffield's massive
cock entering her tight asshole, causing her body to fall back against his
muscular chest, as she lays completely flat on top of him.

She has fallen into the perfect position for Barrett as he comes forward,
spreading her legs apart and lifting her hips up before he lines his dick up
and pushes into her already filled up ass, making her asshole stretch as
she's made to once against take two men at the same time, this time in her
ever tighter hole. There's no let up as they both work themselves back and
forth into her, firmly and deeply pumping her and using her cries and groans
as motivation to pound her over and over again.

"Ohhhhhhh noooo....please...noooooo!" Eve whimpers and groans as she roughly
rocks on top of Skip Sheffield, as he and Barrett pump their cocks into her
extremely tight asshole, making her grind between their two bodies.

Her cries are ignored as the powerful men thrust their dicks back and forth
into her ass, hammering her tight back passage and sending their members as
deeply into her as they can. Sheffield reaches up with his hands, groping
both of her large tits as she rocks between both wrestlers, while Wade keeps
her legs apart by the ankles, smirking down as he watches his cock slide in
and out of her backside.

"Ohhhhhh...mmmmmmmmm noooooooo!" Eve moans as her large and juicy, sweat
covered tits bounces against Skip's large and strong hands as he gropes them,
while she continues to roughly slide between Barrett and Sheffield as their
cocks continue to stretch her asshole, while swiftly and firmly drilling her

"She says no, but the way she's taking it right now..." Barrett says before
letting out a moan, greatly enjoying fucking her sexy ass like this, and not
put off at all by his cock rubbing against another man's as he take her. "I
think she's done this a couple of times to the Raw locker room." He adds with
a chuckle. Sheffield only grunts, slamming his dick hard up into her butt as
he continues to roughly toy with her perfectly rounded breasts, forcing her
to rock between both Nexus members as they pound her tight back passage with
their long, thick cocks.

Eve leans her head back against Skip Sheffield massively muscular chest and
arches her back slightly as she feels Skip roughly pumping his cock up into
her ass, before Wade Barrett pulls her sweat covered body back against his
cock as he deeply pounds her ass as well.

"OK Skip, that's enough." Wade says, pulling his cock out after a few more
pumps into her. "Now we'll see how much you can really take of the future of
the WWE." He adds, and Torres finds herself being roughly pushed off and
dumped onto the floor by Sheffield as he moves back from her. Now, the trio
of Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater, and Darren Young step up, taking a moment to
look down at the victim of their sexual assualt as the poor, abused Diva
looks up with fear.

Eve's beautiful and now weakened eyes instantly widen as she looks up at
Gabriel, Slater and Young as the three Nexus members tower over her. Eve
takes a deep breath and tries to scoot back, in attempts to move away from
the three deadly members of the Nexus.

She doesn't get far as Slater drops down, grabbing her and rolling her over
as he lays back, the other two men helping as they make her drop down with
her pussy onto his cock, going balls deep with one motion and keeping her
held there. As Heath gives her snatch a couple of pumps, Justin and Darren
force her to lean over, sticking her ass out towards them as she's made to
take just the one cock for the moment.

Eve closes her eyes as she places her hands onto Heath's toned chest as he
rapidly pumps his cock up into her pussy, while he holds her down on top of
him, causing he to bounce before quickly dropping back down on his shaft.

"Ohhhhhhhhh...ohhhhhhh..." Eve helplessly groans.

She bounces away on Slater's cock for a few moments, before she's forced to
stay still as Gabriel comes up from behind, mounting her hips almost as he
lines his dick up and pushes himself into her snatch as well, once again
stuffing her pussy full of thick, Nexus man meat. Now both men smoothly work
themselves in and out of the stunning Diva, feeling her tightness all around
as she's made to stretch once again.

"Ohhhhhhhh fuck....noooooo!" Eve Torres groans and grits her teeth as her
hands grab at Heath Slater's toned chest as she is forced to rock back and
forth while on top of Heath, with Justin on top of her and against her hips
as she feels both Nexus cocks thrusting smoothly, but deeply into her wet and
stretched pussy.

Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, the third man steps forward
from behind, squatting into position as he grabs her hips, and Darren Young
lines his cock up with her already stuffed full snatch, grunting as he pushes
himself into her. Loud moans come from all three as they have incredibly
managed to triple penetrate Eve Torres wih their thick, long cocks, and they
soon start to work themselves back and forth into her, feeling their shafts
grinding against each other as they work in and out of the beautiful, sweat
covered and abused Diva.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh! Nooooooooo!" Eve loudly screams as she feels all three cocks
beloning to Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Darren Young inside of her wet
and extremely stretched pussy. Eve sharply digs her fingernails into Heath's
toned chest as she is roughly rocked between the three Nexus members, feeling
their shafts each equally thrusting into her.

