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By Wonder Mike (

Welcome to the first addition of Xtreme Championship Wrestling, I am your
ringside announcer, Mike, along side me is former Nitro girl Spice.

This is not your fathers wrestling, there will be no old ladies or people
raising an eyebrow, this is Xtreme.

We have some people you have seen before, and some new superstars, we will
introduce them all, Spice go get some interviews.

Today we will have an over the top new rules, no fucking censors to stop
us, yes I said fucking, this is not your fathers wrestling. Take it away

Spice: Thanks Mike the wrestlers will enter the ring in one minute intervals,
I will introduce each of them as they hit the ring, here comes our first

First from Mexico City, the chairman of XCW, Laparka, the fans are going
wild, he is swinging two chairs.

The next wrestler to hit the ring, accompanied by the first lady of XCW,
wearing a black mini skirt, Missy Hyatt, From Uganda, at six foot seven
inches, three hundred pounds, he is Mandingo.

Laparka just smacked Mandingo across the face with a chair, he is
laughing, Laparka smacked him again, Missy has bounced up to the ring apron,
the referee has chased her off, Mandingo has grabbed the chairs from Laparka,
her comes the next wrestler.

From Boulder Colorado at three hundred and forty pounds, he is the man
they call Vader.

Vader is on the ring apron, Mandingo clubbed him with a chair before he
could get in the ring, Vader is out on the floor, Laparka has climbed out, he
is trying to get the unconscious Vader back in the ring, here comes the next

From Lincoln Nebraska, at two hundred and fifty pounds, accompanied to the
ring by Ryan Shamrock, he is all American former quarter back, Josh Stevens,
his blond hair is flowing in the wind.

Spice: Josh, how do you think you'll fair here in XCW?

Josh: Ma'am, I am just going to give it one hundred percent, and hope I come
out on top.

Josh has jumped over the top rope, he hit Mandingo with a flying drop
kick, Mandingo is staggered back, arm drag tack down into an arm bar, what a
great move, Mandingo is down with Josh on top, here comes the next wrestler.

From the South side of Chicago, it's the baddest part of town, at six foot
four, two hundred eighty-five pounds wearing a zoot suit, Leroy Brown, Spice,
what do you know?

Spice: All I know is all the women here call him tree top lover, the men just
call him sir.

The new guy has joined Laparka, they have lifted the prone Vader back
into the ring, now they have thrown him out, Vader is eliminated. That is a
surprize to me.

Josh is dropping the leg across Mandingo's leg, Missy just flashed him
those huge hooters, Josh turned away, Ryan is trying to cover Missy up, her
comes the next wrestler.

He is from New Jersey, at three hundred pounds, it s Axl Rotten, and he is
swinging a ball bat.

Axl just clubbed Josh over the head, Mandingo stood up, he is holding Josh
in the air with one arm, there goes Josh into the first row, he is out, Axl
just clubbed Mandingo with the bat, Mandingo is on his knees, he is getting
up though.

Missy and Ryan are tearing at each other, Missy just ripped off Ryan's
top. The crowd is going wild, Ryan has been exposed. Missy is chasing her to
the back.

Here come a rotweiller, a German shepherd, and a Doberman pincher, who let
the dogs out?

Spice: Lets find out, tell us who you are.

There have been junkyard dogs, clapping dogs, harmonic dogs, now dogs of
the world unite, I am three hundred thirty-three rock hard pounds of Atomic
Dog. Bow wow wow yippe yo yippe yeah. Here is my bitch Barbara Bush.

The Atomic Dog just hit Leroy Brown, they are slugging it out fist to
fist, Axl is hammering Mandingo with the bat, Mandingo is down.

Laparka is picking up the pieces, he and Axl have just thrown out Mandingo
that is another surprise to me, Axl just nailed Laparka with the bat, there
goes Laparka. It is Axl, Leroy, and the atomic dog still fighting, her comes
the next wrestler.

Here comes Ian Rotten, he has a ball bat, we could see some teamwork now,
no, Ian just nailed Axl with a bat, Axl is out, Ian has eliminated his
brother. Leroy Brown has dropped the atomic dog, Ian just nailed them both
with the bat, he is standing supreme, her comes the next wrestler.

From Hunting beach Ca, at 230 pounds, he is Surfer Joe, he is accompanied
to the ring by Rena Mero, Spice, get an interview.

Spice: How do you think you'll do Joe?

Joe: Dude, I going to get the biggest buzz of all by winning the title, and
you can take that to the beach.

Spice: Rena, how does it feel to be back in wrestling?

Rena: If anybody touches me I'll sue.

Joe jumped over the top rope, Ian nailed him with the bat before he hit
the mat, Joe is back over the top rope he is done, here comes the next

At 425 pounds, he is former w w f superstar, King Kong Bundy, he has hit
the ring.

Bundy and the Atomic Dog are double teaming Leroy, they are tying him up
in the ropes, they are going for a double clothes line, he's loose, he has
back flipped Bundy over the ropes, He is biting the dog, now he has lifting
the Dog, he is out, Leroy Brown is badder then ole King Kong, meaner then the
Atomic Dog.

