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Disclaimer: This story, like all of the other stories written by us, is a fictional parody, we write these fictitious stories for fun and because we can. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that parodies involving famous people are perfectly and totally legal under the United States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler Magazine, Inc et al vs. Jerry Falwell" in 1988).

Basically what we are saying this is fiction.

Now... Kristi and Dice present

Wubs To Decay
by Kristi ( and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

A caption reads 'Impact Wrestling Episode #633, taped August 14, 2016' as the scene fades in showing the new X-Division Champion, DJ Z in the backstage area of the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. "Oh man, talk about lucky, ain't gonna let this baby slip from me, gonna be good times and lots of serious wubs all night..." Z says just as he walks past an open door to a darken room The moment he passes the door he is suddenly grabbed and pulled into the room with such ferocity that he leaves his feet and ends up being thrown to the floor of the room. "What the hell man?! What's the... oh shit...."

DJ Z's eyes widen as the lights of the room is turned on revealing Decay members Rosemary and Abyss. The monstrous former TNA World Champion glares down at Z who scurries along the floor until his back hits the wall while Rosemary seems amused, "Aw he's scared of you, but he really sure be scared of me!" Rosemary cackles before she moves towards Z and crouches down, "Don't worry, I won't bite... well I might, but I'll be sure to try not to rip any flesh off..." Rosemary says as she then sits right on his lap, making sure to grind herself on his crotch as if to get herself comfortable. The deranged face painted Knockout looks back over her shoulder at Abyss, "Go make sure we're not bothered..." She says and with that Abyss leaves the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

"What the fuck?! What the fuck?!" Z says as he's clearly worried for his own shaft, but he's suddenly silenced when Rosemay brings both of her hands up to double slapping his cheeks as she cups his face.

"Exactly! We're gonna fuck!" Rosemary says with a wild, crazed look in her eyes that comes across even more unsettling than it normally would thanks to her horrific face paint.

"What... what...." Z stammers.

"Boy the pretty ones sure are dumb..." Rosemary laughs as she continues to rock back and forth on Z's crotch, feeling it starting to bulge, "But at you can think with your dick cause it knows what's up... and you better think with your dick and not with that pretty little brain of yours..."

"Why... why..."

"Because I love the pretty ones... you get scared and it makes you FUCK like your life depends on it..." Rosemary narrows her eyes as she brings her head forward, pressing her forehead against that of the X-Division Champions, "Cause it kinda does when you think about it!" She pulls her head back as she shifts from side to side on Z's lap, Mmmmm can't really get comfortable, I just bet you got a big pretty dick don't ya..." She says as she starts to scoot backward along Z's legs, grabbing the waistband of his pants and pulling them from his waist and along his legs until his fat, semi-harden cock is freed. Rosemary's demented eyes light up, "Ooooo very pretty! Better hope you know how to use it!" Rosemary says as she grabs Z's cock and leans down, lowering her down eagerly onto his cock, taking it into her mouth in one gulp.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" The Lady of the Decay moans lustfully as she wraps her lips around Z's cock and she begins to rapidly bob her head on his manhood. Z doesn't have much choice and lets out a groan as the most demented yet sane member of the Decay sucks and slurps on his cock, causing it to fully harden in her mouth. Rosemary turns her head from side to side, grinding her lips around his stiff cock while placing both hands on his waist, pushing against his flesh with a clear indication she wants him to to stand up even though she isn't going to lift her head from his dick. With his back against the wall, Z starts to push himself up to his feet, and Rosemary moves with him until he's standing and she is on her knees, rocking her head back and forth on his cock. "Mmm! Gah! Mmm! Gah! Mmm! Gah!" Rosemary alternates between moaning and brief gags on Z's impressive shaft as she looks up at him, locking her eyes with his, clearly loving the fact he's too afraid to do anything. This doesn't stop her from slobbering heavily on the new X-Division Champion's fuck stick as she takes every inch down her throat. Moving her hands from his waist, Rosemary grabs both of Z's hands and forces him to palm the back of her head as she holds his dick fully in her oral cavity. She then grabs his hips and starts violently pulling them forward, and with slight hesitation, Z begins to fuck Rosemary's mouth, pumping his fat long dick back and forth between her lips. "GAH! AHH! GAH! GAH! AHHH!" Rosemary groans and gags whorishly as her painted up face gets fucked while at the same time she starts to rip and tear at the tatters of material that makes up her clothing, partially exposing her breasts in the process. DJ Z gradually gets more into it the moment, getting into a nice steady rhythm as he fucks the mouth of the Decay's lady, feeling her tongue whip and slide against the bottom side of his dick before she smacks her hands away from her head. Rosemary lifts her head up from his cock and grabs with her right hand, rapidly and firmly stroking it. "That's a good pretty boy, mmmmm you're gonna fuck me real good right? RIGHT?!" Rosemary asks as she leans her painted face in close to smack herself with Z's meat stick.