"Yeah, that's talent right there!" Young exclaims with a moan as he firmly
pumps his black cock into her pussy, able to go deeply into her despite the
other two dicks he's sharing her snatch with as she's being roughly raped
with an almost brutal triple team in her pussy. Slater and Gabriel laugh
along as they pump back and forth into her stretched hole as well, with Heath
moving his hands up to grope her swaying tits, twisting the nipples slightly
as he responds to the feeling of her nails against his chest.

Eve tilts her head back slightly and tightly presses her lips together trying
to supress another moan of pain as she rocks sharply on Heath Slater's cock,
while Justin Gabriel and Darren Young rapidly thrust into her pussy, causing
her to move forward on Slater.

The other four Nexus members watch on with smirks as the trio of Slater,
Gabriel, and Young deeply and forcefully thrust into her wet, tight pussy
that's stretched further than Torres ever thought she could ever be, but it
does not feel good for her at all. The men pounding her snatch repeatedly are
very much enjoying it however, moaning away as their dicks slide back and
forth into her, completely covered with her juices as they hammer the former
Divas Champion.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Nooooo...please no...." Eve whimpers as sweat drips down her
beautiful face as she feels all three cocks at once deeply ram into her pussy
causing her body to violently jolt. Eve opens her beautiful and weakened eyes
as she glances over at the wicked leader of the Nexus, Wade Barrett, as her
body jerks back and forth between Justin, Heath and Darren.

Coming forward with a cocky smirk, Wade glares down at Eve as she's fucked in
the pussy by three big cocks at the same time, making her groan and rock back
and forth again and again. "So Eve, do you understand why The Nexus are the
most powerful force in the WWE?" He demands, stroking his cock slightly as he
watches her being pounded again and again as her snatch gets well and truly
abused by the stiff actions of Gabriel, Young, and Slater. "Understand that
you're either Nexus, or against us?" Barrett taunts as he rubs his cock head
across her stunning facial features before slapping it against her cheeks.

Eve with her eyes closed weakly nods her head in defeat as her sweat dampened
hair hangs over her face. "With...or...against..." Eve weakly groans nodding
her head as she continues to rock forward on Heath Slater's cock, with Wade
Barrett's cock rubbing over her sweat coated face, while Justin Gabriel and
Darren Young roughly pound her wet snatch.

Wade smirks, glancing back at the other Nexus members and motioning for them
to come closer and as they approach, he signals to the men pumping her snatch
to ease up and stop. With a grunt, Young is the first to pull his throbbing
dick out of her well fucked hole, stepping back and moving around as Gabriel
and Slater pump her a couple more times, moaning as they do so before Justin
pulls himself out of her.

Eve gets lifted off of Heath Slater by the powerful Skip Sheffield, dumped
onto the cold floor as the whole Nexus group surround her in a circle, all of
them holding their long, meaty cocks in their hands and they stroke
themselves off, seemingly having had enough of fucking her, but not yet
finished with her completely.

Eve slowly lifts her sweat dampened brunette haired head and helplessly looks
up at the seven deadly Nexus members, looking at each of their throbbbing and
massive cocks. "Why...why did you do this?" Eve pleads for answer.

"To be honest, you were just like Cena..." Barrett says with a smirk. "Wrong
place, wrong time, and just a part of a much bigger plan..." Before he can
continue, Eve Torres finds her head being turned to the side as Michael
Tarver aims his cock down at her, starting to shoot his load across her face
and moaning with a grin as he does so. His creamy jizz fires out, splashing
across her sweat covered face as he strokes out every drop that he has onto

Eve closes her eyes and tries to turn her head away as Michael Tarver's thick
and warm load of cum sprays onto her face and begins to immediately drip due
to the sweat that is already on her beautiful face.

Just as Tarver finishes stroking out his load, David Otunga steps in front of
her, letting out a low groan as he starts to blast off, aiming his cock down
and spraying his jizz across the large, tanned and perfectly rounded tits of
the Raw Diva. He continues to rapidly stroke himself off as he splatters
spunk onto both breasts, while Tarver smears the last drops of his across her
cheek before he steps back and away from the circle.

Eve tries to turn away from David Otunga as he sprays his large load of cum
onto her large and juicy tits, however, the A-List Nexus member places his
strong hands on her shoulders to keep her in place.

With Eve distracted by Otunga in front of her as he covers her breasts with
his cum, it allows Skip Sheffield to come up behind and stroke his own load
out, kneeling down slightly so he can aim his dick right at her thick,
smoothly rounded ass cheeks and shoot his spunk across her checks, making the
former Divas Champion groan at the feeling. David smirks, his dick now limp
and spent but he keeps her held for a few moments as Skip jerks out load
after thick load onto her butt cheeks.

Eve turns her head back and weakly glares at Skip Sheffield as his warm and
thick cum drips from her juicy ass. Eve starts to turn slightly to move away
from the deadly Nexus group.