Heading to the ring, from the out skirts of the Sudan, Jungle Boy. Spice
get an interview.

Spice: I am trying, he is pulling down my top. Get your hands off my breast,
he is heading to the ring.

Jungle boy has leapt over the top rope, he hit Ian with a Hurricarana, Ian
went flying over the top rope, Jungle boy hit Leroy with a drop kick, another
one, Leroy is leaning over the top rope, here comes the next wrestler.

At five foot two, six hundred pounds, accompanied to the ring by Fyre and
Chastity, he is Bob.

Blob is waddling to the ring, Jungle Boy stopped his assault on the Leroy
Brown he has nailed Blob with a flying head but, the blob takes a step back.
Leroy Brown clothes lines him, Blob is still on his feet, Spice, what is
happening backstage?

Spice: We'll Mike, Missy has caught Ryan, Missy is sitting on her face, Missy
is yanking her hair, Ryan is getting a face full of stuff, Missy is working
three fingers into Ryan's bald cunt, I'm getting wet.

Mike: Thanks for that report Spice, the next wrestler just hit the ring, he
is from my favorite wrestling rap group, L7, he is 195 pounds, E=mC squared.

E: Yo, yo yo, what up dog, I be representing my posse, L7 I hope the belt is
real gold, cause I'm taking it to the pawn shop.

Leroy Brown and Jungle Boy are hammering Blob, they can't get him out
though, E has grabbed a leg, they can't get him out though, Blob is hammering
away, trying to get free.

At a full sprint to the ring, her comes the Ultimate Warrior what a
surprise. The Warrior just clothes lined the Blob, Chastity and Fyre are
trying to hold him, it is no use, Blob is out, Warrior nailed E=mC, E is on
the brink.

Blob is heading to the back, he has Chastity and Fyre by the hair, he is
forcing them to their knees, he has just pulled out a fifteen inch cock, it
is no wonder how he got two girls.

Chastity is bent over, Blob is entering her from behind, I cant' believe
his cock fits in her, he is pumping his giant cock in and out of her cunt,
Fyre is pulling on Chastity's hair, Blob is ramming it to her.

Blob has lifted her into the air, he is standing up, now Chastity is
sliding up and down on his massive cock, he is slapping her lightly across
the face.

Fyre has pulled his cock out of Chastity, she has stuffed the tip of it
into her mouth, he is depositing his load down her throat, he is now making
Chastity suck it out of her mouth.

Leroy Brown just nailed Warrior from behind, he is lifting him up, he has
just thrown him over the top rope like a sack of garbage, what's going on
backstage Spice?

Spice: Missy is grinding her cunt into Ryan's face, I have slipped my tongu
into Ryan's bald snatch, it is tasty, I am going to slide a finger into her
bush now, I'll let you smell it later.

Spice is fingering Ryan now, she has stuffed three fingers into Ryan's
snatch, Ryan has just slipped three fingers into Missy's bush, things could
get sticky.

Mike: Thanks Spice, I'll be looking forward to that. Here comes the next
wrestler. He is the other member of L7, he is Black Ice, he has hit the ring.

The two hundred pound Black Ice has pushed E back into the ring, the
rappers are attacking Leroy Brown, jungle boy is on the top ropes, he nailed
all three of them with a flying body press, he is pinning all three of them,
the trio has threw him off, he went all the way over the top rope, Jungle Boy
is out, L7 is squared off against Leroy.

Here comes the next wrestler, from Vatican City, at 220 pounds brought to
the ring by Kimberly Page, Father Goodness.

The Father just hit the ring, he has ripped off his collar, he has wrapped
it around the neck of Black Ice, he is dragging Ice around the ring, Leroy
just vealed E out of the ring, it is down to three again.

Leroy has grabbed the Father around the throat, here comes Kimberly, she
has dropped to her knees, she has pulled out, Leroy's twelve inch member,
right in the middle of the ring, Black Ice has whipped out his seven inch
cock, Kimberly is sucking them both.

Kimberly has both cocks in her mouth, she is a real pro, the Father is
cheering her on. Kimberly has both cocks all the way down her throat, her
comes the last wrestler.

He is from San Francisco Ca, at 215 pounds he is the Fudge Packer, he is
covered in feathers, he is disgusted by what is going on in the ring.

Spice see if you can get a word with him.

Fudgepacker: I like you, you have the body of a ten year old boy.

Black Ice just shot his load down Kimberly's throat, Kimberly grabbed
Fudgepacker by the cock, he is screaming, he has jumped over the top rope, he
has eliminated himself.

Kimberly has just kicked Black Ice over the top rope, he is done, she is
back to stroking off Leroy Brown, she is now deep throating him, Leroy is
starting to sway, he is cumming down her throat.

Father Goodness has just clotheslined the weakened Brown, he is out, we
have a champion, he is Father Goodness, they are standing supreme in the ring
as Kimberly wipes the cum from her lips.


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