"Ahhh yeah... right..." DJ Z says with a clearly terrified grin but it's quite clear that's the reaction the lady of the Deacy wants from him.

"Of course you will! Rosemary cackles as she rubs Z's spit covered cock all over her painted face as the scene blurs.

When it clears, Rosemary is seated on a table with DJ Z crouched between her legs, lapping his tongue against her surprisingly trimmed pussy. "Mmmmm yeah pretty boy... fucking eat that pussy!" Rosemary moans as she raises her right leg up onto his shoulder while leaning back with her left hand behind herself for support. Z slaps his tongue all over the folds to Rosemary's snatch, even spitting globs of saliva onto her snatch, making her pussy incredibly slick. He focuses his attention on her clit every so often, when he does, Rosemary lets out a shriek of delight, grinding her snatch against his face. "Ahhh yeah! Ohhhhh shit! Ohhh ahhh mmmmm!" Rosemary squeals as she bucks her hips, pushing her pussy against Z's face. Her eyes nearly pop from her sockets when the new X-Division Champion suddenly pushes his tongue into her pussy and begins to move it around inside of her, making her have brisk, short gasps of breath. "Ahhh ohhh... ohhhh fuck... mmmmm yes..." Rosemary groans as Z rapidly darts his tongue in and out of her fuck hole with an eagerness fueled by the threat of bodily harm if he doesn't do a good job.

The scene changeovers to show DJ Z holding Rosemary up, with her legs around his waist as he thrusts his cock in and out of her pussy while she has his face cupped between her hands, making sure he doesn't look away from the horrific face paint designs on her face. "Mmmmm ohhhh fuck yeah... ohhhh mmmm yeah.... that's it... fuck me.... FUCK ME!" Rosemary screams and moans into Z's face as he grabs the bottom side of her ass while he plows his cock into her fuck hole. Z grunts as he holds Rosemary up, being forced to stare into her wild, demented eyes as she begins to rock her hips, grinding her pussy wildly down on his pistoning cock shaft, and then even making he task even more terrifyingly difficult when she grabs his hair with her left hand to make him tilt his head in that direction as she leans her head forward to drag her tongue against the right side of his face. "MMMMMM!" Rosemary moans as she tastes the flesh of the new X-Division Champion as she bounces and rocks on his cock while he holds her up and drills her at the same time. Despite everything, Z does keep up an impressive pace of hammering her pussy, driving every inch of his thick manhood into her, grunting and groaning with a whimper when she catches his right ear lobe between her teeth for a brief moment, "POUND MY FUCKING SLUT HOLE!" Rosemary screams and laughs as as she wraps her arms around DJ Z's neck and then presses her painted lips against his, followed by invading his mouth with her tongue, probing his oral hole with the same intensity that he's using to drive his cock up into her snatch.