The circle of still hard Nexus members moves in closer towards the Diva, who
ends up backing towards Heath Slater who's jerking himself off and seeing
him, she turns her face away from him. He just smirks pervertedly, continuing
to stroke himself and firing her load straight into and across her sweat
drenched hair, further humiliating the already cruelly abused woman.

Eve lowers her head in defeat as cum drips from her face, chest, ass and now
the back of her head, sticking her sweat dampened hair. "Please....please
stop..." Eve begs.

Her pleas fall on deaf ears as Darren Young and Justin Gabriel step in front
of her, with Slater making her look up as he tilts her head back, making her
groan at the feeling as she closes her eyes, hearing the men beating their
meat inches away from her. Moments later, Young and Gabriel shoot their
loads, their spunk splashing across the cheeks, lips, nose and forehead of
the stunning Eve Torres, her cum dripping down her face and onto her neck and
even further down onto her breasts.

Eve Torres presses her lips together in disgust as the two large loads of cum
from Justin and Darren rain down on her sweat covered and already cum covered

Stroking out the last drops, Darren and Justin step back as the Nexus look at
the cum covered Diva who remains almost frozen where she's kneeling, coming
to terms with what she's been through but soon looks up as the leader of the
group steps forward with a smirk. "Now, we've got one last bit of business to
take care off..." He states, forcing his cock into her mouth when she weakly
tries to speak, and quickly starts to pump himself back and forth between her
pouty lips, smirking down at her sweat and cum coated face.

"MMMMMMMM! Gahhhhhhh!" Eve deeply groans and gags as Wade Barrett's cock
enters her mouth once again and begins to pump his long shaft into her wet
and weak mouth. Eve innocently looks up at him with her tired and helpless
eyes as her lips forcefully brush back and forth on his shaft.

Barrett moans with a smirk, firmly stuffing her mouth full of his meat, his
balls smacking into her chin when he sends himself into her oral hole as he
forces her to deeply suck his cock. The rest of the Nexus are watching on,
already collecting their clothing and almost to casually getting dressed as
their leader fucks the mouth of the beautiful Diva they've been gang banging
repeatedly and left an abused, cum covered mess.

"Mmmmmmm! Gahhhhh! MMMMMM!" Eve groans and gags as Wade Barrett forces his
cock deeper into her mouth constantly pumping his cock in and out of her wet
mouth with her saliva splashing against his shaft.

With a long, final and deep groan, Wade Barrett finally shoots his load, his
cock throbbing as he fires his jizz straight into the mouth of Eve Torres,
filling her mouth right up with his warm, thick spunk and continuing to slide
his dick between her lucious lips as he uses her to milk himself dry.

Eve slowly opens her head back as some of Barrett's cum drips onto her pouty
lips after his cock drops out of her wet and soothing mouth. Eve innocently
backs away from Wade Barrett as he smirks down wickedly at her.

"Let that be a lesson to you." Barrett says as the other Nexus members glare
down at her. "It doesn't matter if your a Superstar, or a Diva. A legend, or
even Mr. McMahon himself. If you're not Nexus, then you're against us." Wade
smirks at his team mates before looking back down at her. "And if you cross
us again, then believe me, there won't be any second chances."

Walking away from the abused, cum covered Diva, the Nexus start to walk away
from her, one by one leaving the boiler room as Barrett dresses himself
quickly. Casting a look back at her with a sinister smirk, Wade slams the
door shut behind him, leaving Eve alone, a sweat and cum covered mess as the
Nexus have claimed another victim, this time in a way that even she didn't
think they were capable of.

Eve Torres, alone in the cold and dimly lit boiler room, slowly turns her
head to look around for any remains of her clothing on the floor. Eve begins
to slowly tear up as a sudden wave of realization washes over her completely
as every brutual moment flashes through her mind. "HELP! HELP!...HELP!" Eve
helplessly screams before her voice becomes hoarse and she begins to cough.

Having only minutes ago recovered from the sneak attack he took from the
Nexus during Raw, John Cena is storming through the darkened corridors,
looking ready to find and get some revenge as he's dressed in his signature
jean shorts and orange T-shirt. His look of anger vanishes when he hears a
woman calling out for help, and as heroic as ever he rushes in the direction
of the cry.

Coming to a boiler room door, he kicks the door open and his eyes widen in
shock at what he sees. "Eve?" He questions, hurrying over and seeing her
naked, cum covered body quickly makes him take off his own shirt, using it to
try and cover up her body. "Eve, what happened to you?" John shows deep
concern for the Diva, looking around as he tries to figure out what happened

Eve lifts her weakened and tired eyes up to look at John Cena as she tries to
breath claiming. "The...the...the Nexus..." Eve says with a tremble of her
bottom lip.

Seething at the mention of the group, and instantly putting two and two
together Cena vents his frustration, tossing his hat down on the floor before
he looks to to Eve, looking extremely serious. "This time... This time the
Nexus have gone way too far. And this time... They... Will... PAY for this!"

To Be Continued...

Coming soon the follow up: Right Place, Right Time

* * *

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