The scene cuts to show Rosemary laying on her back on the floor, her legs raised as she holds the bottom side of her thighs to pull her legs back, while DJ Z is kneeling against her, thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy while he has his hands on the back of her calves, applying just enough force so that she is nearly folded in half while he fucks her. "OHHH! OHHH YEAH PRETTY BOY! OHHHH FUCK!" Rosemary squeals wildly as she looks up at her own feet and then Z's face as he leans forward, pressing his upper body against the back of her legs while he slams his cock down into her twat. The new X-Division Champion grits his teeth, freely pumping his fat shaft into the Decay's Lady tight wet pussy, his balls smacking against her flesh just about every other second. Rosemary licks her teeth as she moves against the floor every so often thanks to how hard Z is fucking her, not that she minds, she is is clearly getting what she wanted from this encounter as Z proves to be exactly what she wants. "MMMMM! YES! OHHHH FUCK YES! GIVE ME THAT PRETTY COCK! GIVE IT TO ME!" Rosemary screams like a banshee in heat as Z wildly plows his cock into her pussy as she feels his sweat dripping from his body down onto hers. Z gradually forces Rosemary to spread her legs in a V shape and he nearly regrets this as he finds himself looking down at her terrifying face paint , but it doesn't stop him from pumping his cock fully into her pussy thanks to being aware of what may possibly happen to him at the hands of Abyss while feeling her pussy tightening around his manhood. "OHHH! OHHHHH FUCK! AHHH! AHHHH!" Rosemray lets out a hellish scream as she starts to cum, her juices gushing all over DJ Z's cock as he continues to slam his tool into her. She wildly squirms and writhes on the floor as her climax rips through her, and through it all, Z just continues to hammer away at her cunt.

The scene eventually transitions to show Rosemary standing and bents over the table she was seated on earlier while DJ Z stands behind her, thrusting his cock in and out of her asshole. "MMMMM! OHHH! YES! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK MY WHORE ASS!" Rosemary screams as plants her hands on the table to keep her upper body fairly upright while Z holds onto her hips, thrusting his dick in and out of her backside at a breakneck pace. She rocks on her feet pushing back against him, making sure her rump is pressing or smacking against his waist as much as possible. Again losing himself in the moment Z brings his left hand up to the back of Rosemary's head, grabs her hair and pulls her head back with enough force that cause her to look back at him over her right shoulder. "MMMMM YES! THAT"S IT! OHHHH FUCK YES!" Rosemary laughs and screams in ecstasy as she wildly bucks back against the X-Division Champion while she grabs his right hand to bring it around herself so that he can grab and play with tits at the same time. Z grunts nosily as he plunges his tool balls deep into her ass while he keeps a hand on the back of her head, rightly gripping her hair while squeezing her right breast at the same time. The Lady of the Decay's very audible moans and deep heavy breathing giving him faith that his efforts are certainly keeping him away from a vicious beating at the hands from Abyss. Z keeps his hips in constant motion, pushing his cock balls deep into the depths of Rosemary's asshole as she keeps bucking back against him as his shaft begins to throb. "OHHHH YES! YES! OHHHH AHHH!" Rosemary moans as she feels Z's dick twitching and pulsating within the confines of her asshole. She looks back at him over her right shoulderand licks her teeth and yells, "CUM IN MY ASS!"

"Ahhhhhh fuck..." Z groans as he delivers several more intense thrusts before plunging every inch of his manhood in Rosemary's ass one last time just before he starts to cum, shooting his load directly into the depths of her anal cavern. He lets go of her hair and leans forward, resting his body against her back and his head on her right shoulder as his body convulses a bit with each burst of cum his launches into her asshole.

"Mmmmm that's a good pretty boy... mmmm yeah..." Rosemary moans as he continues to look back at The X-Division Champion. and extends her tongue to flick it against his lips, and he response by parting his lips to flick his tongue against hers. The door to the room opens, drawing her attention to see Abyss and the third member of the Decay Crazy Steve standing there, with a psyhotic grin on his face, "Found me another pretty pet... can I keep him? He's already house broken..." Rosemary laughs as she pushes her ass back against Z's cum spent shaft that is still within her asshole as the scene fades to black.


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